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Atrumier House

Shirley was still in tears by the time she and Susanna made it back home. Marianne, Nunnally, Clovis, Cornelia, Kallen and Suzaku were all waiting with news. Susanna pushed open the door. Shirley was sobbing into her shoulder. At first the others thought it was an act, but then Susanna shook her head and began to whimper.

Kallen and Suzaku stared out into nothingness, Nunnally's eyes trembled, Euphemia became incredibly disheartened and Cornelia and Clovis stared at the ground in anguish. Marianne went over to Shirley and Susanna to add to their comfort and so they could comfort her. No parent should have to outlive their child.

"It can't be!" Nunnally exclaimed. "He can't just up and die! Lelouch," She began to break down into a mess of tears. Cornelia swept Nunnally off her feet and sat down with the empress on her lap. Euphemia turned towards Suzaku for comfort.

Shirley looked up towards Kallen and waved her over as a sign that she knew Kallen could use a comforting shoulder to cry with.

Now what am I supposed to do? Kallen sobbed at the ground. Lelouch…you were supposed to help me get my life back in order. This was supposed to be my way of proving to myself who I really was. Why did you die?

News spread across the Seireitei quickly of course of Lelouch's sacrifice. The blow hit everyone hard. Ichigo was in denial at fist.

"Bullshit!" he slammed his fist against the wall as he stood in Orihime's hospital room, having been brought the news by Kukaku. "This is Lelouch we're talking about. That guy always comes out alive! He always succeeds! He always—

"HE FAILED ALL RIGHT!" Kukaku yelled, tears in her eyes. "I'm no less upset about it than you are. Fuck," she swore as she wiped her palms across her eyes. Ichigo gave his cousin an apologetic, comforting hug.

When Momo heard the news, she didn't cry. She felt everyone else was doing enough of that for her. She knew, somehow she knew in her heart that this was how it was going to end. She soon found herself in Lelouch's office bedroom where he had his Zero Uniform neatly folded and secure in a display case on a shelf above his bed from his days on the phantoms.

The visor of the helmet reflected Momo's face a little as she looked up at it.

"Is there a Hinamori Momo here?"

"Watashi wa, Fantomu Zero!"

"If my legacy is to end…then until I obtain an heir to my name, consider yourself my deputy."

"As the successor to my will, should anything befall me, I request, no, I order you to come with me. We will show Aizen what it means to be a 'miracle worker'."

Momo stood on Lelouch's bed and got the display case down from the shelf. She sat at Lelouch's desk and opened it up. She picked up the helmet of Zero and stared at it. The weight it pushed down upon her hands was not as heavy as she suspected. She smiled. Don't worry, Lamperouge-sensei, I promise you that Zero will not die.

The Next Day

At some point during the day, Rita prepared to leave. Her job in the Soul Society was done. She had a domain to govern. Talbumosuke, Mia and Kasumi were back in chains, but Rita hadn't taken them back yet. However, she also had something to say to them all. Unohana, Vera and Senna were assembled around the three togabito and the warden. Ichigo, Orihime and their friends were also at assembly. Ichigo wanted to be able to say goodbye to the hybrid.

"Kasumi, you are charged with escaping from hell, starting a war that caused the deaths of countless innocents and all for the sake of petty revenge. However, you also worked to fix your own mistake, you fought valiantly alongside us, even saved our lives during one particular attack. So, when I take into account everything that has occurred over the past week and a half, I have made my decision as to your net change in sentence."

Kasumi continued to stare at the ground in shame. Here it comes, she thought. She figured there was no escape. Rita was obviously going to increase her sentence by a miniscule amount or tell her she lost nothing at all. However in the next instant, Rita's staff glowed bright yellow and so did the chains on Kasumi's body. In the next instant, they all fell off and clanged onto the ground before bursting into violet flames.

"Kasumi," Rita said as tears ran down her face, "you're free!"

Kasumi looked at her hands in wonderment as she curled her fingers back and forth. She felt a lack of weight upon her body. I can't feel the chains anymore at all. Am I...really free? Kasumi felt like she wanted to cry. Freedom, it was hers at last. More than two millennia and finally she was a free woman. She was a togabito no longer. She then however realized that Talbumosuke and Mia were still in chains. "Wait, what about my Mom and Dad?"

Rita spoke with a serious look on her face, "They still have their sentences to serve. The net total in their reduction isn't enough to set them free and even then...I," Rita became adamant in her tone and expression, "I want to give you the life you always deserved so I'm going to postpone reincarnating them until their lives can be intertwined. I," Rita did her best to keep herself from going into a sobbing mess, "I intend to play matchmaker and when they're finally together you will be born again as their daughter."

Kasumi was touched by Rita's words, "R-Rita."

Rita felt warm liquid run down her cheek, "Darn it, I'm crying again," she sniffed as she rubbed her eye to wipe away the tear. She was surprised when she suddenly found her head landed in Kasumi's chest, the woman's arms wrapped around her. Rita looked at Kasumi's face, she was smiling. It was a cheerful smile the likes of which Rita had never seen on Kasumi's face before in her entire time that she had known her.

"Thank you, Rita," Kasumi said in almost a whisper.

Rita continued to remain in tears as she buried her face into Kasumi's shoulder, giving the former togabito a hug of her own. For so long she'd wanted to hear those very words from Kasumi's lips and now she finally had. She was so happy to hear it. Finally…finally she'd managed to do something right. In truth, Kasumi's actions would send her sentence up another one hundred years, but Rita felt that this was ultimately the right decision. She had five years left anyway. She had been through enough hell. She could finally release Kasumi and she could always play the "she never belonged here in the first place" card now that her origins could be added to her database profile. Kasumi was free. Rita's desire for more than 2300 years was finally a reality.

Unohana stepped towards Kasumi to speak to her. Rita let go of her so Kasumi could focus on Unohana. "Kasumi, as long as you're free, we could definitely use someone to fill out our shortened staff."

Kasumi looked towards Unohana in surprise. She hadn't been expected to have been given such an offer. She looked at her parents. Talbumosuke was smiling. "Take the opportunity, Kasumi. You deserve the chance to really live."

"You'll live in my house with me," Senna told her, "You're direct family."

Ichigo walked up and put a hand on Kasumi's shoulder, "If you don't want to there's always spare rooms in my place if you want to pay rent."

"I...I don't know," Kasumi uttered looking at her hands as her fingers twitched. "It's the first time I can ever choose what I want to be. I don't know," she paused, "what I want to do."

"Well I could always use an assistant. You could stay with me if you want until you know what you want to do," Rita offered.

"Thank you Rita," Kasumi said, still smiling, "But I think I'll stay with Aunt Senna."

Rita smiled back, "I understand." She looked at Talbumosuke and Mia. "You're allowed to say goodbye."

Talbumosuke nodded and gestured for Kasumi to come towards him and Mia. He gave her a tender hug. "I'll always love you. You make me so proud, Kasumi. I'm so happy to know that you'll get a chance to really live."

"I'm going to miss you. We've only just been able to find each other," Kasumi hyperventilated, "And you have to go."

"I'll always be with you, even if it's not physically, you know that I love you."

"Me too, kitten," Mia said hugging her daughter from behind. "We love you, we always have."

"Mommy," Kasumi cried, "Daddy."

"Rita, it's possible for her to visit right?" Ichigo asked the warden.

"Difficult, but possible," Rita answered with a nod, "But for Kasumi," Rita smiled warmly, "I'll make sure it happens."

Talbumosuke looked at Ichigo, Senna, Orihime, Ichigo's friends and Unohana. "I entrust her all to you. Please take care of her."

"Of course we will," Ichigo told him.

Talbumosuke smiled and let go of Kasumi. The hybrid gave one big hug to her mother and then walked over by Ichigo who she used as a security blanket to keep herself emotionally in check. Ichigo put his arm around her and Orihime hugged her too.

"See you around, Retsu," Rita said to her.

"Yeah, see you," Unohana said to her. With that, Rita opened a hell gate and she and Kasumi's parents disappeared back to hell."

Six Days later

Ichigo and the others stuck around for Lelouch's funeral, of course. Ichigo felt it would be wrong to leave the Soul Society when it was in such a state. The world was still cleaning up from Kasumi and Aizen's mess so him being absent for another week was not a big deal, he figured.

Mashiro was upset of course when she learned about Kensei. The quincies were all abuzz with the news of the passing of Yhwach, but Haschwalt was deigned to be the next leader of their kind.

Lelouch's funeral service was to take place in the afternoon. So, that morning, there was still some official business to take care of. Since Kasumi had both Shikai and Bankai, Unohana felt it fitting to place her in one of the open captain's positions. Kasumi, not feeling she could fill Lelouch's shoes, opted to take Stefan's open spot.

"Everyone, please meet your new taicho," Kendra stated as Kasumi entered wearing her newly received Shihakusho, complete with captain's haori.

Kasumi bowed to her subordinates and remained bowed as she spoke with calm clarity. "My name is Atrumier Kasumi, daughter of Atrumier Talbumosuke and Arruruerie Mia. I have been asked by the head captain to kindly fill this position and I have accepted it wholeheartedly. My position with you all is only temporary, but that is at least three hundred years from now. Until then," Kasumi stood up straight and smiled with her most cheerful, perky smile, "I hope we can get along."

Also that morning, CC finally awoke from her coma. Marianne had kept her in her bedroom to let her rest properly. When she finally woke up, only Marianne was in the room. She looked at Marianne with a curious look.

"Oh, you've finally awoken. How are you feeling?" Marianne asked.

CC tilted her head as she looked at Marianne. "Are you my new mistress?"

The words struck Marianne like a knife through the heart. CC was alive, but she didn't seem to remember anything. Considering today was the day of her son's funeral, Marianne took it personally in her emotional stress. "CC this is no time for your jokes! It's me Marianne!"

CC yelped and used the sheets like a shield. "I'm sorry! Please don't beat me!"

Marianne let go of her anger immediately. Has she really forgotten everything? "What's your name?"

"B-Breena Mac-Clain," CC squeaked.

She really has forgotten everything. Is this a phenomena caused by being separated from her code? She's forgotten everything since before she ever had her code.

"Breena-san," Marianne spoke to her.

"Y-yes," CC responded.

Marianne pulled up a chair to CC's bedside, "There is a lot we need to talk about, about where you are," Marianne paused, unsure how to finish her sentence, "and what it is you will be doing for the rest of the life you will lead."

A few hours later, everyone was assembled at Lelouch's funeral. People were crying and pretty much everyone had longer faces than the world's most depressed mule. If Lelouch could see how many people were actually there, he'd laugh, unable to comprehend at first just how much he was revered and how positive a light so many people in the afterlife saw him in.

Unohana was currently giving her part to Lelouch's eulogy, "He lived a warrior, and he died a hero. Let his soul join with those in reincarnation. Remember him as he embodies all that the name soul reaper stands for: to put one's life on the line for those who live, to die for the world in order to stop evil. Lamperouge Lelouch understood the risks he took. His sacrifice will not be forgotten. He is our sacrificial savior."

"I can't believe that he's gone," Ichigo gnashed his teeth in anguish.

"None of us can," Cornelia said, sitting somewhat next to him. "He didn't intend to die this time either. Dammit this is so unfair."

Marianne couldn't even say anything. She was just crying. One fact was undeniably true. She loved her children with all her heart. The idea that she now had to put one of them in the ground, without even a body to fill the empty coffin that would be put in the ground, filled her with such dread and such misery that she'd been unable to control herself since she arrived. Thankfully, Hikifune and Shutara both were around to comfort her. Shutara had her arms fixed by the 4th and 12th Divisions. Now all of her arms were artificial, but unlike Vera's prosthetic hand, Shutara's had skin spliced over her robotic limbs.

After Unohana was done Isane was next. The end of her piece went as such:

"…And he gave his life to protect us all. He was the bravest man the Soul Society ever knew. He was the most brilliant mind, the gentlest heart, the noblest soul," Isane spoke as she stood giving her part of Lelouch's Eulogy, "And now…here's the woman who has been dubbed Lelouch's apprentice. I present to you all the captain of squad four, Hinamori Momo."

Stefan's funeral had been two days earlier, Clovis had insisted that he have more time to prepare, not to mention that with most of squad 2 grieving for their lost captain it would be rude for Lelouch, whose soul touched more hearts than the green-haired stealth commander, to steal Stefan's thunder by being the first one laid to rest. Of course, Stefan didn't have as nearly as big a turnout as Lelouch. On top of that, Lelouch was technically also nobility.

"Dammit, it's bad enough we lost one captain, but two?" Kendra snarled in anguish. Naomi rubbed her back reassuringly, looking at her older sister figure with those comforting doe eyes of hers. Kendra hugged her and brought her closer to her, where upon Naomi hugged Kendra too, to provide better comfort to the 2nd division captain.

Momo finally up to the podium, "Friends and Neighbors, sheltered souls, those of you who have known Lamperouge-sensei intimately, I am here to declare that Lelouch's dream will continue on through me. I will continue to serve the Soul Society as my sensei wanted. His dream will not die. Lamperouge-sensei entrusted me with the decision to carry out his will if he could no longer be here with us. I am the next Zero. The legacy of Zero must always be carried out and I am the one he has chosen to continue the legacy he left behind. I know that I am not very much like him, but I will do my best to carry out the hopes and dreams that Lamperouge-sensei has left not only in my heart, but in all our hearts."

Momo continued on for another few minutes, detailing how much she revered Lelouch and how much he had meant to her, all that he had taught her and all that she would continue to learn even though he couldn't be her teacher any longer. She shed a few tears, but she didn't break down sobbing.

I have to be strong. If I am to carry on Lamperouge-sensei's legacy then I will wait to cry. I will wait to cry until the others can smile again. Until then, I will be their smile.

When she was done, she said, "And now, here are Lamperouge Shirley and Lamperouge Susanna, Lelouch's beloved spouses," Momo choked as she uttered the words, "his widows." She stepped down and Susanna and Shirley stood side by side with one another. They had written a speech together because both knew they wouldn't be able to finish two separate speeches on their own without moral support.

"I was the first one who met Lulu in his life," Shirley spoke directly into the microphone, "He always looked like he was bored, but behind his vacant expression there was a man who was always thinking and dreaming about the future, a man who wanted the world to be a better place." Shirley began recanting the first time she became interested in Lelouch, how he had attached a rather rude man's wrecked car to a truck that was stopped at a red light in front of it and then got back in the passenger attachment to Rivalz's motorbike with the same bored look on his face. "Lulu didn't laugh much, and he never had very good motivation in school, but he always seemed like the person you could depend on when there was trouble. He was a person that, if he let you in, you knew," Shirley began to cry, "You knew you could trust him."

Shirley buried her face in her hands as Susanna put her arm around her and began to speak. "Lelouch-dono was my teacher at the academy when I first met him. He was a good instructor, very fair and he could sniff out a cheater like a bloodhound. He was…" Susanna lost her train of thought as she stared out amongst the crowd. "Lelouch-dono was…he…" Susanna couldn't continue. Her eyes watered to the brim and she hugged Shirley and the two of them stood in front of the microphone crying.

They're calling for me…

"Lelouch-dono," Susanna sobbed.

I have to go back…


They need me…

It's too hard Lulu…to go on without you

I mean too much to them…

Lelouch-dono, you promised me. You said we would never be apart

I promised them…

If I could have one wish, Susanna and Shirley thought simultaneously

If I could have one wish…

Then I wish you were alive
I want Lulu to live

Then let me live…

for just a little while longer…

Disturbance in the audience became apparent as the reishi from the nearby trees began to break apart and flow freely towards the stage, converging on a single point. The grass, even parts of Lelouch's empty coffin were beginning to form into a blue mass on stage, which then began to take shape.

From beyond the Soul Society's dimensional boundaries, the Hogyoku, still intact even after a dimensional collapse, floating outside of time and space, began to glow once more as it began to crack.

The blue glow on stage began to form into a hominid build.

Outside of time and space, the cracks in the Hogyoku became larger and larger as the hominid form on stage became more and more substantial until finally the Hogyoku shattered into tiny little pieces. And then, standing on the stage, was Zero.

"Ah, Zero!" Suzaku called from the audience.

Zero looked out unto the audience and saw all the people that had assembled for the funeral. Zero then looked to Susanna and Shirley and their tear stained eyes. The masked figure then glanced over to the now damaged coffin as well as the memorial in front of the stage. Zero then reached up and removed his mask. Black hair cascaded down first and Shirley and Susanna's eyes shrunk to dots as violet eyes followed. Zero then dropped his mask as it hit the floor of the stage.

Shirley became excited immediately, "LULU!" She ran forward and nearly tackled Lelouch off the stage as she gave him the biggest hug ever. Susanna ran up and jump-hugged Lelouch as well. The audience was in an uproar as everyone rose from their seats, intending to swarm Lelouch, but before they could, Lelouch strode across to the podium with a proud smirk upon his face as he threw his arm out at his side.

"My friends!" He exclaimed. "I have cheated death and have returned to stand before you! In a choice of life or death, I choose life! I am Zero! The man who works miracles!" Lelouch declared. "Like a phoenix from its ashes I have risen from my grave to live once more! This is no illusion! This is no plan! I am alive and I will continue to live! I am Captain of Squad Ten: Lamperouge Lelouch!"

Everyone was able to give Lelouch their proper "welcome back" be it a hug, a playful push in the shoulder, a friendly pat on the shoulder, or a peck on the cheek.

And, of course, Lelouch's funeral procession was turned into the greatest celebration in the history of the Soul Society.


Five Years Later

Maggots' Nest

In the years that followed, the Soul Society and the World of the Living continued to get back on its feet. And with the year now being 2026, it was like nothing had ever happened. Of course Aizen was now never going to escape and Kasumi—the Soul Society's former enemy—was now one of its fiercest protectors, but other than that, things were rather ordinary.

Orihime had given birth to a healthy baby girl and she and Ichigo named her Masaki. She was growing up to look just like her grandmother, or so said her grandfather, Isshin. Ichigo's career as a Police Chief soon got him promoted to be on the lower branches of National Security. He still lived in Karakura Town, but now he had authority of the whole Tokyo Prefecture.

At present though, a few changes were occurring in society, both in the living world and in the Soul Society. Lelouch, after receiving a letter from Naomi in the mail, made his way to division two where upon she escorted him to the maggots' nest to oversee the release of a prisoner. Lelouch knew this day would come and he had been dreading it for a while, unsure how to handle what was to come.

There had been an incident in the Maggot's nest and with CC's memory still on the fritz, Lelouch thought it best to let Mao stay locked up for another couple of years. However, it seemed that he could delay the inevitable no longer. Mao was to be released from the Maggots' Nest. He was considered to be not a threat.

Lelouch walked down the hallway to Mao's cell where upon the young man sat. When he saw Lelouch standing in front of him he snapped, "What do you want?"

"I'm here to release you," Lelouch spoke calmly and seriously. "I'm escorting you out of here and if you want to be allowed to roam in society you need to be on your best behavior. You may have convinced your warden that you're not a threat, but I am not convinced, do you understand?"

"I understand," Mao said after he took a deep breath.

Lelouch opened his cage and grabbed Mao's upper arm, he then pushed Mao in front of him with the back of his hand by Mao's neck and one arm wrapped around Mao's back to make sure Mao didn't try anything funny. They walked like this until they were far out into civilization and nearing Lelouch's division's grounds.

"I'm going to let go of you," Lelouch said to him, "But until I say otherwise you are still under my watch. Try anything funny and I will gun you down on the spot, understood?"

"Yes," Mao answered.

Lelouch let go of Mao and let the man walk a few steps on his own. Lelouch took a few steps to his left. "I'm going to take you to see someone, follow me." Mao did so without question.

Lelouch led him to the academy grounds where upon he spotted a young woman with lime green hair and yellow eyes. She was carrying and armful of books and running down the street until she tripped over a rock and went tumbling to the ground. She then began to pick up her books.

"CC! It's my angel! She's all right!" Mao went to run at her, but Lelouch grabbed his collar.

"Mao, she is not as you remember her. She doesn't remember you, me, or even my mother. During the final conflict with Aizen she was critically injured." Mao looked at Lelouch who was looking away from him and CC. He saw the anguish in Lelouch's face. "The only chance I had to ensure her survival was to turn her into a Soul Reaper, but as a result she lost her memory. Diagnostics have no idea if it'll ever return. So, before you go running off to her, understand that she is not the woman you remember. She's a fragile little girl now. She's clumsy, skittish and she's politer than maid. She only goes by her real name too now: Breena Mac-clain. To her, the name CC does not exist. If you're going to go anywhere close her from now on, you have to understand." Lelouch then let go of Mao and the young man rubbed his sore neck.

Mao looked at the love of his life as she continued to run down the open field right into his and Lelouch's direct line of sight until she reached the shade of a tree. She then sat down and opened a book she was carrying along with a notebook that she began scribbling in.

"For five years she has served me in my division. She's my fourteenth seat. I'm going to wait here. Go to her I know you want to."

Mao cautiously approached CC. He wasn't sure if he could get used to the sudden changes of her he had observed and heard from Lelouch, but he would do his best. CC was his angel. She promised him he could see her again, but CC was no longer around. Her true self, Breena Mac-Clain was all that remained within her as far as anyone knew.

"Excuse me," Mao said when he was within speaking distance.

Breena nearly popped out of her robe at the sudden calling of her name.

"I-I'm sorry did I startle you."

"N-no it's okay, taicho said I need to work on being less jumpy," Breena responded. She turned her body to sit and look up at Mao. "I was just copying some scriptures into my notebook. Ah! I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet have I?" Breena extended her arm up to Mao. "I'm Breena, Mac-Clain Breena. You are?"

"M-mao," Mao responded. The voice of the love of his life and her kindness were as he had always known them, but it was obvious that CC and Breena, though sharing the same soul, were not the same identity. "I'm an…acquaintance of your taicho." There was an awkward pause. "May I sit down next to you?"

"Sure," Breena said. She continued to scribble in her notepad. "I always find that sitting out in nature is the easiest way to concentrate rather than sitting in a stuffy office." Breena looked up from her pad. "I haven't seen you around before. Are you a new arrival?"

"Um, no actually. I um…" Mao was going to say that he was recently released from the Maggots' Nest, but he wondered if that might scare Breena if she thought him to be an Ex-con. "Actually, I'm going to enter the academy this year."

"Oh, you're a new recruit!" Breena's face lit up with a warm smile. "If taicho handpicked you then I know you'll do well. Taicho does an amazing job at picking new recruits."

"Uh well he didn't exactly pick me, but…" Mao scratched his head.

"Still, it's always a pleasure to meet someone who's going to be my kohai soon. I've made a lot of good friends during my five years here in the Gotei Thirteen." Breena rubbed her head as she looked up. "My memory is really fuzzy from anything past five years ago though regarding my time in the Soul Society." She smiled bubbly. "But taicho and his family take really good care of me so I'm really all right. I was so used to being someone's servant that I was surprised that I could be free. It took me about a year to be so open and friendly."

Mao smiled. She looks so happy. Even when we were together she was never so joyous. CC…my angel. "Well, then how about we start off as friends, you and me?"

"Sure," Breena extended her hand for Mao to shake it. "Who knows, since I'm a high enough rank now, maybe taicho will make me a teacher for one of your classes."

"I'd like that," Mao told her.

"Anyway, I'm glad I could meet you," Breena frowned, "but I have a lot of work to do. Taicho gets fussy even at Matsumoto-oneesama when she doesn't do her work." Breena's relationship with Rangiku was one Lelouch wished was non-existent to some degree. Rangiku had Breena looking up to her like a big sister, but she was teaching the girl all the wrong habits. Thankfully Breena was too sweet to pick up on Rangiku's binge drinking and work skipping. Rangiku's idea was that maybe if she had enough fun that Breena could remember who she was as CC. Momo's verdict was though that if there was any chance that CC could come back that it would take time and it wouldn't be good to rush things.

"Then I'll see you later then I suppose," Mao said and got up to his feet and walked back by Lelouch, leaving Breena to her work.

"Well, how did it go?" Lelouch asked.

Mao stuck out his chest, hands behind his back. "After careful consideration, Lelouch, I would be most honored if you would permit me to enter the academy to become a soul reaper."

"She convinced you?" Lelouch said with a smirk.

Mao rubbed the back of his head. "Actually I sort of blurted it out in a panic that I was and well, I don't want to seem like a liar."

Lelouch gave Mao a serious look. "The next semester starts in two months. You have until then to get in shape and take the entry exam. Good luck."

Mao looked at Lelouch oddly.

"That's what she would want me to say," Lelouch said to him and began to leave, "I couldn't care less what you do. I still have my eye on you Mao. Like I said, I'm not convinced." He then used Shunpo and returned to his office.

That Evening

Lelouch was fast asleep on his desk in front of a pile of unfinished paperwork having dozed off from the monotony. He hadn't had a wink of sleep very often in the last couple of months and the reason for that was now ringing his phone and startling him from his nap.

"Hello?" Lelouch answered. He became startled and excited as he heard the message on the other line. "I'm on my way!" He slammed the phone on the receiver and bolted down the hallway. He nearly slammed into Rangiku on the way out.

"Whoa, taicho where are you going so late?"

"I'd admonish you for not being in your office or in bed, but right now I don't have time," Lelouch said rubbing his scalp vigorously with his fingers. "Actually," he said, grabbed Rangiku's forearm and yanked.

"Wah!" Rangiku yelped as Lelouch dragged her to wherever it was he was taking her.

"Hey, hold on now! Where are we going?" Rangiku asked, stumbling on the pathway.

"Division Four," Lelouch said, beaming. "It's time!"

"What? Really?"

"I just got the call from Hanataro. He already spoke to Shirley. We have to hurry!"

"Then stop pulling me, I'll run with you." Lelouch let her go and the two raced to division four together. "Oh this is so exciting!" Rangiku exclaimed.

"Yeah," Lelouch said, but as he neared division four he got more and more nervous. His excitement was gone by the time he reached division four. It was pitch black out, practically two in the morning. Byakuya and Kyo were there as well.

"Oh, Byakuya, Kyo-chan, what are you doing here?"

"I figured you could use some moral support. I promised Kyo ice cream tomorrow if she came along."

Kyo, though soon to be a fifth year academy student, yawned. She was still carrying a stuffed Chappy even at her age and she was dressed in Chappy print short pajamas and wearing Chappy slippers. It was apparent as she rubbed her eye as she stood under the hot lights that she did not want to be up right now.

"What about Hisana?" Rangiku asked.

"Sleeping. She was just turning in for the night when we got the phone call and I happened to catch Kyo up for a drink of water."

"Who's making the delivery?"

"The captain herself of course," Byakuya responded.

"Lulu!" Shirley came huffing and puffing up the hallway, out of breath. She was in her final year at the academy this year. She'd been asleep at home when she got the phone call.

"Shirley, there you are. Are you all right?"

"I ran here as fast as I could," Shirley panted, hunched over on her knees. "I didn't want to be late."

Isane suddenly stepped out of the room, sliding it open, hearing the chatter. "Oh wow I didn't expect we'd have such a crowd out here."

"I wanted all of my known friends and family to be around when it was time," Lelouch said. He looked at Shirley. "Is anyone else coming?"

She shook her head. "I think I'm the only one up. I've been having the same sleep problems you've been having. But I think once this is over, I'll sleep like a rock."

"Yeah, no kidding." Lelouch then looked at Isane. "How is she doing, by the way?"

"Do you want to come in?" Isane asked.

"Ah, sure," Lelouch and the others approached the door and Isane sidestepped for Lelouch, but she stopped the others.

"Sorry, my captain only said Lelouch could come in if she wanted to."

"What? Even me!" Shirley got pent up.

"This was something Lamperouge-kun and Susanna-senpai wanted to make up for a long time ago. I'm not doing this to be mean," Isane glanced inside, "I'm doing this for them."

On the inside of the room, Lelouch was standing at Susanna's side as she lay flat on her back, in dire pain.

"Susanna, come on, this is what we've tried to make up for over the last two decades. Push. I know you can do it."

"I know, but it hurts. Agh!"

"Come on, Susanna, be strong. It's already crowning, be brave."

"I'm right here Susanna," Lelouch said, clasping her hand with his own. "We're going to make up for twenty six years ago. I'm not leaving you alone when you need me now more than ever so don't you quit on me either."

"I'm trying," Susanna said with tremendous effort as another contraction hit her body. "OWWWW!" she howled.

Lelouch squeezed her hand a little harder. "I'm right here," he repeated, "Just concentrate. I know you can do it Susanna. You're strong! You can do this! Make our dream a reality!"

Susanna panted and clenched her pelvic muscles to squeeze the child out between her legs. It was a child that had been growing in her for nine months. It was a child that had been yearned for, for over twenty six years.

"The ears are coming out," Momo stated. "Ah! I can almost see the entire head."

"You hear that Susanna," Lelouch said with anxious excitement. "You're almost done. Just a little bit more."

"I-I can't," Susanna groaned.

"Yes you can," Lelouch told her. "This is what you wanted before I wanted it with you. I won't let your dream shatter before your eyes. Now push. I order you to push!"

"That's good Susanna," Momo told her. "I've almost got it."

With one last forceful clench and push, Susanna finally got her baby out of her body and the cry of birth was finally heard. Momo cleaned it off and then handed the bundle to Susanna. Hanataro—who was in on the delivery—passed out on the floor. Isane escorted him out on a gurney.

"It's a girl," Momo told the seventh division fukutaicho.

Lelouch and Susanna looked down at their little girl. She had black hair like Lelouch's and eyes warm eyes like the glow at sunset, a perfect blend of red and purple. She stopped crying as she looked at her parents, Susanna sitting up in bed and Lelouch hunched over the bed to see the life he had brought into the world. The baby's little arms were scrunched up by its face as it blinked with its precious, doe eyes up at her parents.

"Did you pick out a name?" Susanna asked.

"I did," Lelouch answered. "Her name is Cynthia."

"Why Cynthia?" Susanna asked.

"Because her middle name will be Caroline."

"CC," Susanna said the initials.

"Yeah," Lelouch said.

"You can come in now," Isane called to outside. Byakuya, Rangiku, Shirley and Kyo entered into the room.

"Oh she's adorable," Rangiku cooed.

"Susanna," Shirley extended her arms to Susanna to request that she hold her.

"What did you name her, Lulu?"

"Cynthia," he said, "Cynthia Caroline Lamperouge."

"That's such a nice name," Shirley said, bouncing the little girl in her arms. She looked at Byakuya. "Do you want to hold her?"


Byakuya looked down at the little girl, reminiscent of when his son and daughter were born. He crouched down to Kyo's height. "Kyo, this is your godfather's daughter, Cynthia."

"She's cute," Kyo stated and then whined, "Can I go back to sleep now?"

Byakuya smiled and handed Cynthia to Rangiku and escorted Kyo out of the room where upon he let her scramble onto his back so he could take her home. She fell asleep on the way back.

Back inside the room, Rangiku realized something as she marveled at how cute Cynthia was. "Oh, hey, Lelouch have you had a chance to hold her yet?"

"What me? N-no I…" Lelouch stuttered.

"That's no good, Lulu," Shirley said and took the baby from Rangiku before passing it off to Lelouch who reached out his arms carefully to take the small weight into his arms. "Here."

Lelouch looked down at his daughter as she looked back up at him with her purplish-red irises. Lelouch's arms shook a little. This was more than a weight. This was a living, breathing life form, a human baby girl, and he had helped bring it into this world.

I am Zero, he thought as he held his little girl, the man who creates worlds. And now…I am a man who creates new life.

"I think he needs a moment," Rangiku said, grabbing Shirley and Isane by the collar. "Come on you two."

"Ah, hey, she's my daughter too," Shirley protested.

"Ow, Rangiku-san, you're hurting my neck," Isane complained.

"I'm going to step out," Momo said, "Call if you need anything."

"I don't think he can hear you," Susanna said to the captain, "But I think we'll be okay anyway." She yawned. "Am I allowed to rest yet?"

"Yes," Momo nodded. "You did good work. You'll both be fine now," Momo told her.

"That's good," Susanna said and tilted her head to the side to get some well-deserved sleep.

Lelouch continued to turn slowly in place, holding Cynthia in his arms as he looked down at her. It was like the world around him vanished as he held this small being in his arms. He was a father, this was his little girl. The thought kept clicking in his head over and over again. She was so beautiful, his daughter. She had him entranced with her adoring eyes as she looked at her daddy.

"I love you Cynthia," he told her.

His daughter yawned and then turned her head to the side and into her father's chest and she fell asleep in his arms. Lelouch sat down in his chair and simply waited for time to move on because right now he couldn't move from the bliss he was feeling at that very moment.

Karakura Town


"Okay you little mischief maker," Ichigo chuckled as he carried his playfully struggling daughter under his arm. He then grabbed her under both her shoulders, whirled her around and playfully, if but forcefully, placed the giggling kindergartener on her bed. She was laughing.

"Again! Again!" she clapped her hands.

"No, not again," Ichigo sighed with exhaustion, "Daddy's tired and so is Mommy. Go to sleep please, okay."

"Okay," the five-year-old said and all by herself crawled under her sheets and into her bed. Ichigo went over to the door to shut the light off, but before he left, his daughter called out to him, "Daddy."

"Yes, Masaki," he looked back at her, finger on the light switch.

"I love you," she said.

"I love you too, sweetie," he said, shut the light off and closed the door, not all the way. Masaki was still at the age where she wanted the door open a crack so that she didn't feel separated from her daddy. It wasn't the dark she was afraid of it was a slight remnant of separation anxiety and to Masaki, she knew her daddy would beat up the bad people that would try to hurt her.

As Ichigo made his way downstairs to watch the evening news he heard Orihime on the phone. "Oh wow, really? That's wonderful. We'll have to check our schedule and come by sometime. Right, of course, thanks Rangiku-san, bye-bye!" Orihime hung up the receiver.

"Huh? What did Rangiku-san want?" Ichigo asked.

Orihime was euphoric, "She was calling from division four. Susanna just had the baby. Everything's fine."

"That's great," he said with a joyful tone and then walked over to the recliner and crashed in it. "Ugh," he said, palming his face. "Being a parent is rough."

Orihime laughed. "Did Masaki-chan tire you out again?"

"Uh huh," Ichigo moaned through his hands.

Orihime giggled. "What's say we call it a night then and watch a movie then?"

"Fine, but I'm picking this time. After a rough day at work and playing tag, I deserve at least that." Orihime just laughed.

New Pendragon, Britannia


"I see. That's good to hear. I'll be sure to let Nunnally know," Cornelia said as she spoke with Shirley on the other end. She smirked after hearing what the redhead had to say. "I think a little chaos will be good for him, finally something the great Lelouch can't plan around or control." Shirley laughed and then asked when Cornelia and Nunnally would be coming by to see their niece. "You know as well as I do that scheduling conflicts need to be taken into account. Unless Schneizel or Kururugi can make up some sort of excuse for five hours we might not be able to make it until Susanna's long out of the hospital. Give my best to Euphemia." Cornelia listened to the response. "Yes, of course things are rather well on this end. Thanks, see you soon too, bye." Cornelia hung up and then went to go meet Nunnally in the car. The phone had rang just as the duo was leaving the house to go to an office meeting. There was to be a private inauguration ceremony for a new member of the Knight of the Round.

As Cornelia stepped into the limo she sat next to the 100th empress, age 23, and told her the good news.

"Oh, I'm so happy. What did they name her?"

"You're niece's name is Cynthia Caroline Lamperouge," Cornelia told her.

"That's such a nice name," Nunnally responded.

"Speaking of names, is our newcomer really insisted on—"

"She said it was non-negotiable, that if she was going to join that we respect her choice."

"Very well," Cornelia answered.

The world was still recovering from Kasumi's attack. Many governments were in disarray and trying to take advantage of the confusion. Also there were criminals and lowlifes doing that within their own countries. So, Nunnally needed her own personal guard back in action. The Knight of One she appointed Cornelia too, who now left the regular military in the capable hands of John Masters, since Meredith was now retired. Cornelia was the proud pilot of Lloyd's Beowulf: the most advanced Knightmare Frame in the world. Gino was still around as the pilot for the Tristan Divider. Zero was currently at appointment to Knight of Ten. Suzaku had taken the position as a means of maintaining his respect for Lelouch by taking the same number as his best friend. He was wielding a Knightmare Frame known as the Arthur. It was an advanced Gloucester model. It wasn't advanced as the Beowulf, or even the Shinkiron or the Lancelot Albion, but it got the job done right. Lloyd did have another new special Knightmare frame in the works and this time it would be co-developed by him and Rakshata.

The Knight of Five was currently held by a 17-year-old woman named Liana nos Britannia. She was a related to Cornelia and Nunnally through Charles' half-siblings. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes like the Empress herself. The way she dressed, looked, and acted often led to snarky comments amongst the others that she was Lelouch's opposite gender clone. Usually it was Cornelia or Suzaku to put down the comments when they got out of hand even though they too would cash in on the fun. Her Knightmare Frame was called the Guinevere. Cornelia was the one who named the mech. It was her way of saying to her sister's soul that even though they bickered constantly that she didn't hate her 100% It was little more than a sibling rivalry when it came right down to it. Also, Guinevere was the name of Arthur's queen, furthering jokes about Liana and Lelouch looking similar.

The only other currently occupied position was a man from the Chinese Federation. He was part of the special UFN exchange program where soldiers would be exchanged between nations as a means of trust to one another. The boy had been handpicked by Li Xingke. He was half-Chinese, half-Japanese. His name was Reio Sakanoue. He had the same color hair as Ishida Uryu, but had it styled similarly to Suzaku. He had dark purple eyes and was a bright and somewhat cheerful fellow, similar to Gino. He wielded the mighty Sun Tzu, a powerful Knightmare frame known for its profound mobility, developed to surpass the maneuverability of the Shen Hu.

As Cornelia and Nunnally arrived that morning in the office, the other Knights of the Round were already there. Gino was downing some coffee, Liana was texting her mother and Reio was doing a Sudoku puzzle. Suzaku, guised as Zero, was sitting quietly.

"Well, if it isn't her highness and her highness," Gino said, leaning back.

"Say their names so we can at least tell them apart," Liana mulled over.

"Hmm, is the Knight of Eleven not yet here?" Cornelia asked, looking around the room.

"No ma'am," Zero answered, "She seems to be running late."

"Maybe her plane was detained," Reio said, looking up from his puzzle while also continuing to complete it. "Or maybe she forgot to set an alarm. She did come all the way here from Japan."

"How did you find that out? That's supposed to be private information, Sakanoue, have you been hacking the servers again?" Cornelia admonished.

"No ma'am!" Reio exclaimed. "I heard it from Empress Tianzi and Master Xingke ma'am!"

"A Japanese huh?" Gino said, "You don't say."

"Well we get start the inauguration ceremony without the person to inaugurate," Nunnally pointed out the obvious as she took her seat. "Um, does anyone have anything to bring to my attention that's of dire importance?"

"Liana, stop texting!" Cornelia exclaimed. Liana quickly put away her phone. "I'm sorry, empress."

"That's okay," Nunnally responded.

Suddenly though footsteps could be heard around the outside of the room as a panting, redheaded Japanese stood in the doorway. "Sorry, I'm late, got stuck in traffic."

"It's all right, Cornelia and I just arrived ourselves," Nunnally stated, "Everyone meet Kozuki Kallen, she's an exchange soldier with the Japanese Defense Force, pilot of the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N and a Masters in Physics with a minor in Bioengineering from one of Japan's top colleges along with being a part of the JDF's on-campus recruitment program."

"It's good to see you," Cornelia smiled to Kallen.

"Good to see you too," Kallen responded with a smile. "I-I mean," she quickly saluted, "Ma'am! Knight of Eleven, reporting for duty!"

"Calm down Kozuki, we're a lot more lenient here than down low," Cornelia told her.

"R-right sorry."

"What, no hello to me? I'm so hurt Kallen," Gino faux whined.

"Hello Gino," Kallen said with as much enthusiasm as the floating potential of a lead balloon.

"Why don't you have a seat next to Sakanoue," Cornelia suggested, "Maybe you can get him out of his puzzles and actually focus on the—Liana!"

"Sorry!" Liana put her phone away again.

"I think your mother can live for thirty minutes without hearing from you," Cornelia responded.

As Kallen remained in that room she felt like she belonged. Yes, this is where she was meant to be, with other people like her. She could still remain on the side of her country and she could still do exactly what she felt she was always meant to do: fight for a cause that she believed in.

"So, any reports on rogue governments?" Kallen asked.

"Nice to see someone with a bit of enthusiasm for the job," Cornelia praised, "Actually, we seem to have reports that Germany has some sort of underground organization that's begun to mobilize, for what purposes we have no idea, but we've been asked by our allies if we could investigate. This is going to be our first job mobilized all together, so don't screw it up."

"And by that you mean don't cause press conferences for Miss Nunnally, right?" Gino asked. Cornelia glared. Gino sunk into his chair a few inches.

"You just need to let us know when to deploy and I'm ready," Kallen told Cornelia.

Cornelia tossed her a communicator. "That'll go off when you need to assemble back here. Arrive like you're ready for battle. You did arrive with your things yes?"

Kallen nodded. "The Guren was supposed to be shipped here overnight. It should be in Britannian storage. I have my carry-on with me. The rest won't be here for another few hours I presume."

"Well alright then, let's continue with the inauguration. All rise." Everyone except Kallen rose from their seats. "Miss Kozuki, by me."

Kallen walked up to Cornelia as she grabbed an ornamental sword, still in its sheath and Nunnally gestured for Kallen to kneel.

"By order of her majesty, Nunnally vi Britannia, one hundredth empress of the holy Britannia Empire, I hereby dub thee, Knight of Eleven!" Cornelia tapped the sword to both of Kallen's shoulders. "From this moment forward you live to serve and protect her majesty and fight for this country. Do you understand the duties before you?"

"I do!"

"Do you swear loyalty to your empress?"

"I swear it!" Kallen exclaimed fiercely.

"Then rise now and know that you are now a Knight of the—" Cornelia's pager began to go off at the worst opportune moment. "Oh perfect." Kallen noticed Zero beginning to rise from his seat.

"What's going on?"

"Problems from the other side and we're being called to action. Kallen, Zero, let's go!"

"Whoa, hey, why does she get to go?" Gino complained.

"Because I said so, got a problem with that, Weinberg?"

"N-no ma'am."

"Good," Cornelia stated as she, Kallen and Suzaku made their way out into the open and to the source of the signal. "It's a nest," Cornelia stated, "Five A-class, one Gillian, Four B-class, three run of the mill. You two ready?"

Kallen and Suzaku nodded as the hollows began to pour through from the other side. "Right then," Cornelia turned her old Gloucester key like she was putting it in ignition. "Nightmare Ender!"

Suzaku grabbed at his broach. "Knight! Of! Honor!"

Already wearing her pilot suit, Kallen simply tensed her body. "Black Queen!"

Two Days Later

Division 10

"Mail for you," Rangiku said, dumping a report on Lelouch's desk and leaving urgently. Lelouch opened it up and saw Kallen, Suzaku and Cornelia fighting hollows together. The report was snapshotted by the 2nd Division. Lelouch simply smiled.

Soul Chess: END

(A/N: What? Oh like I would really kill off Lelouch. And yay Lelouch is finally a daddy, how about that? Also we get Kallen in the Knights of the Round, CC has…unfortunately lost her memory and Kasumi has replaced Stefan as the captain of squad 2. So, yeah that's it for Soul Chess. It's over, done, finished. I really enjoyed writing this fic and I think a lot of you enjoyed reading it. There is a lot I wish I could've done differently with it and for details on that I encourage you to check out my Deviant Art journal for my own personal review of the series. It may not be there right now, but I'll get around to it eventually. Now that this is over and I can finally focus on other things, like other fanfics and my novel Immortal Memories. Anyway, you've all been a great audience. I thank you all. See ya! [oh and do check out the bonus scene below. If the above ending would be everything before the credits then below would be the extra scene after the credits are over. Now if you'll excuse me, I have stuff to do. The has been draconichero and I thank you all).

Bonus Scene

The Royal Dimension

In his domain, the Soul King found himself in the company of an unexpected visitor. He looked to see the warden of hell standing with a frown, her staff held tight. She appeared slightly hostile.

"I don't remember sending for you, Rita."

"You didn't. I'm here of my own volition."

"Do you realize the gravity of what you are doing?"

"I do," Rita held her staff in front of her at an angle with both hands..

"Oh that's cute," The Soul King said and entered his true form. "You actually intend to fight me. Do you want your core form taken away a second time?"

"I won't have it taken away," Rita said and gestured to end of her staff. "I'll have you note that this is not my Zanpakuto.

The Soul King looked yonder to the 'eye' of Rita's staff. She was right. This was a mere replica of her Zanpakuto's sealed form. Embedded in the eye of the staff was the Hogyoku.

"Impossible, that was destroyed when Lamperouge Lelouch used it to revive himself."

"True, but the Hogyoku is a dangerous artifact. I think you know what happens to dangerous artifacts when they are destroyed or otherwise damaged beyond use."

"So you took it for yourself? A bold move, you even did it beneath my notice. How did you even know when I was looking?"

"Simple, I spoke with Marianne."

The Soul King stared at Rita. "You do realize you're both going to face retribution for this."

"You're the one who's going to face retribution. It took my five years to imprison the Hogyoku into this staff and now I will do the right thing."

"And what? Take my place? You don't have the means."

"Who said I was going to take your place?" A bright, gray beam shot out from the Hogyoku towards the Soul King. He was too arrogant to dodge and in the next minute he felt himself in dire pain.

"Gah! What are you doing?"

"There's one person deep within you who is fit to be the ruler of this world. What better god to rule the Soul Society than a goddess?"

In an explosion, the Soul King was separated into two beings, the man himself and Feluca Tetelra Sharaimyn. The Soul King saw this as both Feluca and Rita stood a ways away from him. Feluca was his most powerful avatar. He had created her for combat purposes. However, Feluca was also his conscience, his superego. Without her the truly diabolical form of the Soul King could now be unleashed.

As he stood up he began to laugh, but his voice had changed considerably. It had gone up in pitch and now sounded like the creepiest laugh Rita had ever heard in her life and she'd heard a lot of creepy laughs in her time.

The Soul King reached up for his hood and pulled it down. He had no hair and his face was completely ink black. He had thick red lips and he slowly opened his beady eyes. "So tell me," he said with a slightly deep voice that had the pitch of what someone would sound like if they were trying not to laugh, but this was the Soul King's normal speaking voice, "what exactly do you two maggots think you're going to do to me hmm? I'm god, bitches." Without Feluca in his system the Soul King had gone through a rapid personality change. "So tell me Rita, what exactly did you hope to accomplish by separating me from that cotton candy haired whore? Do you even realize the forces you are tampering with?"

"Of course I do and I'm doing this for the Soul Society. With Aizen trapped in circle nine, I've had time to properly pick his brain and I saw you for what you really are. Feluca is the real ruler. You're just a monster. With her in charge, the Soul Society will be a better place. Order and chaos will still exist, but to make sure that nothing similar to Nyra or Kasumi can happen again, to make absolutely certain that the world won't suffer while it sorts itself out, I hereby dethrone you."

The Soul King let out his creepy laugh again. "Oh that's cute. You think you can overthrow me with that little toy of yours? I think someone forgot the pecking order around here."

"As long as my resolve holds, anything is possible, that's why this staff was created."

The Soul King laughed again. "Oh, Rita, Rita, Rita, you really have dug your own grave this time. You do know that even if you succeed you'll never be recognized for doing this. No one will like you for overthrowing me even in the face of good intentions and when you do inevitably lose I will make sure you're marked as an irredeemable traitor."

"This is between just you and me," Rita glared at the Soul King as she spoke with a contemptuous tone. "The Soul Society doesn't have to know."

The Soul King laughed again. "Oh aren't you a treat, but I think I've heard just about enough out of you." The Soul King's lips turned upwards into a wide smile. "Bye."

Shadows began to rise up from beneath Rita to corrupt her, but were suddenly purged by a blast of radiant light. The Soul King looked at Feluca. "Et tu, Feluca?"

"Rita is right, you need to be put away," Orange rings formed around Feluca's eyes, "I will see tomorrow be brought." With telekinesis, Feluca called for the staff Rita had and held it in front of her. "See you in hell," she spoke calmly.

"Oh come now, Feluca is this really warranted? Just come back to me and I'll forget that you tried to kill me."

The orange rings flashed. "I will see tomorrow be wrought. You are obsolete," Feluca said as the staff she held turned completely gray, "Goodbye."

In a flash of bright light the Hogyoku shone once again and this time it flooded the Soul King's entire black and bleak domain as the horrifying ink-skinned man was eradicated completely as Feluca replaced the black and bleak domain with a sunshiny meadow, full of wildflowers and butterflies and a shining sun. She still had the staff she had taken from Rita as the squirrely Soul Reaper approached her.

"Rita, you have done a good deed, today," she spoke to the warden. "I will not forget what it is you have done for the Soul Society."

Rita dropped to one knee. "It is you who I have always served, your majesty," Rita said to her.

"Yes, I know," Feluca said as she walked with the staff in her hand. "I will keep this staff for myself. My reiatsu is far stronger to keep the Hogyoku completely in check. With it I can become a proper benevolent goddess. Rita, go back to your domain, knowing that this one is properly protected." A bluebird chirped as it flew towards Feluca and landed on her shoulder.

"Yes, your majesty," Rita stated and then vanished from Feluca's domain in a green light.

Feluca waved her staff in front of herself and could now see the portals of many lives across the Soul Society and the worlds that it governed. Lelouch, Ichigo, Cornelia, Kallen, Kasumi, they were all viewable to her, them and approximately 6.2 sextillion other lives across the Soul Society's known universe. "This is now my world to govern," she spoke aloud to herself. "And I will protect it…forevermore."

Bonus Scene: End