At the last split second before I was able to sever the spinal column at the base of her murderous brain with a direct punch to the back of the neck, FET had made a minor move slightly to the side, causing me to miss the original point of impact, making me hit the wall, my fist becoming imbedded in the metal of the elevator. In a fluid-like movement, she stepped back quickly, ducked under my only free and reaching arm, and walked calmly through the doorframe, as if nothing had happened at all. I attempted to pursue her, but was halted by my currently trapped hand. Anger flared into my muscles, but even that adrenaline wasn't having a positive effect on my metal prison. If anything, it was making it worse, contorting the metal to make the elevator slightly unstable, causing it to jerk up and down ever so slightly. I looked back at FET, who was hesitantly walking away, in a manner like she expected me to ask for her help. As if I would beg for forgiveness for trying to kill her, only to be set free by her. I still had my pride, plus I could probably get out of this with some bought time.

I glared at the retreating girl. "Don't you walk away from me!" I yelled, and to which I suspected, she stopped, her backed turned in my direction, her form now shadowed in the hallway's darkness. There was a long time of silence, my shout still echoing throughout the dead building. When she did speak back after an unknown amount of time, her tone had changed dramatically from the mocking and overly self important authority that I had been listening to up until this point, to a generally real sounding feeling of hurt. "What do you expect someone to do if you assault them with their back turned like that in a very un-sportsman like manner? Though I'm not completely surprised that you did that… I expected something like this to happen, however your timing on the matter… that was slightly unexpected." She maintained a solemn tone through the entire speech.

I glared at her still form, not believing the sudden emotion in her voice at all. Could have just been a trick to coax me into a state of false security so she could escape me, or worse. "If you're expecting an apology, you better forget it!" my voice dropped to a darker tone, "I have no regrets for trying to kill you, and I'll try again momentarily!" Just as soon as I get my hand out of the fucking wall, I thought afterwards. I gave another deliberate tug to get out, but stopped immediately when the doors flickered, threatening to close and conceal my target from me. I was not going to lose this chance to be within striking distance of her, as doing so again after this point would be as hopeless as trying to kill all of Blackwatch. She had to be destroyed by me, now, today, at this moment. I needed to see it done in front of me with my eyes wide open to view it, and once I set a goal for myself, I'll never stop until it's been accomplished.

FET turned back to me, and looked me straight in the eye. I've heard somewhere that the eyes are a way to know a person's innermost thoughts and feelings. In hers, I was prepared to see hatred, a desire for sweet vengeful actions, to treat me as I had previously treated her. But no, I saw none of the emotions of anger and bloodlust that lived fluently in me and all of mankind, as if it were a second language. What I saw, I could only describe as sadness, but not because of me. There seemed to only be a self contempt in FET's eyes, as if she were asking herself what she had done wrong. Her question reflected this eyed sentiment, "Was it something I said?" she asked, the feeling of dreaded loathing of herself never leaving for a moment.

I was taken aback by this development, as I was by the sincerity of her eyes and voice, which indicated no underlying treachery that I could detect. Still, I had not cooled my temper's embers to the point of extinguishment, which in truth, such an act could never be done. "You had given me plenty of reasons for me to do what I did," I answered matter-of-fact-like. Her eyes widened, as if she had received a revelation. She then looked away to the ground, as if she were scolding herself. And if that didn't make it odd enough for me, she did something I did not expect; apologize.

"I'm…. I'm sorry…" The way she said this commonly used phrase made her sound childish, like an innocent who didn't know any better was caught doing something they didn't know to be wrong, "It's just… my past has led me to be a bit… what's the word?" she took a moment to stew over a correct word choice, "… intimidating. I've been recently acting in such a manner on first impression. It's been that way since…" A shadow crossed in front of her eyes, I caught it before she waved it away with a shaking hand, forefinger apparent from a fist to make a point, "But I can see now that this was the wrong approach for you." She walked cautiously toward me, until she was just out of the range I could reach for her. I would have used the Whipfist to just drag her in, but sadly, that hand was stuck at the moment, and try as I might, I can't make a left handed Whipfist. I pointlessly reached for her, the tips of my fingers just barely touching her face, which still wore a mask of sadness and almost understanding. But that's all it was, a mask. I did not trust her yet, when would I ever?

"Alex, I know you are not the most altruistic of individuals, but trust that I only want to help you." She seemed to almost be pleading for my trust now, but I would not hinder to her wishes. "What makes you think that at this point I would remotely trust you, even in the slightest?" I asked, my aggravation displayed perfectly in my chosen attitude.

She sighed; a look of annoyance crossed her vision momentarily, but was replaced presently with control and collected thoughts. FET took a moment to straighten out her shirt, which had become slightly ruffled, then looked to the predicament that was restraining me.

"You've got your hand shuck in a jar, putting you in quite a pickle. Loosen your grip on your anger, and you'll be free of the vise."

… What? What the hell was that supposed to mean?! I mean ok, I knew it was some kind of riddle, but how was that jumble of poetic words supposed to answer a question about trust? FET gave me no indication to the meaning of it at all, only a blank studying stare, as if waiting for me to figure it out. Eventually, but rather delayed, the wheels in my head turned, until something clicked into place and I gave myself a mental slap upside the head. I looked at my hand, currently jammed in tight as though being eaten by the metal wall, then consciously loosened and converted it to thin strings of biomass, easing it out of the hole. Once free, it reformed back into the fist that had missed the blow. My rage had apparently blinded my better judgment. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I looked back at her to see she had taken a step back as if out of caution. Was she afraid of my freedom? There didn't seem to be any fear in her eyes after a brief inspection, only admiration at my solving of her riddle. When a couple of long stationary moments had passed, I began to move toward her, to test her supposed fearlessness. She did not make any movement, her eyes holding line with mine until she was looking up to see me, and I was looking down about five or six inches to see her. Our staring contest lasted a while, allowing me to judge what lay in the abyss orb's of FET's conscious mind. Trust was mixed with hope in the dark pools lined with chocolate brown, and I knew she was hoping to find the same contents in mine, but I still had yet to trust her.

"Now do you believe me?" she asked with a bit of luck, looking for some hint or trace of such a thing as acceptance in my eyes. I let her hang for a minute on her question as I pretended to think of an answer I already hadn't concocted. "No," I said outright, plain and simple. Seemed a bit cruel, but I was still a bit pissed off with myself at the moment, a bit more then I was with her even. Plus, her having me think to get free of my entanglement aggravated me, as thinking always lead to thoughts, which always lead to memories, which lead to pain; so much pain. It's more rewarding for me to not think and only do.

Again, annoyance filtered into FET's eyes like Bloodtox into a ventilated room. Her eyes were now losing trail and starting to wander in search of something convincing to say. "I know you have been betrayed many times by many different people," again her knowledge of my past irked me, but I let it slide so she could finish, "But I'm not like them…" She looked down in a polite and almost bashful way, "I have far too much respect for you to betray you, less even think about it." She returned her gaze back up to mine, and I saw that she truly meant it. The staring contest continued then for a while. I took this time to judge her again, deciding if an alliance with her would really be worth it. I felt that I had nothing to fear from her, she had never shown the slightest notion that she intended to harm me in any way. Could even after I had seen the evidence that she meant only harm to my enemies be enough for her to gain my allegiance and reliance?

I never got a chance to decide, for my thoughts were interrupted by her unfortunate choice of words. "I overheard what happened to your sister, and I wou-" Again something snapped in my mind, causing me to lose my head and let the voices back in. I grabbed her by the throat, and hoisted off her feet. "How do you know that?!" I bellowed in her face. How could she have overheard what I had discussed with Ragland? Had she been stalking me even at the hospital? Following me around like some rat in the wall and listening to our conversations? Something like that I just can't tolerate on any level. I got no reaction out of her, this girl called FET, who was now at my mercy. In fact she seemed generally unaffected, and even smiled.

"Ironic isn't it? Being as similar as we are, I expected you to welcome me more openly," she chuckled, "One thing we both share is near indestructibility. You can't hurt me, you can't kill me." She grinned a toothy grin, "Does that scare you?" the humor had returned, and again I couldn't stand the sound of it. My grip on her airway tightened, though she seemed relatively unfazed.

"I'm not afraid of you!" I growled, "And we'll just have to see if you are as invulnerable as you think you are." At that second I felt a slight sense of redemption. Perhaps it would be this time I would be successful, this time I could be rid of her. She knew way too much for my liking.

It wasn't until I had really exerted some force to the straggling that she began to show signs of struggle. It started with a look of distress in her eyes, then her arms reached around and gripped my wrists, the first sign of progress. I couldn't help but allow a sadistic smile to cover my face. This is where I felt at my most comfortable, being the dealer of destruction to all those who cause me headache, having them tremble in the wake of my rage as they scamper around feverishly looking for some shadow of mercy to hide in, but they could never find such a thing. I was judge, jury, and executioner, and the verdict was always guilty.

FET locked her eyes with mine, a pleading look in them. "I… want…t-to…. help….." she wheezed out in a gargled voice, which I quickly silenced by squeezing her neck tighter, glaring at her with a vengeance, my smile becoming a sneer, "I don't want your help!" I snarled, biomass shifting in various places on my upper body, indicating things to come, "Until you showed up, everything was fine, everything was perfect, but ever since you appeared, there have been more Blackwatch to deal with, the Hive Mind is harder to hold back, and my sister is being infected as we speak! Ever since you showed up, my life has become a living hell!" At this point, I wasn't entirely sure what I was saying, but I wasn't going to stop spitting fire just yet. It just felt so good to let all my aggression out on this pathetic little weakling.

Her eyes closed for a moment as if in deep concentration. Her hands moved up to mine, and she started to desperately try and pry my hand off her neck. Surprisingly, she was actually pretty strong, might have managed to escape my hold too, if given time. I, of course, would have none of that; I promptly throttled her like a little rag doll, "LOOK AT ME!" I shouted. When she did not do as I had asked, I squeezed as hard as I could, tendrils wrapping around her gullet to aid in the act. I wanted to see fear in her eyes, no, correction, I needed to see that. I deserved to see another defeated soul, same as a thousand times before. Yet still she would not open her eyes to see her death.

"Look at me." I said again, this time in a lower, throatier tone. Finally, those child like eyes opened a peak at me, not enough to see any emotion in the reflectors, but just enough to see how bloodshot and full of tears they were, giving me enough pleasure in knowing she was seeing the face of the Reaper right now.

The Reaper grinned a smile full of malice, "What's ironic," I said, alluding to what she had said before just moments ago, "Is that you thought this was going to end any other way then with your demise." I then waited, waited for the fear to start leaking out of her eyes like a river, to see her put up one last fight before I snuffed out all the hope she could possibly have, all the while tightening my grip more and more and-

There was a sudden sickening snapping crunch, a twitch, and FET became limp…