I am, I feel

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Rating: PG.

Summary: Just something I wrote because I was bored.

Author's Note: I know I haven't written anything in a while... this was just something to fill a gap until exams are over, college finishes, and I get time to finish all the series that I've started and can never seem to get around to.

'He said, "Angel put the purple skirt on, you know it makes me hot,
'He said, "Come on, come on, get up, look like you're enjoying my company,
'Oh, and he said "You can't change the world, you're another one of my fools,
"You were born to have my baby,
"Now, don't cry my precious one, 'cause I ain't got no sympathy for you....'

Life in the real world. It just couldn't get any better than this.

Some days, when the land around her was bathed in sunshine, she could almost convince herself that everything was going to be okay. But that day, the weather was dull and rainy, the kids were screaming at each other for rule over the television remote, and life was not going her way.

Her husband, of course, would be no help. When was he ever any use when it came to talking about her, her problems, her needs? Everything was always centred around him. His job, his promotion prospects, his anger when they overlooked him for the management position.

Life, quite simply, wasn't meant to turn out this way.

"I almost forgot. You had a telephone call yesterday evening when you were giving Evan a bath," her husband told her as he folded up the morning paper and picked up his briefcase. "Some old friend or suchlike... said they'd call back."

"Male or female?" she demanded, before striding into the sitting room and calling out, "Evan, Charlotte! If you don't hurry up you'll miss the bus for school."

The groans that came from her children's direction gave her the impression that they would be perfectly happy to miss the school bus as long as they could watch cartoons all day long.

"Do we have to go to school today, Mommy?" Charlotte answered plaintively. "I got woken up in the middle of the night and I couldn't go back to sleep. What if I fall asleep in the middle of painting?"

Woken up. Not because of a nightmare, not because she was too hot. The reason for her daughter's awakening was more than likely the fight that her parents had had at 2am.

"Did you wake up too, Evan?" she asked, looking concernedly at both her children. It was true enough to say that Charlotte looked more peaky than ususal, but Evan looked his normal six year old self. Maybe Charlotte was coming down with something, their elementary school always seemed to be rife with illnesses and infections, just like any other.

Evan shook his head no. "I was having a dream about a clown who came and did magic tricks for us."

"That's nice, tiger," his father said, straightening his tie and with his car keys jangling in his hand. He gave both Evan and Charlotte a kiss on the cheek, before standing up to tell his wife, "I wrote the name and the telephone number on the notepad by the phone. She seemed to think it was pretty urgent."

"Fine," she said coolly, not quite yet ready to forgive him for things that were spoken the previous night.... early that morning, whichever it may be. "What time will you be home this evening?"

"About six-ish. No later than usual." For a moment, it looked like he was going to say something, perhaps to apologize for yet another session of verbal accusations, but then the look passed. He called a goodbye to his children once more, a tentative smile to his wife, and then walked out of the door and into his car.

'And I am, I feel, like,
'I want to bite his head off,
'Yeah, that'd be fun!
'Cause I sure got an appetite'

Soon enough, the school bus could be heard outside the front door of the suburban house. Evan and Charlotte had quickly recovered from their bout of school-itis, and grabbed packed lunches and schoolbags from their mother before rushing out of the door in a haze of untied shoes and greetings to friends.

She had a rare day off today, quickly fitted in before her holiday time expired. Normally she would have taken time out of the office when the children were home from school, and made a day of it, with trips to the park or the zoo. But that day, she was left at home, to rattle around the empty cavernous rooms like a spare part left over after the family unit had been built.

"I might as well start acting like a proper mother, and at least make some cookies for the kids to eat when they come home," she mumbled to herself, as she wandered into the kitchen, ready to search out all the ingredients for healthy yet surprisingly tasty cookies.

Her attention was diverted from the task of baking by the sight of the telephone table, and the name written upon the notepad that lay there.

In her husband's scrawly, barely readable handwriting, she could make out the words,

'Kim called, 8.20pm, telephone number....'

And then a string of numbers which served to tell Trini that she and her old best friend were not in the same state.

With a smile brought on by fresh hope, Trini picked up the phone and dialled. Suddenly, she was very glad that old friends were being brought back into her life...

'I click my heels together three times,
They sparked a little but nothing happened,
and the big bad wolf's still in my bed...'

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