This is a little something that I'm working on to get me through the drudgery that is finals. x_x. From the kink meme: Pretty much what it says on the tin. I want one of the guys to have a serious kink for all the trappings of a stereotyped housewife, from the dress and the pearls to baking and doing chores to blowjobs and polite missionary sex. Please note - he doesn't want to be one for real, it just gets him really hot during the scene.
The "Husband" can either be an indulgent lover, or someone who helps the housewife guy fulfill this fantasy on a semi-regularly basis (which may or may not turn into a relationship outside the kinky hookups).

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia.

"Kik—I mean, Sakura! I'm home!" Alfred yelled as he pushed open the door, only to be greeted by Pochi carrying his slippers.

"Hi Pochi! Did you and mama have a good day today?" Alfred cooed, taking the slippers while patting him on the head. Alfred slipped out of his shoes and slid his feet in the bedroom shoes before heading into the living room, Pochi trotting behind him. Alfred plopped down in the armchair and closed his eyes, tired from a long day full of meetings and paperwork. He was about to fall asleep when he heard the familiar click-click-click of heels, signaling that Kiku had entered the room.

"Alfred, you're home!" Alfred smiled before getting out of the armchair to give him a kiss.

"Oh no, honey, please don't get up. I'm sure you've had a hard day at work." Kiku said, bending over to kiss him on the cheek.

"You don't know the half of it, dear. Has the paper come in yet?" Alfred asked, propping his feet up on the ottoman.

"I have it right here." Kiku said, handing Alfred the paper. He smiled before asking Kiku about dinner.

"Dinner will be ready soon. I made your favorite: pot roast." Kiku answered.

"Awesome! With the little red potatoes?"

"Of course, sweetheart. And I've made your favorite apple pie for dessert as well." Kiku said, smoothing the wrinkles out of his apron.

"You're the best, Kiku. Such a good wife." Alfred said, picking up the paper and turning to the sports section.

"…Thank you, Alfred." Kiku said, before heading back into the kitchen.

Kiku finished setting the table as he whistled the theme from I Love Lucy, careful not spill anything on the white and red polka-dotted dress that he knew was Alfred's favorite.

He was quite grateful to Alfred for agreeing to do the scene on such short notice. Normally, they would plan it out in advance, but today, Kiku was in need of doing this. It had been happening a lot lately, mostly as a way to cope from all the stress that he had been going through after what had happened in March. He finished setting the table, before checking out his appearance to make sure he appeared perfect for dinner.

Hair perfectly combed and adorned with a red headband? Check.

Meticulously applied make-up? Check.

Flawless polka-dotted dress with the red pumps, accessorized with the pearls Alfred got him for Christmas? Of course.

"Alfred! Dinner is served!"

"Coming, dear!"