The Son of Thunder.

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-Media or transmission—

Chapter 9 part 1: A tale of Fire and Ice


Things were rather intense in the city of tomorrow as gale force winds, cracks of thunder and lightning as well as heavy rain battered it as a passing tropical storm upgraded itself into a hurricane, much to the discomfort of its citizens.

Snapper Carr was on the television reporting the news as the weather grew fierce.

-As feared, tropical storm Gardner has been upgraded to hurricane Gardner, Metropolis residents are warned to take immediate shelter. Roads are open to emergency services only. —

Said services were indeed doing their duty as a fire truck drove quickly through the rain with the sirens going full blast. Both men were calm despite the tense atmosphere outside the vehicle; the silence was soon broken as they received an immediate call from dispatch.

-Ladder unit 79, respond to overturned vehicle on 5th and Briant.—

"It never rains but it pours huh partner?" The driver sighs as he and his partner get ready for another disaster; they just hope it isn't a fatal one.

"You said it."

The truck drove a little faster as they headed for the scene, however fate had other plans as a stop sign was ripped from its post and was sent hurtling towards without them knowing until…


"Shit!" The driver cursed as he ducked down to avoid the glass.

"Ugh!" his passenger let out as he mirrors his partner.

The truck dangerously swerves to the left striking the guard rail and crashing through the opposite one…


…leaving the vehicle and its occupants hanging quite perilously over the edge of what would most likely be a certain death. Both men looked down from several stories above the solid ground below them with a mounting terror in the face of certain death.

"Go out the back! Hurry!" man still at the wheel cried out to his fellow fire fighter, who quickly undid his seat belt, unfortunately this warning came too late as the vehicle began to fall.

Both men felt this was the end until a red and blue blur passed them

The Man of Steel soon came to the rescue as he caught the vehicle's front end, unfortunately for the man who had gotten himself loose, he was forced out by the momentum with which they were stopped and hurled out of the shattered window. Clark caught him but this hindered him as despite his great strength he did not have the leverage or maneuverability to hold the heavy vehicle and the man at the same time.

Thankfully back up promptly arrived…

"Hang on!" the unmistakable voice of Wonder Woman called as she used her magic lasso to tie off the middle section of the truck and help ease down with Superman's aid.

"Man that was close." Spoke with relief the taller of the two men.

"Are you two all right?" Superman kindly asked.

"A little worse for wear but all things considered we're okay thanks to both of you."

The alien hero nodded in satisfaction before looking to his teammate who was also glad things did not that a terrible turn for both of the men. However a hero's work is never done as she soon heard another cry for help only this time around it was a young girl and her situation was anything but pleasent.

"MOMMY!" cried out a little hanging onto a tree branch for dear life. "MOMMY! HELP!"

She cried out once more as the tree was beginning to give way under the force of the winds. Diana sprang into action as it began to topple and the child's screams grew, just as the tree was too make contact with ground and crush the little one Wonder Woman swopped in and caught thus averting a terrible tragedy.

"I got you little sister." The Amazon spoke gently to calm the child.

"You aren't my sister."

The small girl replies as she fails to understand the reference by which she was addressed as well as a need for something to grasp onto to lessen the fear.

Diana ignored this as she knew her ways were often misunderstood by other women, save perhaps Hawkgirl who took it as a sign of camaraderie with the Princess. She soon spotted a blonde haired woman signal her, leading her to believe she was the little girl's mother. That made her happy though it also made her feel something in her heart and she knew already what it was.

"Cassie!" the woman cried out happily as her child was set down and ran to her.

"Mommy!" Cassie reciprocated the feeling as her mother picked her up and held her tight.

"Oh Cassie, how could you run off like that! You nearly scared me to death."

"I'm sorry."

"I don't know what'd do if something was to happen to you, you're my whole world."

"I love you mommy."

"I love you too Cassie…"

She easily replied to her daughter gently before she turned to Diana with a grateful smile before getting inside her home.

Diana was happy the child was safe; though seeing the mother and daughter interact also brought a pang of guilt and sadness in her heart as she lets out a melancholy sigh.

*Mother…sisters…oh how I miss you…*

Were her thoughts as she remembered how she left against her mother's wishes and without telling her sisters. This was something that had been on the back of her mind for a while now while in man's world. Unfortunately this was not the time and place for such thoughts as a traffic lamp began to topple towards her.

Superman however was not as distracted and dashed in before a tragedy occurred…

"UGH!" Wonder Woman cried out as she was pushed aside just as the object crashed.

They landed safely a few feet away and thankfully with no damage to her person. Superman however was concerned about Diana's lapse of focus since this did not happen often since Diana took her warrior training rather seriously. That was why when he recovered; he spoke to the princess of the Amazons.

"You're usually more careful than that."

"I'm sorry I was just…" she looks away as she can't seem to find the words "…I don't know."

Ever concerned for his allies Superman presses on slowly to get her to open up.

"What's wrong? You know that you can tell us if anything troubles you."

"My mother would often call me her little sun and stars and seeing that child reunite with her mother…I can't help but feel a bit homesick I believe the term is. And I won't deny that I miss my sisters considering I left without telling them anything as well."

*I can see how that could shake her up…*

He thought before giving her some advice that may help her out.

"Maybe you should go back and clear things up and catch up with them while you're at it?"

*Hmm, it is a valid idea but…*

"What would I say to them? And then there is the matter of the city I and Thor protect what of my duty to the people there?"

"Try the truth; it would be better than giving an excuse that will be seen through easily if they set their minds to it. As for New York, Thor is returning with John from Oa today so we can discuss that in the meeting after we secure the city."

"Why did he request to go to Oa in the first place?" She asks curiously as before the current situation came about he had requested John to escort him to the Green Lantern home world saying he would explain everything once they got back.

"I'm not too sure myself, but he did say he would explain so we should finish up here before heading up." The Man of Steel spoke as he and his friend prepared to scout for more people in need, though he did place a comforting hand on her shoulder while giving her a reassuring smile "…Diana, it may be presumptuous of me but if your family and people are as kind and compassionate as you then I believe everything will turn out fine between you and them."

Diana was touched and thankful for his words and nodded in agreement, she still felt a bit nervous but she saw truth in what he was saying and pushed it aside for now.

On the Watchtower…

The members of the League minus one Asgardian, Thanagarian and Lantern were currently having a AAR (After Action Report) meeting about the events in Metropolis. Batman felt they would be a better team if they went over the missions they undergo to spot where they could improve or what mistakes to avoid.

Superman agreed with that logic, as did John and Shayera though they did so given their military background. Xander and Wally were not so amused given the paperwork involved but relented as a necessary evil to keep things official while Jonn and Diana just took it as another of the Dark Knight's quirks.

"All in all we did well today, there were no fatalities and little in the way of wounded and only some structural damage to deal with." Superman finished his end of the report.

"Hey so long as the people are that's a win in my book." Flash comments as he felt things could be rebuilt but lives once lost were never regained.

"True though why did you take longer than necessary, for you at least, to get the medical supplies to Metro Hospital?" Batman asks as he went over the Flash's report which was rather well made and precise, something he would not have associated with the man's laidback attitude.

"Oh I forgot to put that in my report, I had to stop by an orphanage when I saw some kids outside of the building, I got them inside but a lot of the children there were scared so I calmed them down before heading out."

"I see, you did the correct thing Flash but let others know first so we can react accordingly." Batman's voice was firm but understanding as well as he got a nod from the crimson speedster.

"Is there anything else to discuss about the mission?" Bruce asks.

"I have something to say but it is more League related." Diana spoke up earning everyone's attention.

"I have decided to return to my homeland so as to deal with personal issues regarding my departure from Themyscira."

"Will you come back?" Flash exclaimed in worry.

"I pray so though I cannot say for how long I would be away, I am hoping to discuss this matter with Thor as well so we can ensure the safety of the city before my trip so as to not leave it unguarded."

As luck would have it their wait for the other founder was over…

-Thor to Watchtower, do you read?—

Most smiled at hearing his voice except for Batman and J'onn who remained stoic given their individual demeanor. Batman activated a nearby console that was linked to the Watchtowers control systems.

"Batman here Thor, how far out are you?"

-…you know it wouldn't kill you to ask how the trip went or a simple say hello Batman, we'll be there in a few minutes, is everyone on board?—

Batman ignored Superman and Flash's chuckles at the comment before he responded; he was use to the deity's odd sense of humor.

"Everyone but Hawkgirl, she's dealing with a drug traffic ring that has recently cropped up, metahuman involvement is suspected so she is currently out of contact for the time being unless she asks for assistance."

-Guess we'll have to inform later then, I'll see you all in the meeting room, Thor out.—

A few minutes later the door opened revealing the last Aesir, he stepped inside to allow his companion entry, though they were all surprised to see it was not John Stewart but rather…

"Kyle?" Clark let out in surprise at seeing one of the other Earth borne lantern's in place of the founding League member.

"Hello Superman, miss and gentlemen." The former cartoonist greeted them as he followed the deity into the room.

*And wasn't that a shock?* He asked himself with a chuckle, he and the other two terran's were quite flatfooted when he explained his origins and the other member of the League confirmed it.

He was still a bit confused while Hal took it in stride and Guy just shelved it as another case of "weird shit on the job" as he so eloquently put it.

"I know some of you have questions so let me explain what is going on." He said diplomatically to the group who waited for him to begin.

"Now as you may recall, before we met with my friends from Sunnydale I met with the ambassador and learned about that order he and Ice belong to. Now that we have nothing to critical in the winds I would like to take the opportunity to speak with them…perhaps learn more about who my people once were."

"I see, that is quite understandable Xander, if you feel that you should pursue it then do so to learn more of your heritage." Superman spoke up while J'onn nodded in support. It made sense given they too were the last of their kind and they too would do the same given their circumstances.

"So how does Kyle factor in?" Flash asks as he looks between the storm God and the Lantern.

"Well before my move to Metropolis I spent most of my life as a New Yorker and I told Alex here about it. So when he and John come to Oa to talk to me it was about requesting me taking care of his city while he was away, John had no problem taking up my spot and I frankly have felt a bit homesick so we talk to the Guardians, they gave the OK and here I am." He ends with a smile as he gazed at the Earth, he did miss his home world so it was a win-win for him.

"Please Kyle call me Xander and thanks again for helping me out." The Aesir kindly spoke as he did appreciate the help.

"No problem, I just hope that if the situation calls for it I can be an asset to your team for however brief the time is I will work with you." He addresses the League as he says this as he felt he shouldn't be dead weight for such a group.

"I cannot speak for all but I for one welcome you Kyle, I am sure you'll be a valued teammate no matter what and perhaps in time we can have you and the other Lanterns become full time members once we expand the roster." Superman spoke with a confident smile directed at the man.

"Yeah man, this gig is pretty sweet, stick around long enough and you'll wonder how you ever got the job done without it." Flash adds with laidback smile as he did enjoy being on the Team despite the occasional bouts of Bat grumpiness or paperwork.

*Man I wish Dick and Roy were here with me, that would be so awesome…maybe I should pitch that to them and the League next time?* the crimson clad hero thought to himself.

Kyle appreciated the sentiment and welcome from the two and nodded in thanks.

"So while I was a way did anything happen I should know about before I take my leave?" Xander asks as he wouldn't like to leave his allies with anything that would require his help.

At that point Wonder Woman explained her decision to leave the League briefly and the reasons behind it though now she wondered if she shouldn't stay behind to help Kyle beforehand.

"It's okay Diana, it wouldn't be fair to do that too you since it is important to you and shouldn't be placed aside." Xander kindly replies as he doesn't want to deny his friend the chance to see family.

"But Xander it wouldn't be right to leave Mr. Rayner without any background information regarding our routes and other hotspots for crime or demonic activity." She added as a reason to delay her trip and not inconvenience Xander or their new ally.

"Not to worry, I got this covered Di, I'll just ask some friends to help him out while we're away and make sure to keep an eye out for anything unusual." The Aesir replied in a laidback manner while earning some confused looks.

"Friends? I wasn't aware there were more heroes in New York." Kyle openly asks as he did not recall hearing about any heroes operating there, Diana also tried to recall seeing anyone else but could not think of seeing them.

"Well some are mostly street types and others are retired so to speak. It was sheer luck I met them but in this line of work coincidences like these are not to be ignored, at least that's what I think I'll give you guys an overview later." He promised as he wanted to get his personal affairs in order before anything else popped up, the others soon agreed and continued with the meeting until its conclusion.

Once done the heroes not on watch departed with the exception of Green Lantern and J'onn Jonzz so he could be brought up to speed on what his duties to the League were as well as familiarize with the Watchtower systems while Xander and Diana stayed to wait for their new, albeit temporary, team mate.

New York City, Ted Grant's Prize Fighter Gym…

After making sure everything was squared away at the Watchtower Xander, Kyle and Diana travelled to the city that never sleeps via the Javelin, once they left it in a secure location Xander led them to a weathered down but still used gym with a black Solstice GXP parked out front as well as ZX1 Kawasaki Ninja.

*Oh good, she's here as well.* The Aesir thinks as he sees the bike and knows who owns it.

"Why are we here exactly?" Kyle curiously asked while Diana shared the same look but chose to wait for an explanation.

"This is where I introduce you to the people who are also share our love for skin tight spandex and getting into trouble for no reason." The Thunder God quipped as he led the two inside.

"Yo Ted! You in here old timer!" He yelled out, though there was no malice in his tone as he called out for the proprietor of the gym.

"Damn it boy I told you a hundred times not to call me that! Do I need to knock you flat on your ass again!?" A gruff voice yelled back from further in the building, the Lantern and Amazon look at one another in surprise but Xander merely chuckled.

"One time Ted, one time you managed that."

"That's all it takes son, and in this life one time means all or nothing." The source of the voice replies as a man steps into view.

Both heroes take a look at the man before them, first off he is dress in a form fitting black suit with a headdress with a cat motif that leaves his jaw uncovered while his hands and forearms are wrapped up un bandages much in the way a boxer does.

Kyle's impression of the man was his imposing figure and physique; the man was very well built and looks like he could take you head off in one clean hit from either of his fists. For Diana she saw a veteran warrior given his stance and tenseness in his muscles and from the looks of thing the way he was assessing them.

She may not be able to see his eyes but having trained under her Mother and fellow Amazons in the ways of combat had left her with the distinct knowledge of when she was being measured and this man before them was taking doing just that.

Just as she came to this conclusion the man, Ted she recalled, turned to look at Xander though not before he nodded in their direction perhaps finding what he needed.

"So… I see you finally decided grace me with the presence of your girlfriend eh?" The former heavy weight champ spoke out with a smirk on his features as the Thunder God sputters at the comment.

*Show him for calling me old.* he thinks in good fun as he did like the man, for all that godly power in him and still he came to him when he could to learn how to properly fight from, in Xander's own words, a master in combat so yes he respects that level of honesty and commitment.

"Laugh it up Ted, laugh it up." Xander finally said before putting on a smile and approaching the man with his hand out "…still good to see you Wildcat."

Wildcat met him halfway with a smile of his own.

"Same here kid, now you wanna tell me why you decided to bring in your partner in crime? And why is there a different GL here? The other guy didn't…?" He let the question hang in the air along with a small worry.

"Hmm? Oh no! No, no, no he's still alive and kicking. We just made arrangements with his bosses to let Mr. Rayner here to take over since he is a New York native."

At this point Kyle stepped forward and held out his hand towards the man.

"Kyle Rayner, one of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814."

"Ted Grant, though in uniform I go by Wildcat." The now identified Mr. Grant replies with a greeting of his own as well as a firm handshake before letting go and turning towards the Amazon Princess.

"Greetings, I am Diana of Themyscira." Wonder Woman speaks in a firm but respectful tone as she bows lightly with a fist over her heart.

"Pleasure to make you acquaintance ma'am." Ted replies with a nod towards her.

"Pardon my asking but I wasn't aware there were more crime fighters in the city since my last visit and forgive me for saying this but I haven't heard of you before." Kyle spoke as he and the others moved further into the gym where the sounds of fighting were heard.

"There's a reason for that but I rather not get into it if you don't mind." There was an air of bitterness when he replied so the Green Lantern nor Amazon Princess chose not to press him for answers. Xander knew of course having gotten to known the man and his allies but didn't say anything.

*Fucking government assholes.* He thinks as he recalls the reason for Ted's "retirement".

"But I will say I was pretty active a while back, though I and others didn't have to deal with alien invasions mind you but I have seen my fair share of weird stuff in my life…still wouldn't change it for anything." Wildcat's fond filled smile spoke volumes of how much he enjoyed the life of a costumed hero.

Once they arrived at the ring his guests saw that it was currently being in use.

In the center was a blond woman wearing a black leather jacket, something akin to a black one piece bathing suit, ankle length boots, fishnet stockings and fingerless gloves.

To the woman's left was a tanned Asian man wearing a white muscle shirt that showed of his green dragon tattoos and black cargo pants…there were also hints of burn tissue on his shoulders.

And to her left was for all intents and purposes a black furred cat man. Honestly it was like seeing the results of crossing a panther with a human given the golden yellow eyes and fierce claws.

Outside the ring was a young blonde woman dressed in patriotic fashion with a staff in her hand and next to her was a long haired red head around the same age wearing a green dress with a picture of a tornado on the front and red/white stripped thigh high stockings. From the looks of things both were studying the fight intensely as well as being thrilled by it.

Back in the ring the Asian man attacked first by throwing a left right left punch combo followed by a back spin kick with his right leg. The woman weaved around the punches before dropping under the kick to sweep the man off his single leg and then delivering a heel kick to his stomach.


The cat man not one to be idle launched himself at her while she on the ground but she appeared to have read his intentions as she got up quicker than he anticipated and let him pass her before grabbing his tail to throw him into the ropes while he was midair.

"Crap!" The creature cursed as he slammed back into the mat.

"Nice try kid, but you need to be quicker than that still it was good initiative, wait for your partner to soften me up or keep my focus on them and then wait for an opening." She both lectures and praises as she helps him up before turning towards the other man who was also up.

"As for you Rush, it is good to see you work in combos but try to either wait on the kick if your opponents dazed or jump as you execute to avoid what I did there." The blonde speaks as she takes the same approach to the man identified as Rush.

"Yeah I'll have to remember that, thanks Canary." Rush says as he takes what his instructor says to heart as always before looking at the new arrivals. They all soon followed his gaze and found them on the founder of the gym and his three guests, the silence however was broken.


"Oh my God!" the redhead cried out repeatedly at speeds Willow would envy as she looked at the trio, she had met Thor previously and had the same reaction much to her embarrassment, but not any of the other members of the League.

Now before her were two members, though the Green Lantern wasn't the same, but more importantly was the Wonder Woman was here!

"I am a big fan of you Wonder Woman!" the young woman gushed at the sight of the second woman she admired the most; Abigail "Ma" Hunkle had to take priority since family was family after all.

Courtney Whitmore AKA Stargirl was more sedate in her hero worship of the Amazon, but no less awed by her presence as she took in the sight of the second woman to help found the League.

To many women she was an inspiration to them at what a woman could accomplish, at least that was what Courtney saw and heard occasionally back at her home town. She too admired her just as she admired the man who once wielded the cosmic rod before her.

"Max calm down or you'll weird her out." Courtney chided, she honestly did like the girl but sometimes she could get a bit out of control.

"Oh right! Uh sorry about that it's just well your actually here!" The redhead had to stop herself from going into fan mode.

"It is quite all right, it is a pleasure to meet you sister, and I am Diana of Themyscira home of the Amazons." She held out her hand to the young woman who used both her hands.

"I'm Maxine Hunkle but you can call me Cyclone." The now identified Maxine happily said while she let go for her friend to present herself.

"Hi I'm Courtney Whitmore or Stargirl while in uniform; it is really cool seeing you in person." Whitney spoke with truth as they shook hands.

"The pleasure is mine; it is good to see such young women as yourselves doing what they can to protect the world."

"Yeah but you guys are so much better at it, I mean you have that cool space station, awesome jets, you work with Superman and Batman and have those wicked powers…" Maxine would have gone onwards before a finger stopped her, she found herself looking at the smirking visage of Xander.

"Max all those things are useful tools and abilities but it is the team and the individuals that make it that are important. I and the others work as a unit to protect the world, the station is just a club house and the jets are for getting from A to B. As for powers, Batman doesn't have any and frankly I think he is the scariest SOB I have ever met…but uh don't tell him that though." He says as he makes a show of looking around as if expecting the man to show and earning a giggle and smile from the two ladies.

At that point the other three occupants in the ring chose to greet the trio.

"Hey Thor, been a while." The Asian man greeted as he wrapped a towel around his neck and wiped his face clean.

"Yeah man, we haven't seen you on patrol in a while." The ebony haired catman added.

"Rush, Wildcat good to see you staying in form…" He says while ignoring the humanoid cat saying his name was not Wildcat and looking towards the other blonde "…still kicking ass and taking names BC?"

"Well it does come with the job description Alex." She replies with a smirk before smiling and pulling him into a hug. "It is good to see you though, how are the girls?"

Diana and to a lesser extent Kyle wondered what the relationship between the two was as the two catched up. Ted was really the only one who saw it but to him Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary would be the closest thing to an older sibling to a man like Xander. Having met during one of her visits to her mentor's gym the two trained whenever she was in town and struck a quick friendship that soon became familiar.

"Oh still living, learning, slaying you know how it is. I've been meaning to ask if I can have you and Ted meet them and perhaps give some pointers like you did for me."

"For you anytime Xander, besides I need to get out of Bludhaven more, see the sights besides dreary drug dens and wannabe crime bosses." And she did mean it.

It always struck her odd how quickly they became friends, perhaps siblings even given how easily they each strive to help the other. She felt it was because he gave Ted, the closest thing to a father she ever had new purpose in his life by training him and other street heroes as well as the younger generation who wanted to follow in their footsteps.

She saw the other looking and discreetly motioned him to introduce the remaining group.

"Oh sorry guys, got caught up there, starting from my left we have Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary, on my right is Tom Bronson AKA…" and he sighed at saying the name.



"Really? That's it?" Kyle couldn't help himself as he tried to hold in a laugh.

"Hey! It's a good name!" The cat man defended, given the looks he was getting the others did not agree "…oh you can all kiss my furry ass!" He snapped before getting slapped upside the head by Ted.

"Language kid! There are ladies present." The older man pointed out at the younger one who just glared while rubbing the spot struck.

*Damn that smarts!*

"Moving on! Next to grumpy cat is Diego Zhao AKA Rush and owner of that sweet ride outside."

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance." The Asian/Hispanic man replied with an easy going smile.

"Pleasure is ours, I'm Kyle Rayner one of the four Earth based lanterns and for the moment taking over for colleague in guarding this sector."

"Yeah, Kyle here will be watching the city for Diana and I since we both have personal issues we need to handle. I brought him here so he can meet up with some of the other street heroes and show him the ropes on the patrols and the more human friendly demons." Xander added.

"Ah, say no more kid I got ya." Wildcat spoke with a look of understanding before turning towards Kyle "We'll get you up to speed in no time Mr. Rayner, in fact we can begin now since I wanted to get the kids here more immersed."

The girls looked excited while Diego and Tom grumbled about being kids but were no less interested in learning more of the supernatural.

"Will you be joining them as well Ms. Lance?" It was Diana who voiced the question to the older blonde.

"Just for a bit before heading back to Bludhaven, I do love to visit Xander and Ted but I can't leave my city unattended or let Nightwing handle all the load of keeping the scum on their toes."

"Please, if he's anything like the bat he is up for the challenge and the whole lone wolf mystique." The resident Aesir quipped as he felt the former Robin and the Bat were two peas in a pod as far as the "mission" went.

Dinah simply rolled her eyes and slapped him playfully.

Once they were squared away Kyle was left in the hands of Ted while Xander and Diana left to pack and finally wishing each other a safe trip…sadly they did not know just how eventful they would become as well as the ramifications.

Somewhere over the Atlantic…

Javelin 7 flew calmly through the clear skies at night while its sole passenger thinking of what to say to her mother and sisters about her time in man's world.

"Hera give me strength." She didn't want to give credence to many of the less than kind opinions the Amazons had but she could not lie either, she chose to table those thoughts for later as she soon spotted her homeland on the horizon and was glad for that at least.

"Home at last." She spoke with a deep sense of calm, unfortunately upon closer inspection that calm was soon shattered "…what!?"

Fires raged unchecked, buildings lay broken and ships were shattered against the rocks. As she landed and surveyed the damaged area her feelings were a mixture of fear, anger and worry for her people.

*What has happened!? Where are my sisters!?*

She soon spotted some silhouettes in the distance…

"Sisters!" she cried as she ran towards them crying out there names "…Phillipus! Antiope!"

But what she found as she entered the city center chilled her to the core, for her friends were nothing more than lifeless stone.

Stepping further in she saw more of her fellow Amazon's in the same state.

"By the Goddess…"

Worry soon grew into fear as she saw the temple where her mother oversaw the day to day affairs.


Swiftly she flew through the battered building, seeing the petrified forms of her mother's bodyguards chilled her…

"MOTHER!" She cried out in alarm as she flew further in, not noticing she was not alone as a figure watched her go. She soon reached the great wall where they worshipped Athena; there she saw the stone form of her mother.

*By Goddess no! NO!*

"Mother no!" she cried out as her hands grasped the cold lifeless visage of her mother "…forgive me, I should have been here to protect you, I should have…"

Tears flowed freely as she kneeLT before the form of her mother.

*This is my entire fault! If hadn't…*

However any further thoughts of recrimination were cut off as she spied a robed figure approaching her from behind through a nearby shield, the same shield she quickly grasped and hurled at her mysterious visitor.

"Agh!" the man cried out as he slammed against a fallen column.

"Who are you!?"

"Luminous Daktorb." Was all he said as he fired of a ball of violet energy at her.

The Amazon princess blocked to the best of her ability with her bracers, though she was being pushed back by the bolts of magical energy. She used the momentum to back flip away and keep moving to get some breathing room from her nameless foe who kept the pressure on her, she however made sure not to be anywhere near her sisters or her mother for fear of accidentally destroying them in such vulnerable states.

She proceeded to leapt to a column on her right that still stood near the alter and jumped off it, landing near another broken column and used her great strength to hurl it at the magic user who wisely ducked under the massive missile…however Diana was hardly idle as she rushed him and delivered a powerful right hook to his face.


And that blow made him hit the very same column he had evaded that only added to his pain. Wonder Woman wasted no time and grabbed the man by his robes to get some answers.

"How dare you defile this sacred ground cretin!" the furious woman yelled as she prepared to mesh out more punishment at this intruder. Unfortunately her plans were cut short as the man spoke.

"Wait! Harm me and the others remain as they are…"

He spoke quickly though his next words were voiced in a smug and careless tone as he knew that this would stop the irate Amazon cold in her tracks.

"…Cold, hard, lifeless stone."

*Impudent man…* she mentally growled as anger at his words surged through, she reminded him of his precarious position by shoving him roughly against his pillar. The man groaned but still smirked which angered her a great deal.

"Who are you!? Talk!"

She demanded as worry and anger flowed through her.

"My name is Faust, Felix Faust; I am a humble student of the mystic arts." The man now known as Faust stated proudly. Though quite frankly to Diana ear's all she heard was anything but humility. The man spoke as if he could tame the world of the supernatural and mystical forces, Diana knew better having been among them for much longer. And one thing she did know was that magical forces can be fickle, allies one second, backstabbers the next if one was not careful.

*Loudmouth braggart, I will see him suffer for this atrocity.*

"Why did you attack my sisters and family!?"

She asks through narrowed eyes as if she was thinking of doing something unpleasant to him should his answer not satisfy her. Yet that was reigned in as she knew that if he was a magic user, he would be able to carry out a response. It was not the least bit easy though as her temper was high, very high.

"They left me no choice, they attacked and I had to defend myself."

He replied innocently enough and with no sign of remorse. Diana was not the least bit pleased with this and stood up with him still in her grasp before dangling him before her. Her fists were eager to rearrange his face, but right now she needed answers.

"By turning them to stone!?"

"I came here in pursuit of ultimate knowledge, to gain this I must find the fragments of an ancient sacred relic the first piece was here on this island."

Diana's eyes narrowed at this but decided to get whatever information she could now.

"Go on."

"I'll make you deal; I'll restore your sisters and your mother if you help me get the other fragments."

*Though it's not like you have much choice in the matter do you?* He thought to himself with untold certainty.

"Why should I believe you?" As his actions clearly left him in a poor bargaining position as she had no doubt that he would rather prefer to keep her people in stone to prevent them from attacking.

To answer her question Faust summoned a strange medallion with the visage of the gorgon on it.

"I believe a small act of good faith is in order to prove my words are not false in this matter…" he spoke as he aimed the medallion towards the Queen "…Revis Vitae."

As he spoke the incantation the eyes of the gorgon glow with an eerie yellow light while the stone serpents hissed and writhed.

The Queen's petrified form soon glowed as well and as if made of water the lights moved downwards, restoring her form as she did.


The process that freed her from the imprisonment of stone had left her somewhat disoriented and made her drop the sword she carried. The moment she fell to her knees Diana released the warlock and rushed to her side.



Hippolyta's voice tired from disuse spoke with relief and love as she gazed into her eldest daughter's eyes

"…praise Athena for hearing my prayers and sending you towards home."

"Mother I…I am so sorry for not being here."

"Touching my dears but I believe we have business to discuss don't we Princess?"

That did not sit well with Hippolyta as she recognized the man who had attacked their home.

"You! I shall have your head!"

Hippolyta cried out as she went after the man who had attacked her people.

"Petroba Kisstes!" Faust quickly intones as he holds up the medallion and once more curses the monarch.


"Mother! No!"

Diana cries out as she cannot help but watch as her mother falls while enveloped in the same yellow glow as before and turned to stone once more. She turned at Faust and her rage was further grown, now fully aware of just how Faust had done this travesty on her people.

"Monster! Give me that!"

Faust naturally sends the mystical object away as insurance.

"Do we have a deal…your highness?" He openly mocks as he taunts her.

Diana grabs his robes and prepares to cave his skull in but one look at her petrified mother stays her hand.

"What kind of man are you?" she asks with great disdain as she releases him in acknowledgement of the deal. She knew of the men she dealt with in Man's world who were similar to this cretin and now wanted answers.

"A practical one my dear…" he spoke as he conjured an hourglass lets the sand filled end on top to commence the countdown

"…you have 24 hours to bring me the rest of the fragments; otherwise your mother and the rest of your people will remain this way forever."

"And how do I find your accursed relics Faust?"

"The mystical gems are attuned to the vibrations of each fragment; they will lead you to them."

He replied as he handed the three gemstones to her.

Diana took them before stepping towards him to deliver a very clear ultimatum.

"Know this Faust, go back on your word and there will be no amount of magic in the universe that will stop me and nowhere you can hide that I will not find you."

*How quaint.* he thought to himself in amusement and not an ounce of concern.

"I'd hurry if I were you, the clock is ticking." He openly mocked once more, savoring this moment of power he had over the Amazon princess. Faust was no fool as he knew that only the threat of her family being rendered utterly into stone prevented Diana from killing him. That did not mean that he was not going to enjoy it of course, he had his little vices after all, or power trips according to his enemies.

Soon after Faust watched as the Javelin flew away with his unwilling retriever, stepping back inside the temple he chose to speak to his benefactor. Creating a mystical circle and energizing it with ethereal flames the link was soon established.

-FAUST! Why do still linger on that isle!?—A booming and powerful voice broke through the flaming circle.

"A change in plans my lord."


"The relics are guarded by powerful forces…" he spoke as calmly as he could as he knew full well his employer's temper was fragile and his wrath swift

"…why should I risk my neck when I can have someone else do it for me?"

-If you fail me Faust, your neck will be least of you concerns.—

Faust resisted the urge to swallow in fear as he held his neck.

"The prize will soon be ours, with the help of the Amazon Queen's own eldest daughter no less."

-Daughter? Ah yes… her. — A dark chuckle that soon became a sinister laughter that sent chills down Faust's spine.

*Get a hold of yourself, everything is going according to plan and soon…soon knowledge the likes of which you can only dream off will be yours.* The sorcerers mind whispered while a satisfied smile overcame his fears.

Unfortunately Themyscira would not be the only one to suffer.

In mountain regions Norway...

Nestled peacefully between the Sørfjorden and Eidfjorden and north of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau was a valley of lush green and fertile trees. But if one were to look hard they would notice something odd in the way the local animals seem to avoid a certain area.

The reason being quite simple or at least it would be simple to one if they were magically inclined, as an invisible wall encompassed the area. Behind it was a fairly sized village filled with houses both large and small made of earth and stone where the people went about their daily lives.

Like many of the local villages in the country it was fairly sized and had an interesting mix of the old and new technological wise at least. There was a mixture of people here that showed several ethnic backgrounds but one thing this quaint hamlet had that the others did not was that several men and women with snow white hair were manipulating and controlling snow and ice.

This was the home of one Tora Olafdotter or Ice in the hero community, where she trained in her powers before leaving for the outside world to learn more about it.

She was currently with the Norwegian ambassador helping him prepare for the arrival of the last Aesir. Needless to say the community was a buzz of activity as they prepared for his arrival; finally after their long wait they would finally meet the last survivor of their god's pantheon.

Among the bustling people was a large and muscular brown haired man dressed in slacks and shirt one would have seem in the olden days and carrying a large axe on his back. Heading calmly and purposely towards one particular building that looked very much like a Christian Church though this particular temple was devoted to a different faith.

"Abegail? Are you here?" He asks as he sets down his tool near the entrance.

Turning towards him was a woman with snow white haired that reached mid back and who bared an uncanny resemblance to Tora. Upon seeing the man she gave a smile that set his heart racing.

*By the Gods do I so love that smile.* He can't help but think as she reaches her and takes her into his arms.

"Jorgen my love, what brings you here?"

"Just wanted to see how you were given how much work is being done for our Lord's arrival." Her husband kindly asks.

"Well I will not lie and say I am not nervous, as head priestess I must make sure all is ready for his arrival though…" at her pause he saw a look of uncertainty pass her features.

"What is it Abegail?"

"Well Tora has mentioned how unconventional he is compared to the old ways, I worry we might offend him or make him feel overwhelmed."

"Oh my sweet, worry not for both Tora and Olaf have spoken of how understanding he is as well as patient and kind despite his godly fact I am quite interested in meeting him given how she speaks of him." Her husband says to her with love and amusement, she can't help but let his words sooth her as always.

"Oh, is my little snowflake smitten perhaps?" His wife smirked mischievously.

"Ha! Perhaps my dear wife perhaps I would indeed do so. Still I will have to meet him before I decided to encourage such feelings, God or no God I am still her father and she is my only daughter."

"Only you would dare challenge a god for the right to court your daughter with only a crush to go on." Abegail spoke with equal parts mirth and fondness at her husband's words.

"If my memory is right, it was that particular aspect of me that made you fall for me and convinced your father to allow me to court and marry you my dear wife." He smirks at her getting a playful slap before being held by her. It was moments like this that made life worth living in his point of view.

Sadly this kind and peaceful moments would be soon shattered…

"My, my, what a quaint peaceful little town…" a cold female voice spoke "…such a shame it must go through some rather troublesome times eh Svalsvard?"

The voice asked the being, for calling it a man would be quite wrong given the fact that he was 14 feet tall, ice blue skin and crimson eyes. He was in fact a Jotun or frost giant from the realm of Jotunheim.

"Indeed my Queen." He responded to the woman next to him in a deep voice, a woman with deep raven hair in a yellow and green armor and a horned helmet, this was Sylene, ruler of the frost giants.

"It is their own fault of course, they just have to worship the ground my dear cousin walks on…disgusting little apes." She sneered as she looks at the people below before turning around to face the raiding party of 50 blue skinned giants, all carrying an assortment of weapons.

"Remember my Jotun, I want the old and young relatively unharmed, if you can also capture their warriors and mages though if they put up a fight well I leave it to your judgment what happens next." She smirked at the growls and predatory smiles they wore.

"For our Queen Sylene!" Svalsvard cried out as he led the charge to the roaring hoard. Soon screams reached her position.

*Ah what a beautiful melody!*

On board the Javelin…

Diana was in a clear state of worry as she constantly split her attention from the controls to the crystals which would lead her to the accursed relics, occasionally her thoughts would to the man who had laid siege to her homeland. She was at war on how to deal with him, going back to bash him to submission was a viable and very tempting option, but at the risk of losing any hope of freeing her sisters and mother.

But it was tempered in the knowledge of what she would need to beat someone clearly gifted in the dark mystic arts like this.

*What must I do? I know nothing of this Faust or his need for these relics yet I blindly trust him to keep his word?*

It was then that she recalled one of the teachings her mother and he trainer Artemis had told her about once during her time learning the ways of the warrior.

"If you know your enemies faults and strengths as well as your own, you will find victory at every turn. But should you know neither, then you must acquire the knowledge that shall be the key to either victory or defeat."

*If I recall correctly, Faust is a great sorcerer to be able to lay siege to Themyscira alone, but what else is there to him? There is only one way to know…but dare I risk it?*

She thinks as she went over the pros and cons of her next course of action. All she knew was that the fate of her family and home lay with her next decision and those to follow.

"Batman its Diana…" she says will trying to portray a calm tone as she knew the man would be suspicious enough with what she was about to request.

-Batman here.—

"I need you to do a background check on a man named Faust, Felix Faust he is a sorcerer."

-Care to tell me what's going on? —

*This is what I am afraid of…* any further thought was taken away as one of the gems began to glow intermittently "…I'm sorry but I can't right now, I must go but I will speak to you as soon as I can." She finished quickly as she headed in the direction she needed to go to.


In the Bat cave…

*Something is wrong…* the Dark Knight thought to himself as he pressed some commands into the computer. He wasn't recognized as the world's greatest detective by ignoring the subtle hints people gave off unconsciously when trying to hide something from him. And right now Diana was releasing a good deal of hints to tell him that something was off with her. And it had something to with this Felix Faust she asked about.

"Computer, track coordinates on Javelin 7."

A map soon showed the location of the League's primary mode of transportation as it flew over a series of islands.

Batman's eyes narrowed as he tried to decipher his teammate's odd request and her need for secrecy.

*Better bring the others in on this, I get the feeling we are about to get involved in something serious.*

"Batman to Watchtower."

-Green Lantern here Batman, how may I be of help? — The Green Lantern asks ready to help.

"Where are the others right now?"

-Superman is currently in Metropolis, Hawkgirl is still on her personal assignment, Flash is in the cafeteria replenishing himself, J'onn J'onzz is currently meditating and Thor is currently flying over the Atlantic on route to Europe.—

Batman thought over the next course of action to take, time could very well of the essence.

"Very well, contact all and notify them that there may be something going on with Wonder Woman. Also Track Javelin 7 and as soon as it lands send the coordinates to Superman, tell him she may be involved in something that could require the League to get involved."

-Understood Batman, anything else I can help with?

"Nothing for the moment but be ready for anything."

-Understood, Green Lantern out

As soon as that was done he began a search on Felix Faust, what he found made him worried.

*Better verify this with someone more into the supernatural.*

"Computer, call Rupert Giles, activate scramblers, trackers and recorders." He ordered as he prepared to summarize the situation for the man.

Normally he would go to his old friend Zatanna but she was unavailable at the moment.

-Giles residence, Jenny speaking.—

"Mrs. Giles, its Batman."

-Oh, oh my I never expect to hear from you of all people, has something happened? — Clearly she was quite surprised to hear from him of all people, who wouldn't.

"Nothing yet I hope but I require the expertise of your husband, is he available?"

-Yes of course, one moment please.—

After a few moments Giles voice came over the line.


"Mr. Giles we are in need of your expertise, a matter has come up that could potentially become volatile, however given the nature of it I feel your knowledge in the supernatural is needed before any action can be taken." The Dark Knight did not sugarcoat it when it came to the safety of the world.

-Of course, I am at your service Batman, what do you need?—

"Have you ever heard of a man named Felix Faust?"


-How did you come by that name!?—A very disturbed Giles responds causing the caped crusader to stiffen.

*No man has a reaction like that unless the subject was disturbing to them.*

"By your reaction I can assume you know him or his reputation at least."

-Indeed, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is an ill gotten one…you don't earn a kill on sight order from the Watchers Council just by being a small time practitioner of the dark arts I can tell you that much Batman.—

"…tell me everything, leave nothing out."

With Xander…

The last of the Asgard was feeling quite torn at the moment, on the one hand he had received Kyle's message about something going on with Diana but on the other he was here riding along in a an SUV with several of his girls towards the village that may hold more answers of who his people were.

For those confused about that last remark let us look back before the trip to Tora's place of birth.


"You want us to go to Norway with you?" Buffy asked incredulously.

They were currently in Angel's base of operations as he wanted to discuss this both groups.

"Yeah Buff, I mean I got this chance to find out more about the family I never knew and I figure why not bring the family I currently have?" this statement was immediately followed by a certain redhead Wiccan tearing up and giving him a hug.

*Hmm, Willow Hug.* He thinks fondly as he holds her while the others, minus Gunn and Angel, smiled at the thought.

"Oh! Can I come too Xander?" Dawn asks excitedly.

"Only if your sister agrees Dawn."

That statement was followed by the younger Summers girl giving the elder a puppy dog look that had her struggling a good 5 minutes before agreeing to come and keep her sister safe…she still got occasionally kidnapped much to their chagrin.

"Anyone else on board?"

"If it would not be an inconvenience I would like to come as well Alexander, this is a rare opportunity to brush up on my Nordic lore and mysticism." Diana politely asks the deity, she may be a Watcher but she was also a scholar and this was an opportunity she couldn't miss.

"I see no reason why not."

"If Di's going I'll go, someone needs to watch her back." Faith quipped though everyone who knew her was aware of how protective she was of her mother figure.

"Free trip to Europe? I'll bite; maybe we can swing by Paris or Italy to get some real brand names." Cordelia added with excitement.

Xander rolled his eyes but inwardly just loved how her face lit up.

"Sorry Xander, me and Tara wanted to spend some time together." His best friend smile apologetically as she spoke, not that she needed to after all, he would never dream of getting in the way of the two's happiness.

"Rupert and I will sadly have to decline as well; we have an outing plan for Rose." Jenny also spoke with Giles nodding in agreement with his wife while their daughter rested in his arms.

"We got a stake out planned with my boys for something those damn lawyers from Hell got cooking man…beside I spent a winter in Chicago once, me and cold? Never again man." Gunn spoke for the remaining members of Angel's group; he could respect that level of commitment.

"No problem guys, I'll make sure we bring you back some stuff, though I may hold off on magic and history books for you Giles. The misses wasn't too happy with me after I brought both an authentic history book on the true origins of Atlantis as well as Codex to translate it."

Seeing the looks directed at her Jenny felt she needed to explain herself.

"You try dealing with this man when he is in scholar mode and see if you don't get testy."

"I share your pain Lady J." Faith adds while giving her Watcher an amused smirk as she flushed in embarrassment.

"I'm not that bad." She muttered.

"But it was the true history of Atlantis love!"

Jenny just gave him the look that immediately cowed him.

"So that's how it looks when mom did that to dad." Buffy comments while Dawn nodded.

Xander just couldn't resist and made a whipping motion and crack sound.

Naturally Giles gave him a glare worthy of his time as Ripper…which sadly lost its effect when Willow, Tara and Faith giggled and laughed and the tried to keep their mirth under control…keyword being "tried".

End flashback…

"You ok Xander?" Buffy asks her friend after seeing him so quiet.

"Yeah Buff, just thinking is all."

"Is it about this situation with Diana?" Cordelia asks as she figures it's the only thing he would think of.

"Little bit, I just hope she's ok." He replies, seeing no point beating around the bush.

"If you need to leave to help her feel free to do so Lo… I mean Alexander; my people have waited quite some time to meet you so I believe they can wait a while longer given the circumstances." Tora speaks in understanding as having met the woman and coming to quickly respect her, so the ice wielder can honestly say she hopes she is not in danger.

"Thanks Tora, but I'll wait and see on Batman's news before doing anything." He says while given a thankful smile towards the woman.

"Hey don't sweat it X, I mean she's Wonder Woman, the toughest woman on the planet." Faith adds from her seat.

"Tougher than even you Faith?" The playful tone they know him for present relieves them of the worry.

"Well I wouldn't go that far." The third Slayer in the line smirks while Buffy rolls her eyes before turning towards Tora.

"So Miss Olafdotter, is your friend Fire coming as well?"

"Please Miss Summers call me Tora, anyone who has the trust of Alexander has me and my peoples as well."

"Sure, you can call me Buffy as well."

"And in answer to your question sadly no, she decided to not come and take some personal time to rest between missions."

"Shame, I wanted to ask if she could help a girl out with dreams of entering the fashion world." The former Queen of Sunnydale High said as she did indeed hope to meet the former model turned hero.

"I can have her speak with you at a later date if you like Ms. Chase."

"Really!? Oh thank you so much." The young woman beams with a smile at the white haired woman who blushes at the praise.

Xander simply takes it in stride with a chuckle forgetting his worries for a moment and be thankful to them. He turned towards the driver who was arranged for their group.

"So how far we out Mr…?"

"I am Johan Revajik and we are quite close my lord." The man politely replied missing the slight wince of the Aesir, he wasn't quite comfortable with the manner he was being addressed but given the circumstances he would have to make do for the moment.

Cordelia saw this and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder to draw his attention, turning to look at her he saw the woman give him a reassuring smile. One he mirrored and thanked her for in silence.

Tora made a note to speak with her mother in regards to how to address Xander as soon as they arrived.

"So Tora, how is it no one has found your home?" Dawn asks in open curiosity.

"My people placed a field around it that hides it from prying eyes; the only way to see it is if you are actually there hence why when people from the outside are to be brought it they must be given permission by both the head of the village and head priest or priestess at the time."

"That would be your parents in this case correct?" Xander voiced as he recalled from one of their talks she spoke of herself.

"Yes Alexander, though it is not to be confused in the way that my family has always led, the selection process is always the same for both. When they reach an age they feel their duties prove too much, candidates are selected from among the people and put through rigorous tests to ensure a proper leader is selected."

"Cool I guess, that means you don't have to worry about getting someone incapable or convenient." The youngest Summers daughter spoke up as she found it to be a fair system.

"We are almost there my Lord." Their driven spoke up.

"I feel weird." The brunette Slayer spoke as she felt something akin to static electricity around her, looking towards Buffy she could tell she also felt it.

"It is the warding field that surrounds the area, do not worry it is perfectly safe." Ice comments reassuringly.

*It will be good to see Mother and Father again after being away for so long.* the heroine thought happily as they passed the field…that happiness soon gave way to horror.


"Oh my God!" Cordelia cried out in shock as she saw the scene before her.

Many buildings were broken down or engulfed in flames, men and women were trying to put a stop to them or were ferrying wounded…or dead.

"W-what has happened?!" Tora cries out as she practically tears the door off to get out.

The others follow suit as they look at the damage and the people.

"What could have done this?" Xander asks no one in particular, Buffy and Faith standing beside him just as grim faced as he. Their attention is soon drawn towards Ice as she cries out; they turn towards her as she looks at a building near the edge of the forest, a temple to be precise.

"No, no, no! MOTHER!" She cries desperately as she runs towards the battered building and the small group of people huddled there.

When they arrive they see her kneeling besides a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Tora. She was bleading from a cut from her head and her right arm was broken, she showed signs of bruising.

"Mother! Mother it's me Tora! Speak to me please!" She begged hoping she could hear her.

Weakly Abegail's eyes fluttered open as she heard her daughter.


"Yes mother it's me, I'm right here, let me get you a healer." As she was moving to leave to fetch a doctor her mother surprised her by clutching her arm with her own battered but still functional arm.

"Y-your f-father, they…they took your father a-and others as well."

"Father!? Who took him mother!? Who did this to you!?" Ice was losing her composure rapidly with this new bit of ill news.

"It…it was the…the J-Jotuns…they have returned Tora…they…ugh!" Finally the strain prove too much and the wounded priestess blackout.

"Mother? Mother?!"

"She's alive she just blacked out." Buffy reassured the distraught woman who held her mother in her arms, tears fell down from her cheeks as she looked at Alexander.

He in turn felt rage at the sight of this and all the suffering around him, his next words were decisive and cold.

"Someone will die for this."

At the Museum of Natural History…

The Javelin soon landed quietly on the roof of the museum; from there Diana carefully made her way to the skylight, she made sure to check for alarms as John had shown her before gently lifting the glass and dropping down with little noise.

She gave a quick look around for any guards.

*All right, no one is around for the moment so I should be quick about this. I can only hope that none of the others get caught up here. I don't want to them to be dragged into this.*

She made her way towards the ancient Greece exhibit, taking out a crystal as she went along to show her where the relic lay. As she passed ancient artwork she spotted something that brought a bit of nostalgia to her.

An ancient amphora with the plaque describing the artwork yet not the name of the artist who made such an exquisite design and thus the only things mentioned was the age and where it was found. Apparently no one had been able to find the name of the maker and as such left it as is. Though in Diana's case she knew the person who made this relic quite well, after all, the maker was an Amazon just like her.

"Menalippe! Good for you, I always said your work was museum quality."

She spoke kindly as she recalled her friend's great works of art she so diligently made.

*Just one more reason I must succeed and rescue them all…and stop Faust.*

She soon saw the gem pulse and further into the exhibit the same red pulse could be seen inside another amphora next to a giant bronze statue, she gave it a look but remained focused on her target, so focused she never saw the red beam she crossed.


The shrill alarm was soon followed by the heavy clang of metal shutter falling into place and sealing her in.

*Blast it all! Diana you fool! No matter…*

"First things first…"

She spoke firmly as she chopped off a section of the artifact to see a stone cylinder of some sort inside. She wondered just what sort of thing was this as she had never seen anything like this before. And coming from someone of her background and age, that was something.

"…why would Faust want this?"

She thought out loud, not noticing that all was not well.

For the relic was not just guarded by machinery and science, but sorcery as well as the statue was soon animated and turned to look at the would be thief. With a thunderous boom it broke free from its base and approaches his quarry.

Diana heard and felt the booming footsteps and saw that looming shadow, turning around she was in shock as the giant stood before her and pull out his massive sword against her.

"Great Gaea!" she cried just before the giant moved to attack the Amazon with its massive sword held high.

To be continued…

Good by my friend, may you find peace in the Heaven's you so richly deserve.