AN: Forgive me friends, I have little excuse as to the incompleteness of this story other than I was on a harrowing Pokemon journey and got lost. I other words, I had to finish school (I'm done forever!). But now Wicked is returning to Oz and I have injured myself so I can't do anything useful for a while, so I shall write and bring you what you have all been waiting for… The final chapter of the SOCIAL EXPERIMENT! Also, the longest chapter! PS: Does anybody else here lie on the ground when they're frustrated? Because I do.

The Social Experiment: Chapter 11 – Freedom to Dance at Elphaba's Wedding

Finally! The library was within reach for the four shackled friends which meant one very important thing-

"FREEDOM!" yelled Fiyero at the top of his lungs attempting to fist pump and run forward only to be stopped by his feminine anchors.

"HOME!" exclaimed Elphaba, drawing the confused gazes of her peers, "What I mean is that it's like a home to me…"

"Whatever," cut in Avaric, sufficiently recovered from his earlier fainting spell, "Let's go and get unattached."

"You make it sound like we're getting a divorce," mumbled Elphaba.

"Elphie!" Squealed Galinda, horrified, "You didn't tell me you were married to Avaric!?"

"What?!" exclaimed the rest of the group, Elphaba included.

"We're married and you didn't tell me?" Asked a horrified Avaric, pin wheeling the group around so he could look at the green girl on the opposite end of the line better.

"No! I just meant-" protested Elphaba.

"Elphie, it you need someone to talk to about your relationship problems I'm here for you." Said Galinda sympathetically, raising a hand to stroke Elphaba's arm comfortingly, effectively bringing Avaric's arm with her to join the pity party. Meanwhile, Fiyero was lost in the whirlpool of his own shattered dreams.

"I am not married to that jer-!" Before she could finish she was once again cut off by her fictitious husband.

"If I had know I would have treated you better." He said, reaching out in an attempt to take her hand. Recoiling, Elphaba tried to logic her way out of the situation.

"If we are married then where is my ring?" She reasoned, holding up her bare left hand.

"GASP! You didn't even get her a ring?" Cried Galinda, "Shame on you!" She slapped Avaric on the arm bringing Fiyero's hand with hers effectively doubling the pain.

"Ow! I didn't know!" Exclaimed a shocked and pained Avaric, "My whole life is a lie!"

"Will you be needing a lawyer to help sort this out?" Galinda asked, concerned.


Elphaba gave a roar of frustration to the sky and promptly flopped face down on the ground, dragging Fiyero down into a crouch next to her.

Startled out of his misery by this sudden change of position, Fiyero let out a startled yelped, followed by an indignant, "What in Oz are you doing?"

"I'm flopping in despair at your universal stupidity." Came the muffled reply from the flopped green girl.

"You could have given me a little warning." Pouted Fiyero.

Pushing herself up onto her knees, Elphaba delivered her best withering gaze unto Fiyero who instantly stopped his sulking.

Avaric having also recovered from his "wife's" sudden collapse knelt down beside her bringing Galinda along with him. Now the whole group knelt together in a squ-ircle.

"Now it looks like we're having a séance." commented Elphaba dryly, "Where's my pentagram?"

"Woah, since when did you want to summon the dead?" Queried Fiyero, quite distracted from his present emotional turmoil.

"Well, I am a witch aren't I?" Stated the green girl.

"A witch in training." Pointed out Fiyero.

"Maybe I want to test my skills?" Said Elphaba.

"But you don't even believe in spirits!" Countered the Prince.

Opening her mouth and raising a pointed finger to give a witty reply, Elphaba back tracked and frowned, "You got me there." She admitted.

We now take a moment from our story to enter the zone of our favourite Winkie Prince's brain. It was in this moment that something in Fiyero's brain ticked over, telling him that for the first time in his life Fiyero had managed to one-up someone. Unfortunately by the time this information had been processed the moment for an outward victory had passed, so his brain merely began it's own rave party.

Meanwhile, back in the real world Avaric and Galinda were still confused as to when Elphaba and Avaric had gotten married.

"I still don't understand when this happened." Avaric was saying.

"That's because it didn't happen!" cried Elphaba, but she was ignored by her interrogators.

"Does Nessa know?" Asked Galinda.

"For the last time! I am NOT married to Avaric!" Yelled Elphaba.

A shocked silence followed.

"Well that's a relief." Shrugged Avaric suddenly nonchalant about the whole situation.

A still confused yet eternally relieved Fiyero snapped out of his internal rave and decided that it was time to put an end to this silliness once and for all.

"Guys, we are literally five steps away from being free of these cuffs!"

The rest of the group turned and looked up at the looming doors of the Shiz library.

"How did we not notice this?" Wondered Elphaba aloud.

"It's your fault for dropping that bomb shell before!" Exclaimed Galinda far too loudly.

"Who cares let's just go so I can be rid of you people!" Elphaba scrambled to her feet and dragged the rest of the group with her with surprising strength.

As they all stumbled after their green companion, Fiyero couldn't resist the temptation to skip cheerfully and break out into song, "We're off to the library! The wonderful library of Shiz! When we find that guy named Micha we'll be free of this experiment biz!"

"I will forever be impressed by your song creation skills." Elphaba complimented, albeit dryly.

"I shall take that as a compliment." said Fiyero, rather pleased with himself as he continued to skip, jolting Elphaba and Galinda along as they searched the shelves for Micah.

Elphaba was about to form an incredibly witty and exceedingly humorous remark regarding Fiyero's insistence to continually sing and dance making her think of him as being an idiotic farm girl with pigtails and a frilly skirt but was stopped by the sudden appearance of Micha from between the shelves.

All five people froze at the sight of him, well, actually four people. Avaric had discovered a pack of Ozeos on his person and was now blissfully unaware of anything else.

"Well!" exclaimed Micha with fake cheer and a nervous laugh, "I trust you all had a pleasant time?"

Galinda, Elphaba and Fiyero exchanged quick looks before launching themselves - vegan-cookie-consuming Avaric in tow - at the poor boy who had cuffed them together.

*Two minutes later*

"We are going to hide this key in one of the books somewhere in the library." Said Fiyero, looking down at their captive. After they had freed themselves they had used the cuffs to hog-tie Micha to one of the study tables.

"Have fun getting someone to look for you." Galinda added, smirking rather evilly.

"I just realised that now that I'm no longer attached to you people, I can dance freely!" Cried Fiyero completely forgetting what he was just saying he began to shake booty.

"Give the man a medal." Said Elphaba dryly.

Mid-dance he paused, remembering where he was and what he was just saying about hiding keys.

"Elphaba?" said Fiyero turning to their green companion.

Looking up from rubbing the feeling back into her wrists, said companion quirked an eyebrow quizzically at the Prince.

Noting her questioning look Fiyero continued to address her, "Could you please hide this key in one of the books around here. I trust you will hide it well." When he finished talking he held the key out for her to take.

With a wicked grin Elphaba snatched the key from Fiyero's palm and scampered off into the darkest depths of the library, laughing manically all the way.

"But, technically this is all Galinda and Avaric's fault!" cried Micha, "Don't you remember what was said three chapters back?!"

"Mate, I wrote this thing and I can barely remember what went down three chapters ago." Said the author as she grinned apologetically at her characters.

"Woah!" cried Fiyero, "Where did you come from?"

"Umm," the author looked horribly confused, "I'm not actually sure…"

Everyone in the room looked bemusedly upon their author for a few moments before she sheepishly piped up again, "I'm just gonna go." And with those words she disappeared in a puff of smoke back to her domain. The remaining characters continued to look confused for a few moments more before snapping back to what they were doing like nothing had ever happened.

"Avaric, you should probably clean up your face before Morrible sees you bro." said Fiyero, realising that Avaric still bore the scars of their night together.

"Ah, right. Thanks for that bro." replied Avaric as he tentatively touched his clown shaven head and made-up face. He chuckled slightly at his appearance, "Whose idea was this anyway?"

"Oh uh-" began Fiyero but he was quickly cut off by the perky blonde

"It was Fiyero's, dearest." Piped in Galinda, keen to move the blame to the appropriate source.

"Yeah, sorry for that, man." said Fiyero, "Although honestly? It was totally worth it!"

Fiyero began to laugh along

His chuckles died on his lips when, suddenly realising that he was now free of his bonds and that the girls were no longer in the way, Avaric could now release his full vengeance at Fiyero for being the instigator of his "make over". Pig-tails swinging, perfect face twisting, Avaric advanced slowly upon his roommate intending to deliver unto him a similar fate.

Noticing his friend's sinister approach Fiyero's eyes grew wide and he raised his hands in what he hoped was a calming gesture.

"Calm down, man," Fiyero said tentatively, backing up slowly, "Just remember that friendship is magic!"

With a roar of rage Avaric pounced, initiating a chase through the library shelves as Fiyero attempted to hide from the raging beautician's disaster on his tail.

Glancing behind him to check if he'd lost his predator, Fiyero unceremoniously ran into the form of Elphaba who was returning after having successfully hidden the key.

Apologising quickly, Fiyero was just about to continue running when a thought suddenly hit him.

"Oh yeah," he said, turning to the green girl, "Elphaba, will you go out with me?"

Elphaba was shocked into silence, so much so that she simply stared at the Prince before her. Said Prince was getting rather nervous about her silence and the steady approach of the enraged Avaric behind him.

"Uh, an answer would be good about now Elphaba." He said, beginning to shuffle from foot to foot in anticipation.

"Oh," said Elphaba, snapping out of her daze and proceeding to fumble over her words, "Uh, I- Uh…"

Fiyero smiled at her hopefully, "Yes…?"

Elphaba looked him blankly in the eye before smiling apologetically and saying, "Come back next year?"

Fiyero's dreams then crashing into the Bemuda Triangle and sunk to the bottom of the ocean where they got consumed by a giant squid. He stopped shuffling foot-to-foot and stood still, face slack in shock.

He was so shock that he didn't even notice Avaric rounding the shelf and with a triumphant, animalistic roar he launched himself through the air and crash-tackled the Winkie to the floor.

Fiyero barely struggled as Avaric dragged him off to his fate, leaving a saddened Elphaba behind.

With Fiyero now gone and at the mercy of Avaric, Elphaba decided to try and forget the harrowing experience that was the last 24 hours and immerse herself in the study that she missed out on.

While Elphaba was busy reading, Galinda was busy doing her daily beauty routine, being careful of the multiple scratches she received back in chapter three.

Really, life went back to how it was two days ago, with Elphaba, Galinda, Fiyero and Avaric just being a little closer than before.

Oh, and Nessa eventually recovered her senses and decided to forget the whole experience too.

This was by far my favourite chapter to write. After so long it was such a relief to be back in action and finishing this story, I might be up to writing an epilogue… The truly horrible line said by Elphaba to Fiyero in response to him asking her out is a legit thing that I once pulled when my guy friend asked me out. I felt so bad but I laugh about it now. I'm not sure how he felt about it though… If you've been hanging out with this story from the beginning I'd like to thank you and apologies profusely for taking so long to complete it. Thanks for reading! OH! Don't forget to review!