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(Home of Orihime and Tatsuki Arisawa)

All was quiet in the home Of Two young women of 25 as they lay soundly in their bed.

The first young woman was Orihime Inoue. Kidnigardiner teacher. While most people would call her ditzy and an Airhead Orihime was the kindest and sweetest woman anyone would ever meet. She had long wavy orange hair that went down to her ass and framed her face, stood at 5'2 with an hour glass figure, large F-cup breasts that had many males of various age's wishing to be on her 'dirty girls', long legs, and smooth pale skin. Is her eyes were open you would see a soft brown that made even the coldest of people become soft. The only thing she had on was a pair of white lace panties a garter belt that clipped to the long white stocking. She was currently moaning loudly in her sleep due to the skilled hand that was currently playing with her clit.

Orihime's lover since the 10th grade and wife for the last 4 years Tatsuki Arisawa the world Famous MMA heavyweight Champion. Tatsuki was still a bit of a tomboy, but her temper had mellowed out a bit. Tatsuki had long black hair that was pulled into a loose ponytail that reached the middle of her back, stood at 5'1", only an inch shorter then her wife, and white she wasn't as cruvus as her life partner she was still a fairly attractive woman that could make heads pop with the greatest of ease, her breasts were a good D-cup. Tatsuki only wore a pair of black boy shorts over her toned legs.

Tatsuki smiled as she watched Orimie weather under her touch. It was a little past 3 in the morning of Christmas Day in their shared apartment and Tatsuki was waiting for a call that would give both herself and Orihime the best Christmas present of their lives.

Tatsuki stopped as her phone rang. She snatched it up quickly as not to wake Orihime. Looking at the text on the I-phone she smirked.

From: Ichigo


Time: 3:32

I'm Outside. Open the Damn door it's cold!

Tatsuki got out of the bed and wrapped herself in a robe before walking out of the room and into the main Area. The Main living room was a good and large space. It was easily 40X 40 and thanks to the money they had they didn't lack for anything. They had a Large 72 inch flat screen that Orihime bought, a large curcilier cough that was blue saten that went well with the pearl white carpet and blue draps, on one wall was a large bookshelf that had not only manga, but books that Orihime had written. Tatsuki smiled at this. Orihime had a nack for writing. Tatsuki was brought out of Memory lane when a soft kocnk sounded.

Tatsuki opened the door and took a good look at her long time friend and confident Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo may have had a frown or indifferent look on his face, but tatsuki knew the boy, now young man too well for that cock and bull story he pulled. He was a Children's doctor and even volunteered extra hours to help out orphans. Ichigo was tall. Almost a foot taller then Tatsuki at 5'11" with a lean muscular build that had always been sexy to Tatsuki, his hair was a nice berry orange thanks to his mothers hair. He had grown a small gotee that couldn't have come from anyone other then his father, he wore a white button up shirt, blue jean pants, and boots.

Warning short Lemon

Hey Tatsuki what did you want me over here fo..."

Before Ichigo could Finish Tasuki leap up at Ichigo, wrapped her well toned legs around his waist, and began to kiss him hard. Ichigo a bit surprised by this barely kept his balance, before he walked in and shut the door. He walked over to the couch and laid Tatsuki down, before his hand trailed up her leg and to her ass. He gave said ass a hard squeeze feeling the rather soft flash of the toughest woman he knew. Tatsuki jumped slightly in pleasure, but was in no rush to stop as his hands found the belt of the robe and loosened it! Tatsuki's hand found his belt and quickly undid it.

Ichigo stood up and removed his pants allowing Tatsuki's eyes to fall onto his monster of a cock that she had been having shoved into her mouth, ass, and pussy for a little over a year and a half now. Ichigo's cock was like him, long and strong at 11 inches long and 3 inches thick.

Tatsuki removed her shorts and purred. "Ichigo I need your cock inside of me now!"purred Tatsuki.

Ichigo positioned himself in front of Tatsuki on the couch and shoved his full length into her in one thrust. Tatsuki gasped in pleasure as Ichigo was balls deep inside of her. Ichigo pulled Tatsuki into his lap sending himself deeper into her pussy making them both gasp.

"You know the rules Tatsuki," said Ichigo as he lifted her slightly. "You got to work for it!" growled out Ichigo letting Tatsuki drop onto his cock.

Tatsuki throw her head back and began to bounce up and down on her lovers cock like it was the only one in the world. Tatsuki had had 3 or 4 lovers before Ichigo, but none had ever filled her or starched her like Ichigo had. What started out as a druken night between two old friends had ended up into a fuck session that came once a weekend until it became almost daily. Tatsuki couldn't go a day without Ichigo's cock now. She had even thought she wound up pregnant a few times they fucked without a condom.

She was brought out of her thoughts and to orgasm at the same time as Ichigo slapped her ass. Tatsuki leaned down and bit his chest as not to scream and wake Orihime. Ichigo put her onto the couch beofre taking her legs and putting them on his shoulders making tatsuki gasp knowing that he wanted her to scream.

"Ichigo... Don't.

Ichigo grinned and thrust into Tatsuki as hard as possible. Tatsuki's back arched at an almost impossible angle.

"OH KAMI!" yelled Tatsuki as she came instantly as Ichigo pounded into her. He thrust into her a few more times, before firing his load as deep inside as possible.

Ichigo groaned, before pulling out of Tatsuki's tight pussy.

Ichigo leaned down and kissed Tatsuki. "Still the best pussy I ever had," said Ichigo.

Tatsuki smiled. "And don't you forget it either bub," said Tatsuki.

Lemon End.

Ichigo pulled up his pants as Tatsuki made herself a drink She sat on the couch with Ichigo. Ichigo looked at her with an intense expression. He knew that Tatsuki was more into slow cuddling then fast and ferocious fucking that Ichigo liked. For her to do this she wanted something.

"Tatsuki you said you wanted to talk yesterday what is this about?" asked Ichigo.

Tatsuki smiled before taking his hand into both of her and kissing it lightly. "Ichigo. Baby I love you so much and I'm tired of creeping behind my wife's back not showing her the love I vowed to her on our weeding day," said Tatsuki.

Ichigo nodded. "I understand Tatsuki. But know that I really did and still do love you and Orihime," said Ichigo, but Tatsuki stopped him.

Tatsuki smiled. "I'm still going to have you both, but for Orihime I'm going to give her a good gift as well as an I'm sorry for sleeping with you behind her back," said Tatsuki.

Ichigo sighed. "What do you want me to do?" asked Ichigo.


Orihime awoke with a yawn, but frowned when she saw her wife missing. She knew that Tatsuki often liked to train early from 5 to 8, but it still annoyed Orihime greatly. Orihime liked to wake up to Tatsuki's hand or her mouth. That made her shiver as she got out of the bed and stepped lightly on something that had a card. She picked it up and read the card.


I want you to put on this outfit and come downstairs. I got a gift for you that your going to love.

Love Tatsuki

Orihime opened the package and blushed upon seeing what her lover wanted her to wear. It was a Holiday Santa shirt that was slight in a v-neck and so far up only a thin line was keeping ti decent, white fur lining the bottom, sleeves and collar, a red thong with white fur.

Orihime knew that one of tatsuki's biggest turn on's was Cosplay and dress up. Orihime still shivered from the one time Tatsuki played bondage which who loved to give women muligasums.

Orihime walked over to her closet and pulled out a pair of 3 inch all white 'fuck me' heels that had helped Orihime lose her v-card. She pulled the clothes on and walked out of the room and into the living room to find Tatsuki sitting on the couch and What she saw turned Orihime into a horny mess as she looked at her wife.

Tatsuki wore next to nothing. She wore a green Elf's skirt with small gold bells that was so small that could see the very bottom of her ass and the wetness dripping between her legs from lack of panties, a green and red stripped long sleeve shirt that stopped just under her breasts, on her head was a Santa hat that was tilted so that it hung off her head a little and to finish it all off Tatsuki wore red leather 4 inch heel, ankle high boots.

Warning Lemon

Hey there Hime. How did you sleep?" asked Tatsuki walking up to Orihime with her hips swinging from side to side and her heels clicking on the marble floor.

Orihime smirked at Tatsuki, before she sat on the plush blue chair. "I didn't see my favorite toy laying next to me. You know what that means," stated Orihime as Tatsuki got on her knees before Orihime and removed the thong on Orihime.

Tatsuki opened her mouth as she licked around the outside of Orihime's pussy getting a loud moan from her orange haired lover. One thing Tatsuki prided herself on was that she was a gifted lover. Be it male or female she knew what they liked. Orihime for instance was a girl who loved Bondage and loved to dominate her lovers. In fact they had a room that was solely devoted to bondage and BDMS.

Tatsuki gave a smirk as Orihime shuddered and slumped back panting. "Oh god Tatsuki! That tonuge of yours is magic!" said Orihime

Tatsuki got up and kissed Orihime, allowing her to taste her own sweetness, before walking over to the presents.

"I have a gift for you Hime," said Tatsuki as she touched the largest box.

Orihime looked at it and knew that it had to be something sex related for Tatsuki to stop what she was doing. After all Tatsuki was a horny little elf. Tatsuki pulled the ribbon and allows the top to fall and Orihime blushed crimson at what she saw.

Ichigo Kurosaki. Her biggest crush and the one boy she had wanted to fuck since the 9th grade stood before her as sexy as a god of death from one of her bondage comics. The only thing he had on red boxers that showed his erection.

Tatsuki lead Ichigo out of the box and removed his boxers. She slowly began to stroke his massive cock and gave it a lick, making him groan. She gave it a few more test licks before she went for his balls and began to slurp on them while still pumping his large cock. Ichigo groaned in pleasure as Tatsuki did this. Orihime sat and looked at this with a mixture of awe, shock and jealousy.

Orihime wasn't stupid. She had known for almost 4 months that Tatsuki was seeing Ichigo behind her back. She may not have liked it, but she was content to let it happen as she loved both people involved.

Orihime got off the couch and walked over to Ichigo, before dropping to the ground and taking his dick into her mouth like a seasoned pro. At first it was just the crown, but soon she made her way down his cock until she was chin to Chin with Tatsuki who was currently playing with her pussy. Ichigo couldn't last much longer under the assault of these two bombshells.

"Kami-sama I'm gonna blow!" started Ichigo.

Both women let go of his dick and started pumping it as hard and fast as they could, before Ichigo shot his load all over their faces. Orihime was surpired, before Tatsuki kissed her hard.

"Your fucking hot covered in cum Hime," started Tatsuki as she began to lick it all off.

Orihime moaned as She fell backwards onto the soft black rug. Her legs spread open. Ichigo looked at the two women who had just seconds ago made him blow a load that made him feel lightheaded, but he was currently looking at two dripping pussies that needed a good fucking. He lined up with the bottom pussy and pushed in as far as he could. Orihime gasped in shock at what her long time crush was doing. Orihime felt him go so deep into her. Orihime's nails found their Way to Tatsuki's back as Ichigo's hands forund her nipples. Icihgo started to move slowly as not to injure Orihime, but she wanted it so badly.

"FUCK! ICIHGO POUND MY PUSSY! PLEASE!" yelled nodded, before he sped up his thrusts adding some power to them. Orihime started to moan out Ichigo's name as she had never had anyone so deep inside of her pussy before.

Tatsuki smirked and got off of Orihime. "Sorry Hime, but your going to be doing more then crying out Ichigo's name today," said Tatsuki as she sat on Orihime's face.

Orihime still being fucked by Ichigo began to eat Tatsuki out. The pounding Orihime was getting sent vibrations though her body and into tatsuki's pussy. Tatsuki moaned and grabbed onto her own breasts to add even more pleasure then she thought was possible. Ichigo for his part loved how tight Orihime's pussy was. If he had known he wouldn't have bothered fucking Rukia at the time.

Ichigo groaned as he pulled out and fired his load all over Orihime's stomach breasts, and pussy. He panted a bit as he saw Tatsuki lean down and start to lick it all up. He smirked at this. Tatsuki just loved the taste of Ichigo's seed.

Orihime not having any of this rolled herself and Tatsuki over so Tatsuki was upside down.

"Now your going to learn why Tatsuki's my bitch Ichigo-kun," said Orihime as she put three fingers into Tatsuki's pussy.

Tatsuki gasped as Orihime started to pump her fingers, making sure to hit that sweet spot inside of Tatsuki.

Ichigo looked at this, but his cock was starting to feel just a tad bi lonely so he positioned himself behind Orihime and entered her again. While this new angle wasn't as deep as before it was still fucking amazing being inside of her. Ichigo began to rock his hips back and forth entering into the Orange haired girl.

Tatsuki was panting with her tongue hanging out slightly as she had never been eaten out upside down before. Then as she was about to cum Orihime stopped and let out a scream. Tatsuki looked at orihime's pussy and saw that not only had Orihime cum, but Ichigo had let himself go inside of her. Orihime fell forward on top of Tatsuki.

Ichigo panted. "Damn Hime. I didn't know you were such a wild girl," said Ichigo smiling.

Tatsuki flipped both herself and Orihime over and climbed atop her with their clits rubbing together. "Think you got enough for one last round Ichigo?" asked tatsuki shaking her ass.

Ichigo grinned. "Yeah I think I do Tatsuki," said Ichigo.

Ichigo lined himself up with tatsuki's ass and slowly pushed into her plump ass. "Tatsuki groaned in pleasure/ pain as Ichigo went into her ass. It was really rare that she allowed him to fuck her ass, but whenever Ichigo did. Tatsuki would either be to tired for a round of wake up sex, or walking funny for a few days. Tatsuki felt Ichigo slide almost all the way out, before slamming back in making Tatsuki scream, before he started his fast pace .

Tatsuki was letting out screams, before she found her pussy assaulted by two fingers and a mouth on her nipples. The assault on her body had Tatsuki ready to explode from pleasure, before he felt Ichigo remove his dick from her ass. She was about to question him, but heard Orihime moan in pleasure as he went to give her a turn. This went on for a while, back and forth, Ichigo trading between Tatsuki's ass and Orihime's pussy. He was still deep inside Tatsuki as all three were ready to cum.

"KAMI!" yelled Tatsuki finally cumming as Ichigo pulled out and slammed into Orihime a few times maknig her cum, before he himself came inside of her.

Lemon End.

The Three laid down on the couch with grins on their face.

Ichigo bent down and kissed both woman. "Marry Christmas Orihime-chan, Tatsuki," said Ichigo.

The two girls smiled at him, before kissing him. "Marry Christmas Ichigo," said Tatsuki

"I hope your up for another round soon," said Orihime with a slutty smile on her face.

(15 years later)

The front door to the 2 story house opened and in walked Ichigo Kurosaki. "Tatsuki-chan, Hime-chan I'm home," said Ichigo loosing his tie and removing his reading glasses . Damn old age. Ichigo;s hair had grown out and had only a few grays in it like his dads, but other then that he was the same old Ichigo.

Tatsuki walked out of the kitchen with a smile on her face. Tatsuki had retired from the fighting current undefeated in her time and holding the title for nearly 6 years from the age of 20 to 26. She had retired when she discovered she was pregnant with her and Ichigo's children. Tatsuki had gained a looked the same except that her hips had gotten a bit wider and her breasts just a tad bit heavier. She had given Ichigo 2 children In one birth, his twin girls, who drove Ichigo bats at times.

Tatsuki walked up to Ichigo and kissed him soundly on the lips. "Welcome home Ichigo. Dinner should be ready shortly," said Tatsuki.

Ichigo nodded and walked into the living room to see Orihime reading to the 7 year old triplets. Orihime had become a name in thew writing world that was in almost every home. She had forgiven Tatsuki and Ichigo for their secret relationship years ago, but only after she found out that she was having twins. She had kept her figure even after the birth of the triplets. After the triplets were born She had made the choice to have her tubes tied in-case Tatsuki wanted one or two more kids.

Orihime stopped Mid sentence and smiled at her husband. "Alright kids bed time," said Orihime.

The kids groaned, but gave their mother a kiss and father a hug, before going to bed.

As They went to their rooms Tatsuki walked in a shut the door before locking it. A special feature they had installed after little Misa walked on on them nearly 7 years ago.

Tatsuki grabbed Ichigo's shirt and ripped it open, before kissing him hard on the lips With Orihime grabbing her tits.

"Don't you think we should wait until after we eat?" asked Ichigo.

Tatsuki looked at him. "I'm fucking horny! Hell no we're not waiting!" started Tatsuki.

Ichigo just smiled. And his sisters thought he was the Pervert. If only they had seen them on their first Christmas.


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