Chapter 1

"What a beautiful moon." Alucard thought walking through the country side on the full moon. "Such a shame, that I have to spend my time searching for a brat. He better be worth all this trouble or Master will be very displeased.


"Alucard" Integra called, knowing that he would come. Just as she was getting impatient he phased through the wall. "You have a new mission. I need you to find this boy he will be very important very soon. You will have to train him. I don't think he has had any combat training or political. I hope you will try to help him with those areas. But do not turn him. You're to look in a country called Amestris. I think that you have been there before. Try to get him to trust you before you bring him here it will make it so much easier for me."

End flashback

Alucard did remember Amestris not very well because it was just starting out to be a country. He also knew that it was very far away and would take days or a whole week to get there. "Finding a place to stay won't be hard. All I have to do is find Izumi and that problem is solved." He remembered that she had moved to Amestris.

As Alucard got on the plane he wondered how long it would actually take to find him. "Oh well I'll figure that out when I get there."
After 4 hours the plain finally landed in Central. Everyone watched in awe the man with the full red trench coat and large hat got off the plane. The only time they had seen that much red was when a certain Alchemist came to central.

He was stared at the whole time he walked to the train station. After scaring the poor guy at the ticket booth he finally got on and took a seat.

Right before he took a nap he took one last look at the file Integra gave him. The last thing he saw as he fell asleep was a picture of a small (somewhere in Amestris a certain boy suddenly felt very angry)boy with golden eyes and hair to match.

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