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Kim and I want to present our new story. We also want you to know that this is not a sequel to "Mending broken hearts," our latest story. Let's say it's a new beginning for our favorite angels. We truly hope you like it! :)

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Kimbre and Deyse

Safe Haven

(By Kimbre and Deyse)

He had been walking through the fields of Heaven for a while now. The constant sunrays bathing the land made his short hair shine like gold and the fresh breeze soothed his angelic heart, helping to erase some of the sadness that the latest assignments had caused him. Nothing he was not used to deal with over the centuries as an angel of death, but even angels needed a break from the human race once in a while and returning to their Home reminded them of their loving Father and all of His wonderful creations.

Andrew walked slowly but constantly, with his hands tugged in his pockets and a serene expression on his face. His green eyes stared at the horizon, admiring how perfectly the ever-green mountains met the blue skies; a synchrony of colors that could never be reproduced on Earth, despite the beautiful places that he had already visited along his existence.

The blond angel only interrupted his lonely walk when his eyes spotted another heavenly creature not far from where he was. She was graceful in her long sleeveless dress, which was flying with the breeze, giving the impression that she was floating over the soft green grass. A more attentive look, however, noticed that her small feet touched the ground with delicacy and her fingertips brushed the small daisy petals as she walked by the field of flowers.

He could see she was smiling and it made him smile too. That angel of God had an aura of innocence and kindness that should never be broken, even though some human beings had already tried to do it. This mere thought elicited Andrew's anger and his protective instincts towards her would always become more alert. In his prayers, he wished that their loving Father was always watching over her whenever he was not around and that her existence was filled with nothing but love and joy.

It did not take Monica too long to realize that someone was observing her, as she could already feel the warm presence of a dear friend, who she had not seen in a while. From where she was standing, Monica raised her head up to a small hill and her soft brown eyes met his green ones. There was happiness in them, just like the angel of death had prayed for, and no other greeting would have the same impact other than the beautiful smile that welcomed him.

Walking with purpose now, Andrew made a short trail until where she was and Monica tilted her head to watch him approach her; the smile on his handsome face matching hers as he finally came closer to her.

"These happy reunions in between assignments is what I like the most about the free time spent in our Home." She spoke, as his smile grew wider and he opened his arms to her.

"I couldn't agree more, baby." He said, and his soul was immediately filled with greater peace once he held her tightly; her sweet perfume filling the air, the long auburn locks flying with the breeze and caressing his face, the feeling of her small form in his loving hug. "These are precious."

With their eyes closed, they remained in that affectionate embrace for pleasant and silent moments. There were no other angels around and both saw in it an opportunity to catch up with the latest events. It had been like that since they had first met – well, a little later after that, when Monica stopped being so defensive about him and acknowledged his noble angelic character and started to admire the way he performed God's work.

"Would you mind taking a walk with me?" She finally broke the silence, like she usually did due to her chatty mood and the fact that she was always at ease in his presence.

The angel of death was flattered at hearing that request. He was the one who should be asking for permission to be in her company. "That'll be an honor, angel." Andrew finally spoke, pulling away just enough to look into those brown eyes. In their spark, he could see the joy brought by that special moment and what the blond angel did not know was that his sweet friend could see the same spark reflected in his green pools.

Gently, she disentangled from his embrace and wrapped her arm around his.

"Any place special?" he wanted to know, covering her hand with his as they started a small trail in between the field of flowers.

"Hum… Actually… I think I'm a wee bit inclined to go to a coffee shop, but I'm afraid we won't find one anywhere nearby…"

That comment elicited a small laughter from him. "I'm afraid not, angel. But if you truly want to have a cup of your mocha then I guess I could find a way…"

"Oh, well, I can only see one way, which would be our changing to human forms and going back to Earth just for a little while despite the fact that Tess would be oblivious to this little escapade." She had no second intentions nor was her comment an ironic one, but when Monica saw the mischievous smile on his face, her mouth dropped open and she smiled back at him in disbelief. "Andrew!"

"I'm afraid you'll need shoes, baby!" he replied, and on the following second they were standing in front of a coffee shop in the center of Salt Lake City. Their clothes had changed too: now she was wearing a purple turtle neck sweater, which only emphasized the meekness of her Gaelic features, blue jeans and brown leather boots. Along with a t-shirt, jeans and black shoes, Andrew put on one of his favorite clothing item: his black leather jacket, which gave his human form an extra charming look.

"I hope it's alright." He spoke, looking up at the eighteenth century building that stood before them.

The Irish angel let out a contented sigh at that elegant construction and at the smell of coffee she could feel even from outside. "It looks just perfect!"


"…I didn't know there was such a lovely cafeteria in this area! It had never caught my attention before!" Monica spoke, holding a large mug of mocha latte with both hands as if she was holding a treasure. The blond angel could not help chuckling at the thin moustache of cream that was formed above her lips as she took a sip of her favorite drink. "And I would certainly have noticed it while on assignment around here."

"It's rather new, angel. The building was sold a while ago and the new owner decided to make it a coffee shop. I guess it was open last month." He explained, holding a mug with hot chocolate.

Monica nodded her head in understanding. "Oh, I see…" And an instant later, her lips curved into a contented smile. "What an adorable enterprise!"

"Yes. The family that owned it was in a very difficult financial situation after the head of the family passed away and needed to get rid of many possessions in order to pay their debts. This building had been in the family for generations but there was no way they could keep it."

Slightly serious, The Irish angel listened to his narrative with attentiveness. "Oh, dear, what a sad story, Andrew…"

"It could have been sadder if the current owner hadn't bought the building and turned it into a café. All the other proposals involved demolishing it."

"Demolishing? But all its history… the family history… everything would be lost!"

"Exactly. So at least now the Richards are pleased with what it was turned into and are free to come by anytime they want."

Hearing that made Monica smile again. "Isn't it wonderful how the Father can make something so sad turn into a sign of hope?"

"Couldn't agree more. You see, angel, sometimes, it's not difficult to know what the best thing to do is. What is difficult is having the courage to do it."

"It's a challenge even for angels…" she added, and then looked around admiring their surroundings, "Well, in the turn of the events, He managed to make two of His angels be happily reunited in this cute café."

"You're perfectly right again. And I'll always pray that He makes our paths cross."

"Deep in my heart I know He will, Andrew." It was then that Monica tilted her head and eyed him with an adorable expression of curiosity. "But… How do you know all this coffee shop story?"

He smiled, amused at the way she was gazing at him with such an inquiring expression. "I was the one who escorted the old owner Home." Andrew revealed, watching as she nodded her head. "And then I was assigned to be the family's accountant."

Hearing that caused Monica's gaze turn from curious to an admiration one. "Ah, Andrew… Why am I not surprised that you were involved in all this process? The Father wanted to make a two in one assignment and chose the perfect angel for that!"

Laughing at her wording and not at all wanting to receive so much praising, he shook his head. "It was way too long, I think." Then, noticing that she had placed the almost empty cup on the table, he covered her hand with his. "I missed our quality time together, baby."

The Irish angel was moved at hearing that. "So did I… Very much."

"How are you doing, angel?" He questioned, not wanting to be the topic of the conversation and always interested on the latest events that filled her existence. "Please, tell me about your assignments, all this time I wondered where you were, what you were doing…"

"Oh, well… First of all I guess you'll be happy to know that this is the first mocha latte I'm allowed to drink in the last… two days! Goodness gracious, I hadn't realized it'd been that long!"

"Two days? Really?" Andrew was trying hard to hide his chuckling. "And what kept you away for so long, angel?"

"I guess I managed to make an assignment be… a profound admirer of coffee, just like me…" The embarrassment on her face was such that he could not help laughing. "… And Tess was not totally pleased with it, I'm afraid…"

"For your information, addicting human beings to caffeine in order to accomplish the missions established by the Father was never on the caseworker's manual!"

Both angels looked at their right and saw their friend and supervisor standing next to their table with her arms crossed and a stern expression on her face.

"Hey, Tess…" Andrew greeted, not hiding his amusement at her slight annoyance.

"Hullo, Tess… I didn't know you liked hanging out in the new coffee shop too!" Monica gently greeted her, still a little embarrassed.

"No, I did not come here with the intention to 'hang out in the new coffee shop,' Miss Wings!"

"Oh… well, then at least now you'll have the chance to enjoy it a little more… And Andrew is responsible for all that!"

Tess looked at Andrew with eyebrows raised and still with a serious expression. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Have a seat, Tess!" He friendly invited.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Monica was aware that her supervisor was not in a good mood, but in silence Andrew watched how his dearest friend managed to break that barrier.

"Hum… It looks a fine establishment, I must say…" she pulled out a chair and took a seat next to them.

"And I'm glad you're here too, Tess… Free days are always joyful ones when one is reunited with their dearest friends!"

She finally elicited a smile from the oldest angel. "I'm glad to be here too, baby, but I'm afraid the free time is about to finish…"

If Monica's face fell at hearing that, Andrew's heart clenched as he felt like his sweet angelic friend was being taken away from him so soon.

"Oh, no, Tess… That early?" he spoke, frowning with concern and reaching across the table to take Monica's hand.

"Are you questioning the Father's timing, angel boy?" the supervisor asked, surprisingly not moved with the possibility of their precocious separation.

"You know I'm not, it's just that-"

"Good. Because He was so pleased with the job you did with the previous owner of this coffee shop building that He has assigned you to be an accountant again."

"A caseworker then? It will take more time and your full attention…" The way Monica was looking at him melted his heart: he loathed to see those beautiful doe-like eyes so filled with sadness.

He squeezed her hand gently. "It might not last that long…"

"Oh, it will. You're going to work at a farm, located 100 miles from here. The owners are in great need of someone who instructs them on how to lead their property and the Father has many plans for it…"

"I understand…"

"And of course that farm has animals… horses to be exact, so they'll also need a vet. Which is why you are heading there too, angel girl!"

The mix of relief and joy on the angels' face cheered even a grumpy soul like Tess'.

"You mean we are going together, Tess?"

"That is correct, baby. All of us, as they also need a minister for the small farm chapel."

He and Monica exchanged a contented look and now the angel was smiling broadly again – an image that would always cheer his heart.

Andrew called the attendant and spoke something to him while Tess kept on explaining Monica that they would have to stay in the farm while on assignment due to the distance from the city. When they were leaving, the oldest angel noticed that the young waiter gave Andrew a pack and she frowned with annoyance to read what its content was.

"I cannot believe it!"

"Peppermint mocha latte! And they have a to-go-package!" Monica exclaimed, excited like a five-year-old as he deposited the package in her hands.

"It'll be a long trip, Tess!" he spoke, causing the supervisor to grumble something and storm out to the parking area to pick up her Cadillac.

"Thank you!" Monica murmured against his ear, causing him to return her smile and wink at her. Then, he wrapped an arm around her small shoulders and both angels also headed to the parking lot. He could not be more pleased.