Avengers Inc.


These issues are a work of fiction based partly on characters owned by Marvel Entertainment Ltd. These stories are not to be used for commercial gain, and are purely for entertainment purposes only.

Steve Rogers & Tony Stark reform the Avengers with friends, new and old, to take it to the next level and beyond. With the Mighty Avengers, Secret Avengers, the Avengers Academy and their first sanctioned team Thunderbolts they are soon to be known as Avengers Inc and bring saving the world to a whole new level.

Team Roster

The Mighty Avengers

Iron-Man aka Tony Stark – Team Leader & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Falcon aka Sam Wilson - Co-Leader & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Captain America aka James "Bucky" Barnes – Field Leader & former sidekick of the original Captain America

Namora aka Aquaria Nautica Neptunia – Namor's cousin from Atlantis as a symbol of peace between two worlds

Songbird aka Melissa Gold – Former Thunderbolt and reformed criminal once known as Screaming Mimi

Novastar aka Angelica Jones-Astrovik – Former New Warrior & newly appointed Nova Corpsmen for Earth

Tigra aka Greer Nelson – Former West Coast Avenger & feline warrior ready for the big leagues

Spider-Man aka Peter Parker – Web slinging hero & one time Reserve Member of the Avengers

Giant Man aka Bill Foster – Former Defender & Campion now ready to take on and live up to two big names

The Secret Avengers

Super Soldier aka Steve Rogers - Team Leader & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Black Crow aka Jesse Crow – Former Wild Pack now Co-Leader & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Switchblade aka Deedra Bernard – Former member of Alpha Flight & daughter of Groundhog & Stitch

Hellcat aka Patsy Walker – A probationary Avenger back from the dead with a second chance to be a hero

Arachne aka Julia Carpenter – Former Force Works & WCA has left retirement now that her daughter is older

Silhouette aka Silhouette Chord – Former New Warrior wanting to escape her former life

Moon Knight aka Marc Spector – Former WCA who has put his mind and life back together & ready to be a hero

Ant-Man aka Eric O'Grady – Former SHIELD lackey & thief given a chance to redeem himself

Quake aka Daisy Johnson – Daughter of Mr. Hyde & former SHIELD Agent looking for a different path in life

Thunderbolts – 1st Avengers Inc Sanctioned Team

Hawkeye aka Clint Barton – Team Leader & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Mockingbird aka Barbara Barton – Co-Leader & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Mach-VII aka Abner Jenkins – Field Leader and reformed criminal once known as Beatle

Atlas aka Erik Josten – Growing powerhouse and reformed criminal once known as Golith

Arcticblast aka Donny Gill – Former criminal known as Blizzard has survived death and determined to be a hero

Cyclone aka Pierre Fresson – Former criminal & Temp Thunderbolt has done his time & now given a 2nd chance

Webtress aka Dallas Riodan – Symbiote who lost a host & a cop who was crippled have joined into something more

Diamondback aka Rachel Leighton – Former criminal and ally of Captain America wanting to prove she's a hero

Dragoness aka Tamara Kurtz – Former evil mutant & Wild Pack member wanting a better life as a force for good

Stonewall aka Jerry Sledge – He has the powers of his father, the Absorbing Man but that's all he wants from him

Ronin aka Doc No Trahn – The former criminal known as the Bengal has taken a new identity and new path in life

Wildepride aka Kyllian Boddicker – Magical disciple of Dr. Strange placed to learn how to be a hero and teamwork

Avengers Academy

Yellow Jacket aka Henry Pym – Camp Headmaster & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Wasp aka Janet Van Dyne – Camp Headmistress & Avengers Inc Founder & Board Member

Jocasta 2.0 – Rebuilt Robotic Avenger & active computer system, staff member & assistant to the Avenger Teams

She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters – Green Avenger powerhouse, staff member and mentor to the Academy students

Black Knight aka Dane Whitman – Former Avenger has returned to guide and mentor the next generation

Justice aka Vance Astrovik – Former New Warrior & Avenger has now taken the job of turning students to heroes

Crystal aka Crystal Maximoff – Inhuman & Avenger who is expected to help others when she needs the help

Gauntlet aka Joseph Green – US Army Drill Sergeant that turned soldiers into heroes and now heroes into soldiers

Quicksilver aka Pietro Maximoff – Former villain and Avenger, has he returned to help teach or win back his love?

Diamond Lil aka Lillian Langkowski – Former Alphan has come to help teach and watch over the new students

Academy Students

Roger Brokeridge – Mutant with the ability to generate balls of solidified energy

Nahrees – Inhuman with the ability to generate electricity

Marcia Daniels – Daughter of Blackout with the ability to create dark energy by manipulating the Darkforce

Martin Lee – Grown son of Lionheart from the future wearing his mother's suit and using the Weapons of Avalon

Jamesy Braddock – Son of Meggan and Captain Britain from the future with the ability to control nature & plants

Greg Willis – College student with the ability to manipulate gravity after a freak event after graduating high school

Pierre Sullivan – Son of the Grey Gargoyle with the ability to turn himself and any inanimate objects to stone

Sylvie Lushton – Rumored daughter of Loki with natural magical abilities

Tara Olsen – An alien named Tarene with similar abilities as Thor who came to Earth modeling herself after him

Michael Van Patrick –Great-grandson of Abraham Erskine, inventor of the Super Solder Serum with similar abilities

Steve Harmon – Former class clown who's body was transformed into Electroplasm giving him cartoonish abilities

Allison Dillon – Daughter of Electro who has inherited the same shocking abilities

Danny DuBois – Son of Princess Python and a master of weapons, including his enchanted axes

Ken Mack – High school student who's body transformed into a metal substance that makes him super strong

Violet Lightner – Armed with an alien weapon that becomes any weapon she needs at the time of battle

Delroy Garrett, Jr. – Former Avenger with super human abilities and goggles of the original 3-D Man

Maria Santiago – Adopted daughter of Jarvis with the ability to transform into metal were-animals

Victor Mancha – Cyborg son of Ultron with the ability to control computers and electromagnetic manipulation

Humberto Lopez – High school student whose embedded medallion lets him shift and take on abilities of dinosaurs

Abigail Boylen – A young girl with the ability to manipulate a cloud-like gas and ride upon it

Terrence Ward – A dark and homeless teen with the ability to shape-shift into his opponent's worst fears

Zuzha Yu – Daughter of Alpha member Puck, decides to try a new start after learning about the death of her mother

Brent Styles – As one of two surviving members of Beta Flight, he is brought here for a better and safer life

Lili Stephens – As one of two surviving members of Beta Flight, she is brought here for a better and safer life

Ben Langkowski – Son of Sasquatch who wishes to learn how to be a hero like his dad

Arlette Truffaet – Former Flight member with a very controlling touch

Jared Carbo – Former Flight member with the ability to generate a force shield around himself and others

Adrian Carbo – Former Flight member with the ability to makes his arms and hands into sharp blades

Luna Maximoff – Daughter of Crystal & Quicksilver whose powers have just begun to manifest

Ava Ayala – Younger sister to the original White Tiger who has now inherited her family's legacy

Victor Alvarez – Thanks to a childhood explosion he can absorb the chi energy from others and power up

Brandon Sharpe – A spoiled child actor with an electric personality

Jennifer Takeda – A girl forced to live in a containment suit because of her body's ability to produce radiation

James Santini – A boy with the ability to become a giant bat

Jeanne Foucault – A girl with a very photographic memory and abilities