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Living Royal

Chapter One

Summary: Bella Swan is a typical collage girl who's trying to make the best of her collage experience. Only one problem gets in her way, Prince Edward happens to attend he same collage and is fully determined to turn her carefully calculated life upside down. AH B/E INSPIRED by the Royal Wedding!


"Damn it! Why is it so crowded today? I can't move two feet without bumping into someone." Bella announced grumpily.

"Ooh, haven't you heard? Prince Edward starts his classes today, everyone's trying to get there first to get a glimpse of him." Alice squealed.

Bella rolled her eyes, "Why? We already know what he looks like." She replied.

"Yes, but we've never seen him in person! This is going to be so exciting. Can you believe it? We're going to be attending the same university! We may even get to talk to him." Alice announced excitedly.

Bella had to laugh at that, "I highly doubt it Alice, why would he lower himself and speak to us 'lowly commoners'?"

"But, he's so modest!"

"How would you know that, Alice? You've never talked to him."

"Well, now is our chance then, isn't it?" Alice said, smugly.

Bella simply rolled her eyes once more. They passed by where Prince Edward, along with his father, King Carlisle, were meeting the Dean of the University. That's when Bella decided she had had enough of all this. She said goodbye to Alice and decided to head to her first class on her own.

Bella had chosen to major in Art History at the St. Andrews University in Scotland. She was pretty lucky that her parents had let her go to school so far away from home, but her boyfriend Jacob had decided to go there and she wanted to be with him. But Jacob wasn't the only reason why she wanted to go to St. Andrews, she'd wanted to see another part of the world she hadn't seen while still remaining in the boundaries of Great Britain, at least. Besides, St. Andrews had a great art program. If she'd known that Prince Edward intended to come here, though, she would've gone anywhere else. She hated all the pomp and ceremony that surrounded the Royal family wherever they went. It was so outdated. This was supposed to be the 21st century, for crying out loud!

She hoped that Prince Edward's presence at the university wouldn't get in her way. Actually, she hoped she never laid eyes on him.

While Bella was seething on the inside, she wasn't looking where she was walking until she bumped into a hard body.

"Oh, pardon me, I didn't see you. Are you okay?" A soothing velvety voice said.

"No, it's fi..." Bella began to say, but she looked up into vivid green eyes that seemed to captivate her and steal her ability to speak.

Wait, what?

Bella shook her head slightly to clear the haze that seemed to have taken over all of a sudden. That's when she realized that she was standing in front of the Royal Price himself...and she was staring...more like gaping actually. God, he was even more gorgeous up close, and that lickable jaw!

Ugh! Bella, you're supposed to hate his guts remember?

"It's alright." She said quickly while her face flamed red.

"Wow, I can't remember the last time I saw a girl blush." He said. He seemed almost in…awe?

Wait, what?

"I'm sure there are plenty of girls who blush." Bella snapped, gritting her teeth.

Oh God, did I just snap at the Prince? I'm so dead.

"Not in my world." He said, sadly. Bella's heart softened.

What? No! Wake up, will you! The voice inside her head screamed.

"Well, um, I have to get to class so...goodbye." She said briskly and started to walk away, intending to escape as quickly as possible.

"Wait!" He yelled as he tried to keep up with her. "I'm Edward, by the way."

"I know who you are." She said as she continued walking as quickly as possible.

"Well, you have me at a disadvantage then, since I don't know who you are."

"Why would the future king of England be interested in knowing my name?" And there she went, blabbering on before thinking, again.

"Um, because...you're the first person I've met on campus so far and...I think you're cute?" He said it more like a question than a fact which irritated Bella even more. She'd never been vain about her looks, actually she was quite the opposite, but when a guy tried to flirt with her, he should at least be damn sure about it.

"Listen, I get that you have girls throwing themselves at you all the time and all that, and I'm sure that it's refreshing that I'm not giving you the time of day, but I have a boyfriend so, prince or no prince, I'm not interested." She said in one breath.

Prince Edward seemed to be stunned into silence. When it seemed like he wasn't going to say anything, she turned around and started walking away again. She was so late for class.

"You're right." She heard him say from right behind her.


"It is refreshing." He grinned.

Bella scowled back. She decided to walk away instead of responding, this time.

What a great way to begin my university life.

She walked to her first class and sat down, waiting for the lecture to begin. Naturally, everyone around her was talking about the arrival of the Prince.

This was going to be a long day.

Suddenly, all the hype around her stopped. Bella looked around to see what was wrong and she caught sight of the Prince standing in the doorway. Fate must be playing a cruel joke with her. He was in her class too?

Bella slid down in her seat so he wouldn't see her, but as luck would have it, he'd already caught sight of her. He smiled and started walking her way. Bella looked around for an escape but she'd look incredibly stupid if she suddenly decided to run out of the room as he walked in. So, she stayed put.

"Thought you could escape me, could you?" He asked as he sat down in the empty seat next to her. The whispers grew once more.

"What? Are you following me now?"

"No, I'm just lucky enough to be in the same class as you. Are you going to tell me your name now?"

"No." Bella snapped at him for what felt like the hundredth time today, Couldn't the man get a hint?

"Well, I think you should be a bit more friendly, seeing as we're both going to be class-mates now." He said, trying to be charming. It wasn't working, not very much anyway.

"I think it's my right to refuse to tell you my name, or am I breaking some sort of royal protocol?"

"Touché." He conceded.

"Bella? There you are, I've been looking all over for you…oh!" Never had Bella thought that a time would come when she'd curse the day she met Alice, but the time has come now. Alice had stopped all of a sudden a few feet away when she'd noticed who was sitting next to Bella.

"So, it's Bella, is it?" Prince Edward teased, Bella gritted her teeth.

"Isabella. Only my friends call me Bella." She replied.

"Beautiful name." He whispered.

Bella didn't reply, she stood up, took a hold of the still gaping Alice and went to find another seat.

The man was too charming for comfort.

Jacob, remember Jacob!

When that didn't work as it always did, she knew she was in trouble.

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