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A Nightmare Come True

CHAPTER 1: The Nightmare

I couldn't breathe and the rain didn't help. It hit me hard, making it
feel like thousands of needles stabbing me over and over again. I
didn't want to stop running towards my friends walking away, not
hearing me.

"Guys! Hey guys stop! Rob can't you hear me?" Even with my full speed
I couldn't catch up to the vanishing comrades. They disappeared, and
only the darkness and rain as my company. A chill ran through my spine
as a realization came to mind "No one can hear me..."The words came
out as a whisper.

That's right my speedy friend. No one can hear you, or even help you.
You are alone and abandoned, and shall forever be that way until

Despite the heavy rain, I heard the man's voice clear. All of a sudden
I felt rough hands around my neck with intense force, stopping the air
circulation to my lungs, with my heart pounding fast and hard against
my chest.
Everything went blank; all I could hear is the rain and the man's
laughter echoing through my mind.

-In reality-

They were all staring at the boy with concern.
His red hair was sticking to his forehead with sweat, the usually
cheerful tanned, freckled face was very pale with fear showing. He was
mumbling "Don't leave me" with a shaking voice unknown to the team.
His body was shaking, his right hand now gripping his chest, legs
kicking off the blanket from the couch where he was sleeping on.

"Should we wake him up?" M'gann asked with a concerned voice.

"I don't know, but he doesn't look good." Superboy looked at the boy,
confused as ever.

Kaldur'ahm was thinking of what might have caused the speedster to act
like this in his sleep. Was it a flashback? Or maybe a horrible

"I'll do it! I like how he gets mad when I shake him!"Robin said with
a cheerful tone. He jumped on his best friend and started to shake
him, grabbing his shoulder close to the neck."Wally wake up! We bought
a giant tub of chocolate ice cream just for you!"

Suddenly Wally sprang up, knocking Robin off of his stomach and on to
his legs. Startling the others, he was breathing hard and was still
holding on to his chest.

"Uh...Why are you guys looking at me like that? And why is Rob on my
legs? No seriously get off of me dude."

"You were having a nightmare Wally." M'gann said handing him a glass
of cold water. He drank it greedily without a pause to breathe.

"Phew! Thanks Megan, I really needed that. But now...I need ice cream
of just any kind of food 'cause I'm really hungry. Darn you
Metabolism!"As he said that he got up and went to the kitchen, looking
for food. After he found the tub of chocolate ice cream he got a spoon
and started to eat it with a smile of satisfaction.

"Um...KF? What kind of dream did you have that made you so scared?"

The spoon stopped midway to his mouth, a flash of fear showed up on
his face but no one saw it, he put up a smile it was just about me
moon walking in space but forgot a spacesuit." After he giggled about
the image re resumed eating the ice cream.

The rest had a unsatisfied look on their face to the response that was
given."In space our butt!" They all thought, before they can reply
Black Canary came in to the living room to call them for training. She
gave a look to tell them to hurry up, and then left for the training room.

"Well? Hurry up guys! Come on!" KF shouted to his friends. After
running around them a couple of times until he finally went out the
room to fallow their teacher.


"What is it?"

"He's sugar-high" Robin told the others, they all made their way to
the training room. The speedster was running around the room at full
speed shouting "WooooooHoooooo!" And you can tell by one look that it
was getting on Black Canary's nerves.

"Shall we start?" She gave a small smile that quickly turned in to a
frown. "But before that...Kid Flash! Stop running around and come

He did as she said, still vibrating from the sugar and excitement.

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