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Now this is Icha Icha 2: Chronicles of The BLEACH universe.


Human/ Arrancar speech

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Hollow speech/ attacks

Hollow thought


Pt 1: New ruler of Los Noches

(Los Noches)

The white sands shifted silently as the wind blow. The great white Palace overlooked all, even from a distance the grand towers were not to be overshadowed by the white sun and black skies.

Inside the palace almost all the halls in the castle appeared to be the same, except for the rooms and inner most chambers which were covered in a vast desert. A Man stood in the desert just looking at it. He appeared to be a young man of 17 or 18. He stood at 5'9", orange colored hair that use to get him into many a fight when he was a child, Lean muscular build, hard brown eyes, wearing a long white coat, white hakama pants, and white boots, strapped to his back was a large sword with no guard on it and the hilt wrapped in tape.

He was Ichigo Kurosaki, the new ruler of Los Noches and by defunct Huaco Mundo.

Ichigo sighed. Before turning away from the desert and making his way to his room. As he walked many Arrancar servants both male and female bowed to him. Ichigo had made the choice nearly half a century ago to give up his life to become the leader of this place. Thus he made a nonaggression treaty with New Commander-genreal Unohana that as long as he ruled Los Noches no Arrancar would enter the Human world. For nearly 4 years after the Winter War Arrancar kept showing up to challenge the Soul Reapers and Ichigo himself. Finally getting sick of it he went to Los Noches alone. All anyone knew was that 5 months later Ichigo came to Soul Society with a group of 3 Arrancar and formed the peace treaty with Unohana who had become the Leader of the 13 court Guards only a week before hand.

Ichigo was brought out of his thoughts as he came to his room. His was located in the top most tower making it the most isolated one. He opened the door and slipped inside. Ichigo's room, while grand was simple in taste. On the far left wall was a bookcase. Mostly for his Shakespare books and other such reading material. His bed was flat and his floor almost bare.

"DIE YOU BASTARD!" yelled a female voice.

Ichigo moved to the side as a knife nearly stabbed him in his face. He grabbed the hand of the owner and throw her. She landed on his bed and quickly jumped back up and charged again. Ichigo ducked as she tried to kick him in his head. Ichigo jumped up and landed a hard kick to her gut the woman went flying onto the bad as her knife was launched into the air. Ichigo caught the knife and then turned to the girl laying on his bed.

Ichigo looked at the girl and had to admit it to himself she was quite the beauty in a 'Gothic' way. Loly Aivirrne. Loly may have looked a bit like a teenager and close to Ichigo's age, but he had no idea how old she was. She stood at 5'1", long, black pigtailed hair, light pink eyes, slightly sharpened face with high cheek bones, that gave her a beauty that only looked like it belonged to a girl like her, a slender build with c-cup breasts, The remnants of her mask cover her left eye, and has teeth still connected to it, along with the two hair ties holding her pigtails in place. The glare she was giving Ichigo and the way she had her body on the bed only made her seem that more attractive. She wore a white, leather schoolgirl-themed skirt with a small black bow on the front, white half-sleeves worn from the elbows down to the wrists, and what appears to be thigh-length black-colored, white-outlined boots. She also wears a white-colored, black-outlined shirt that ties to her neck, reveals a fair portion of her stomach and breasts, reveals her arms from the shoulders down to the elbows, and not much else except material to barely cover her chest.

Ichigo walked over to his desk and stabbed it into the desk. "Loly-san this is getting old. At first it was kind of fun, but now it's becoming a chore," said Ichigo.

Loly got up and charged at Ichigo and tried to attack him. Ichigo grabbed grabbed her by her wrists and throw her onto the bed before sitting on her waist.

"Get off of me! No man except Aizen-sama is allowed to touch me!" yelled Loly.

Ichigo glared at her. "Don't you get it. Aizen is gone and is never coming back and I made sure of that," said Ichigo.

Loly glared at him. "And that is why I hate you!" growled Loly, before she reached up and bit Ichigo as Hard as she could on the neck.

Ichigo winced as she drew blood. He got up and pulled her up with him before releasing her. She was about to charge again when the door opened and someone ran in and bowed before Ichigo.

"Menoly! What are you doing bowing to him!" yelled Loly looking at her friend with rage.

"Forgive her my lord! If you intend to punish someone punish me!" said Menoly.

Ichigo looked at Loly's friend and what could be called her sister as they shared the shame mask fragment only hers was on the other side of her face and instead of hair clips she had a white segmented choker, and a white segmented bracelet that went up half her forearm. She stood at 5'3, a more muscular built frame with modest b-cup breasts, short and spiky blond hair with four flicks hanging over her mask remnant, kind emerald green eyes that didn't belong to a hollow at all, wearing a white dress that wraps around with a modest v-neck, an upturned collar and sleeves with short slits on the side reaching slightly pass her elbows, a black sash around her hips and shoes identical to that of Loly.

Ichigo sighed. "It's alright Menoly-san please take her away from here. I am tired," said Ichigo.

"Of course Kurosaki-sama," said Menoly.

Menoly grabbed Loly's hand. "Let us leave.," said Menoly.

They left the room with Loly stumbling behind Menoly.

(A few hallways away)

As Menoly walked Loly started to make a few demands.

"Let go of me. Let me leave so I can kill that bastard!" yelled Loly

Menoly let go, but spun around and slapped Loly. On her face was a look of rage. "Loly are you crazy! That man is our lord and master. He even saved our lives when he became ruler!" yelled Menoly

Loly growled. "Oh I remember and it's because of him that we were put in danger in the first place!" yelled Loly.

It had been years of war after the fall of Aizen with groups trying to gain control of the massive palace and take over as the head. Only a day before Ichigo arrived Loly and Menoly's group of 20 had been all but destroyed by a group controlled by loyalists to Barrgun who both girls hated.

Menoly glared at her. "You need to change your attitude! He won't be so forgiving once he learns what we did to his princess! I'm through trying to cover for you! I'm going after what I want and that is Kurosaki-sama! At least he isn't a bastard like Aizen!" yelled Menoly walking away from her friend.

Loly screamed in anger before blasting the wall with a Cero, leaving a massive hole.

"I can't believe her! After All Lord Aizen has done for us and for her!" yelled Loly

"You have a lot to learn you winy bitch," came the aggressive voice of Grimmjow

Loly turned and her eyes widened in fear. "L- Lord Grimmjow," said Loly in fear.

Grimmjow was the second in commend of Los Noches so if anything was amiss you'd have to answer to him as he was more for punishment then Ichigo was.

Grimmjow walked past her. "My advice to you is to get that stick out of your ass about how great that bastard Aizen is and try to get along with Ichigo," said Grimmjow.

(a few days later)

Ichigo was reading a report from his rep in Soul Socity when a knock sounded on his door. Ichigo looked up.

"Come in," said Ichigo.

The door opened and Menoly walked in. "Kurosaki-sama," said Menoly.

Ichigo stood. "Oh it's you Menoly-san and please it's Ichigo," said Ichigo.

Menoly blushed at this. "very well Ichigo-sama," said Menoly.

Ichigo went over to his bar and poured two drinks. He walked over and handed one to Menoly.

"So what brings you to my quarters this time of the night?" asked Ichigo.

Menoly blushed. "I wanted to see if your alright Ichigo-sama," said Menoly pointing to the bite mark on his shoulder where Loly bit him.

Ichigo shrugged. "I've had worse," said Ichigo.

Oh really?" asked Menoly sitting on the love seat and crossing her legs.

"Really. Like when I first became a Shinigami," said Ichigo taking a seat next to her.

(3 hours later)

Menoly and Ichigo both had pink on their cheeks and were laughing loudly. Menoly had removed the shirt she was wearing showing that she had a black v-neck shirt under it. Ichogo had also removed his jacket showing the black shirt he wore. To most people a few cups of sake was nothing, but to Ichigo and menoly it was more then enough to get them very tipsy.

Menoly looked at Ichigo and placed a hand on his chest. "You know ichigo-san I have a small thing for you?" asked Menoly.

Ichigo raised a brow. "oh really?" said Ichigo as he placed a kiss on her neck.

Menoly held in a moan as he licked up to her ear. "yes. So much in fact I really want you to take me," said Menoly.

Ichico's hand went to her chest and pinched one of her nipples. Menoly moaned, but stopped him. She pulled him up and lead him to her room which was 10 agonizing minutes as Ichigo groped her body and kissed her neck.

Warning Lemon

Once they got to the room Menoly could wait no more and jumped on Ichigo and wrapped her legs around Ichigo and kiss him as hard as she could while grabbing his hair and his hands on her ass. While Menoly was far from the most aggressive hollow she was still a hollow meaning she loved things rough.

Ichigo fell forward onto one of the beds and Menoly moaned as she felt Ichigo's arousal though his pants. Ichigo pulled away gasping for breath as Menoly was also gasping. She pulled down the dress part of her outfit showing that she had on a black thong, and then removed both shirts.

"Master please make me feel good," said Menoly almost in a whisper.

Ichigo kissing down her cheek and stopped on her collar bone, before biting it and making her arch her back. Ichigo moved down to her breasts and latched onto the right breast and sucked hard on her pick nipple. Menoly moaned loudly.

"Master!" Moaned out Menoly.

Ichigo made his way down her stomach and then to her black thong. Ichigo stopped and pushed his finger where her slit was and rubbed. Menoly rubbed her claves together as away to try and get more without taknig away some of the pleasure she was feeling.

"A leather thong?" asked Ichigo.

Menoly blushed. "Aizen said that leather was the best defense so all there is is leather. So us females either wear a leather thong or nothing at all," said Menoly as Ichigo pulled off her thong and gently licked her wet folds.

Menoly moaned and clenched the covers in pleasure. Never had she felt something so radiant. Even the few times Loly had done this were by far outclassed by this man's skilled tongue.

"Oh gods! He is as skilled with that tongue of his as he is with his sword!" thought an excited Menoly.

Menoly nearly lost it when Ichigo's tongue went inside of her dripping wet pussy and started to attack her walls. She gripped the covered and thrashed in pleasure as she was nearly screaming. This was not lost on Ichigo as he grabbed her waist and held her steady. Ichigo's left hand came down to her clit and twitched it slightly. This sent Menoly over the edge. Her walls tightened as she came. Ichigo just drank her juices. Menoly blushed as not even her partner would drink her juices down.

Ichigo stared at the naked girl before him. "Your very sweet Menoly-chan," said Ichigo.

Menoly blushed harder and looked away. "Please don't say such things Ichigo-sama! There embarrassing,"

Ichigo chuckled and looked at her. "We can stop now if you wish," said Ichigo.

Menoly shuck her head as she got a good look at his length still concealed to the inside of his hakama. He was hard that much Menoly was sure of. She planned to change that.

She got to her knees and undid his sash and lowered his pants. Menoly nearly fainted from how big he was compared to what she had seen the few times she had slept with a male. He was 8 inches long and 2 inches thick.

She grasped Ichigo's cock in a light grip that made Ichigo moan slightly. She slowly started to pump on his cock. Menoly marveled at the warm throbbing meat in her hand. Almost afraid of what might happen Menoly gave a tentative lick to the head of Ichigo's cock. It had the disired effect of ,attacking her new master moan in pleasure. Slowly she started to lick his shaft while cupping and massaging his balls.

Ichigo himself was rather fond of having his cock sucked as that was his former Lover Orhime's favorite thing to do when they where alone at school, home, or even in the secluded section of the almost always overcrowded park. People questioned her on if she was sane for doing so. All she ever said was that it tasted better then anything she ever made.

Ichigo was stopped in his thought process as he saw Menoly open her mouth and take him into her mouth. This made Ichigo moan loudly as she took him all the way to the back of her throat and then down her throat! Ichigo almost came on the stop as she did this.

"You've done this before," stated Ichigo.

Menoly pulled his cock all the way out of her mouth still pumping his cock. "years of practice Ichigo-sama," said Menoly as she went back to sucking on her masters cock.

Sucking and tonguing his cock to almost extremes found him ready to explode inside of her mouth. He warned her so she took his cock and sucked hard and long making Ichigo cum inside of her mouth. She slowly drank his seed down her throat like she was dying of thrust.

Menoly savored the taste and couldn't help but want a second helping, but her arousal was making her want him more now then she had when he first took over Los Noches.

Ichigo pushed her to the bed and positiend his cock at her dripping pussy and was about to push into her when the door opened and a stunned Loly walked in. Her mind went numb when she saw her friend in a compromising position with the lord of Los Noches.

"What the hell are you doing to her!" yelled Loly.

She may have been pissed at menoly, but she'd be damned if she was going to watch her best friend being raped.

Ichigo growled. "Your annoying.

"Your raping her! After all she's done to defend you!" yelled Loly only for a red cero to impact that wall.

She looked at an annoyed Menoly. "He's not raping me. I'm just engaging in carnal pleasure. Ichigo-sama if we could ignore her, please make me your woman," said menoly.

Ignoring protests from Loly. Ichigo rammed his cock into Menoly. Anything loly could have said was shoot down by what came out of her friends mouth.

"FUCK! Ichigo-sama this is just amazing!" yelled Menoly as she grabbed his shoulders.

Ichigo started to move as Menoly matched his pace. Hard and strong. Shaking her hips to gain more pleasure as Ichigo grabbed her by her ass and easily lifted her into the air impaling her deeper on his cock. Menoly yelled as she bit down on Ichigo's neck drawing a bit of blood that made Ichigo thrust into her deeper then he had before.

Loly was completely stunned by her friends screams of pleasure. Having never known the tender feeling of a man she was completely at a loss as she was starting to become wet and bothered. Her hands seemed to move on their own accord as one went to her right breasts and the other under her skirt. She fondled and slowly rubbed herself as she watched her friend and the Lord of Los Noches mate. Some hollows had a more devolved sense of sex then just carnal pleasure. Some saw it as claiming what was theirs by right. That was the reason Tia's faccion had been more loyal to her then Aizen. That was also the reason Menoly saw Ichigo as her master more so then Aizen ever was as Ichigo was just superior to him.

Thinking on it made her that much more aroused as she came to realize that Ichigo was not some stranger or invader as he once was. He was her master and as her master he could take her anyway he wished and it would be well within his rights that came with it.

Menoly was so close to cumming as she watched her friend finger herself at the fact she was being fucked so thoroughly. She finally came hard as she witnessed Loly shudder as she came. Menoly screamed as her walls clutched as she scratched Ichigo's shoulder leaving her marks on her master, mostly staking her claim as his alpha female and his highest ranked lover. The scars hollows left on their lovers would never fade as they were lased with their reitsu. Ichigo came inside of her with a satiated grunt.

"Your mine now Menoly-chan," said Ichigo kissing her neck.

"Yes my lord. What shall you with Loly my master?" asked menoly seemingly quite submissive to her new lover.

Ichigo smiled. "I have an idea," said Ichigo whispering into her ear.

Menoly nodded and walked over to her friend who was still fingering herself with a glazed look on her face. Menoly learned down and kissed her friend on the mouth. Loly returned the kiss and grabbed her friends cheek as they both fell to the wall kissing and caressing each other. Menoly pulled at her friends top ripping the parts that covered her breasts.

Menoly pulled away and gave Loly's neck a light kiss. "Give Master a chance," said Menoly.

Loly was about to protest when Ichigo appeared behind her and lifted her skirt and slipped his cock between her thighs and started to rub it along her pussy. Loly moaned loudly for two reasons. The first was sexual expansive with a man and second she was slightly scared of how large he was. Menoly guided her to the bed and pushed her down while hiking up her skirt Ichigo was rather surprised at how puffy and pink her pussy was. He had only deflowered one other girl in his life and that was Orihime when they had both gotten drunk at Keigo's party.

Ichigo lined himself with her entrance and pushed into the hot wet tightness that was Loly's pussy. He worked slowly as Menoly got on top of Loly. Loly winched making Ichigo stop as he felt himself pushing something soft and fleashy.

He looked down at her in surprise. "For all your talk I expected you to have slept with at least one person," said Ichigo.

Loly looked at him with her chest rising. "Loly and Myself have only been Arrancar since Aizen-sama took us into his army. Up until that point we had only been regular edhucas. That was 25 years before the war and I refused pleasure unless it was from Menoly or much more unlikely Aizen-sama.

Ichigo smiled. "Well from today onward you belong to me," said Ichigo pulling back and pushing in breaking her only barrier to what little innocence she had.

Loly's eyes widened as her back arched and she let out a scream od pain/plasure. "ICHIGO-SAMA!" yelled Loly unknowingly calling him something she swore she would never call him.

Ichigo stopped and touched his second lovers cheek. "I won't move until you ask me to," said Ichigo.

It was a full 2 minute before Loly started to move her hips. Ichigo responded in kind and began to thrust into her gently. Menoly bent down and kissed her friend this made Ichigo even more aroused as he started t thrust into the black haired arrancar with passion. Loly moaned in Menoly's mouth as Ichigo grabbed her legs making her scream as she cam. Ichigo felt her pussy tighten, but he wasn't satiated so he countiend. By the time ichigo was ready to come Loly had come 8 times. Finally Ichigo came inside of her.

Lemon end

Loly looked at her master and friend before she passed out. Menoly climbed off her firned and laid down next to her as Ichigo climbed into the middle and pulled the sheets over them, before sleeping soundly.

(100 years later)

A Female Arrancar walked though Los Noches following Alpha female Menoly who's hair was now down to her chin and covered her hollow mask despite her Mates wishes to see as a part of her. The new female could be described as a tiny thing only 5' tall with a slightly thick build that was rare for female Arrancar. She wore a standardized uniform except instead of pants she had a skirt.

"So that is the tour of Los Noches. Do you have any questions?" asked Menoly.

"Yeah why wasn't I shown around by your lower servant. Your beta?" asked the New Arrancar.

Menoly smirked. "She's being punished for starting a fight while doing business in the Soul Society," said Menoly.

(In Ichigo's qurters)

Menoly walked in to find Loly on her hands and knees with her ass being fucked by Ichigo.

He looked at his Alpha mate with his now black and amber eyes. "How was the new recruit?" asked Ichigo with no hint of the Hollow in his voice.

Menoly disrobed and walked to the bed roughly grabbing Loly's breasts hard. "She's a bit skeptical that the peace will last much longer and even says that your not right to lead us," said Menoly.

Ichigo smirked as he buried himself deep into Loly and came. "To bad for her that i'm here to stay," said Ichigo.


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