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Angel moved through the darkened streets of Rome the fresh air of the young night ruffling his leather coat, revealing more of his fine white cotton shirt as he walked. He moved under a street lamp without pausing. The warm glow of the artificial pool of light illuminating him for a moment, a woman across the street out walking her poodle smiled at him when he glanced at her way coincidentally, her gaze having been drawn to him the moment he'd stepped into the light of the street lamp. Her eyes and smile were flirtatious, inviting him to go over to her. The demon inside him raised his head in hopeful interest and almost immediately and image filled his mind's eye of him walking over to her with his own recuperative flirtatious smile. Doing a little flirting, setting the mood, making her comfortable, before shifting his face scaring a scream out of her and possibly a small chase, before sinking his fangs into her jugular and feeling her hot, thick, sweet fear filled blood as it gushed into his mouth and slid down his throat.

Angel swallowed thickly and turned his gaze away from her quickly a growl rising in his chest and his eyes flashed a predatory shade of gleaming amber. Offending the girl who huffed in indignation and hurried her poodle on, who had been sniffing curiously at an electricity pole as she stalked off down the street. Angel quickly turned a corner and pressed himself up against the brick wall of a domestic home. He closed his eyes and took slow breaths in an attempt to calm himself down, and fight down the urge to hurt and kill the girl completely out of his head. He didn't do that anymore, it was wrong! After all what had the woman done to deserve the kind of death he had to offer? Angel shook his head and closed his eyes tighter willing the urge to go away and leave him in peace, after a long moment he opened his eyes and let out a slightly shaky breath, before pushing away from the wall and continuing down the street he was now on.

Continuing on his way to the bad side of the town, his sharp senses pricked for any signs of his Sire anywhere close by. She was the one person he needed to avoid, at least until after he'd fed. She wouldn't much care for his feeding habits, care wasn't really the word though for the reaction Darla would have if she was to discover that he only fed on the scum of the earth, more like violent disgust. Despite that though he couldn't bring himself to feed upon innocents as he used to, the mere thought of it had his stomach twisting in guilt ridden knots, their terrified eyes searing him to his very core. He couldn't feed on the blood of vermin like he'd done as he'd wandered aimlessly trying to control himself, to stay out of the way. At least not without Darla finding out, she'd scent that the scent of fresh blood surrounding him was that of a lowly animal and she kick him out of her life and home once more, just like she'd done when she'd first discovered that he'd been cursed with his soul, and he couldn't abide that.

So he did the only thing left that he could bring himself to stomach. The thought of being stranded on his own again, without anybody, without anybody for him to keep up appearances for, forcing him to feed on a regular basis, preventing the massacres of innocent lives when after starving himself out of guilt for all the things he'd done, the need for sustenance over powering him and he snapped and found himself standing in the middle of a group of dead bodies, their blood still wetting his mouth. At least this way it was only the scumbags that died by his hands, or fangs as it were. Angel rounded another corner and found himself just a crossing away from the bad side of town. He hesitated a moment, his brown eyes conflicted, before he stepped out onto the quiet street and began making his way across the road. Without another pause Angel stepped into the bad side of town, his eyes easily piercing the darkness, picking up the homeless standing by their bins with burning fires inside for warmth, their hands held out over the flames, their breaths puffing in the air.

Angel moved past them without a second glance they weren't who he was looking for, they were harmless and preferred to be left alone, unless you were looking to trade something. He continued on at a steady pace, going deeper and deeper into the less cared for part of the town, waiting for someone to take offence to his being so far away from where he seemingly belonged, when in reality he deserved to live in a place far worse than this. Angel sighed quietly as he sensed movement from his far left, the sound of a knife scraping against its sheath as it was freed to the night as the unmistakable scent of old and fresher blood mingling in with the unwashed scent of a human male. The sound of his heavy footsteps moving towards him reached his sensitive ears, the steps quickening in the man's excitement at the prospect of roughing up another being.

Angel continued to move unhurriedly, as if completely unaware of the man who was stalking him, with all the stealth of a trumpeting horn. Angel kept his senses focused on the man, aware of every step and heavy breath he took as he steadily removed the distance between them. So it came as no surprise to Angel when after only a few short moments his quarry closed the distance between them completely and stepped out of the shadows and into his path, a sneering leer stretching his lips revealing ugly yellow, rotted teeth. The knife in his hand held so that it was plainly visible to Angel's eyes to invoke fear. Angel looked calmly from the knife to his victims face. "You seem a little lost pretty boy." The man sneered. "Pretty boys end up dead in this neck of the woods."

"And I suppose it's you who does most of the killing." Angel murmured calmly.

The man shifted uncomfortably, his fingers twitching on his knife. Angel's calmness not the reaction he had been expecting. "What?"

Angel sniffed, rolling his head slightly as he did so, an old habit, as e rolled the scent of old and fresher blood in his nose, and the back of his throat. "Of course it's you. The scent of blood on you is so strong, that it highlights just how inferior the human nose really is."

The man looked down at his loose, dirty clothes. Not seeing anything that even looked remotely like blood, he looked back up at the man he held at knife point. "What are you on man? There's no blood on me."

Angel smirked, unable to help enjoying himself. His run in with the woman with the poodle having brought his demon closer to the surface. "Scents linger, some longer than others. Blood lingers longer than most. In fact if you spill blood enough times in large quantities it never fades completely. The scent of a killer."

"You high man? You off with the birdies? You down here looking for drugs, pretty boy?" The man asked, his expression amused.

"No, drugs don't do much for me." Angel met the man's eyes with his own. "I'm here because I'm hungry."

The man gave him a look. "You really are high, aren't you pretty boy. Pity it'll be your last." He sneered trying to gain some of his confidence back.

Angel gave his head a small shake. "No, I really am here because I'm hungry." He rumbled, cocking his head to the side, and allowing his face to shift into the hard ridges of the demon.

The man's eyes widened in terror as he took in the shadowed ridged features. He stared at it for a long moment trying to make certain of what his eyes were telling him he was seeing. It didn't seem possible! People's faces just didn't change on a whim! "What-what do you want man?"

"I told you." Angel murmured softly. "I'm hungry." His tone dark and menacing as it drifted to the man through the darkness of the night.

"I'll give you hungry, you retarted faced freak!" The man yelled, before swinging his knife at Angel with a wide swing that lacked any finesse or skill. Angel growled and blocked the swing, with his forearm, before grabbing the man's wrist and with his free hand slapped his would be attackers hand solidly, knocking the knife free of his hand, where it clattered to the ground and skidded along the road and disappeared down into the gutter.

The man looked from his empty hand to Angel who'd released his wrist. The man's face contorted in terror and he gave a small scared shout as he turned and ran for his life. Angel couldn't stop the smile that curved up his lips and flashed his fangs to the night, nor the growl that rumbled forth from his chest. Angel watched him run for a moment, giving the man a chance to feel like he could escape. With another growl he took off after his prey, not bothering to keep his steps quiet, making his prey's fear spike as he looked over his shoulder to see where his pursuer was. Angel growled again and jumped up onto a rooftop just as his prey turned the corner of the building, Angel moved across the rooftop, his amber eyes piercing the dark as he peered over the edge as he moved with his prey.

A moment later Angel overtook the man and allowed himself to step off the roof to land on his feet in front of his prey. The man stopped immediately his knees jarring painfully, but it went mostly unnoticed as he started horrified at the ridged faced man that had fallen out of nowhere to land in front of him. "What-what the hell do you want man?"

Angel growled and grabbed the man by his dirty upper arms and dragged him closer. "I told you," He released one of the man's arms to fist his hand in his dirty hair at the back of his head and yanked his head to the side exposing the thundering pulse in his jugular. "I'm hungry." Angel lunged for the man's throat a hungry growl rumbling from him. The man screamed, before Angel had even gotten close to sinking his fangs into his neck.

Angel sank his fangs into the man's neck, effortlessly piercing the artery. As soon as his fangs pierced the man's skin, his scream cut off as his hands came up to grab at his attackers arms, trying to dislodge him from his neck. Angel swallowed greedily, the thick blood feeling good going down his throat. He felt the man's grip on him loosen, his entire body slackening as his heartbeat slowed and began sluggish. The blood gushing into his mouth from the pierced artery slowed and Angel sucked harder, pulling the blood into his mouth. When the man's heart stuttered to a stop Angel lifted his head breathing hard, he removed his hands from the body letting it fall to the ground. He flicked his tongue over his upper fangs cleaning the blood that was glistening wetly there.

Angel shifted his face back to the angelic features of the human, his bloodlust receding, bring him back to himself. He looked down at the dead body of the man, the fixed expression on his face one of terror. Angel ran his tongue along the inside of his mouth the taste of the man's blood still lingering on his tongue, the feel of it on the back of his throat. His brown eyes looked down at him sadly, filled with a guilt. It didn't matter that the man had been as guilty as sin, he hadn't been any worse than he, himself had been, was. He had no right to say that this man deserved to die for his crimes against humanity, but he did it because he had to, to not be alone, to stay with Darla, but it was one thing to kill a man, but another completely to enjoy it, to taunt him and thrive on the chase and his fear, like the demon inside him would.

Angel ran a hand through his spiked up hair and let out a breath as the familiar and constant guilt for his actions panged sharply through him, his photographic memory running over the course of the event, sharpening his guilt. He should have just grabbed him and fed, not chased him through the streets like he was some kind of animal, terrifying him. Angel sighed and turned away from the body of his most recent victim. It was necessary for his survival, not that he deserved to survive, but he was to cowardly to take his own life. Too scared of where he'd end up after all the terrible things he'd done.

Angel began walking away from the body and began slipping his mask over his face, hiding his guilt behind the old cockiness that he used to possess. It was the reason Darla had agreed to allow him back into her life, that things went back to the way they were. That he went back to the way he was before he'd been cursed with his soul and he was trying. Really he was, but there were something things he just couldn't do, things that he used to do, took great pleasure in doing. He'd become a fairly proficient actor over the years he'd spent with Darla whilst having his soul, but the guilt was always there no matter how good of an actor he became. And with every death it grew a little more.

Not just from his own kills recent and old, but with Darla's far more creative kills, kills he did nothing to stop, or interfere with in case it jeopardized everything he'd worked for. Angel stepped off the last curb of the bad side of the town and into the good. With a force of will he turned his mind from his guilt and tilted his head up and focused his senses in search of Darla. Now seeking to find her now that he'd fed, to play his part as the vampire she had sired and had quickly become her favourite Childe.


Buffy picked up the empty glasses and placed them on the tray she was balancing on the palm of her right hand. She smiled at the couple that were still sitting at the table. "Is there anything else I can get you tonight?"

"Just the cheque, please." The young man replied.

"Sure." Buffy beamed, before turning and walking away from the table, heading towards the bar. Dumping the empties in the sink, she moved down the bar, picking up one of the cheque books as she passed the little cubbyhole they were kept in underneath the bar. Going over to the register she printed off the bill for table 24 and slipped it inside the black cheque book. Closing the book securely, she stepped out from behind the bar once again and brought it over to the young couple. Did you want me to call you a cab?" Buffy offered, with a polite workplace smile.

"No, thank you." The man spoke again. "We're staying at a hotel just a block over from here."

Buffy nodded. "Ok, sure. I hope you enjoy the rest of your night." She said pleasantly, before moving to turn away from the couple.

"Oh, wait on. Sorry." The woman spoke up with a friendly smile. "My fiancé and I are here on holiday. And we were wondering if you'd be able to tell us the sights we just can't miss."

"Oh." Buffy murmured a little uncomfortably. "I'm sorry, but I've only lived here a couple of weeks and I've worked every day of them. Your travel guide would be more help then I would." She said apologetically.

"Oh." The woman murmured a little crestfallenly.

"I'm sorry." Buffy apologised sincerely.

The woman smiled. "No, that's ok." She assured her.

Buffy nodded. "When you're ready just bring that up to the register." She indicated the black book she had set down on the table. "And congratulations on your upcoming wedding."

"Thank you." The pair said in unison.

Buffy smiled and moved on, looking over at one of the clocks mounted on the wall she grimaced slightly, her eyes moved to one of the windows and she bit her lower lip nervously as she took in the darkness of the night that had descended since she'd come into work that morning. She'd have been safely in her small apartment by now, except one of the girls that was supposed to come in for the night shift hadn't turned up and out of all the waitress' on shift her manager had asked her to stay on, and she couldn't afford to say no. she needed the money to pay the rent and the bills and food, and necessities. Buffy looked over at the wall clock again and sighed, she had another hour before she could get on her way home. It'd be two in the morning when she finally left work, and the later it got the more chance she have of running into one of the monsters that plagued the night.

Buffy shivered and turned her gaze away from the clock and her mind away from thoughts of the monsters. She'd only seem one once, but the memory stuck with her never fading, never letting her forget. Buffy moved along gathering empty glasses from empty tables, filling her tray, before moving back towards the bar. Setting the tray down behind the bar she turned her gaze to a red head who'd only started her shift a couple of hours ago. "Hey Diana. You see that couple sitting at table 24?"

Diana looked over her gaze landing on the young couple Buffy was talking about. "Yeah."

"Their tourists and they want to know the places they have to see before they go home, and seeing as you've lived here your entire life, I figured you could help 'em out."

Diana returned her gaze to Buffy. "And you can't do it because? You may have just moved here, Buffy, but you'd still know at least some of the tourist hotspots."

Buffy shrugged a little sheepishly. "Sure, but what if I tell them 'The Louvre' and they really shoulda gone," Buffy trailed off noting the look Diana was giving her. "What?"

"The Louvre is in France."

"Oh… I knew that… I meant the museum here in Rome." Buffy said uncomfortably. "Come on." She pleaded. "I'll finished washing the glasses."

"Alright." Diana gave in. "Anything to get out doing anything dishes related. Don't forget to put them away properly." She reminded Buffy as she moved away from the sink and the machine that washed them."

"Check." Buffy said as she moved in front of the machine. "And thank you."

Diana paused on the other side of the bar. "You're welcome." She said before continuing on her way to table 24.

Buffy stacked two more glasses onto the tray, before it was full. Lifting the leaver of the machine that lifted the lid, she slid the tray into the gap, before pushing the leaver back down. Making sure the washer was closed properly, before she pushed the large circular green button that started the washer's cycle. Turning away from the washer whilst she waited for the cycle to finish, her eyes drifted over to table 24 a smile curving up her lips as she watched for a moment as Diana talked to the recently engaged couple. Buffy turned her gaze away from the table, and ducked down to open a cupboard and pulled out a tea towel. Straightening up she unfolded the towel and placed it by the washer. Grabbing the tray she used to collect empty glasses and plates from the tables Buffy began placing them in the sink beside the washer, so that she wasn't just standing around doing nothing as she waited for the cycle to finish.

A few moments later she heard the cycle finish, turning towards the washer she opened the lid allowing the hot steam out. With a practised ease she pulled the tray out of the washer and set on the bench behind the bar, before turning once again to the washer to grab the tea towel she had placed beside it. flipping the towel over her hand she picked up one of the glasses and began to dry it off. "Summers."

Buffy looked up. "Yes, Dimitri."

"Your shifts over, you can go clock out." He told her.

Buffy nodded to her manager. "Ok, sure. I'll just finish this off."

"All right Summers. I'll see you tomorrow." Dimitri said, before moving off down the bar, his attention already diverted from her.

"Yeah, see you then." Buffy mumbled as she picked up another glass and began drying it.


Angel turned a corner, Darla walking by his side. "Isn't it lovely being back in Rome, Angelus?" Darla exclaimed.

"Is it the affront to God at being in the Popes holy city or the all the rooms with a view that excites you so?" Angel asked.

Darla smiled and gently squeezed her small hand around his arm. "Both, definitely both. Didn't we have such a lot of fun last time we were here… I wonder if 'The Immortal's' still living here?"

"Probably, the guy wasn't all the creative." Angel murmured a frown furrowing his brow as he tried to push back the memories that were assaulting him.

Darla turned her gaze to him. "You're not still jealous about my affair with him are you? Angelus that was years ago." She giggled.

"I was never jealous, Darla. Spike was jealous. I was pissed off that whilst I was chained up in a dungeon for hours you where getting your brains fucked out of you by the same guy who'd managed to chain me up in the first place."

"Well, he was deliciously evil. Just thinking about him makes my knees weak." Darla moaned.

Angel rolled his eyes up to the sky, his own memories of The Immortal a far cry from pleasant. "If you miss him so much, maybe you should look him up. I'm sure he'd be glad to see you again."

"Really?" Darla purred happily.

"Sure, you far more evil than he is, and more creative to." Angel muttered.

Darla smiled coyly. "You're just saying that." She purred happily, before her gaze turned towards the street ahead of them, her eyes alighting on a petite blond with a backpack slung over one of her shoulders as she moved quickly down the street. "My dear boy, would you look at that." Angel's eyes followed Darla's and he felt himself grow cold as the landed on the girl his Sire was eyeing, his heart clenched in his chest as his stomach did a guilt ridden twist. "It looks as if we'll get a late night snack, before we make it home for the day."

Angel swallowed thickly. "It looks like." He murmured a little tightly, his eyes still focused on the petite blond, who was probably just trying to make her way home.

Darla released Angel's arm and quickened her pace, her heals clicking sharply against the pavement. Hearing the footsteps coming towards her, Buffy turned her head in the direction the sounds were coming from, her eyes landing a petite blond woman who was perhaps only a little taller than her and dressed like she'd just come from a club and a few paces behind her a nicely dressed tall, dark, handsome man. Buffy felt her heart rate pick up as she looked at them, something about them scaring her. Buffy who'd frozen unintentionally upon seeing them, began moving again. Her steps quicker as she hurried to reach her apartment and the safety it provided even as she hoped her instincts were wrong and that the two really were just making their way home from one of the local clubs in the large city.

Buffy was forced to come to an abrupt stop when the blond was suddenly standing in front of her, blocking her path. Buffy's hand tightened on her backpack strap as her heart pounded in her chest, she could feel the pulse in her throat and in her temples, hammering away. In the next moment without much thought or any idea what she could or would do next, she swung her bag at the vampiress hitting her in the face. Releasing the strap of her bag Buffy ran past her moving as fast as her legs would carry her. Her legs that were tired from running around all day at work protested the movements, threatening to cramp up on her. Buffy cried out in fear as a hand tangled in her hair pulling her back with a harsh jerk.

She reached back and grasped at the small, slender hand with her own, trying to ease the pressure against her scalp. "Ahhh!" Buffy cried out as she was arched back by the grip on her hair. She kicked out wildly with one of her legs managing to catch Darla in the shin. Darla growled angrily at the small pain the strike caused, her patience with the human girl already strained after having her heavy bag colliding with her face. With a swift merciless movement Darla slapped the girl harshly. Buffy let out a pained cry from both the blow and the tugging it caused at her scalp as her head angled back from the blow. Angel winced his own guilt rising as he scented the girls terror, mingled in with the blood from her split lip. a part of him enjoying the show, which only added to his guilt.

"I'm really going to enjoy ending your pathetic little life now." Darla growled. "I just hope your blood tastes as good as it smells." Darla allowed her face to shift, taking delight in the sharp rise in the girl's terror. With a growl Darla turned them so that they were facing Angel who'd come to a complete stop his expression torn, an expression that quickly let his face to be replaced by the cocky unaffected mask that Darla expected to see when she turned to him. The terrified girls gaze going to him for a moment as she struggled tears slipping free from her eyes to slide down her cheeks. "Do you wanna share Angelus? Like we used to, it was such a rush." Darla purred, a seductive smile curving her lips as she jerked the girl a little further back eliciting another pained cry from her.

Angel gazed at the girl for a second his mind ticking over for only a brief moment as a sudden decision came over him as he looked at the girl in Darla's grasp. "I want to do so much more to her, Darla." He murmured tearing his eyes from the girl to look at his Sire as he stepped towards them. Buffy returned her terrified hazel gaze on him again at his words a whimper escaping her lips, her entire body straining from the awkward position the monster had her in. The angle of her body preventing her from struggling as each and every moment she made hurt.

"Oh? Do tell, Darlin'." Darla purred her smile widening in pleasure at the look on her favourite Childe's face.

Angel forced himself to smile back, to keep in character, his entire being highly aware that both his and the girls continued existence ridded on just how good his performance was. "There's something about her that just makes me wanna get out some of my old toys." He murmured darkly, making the girl make a fresh attempt to escape, scared sounds mingled with pained ones in her throat.

Darla easily held the girl, her amber eyes remaining on her boy, her eyes shining with delight to hear him talking like this again, towards a specific alive person. "You feel like a plaything?"

Angel cocked his head slightly to the side and smiled. "Yeah, I guess I do."

Darla let her face shift back to that of the humans she once was and pulled the girl back into a standing position her desire for a late night snack over shadowed by her delight in a major return in her boys viciousness, something she hadn't seen properly in all its glory since the damned gypsies had placed a disgusting filthy soul in him.

Immediately upon being straightened up completely Buffy began struggling again, her fear mixing with an anger born out of her terror. "Let me go, you undead bitch!" She snarled, terrified of the things the monsters were describing for her future. She'd much prefer that if she couldn't escape that she die a quick death, not one drawn out for either of their pleasure! Whether they drained her dry or snapped her neck she didn't care as long as it was quick and virtually painless. She didn't want to suffer.

Darla growled and her hand tightened in the girls hair, forcing the girls head back towards her a little, but with a supreme effort she managed to restrain herself. With a shove that was more violent than it needed to be she pushed the girl towards Angel, who grasped her by the arm. Buffy immediately began yanking against his hold on her arm her fear rising at being given to the monster that wanted to do more than just kill her. A fear that grew further as she released that his fingers weren't even straining to hold her, they hardly even flexed with her somewhat violent movements. "You'll have fun with this one. She's got a feistiness to her." Darla stated coolly, her eyes cold as she looked at Buffy.

"Don't I know it." Angel agreed, forcing a cruel smirk to curl up his lips.

Darla's eyes warmed considerably as she turned her gaze to Angel. "Be sure to make her hurt for me, Darlin', at least once."

"Pleasure, Darlin'." Angel murmured. Darla smiled and closed the distance between them. Her lips claiming his in a heated kiss. Buffy used their distraction to try and pry his fingers from around her arm, hoping that his grip on her would have slackened. She let out a scared frustrated sound when his fingers didn't even budge under the strength of her own. She yanked at her arm sharply and winced as it shot pain through her arm. Her eyes remaining on his large fingers that looked menacing curled around her slim arm.

Darla broke the kiss with a smile. "I think she's getting impatient."

"I think your right." Angel agreed again, mentally wincing at the terror he could scent coming off the girl in strong waves as she struggled futilely against his grip. He was trying his best not to hurt her, and he would be succeeding if she wasn't struggling against his fingers. He wished that he could just let her escape, let her just continue on her way home, but it just wasn't possible. She wouldn't get far at any rate, not with Darla standing right there. She'd be dead before she could make it five steps and he'd be left on his own with nothing, but his guilt. It was not something he wanted to go through again. He was far worse off on his own…

"We should get home, before she wears herself out completely." Darla murmured, before walking past him and heading down the road towards the house they were staying in, during their stay in Rome.

Angel hesitated a moment, before walking her, his hand still curled gently around the girls arm, but unwaveringly as she struggled to free herself as he dragged her with him down the road. He could hear the scraping sound of her shoes against the ground as she dug in her heals in an attempt to slow them down. With Darla's back to them, he allowed his mask to slip away, revealing the confliction and guilt he felt as he dragged the terrified, struggling, crying girl with him. Every sound that escaped her lips hitting him hard making him want to flinch with the guilt that tore through him. He'd had no real fixed reason for his decision to save the girl from Darla, or even a real explanation for why he'd risked everything for a young human woman who he didn't know at all. The only thing that he could think of that had spurred his decision was that from the moment he'd set eyes on her, the thought of just standing back and watching her die, to see the life drained out of her had disturbed him greatly.

So he'd spun the first plausible lie he could think of that would get Darla to hand her over to him. Angel closed his eyes for a moment as he felt the girl twist wildly, before whimpering in pain and fear, something that before his cursing he would have thoroughly enjoyed and encouraged. Angel opened his eyes again, consoling himself somewhat with the knowledge that soon he'd be able to calm her and reveal his true intentions to her.


Buffy jumped as the door to the house that the monster had just dragged her through closed behind them, turning her head she looked behind them to see a minion stepping back into the shadows of the darkly lit house. Turning her head away from the door she yanked viciously at her arm in a last ditch effort to escape, despite the fact that she couldn't see much of anything in the all consuming darkness of the house she was being lead through. 'Oh God!' She thought panickedly, she didn't want to be tortured for this demons amusement! She didn't want to die either, but she'd take it over being tortured first. Gathering her courage Buffy yanked harder at her arm. "Let go of me!" She shouted through her panicked breathes as she began kicking, hitting and scratching at her captor trying to force him into losing his temper and killing her quickly then the slow and painful death she'd gotten the strong feeling was in store for her with every word that had been spoken between the two monsters out on the street.

Darla smirked over at Angel, who forced himself to smirk back his muscles feeling rather tight and uncooperative as his guts twisted further with guilt. When Darla turned off into the hall that her room resided in Angel hurried his steps, making the girl stumble at the sudden change of pace. It didn't take him long to reach his room, which was thankfully a little ways away from Darla's, the stench of his human soul making Darla want him further away from her than she used to. Opening the door he stepped inside pulling the girl as gently as he could in after him. Shutting the door firmly Angel let out a breath and closed his eyes for a moment, before opening them once again and releasing the girls arm.

Immediately upon her release Buffy took a couple of steps back, her eyes only picking up shadows of things in the dark room, inhibiting her movements. She cradled the arm that the monster had had hold of, the arm tender and somewhat sore from her continued struggles. Angel watched her for a small moment, his eyes going to the arm she was cradling a fresh wave of guilt hitting him with the knowledge that he had accidentally hurt her. Moving away from the door he walked over to his nightstand and the lamp situated on top of it. Switching it on he turned back around to see the girl gently rubbing her upper arm exactly where his hand had been only moments before, whilst she blinked at the sudden light that illuminated the room. "I'm sorry about all this." Angel murmured softly, trying not to sound intimidating. "Are you alright?" He asked with a small gesture towards her arm as he took a step towards her.

Buffy flicked her gaze nervously away from the monster to the door, without a second thought she ran for the door, wanting nothing more than to be far away from here. Angel moved quickly after her catching her about the waist just before she reached the door. "No! No! Let me go! I won't let you – no!" Buffy screamed, her heart beating wildly in her chest as she kicked and flailed her arms as the monster turned her away from the door.

Angel set her back down the on the floor and released her. "I'm sorry." He apologised again, his stomach twisting into complicated knots of guilt. Buffy spun around to face him, before trying to dodge around him to get to the door, but he blocked her every move with a sombre expression. Out of desperation she punched at his chest with girlie punches that didn't do Angel any damage at all. "Look, I'm sorry." Angel apologised again as he let her punch his chest with her tiny fists. "I know you're scared and upset and I understand, but I promise I'm not going to hurt you."

Buffy punched his chest a couple more times, before she stopped in disbelief as his words sunk in. She stepped back from him, her expression on of incredulousness. "I'm supposed to believe a bloodsucker?" She crossed her arms defensively over her chest. "Even if I was born yesterday, I heard everything you said to-to that woman!"

Angel winced guilty, hating that he'd had to scare her so much. "Yeah, sorry about that, but it was either that or letting Darla kill you were we found you on the street."

"Oh and I'm supposed to believe a vampire? Vampires thrive on the pain and suffering of others. They delight in it. Get off on it!" Buffy accused.

Angel winced again at that and took a small step back from her, before turning his back to her. Buffy watched him a sudden burst of guilt curling up inside her at the expression she had put on his face. Buffy looked away from him trying to get control of herself, the emotion making her feel more vulnerable than she already was. "Did you want a tissue, or-or a cloth or something?" Angel asked after a moment, having gathered himself a little, and knowing the state of her face.

Buffy wiped the back of her hand over her face, feeling the drying tears on her cheeks. She winced as her hand moved over her busted lip, getting some of the drying blood on her hand. She definitely needed to wash her face, but it wasn't all that important to her at the moment. "What I want is to leave. And if you really don't mean to hurt me, you'll let me."

Angel turned back around to face her, hoping to convey the truth to her. "It's true. I don't want to hurt you, but I can't let you leave. It wouldn't be safe for you." 'Or me.' He thought.

"And it's really safe for me in a house full of vampires!" Buffy exclaimed incredulously.

Angel winced and looked towards the door, before returning his gaze back to the door when he didn't sense anyone close enough to have heard her. "Please, keep your voice down. It'd be in both our best interests that no one hears us talking. And it may not be the safest of places for a human, but for you its better if you're here for now. You'll be safer in this room than you would be if Darla found you outside after I took you back with me, and she would find you. She knows your scent. All it would take is for one wisp of your scent to reach her nose and she'd have you like that." Angel clicked his fingers together.

Buffy looked from his fingers to the rug under her feet fighting back the tears that were pricking at the backs of her eyes, not wanting to give the monster the satisfaction of seeing her cry. "I know you don't trust me and that your scared out of your mind, but I did save your life and that should count for something, and if you place any value on your life you'll stay here until I can safely get you out." Buffy shot him a look that clearly stated that she didn't believe him. Angel sighed and ran a hand over his face. "Believe me when I say that you'd much prefer being in here than at Darla's mercy." Angel turned away from her. "Feel free to make yourself comfortable." He murmured, before moving away from her.


Darla hummed a soft tune to herself as she slipped on her nightie. The fact that her boy had taken a mortal to torture and play with as he saw fit after all these years, the first since those rotten gypsies had cursed her boy with his filthy soul, pleased her greatly. It gave her hope that the souls grip on her Angelus was finally weakening enough to let her boy indulge in the finer things in life, like torturing a poor helpless innocent human woman. Darla smiled it made her want her own toy to play with, so that she could delight in their screams and their screams and their blood as she was sure Angelus was doing now… or at least building up to it. Her boy always did like to take his time with his toys, to draw out their suffering and pain for as long as possible.

She'd heard the girls terrified pleading screams and she'd laughed delightedly, it had been to long since the screams of Angelus' victims filled a house. It had made her own sudden desire for a personal play toy grow. She would go join Angelus in his fun, but it was his first in a long while, he deserved to have her all to himself. Darla sighed and picked up her hair brush and began working through the knots that the nights wind had put in her hair. She would go out and get her own, but the sun was too close to rising, and most if not all the humans were safely tucked away in their beds by now, and even if they were still milling about, she didn't have a sufficient amount of time to make her choice, a personal toy couldn't be chosen lightly… it made it more fun if you really, really wanted to hurt them. Maybe she shouldn't have been so hasty in killing her last toy, but how was she to know that her boy would take a sudden interest in a human to torture, making for what would no doubt be a boring day as her boy would probably be took taken up with his brand new human to come to her bed, and she wasn't going to sink low enough to allow one of their minions to touch her!


Buffy sat huddled up against the wall exactly opposite the door that led out of the room. The place she'd moved to after the monster had sat down in a chair by his desk and had opened a book to read. She'd never thought of one of the monsters doing something as normal as reading a book, but there he was reading, whilst she sat against the wall on the uncomfortable floor of his room. Her eyes moving from him to the door out of the room and back again in a continuous repetitive motion. There was nothing she wanted more in this moment than to walk through that door and out into the night, but the demons words had put fear of what lay outside the door in her.

Would Darla really be able to find her as easily as he said if he allowed her to leave now? Buffy shivered and hugged herself, she didn't like to think so, but her father had always told her that the demons that roamed the earth had abilities far beyond that of a normal human, and her father had never lied about the demons, not that he'd ever talked to his family about them much… or be at home all that often. Angel glanced up once again from the book he was pretending to read, his brown eyes focusing on the girl as she studied the door she'd been brought in by as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

He could still scent her fear, but her terror seemed to have faded since he'd turned his attention from her, or at least pretended to. For which he was grateful, her terror had had his stomach in painfully complicated knots of guilt. Angel took in her mussed blond hair and still tear stained face and sighed to himself, before closing his book and setting it down on the desk. Getting up from his chair he immediately drew the girls attention from the door to him her fear spiking a little. Angel turned his gaze from her in a hope that it would calm her a little as he walked across the room moving past her silently, his gaze drifting to her without his permission and he noticed her flinch slightly as he walked by her, not pausing Angel continued on to his private bathroom.

Grabbing a clean face washer from a drawer beneath the sink, he turned on the hot water faucet, he waited for the water to warm, before placing the cloth under the steady flow of clear water. He'd never felt the urge to look after someone as he did with the scared woman in his room. All he found himself wanting to do was hold her and look after her until her fears went away, of course him holding her would probably only scare her more. Angel turned the tap off and rung out the excess water, before heading back into out into the main room to find to his relief that the girl hadn't moved. He stepped towards her, drawing her wary hazel gaze back to him. Angel squatted down in front of her, the cloth held loosely in his hands. "Here." Angel murmured softly, a large part of him wanting to gain the girls trust. Buffy stared at the cloth for a long moment contemplating ignoring, it in the end her desire to clean the dried tears and blood from her face won out and she took the offered cloth from his hand and gently placed it against her swollen upper lip, gently dabbing at the dried blood.

Angel smiled encouragingly and sat back on his heels. "What's your name?" He asked politely.

Buffy paused in her dabbing and glared up at him, her heart clenching in fear. "Why? So you can control me easier? Isn't that what you vampires do? Use a person's name to call them to you whenever you want?"

"That's nothing more than a myth." Angle said seriously. "A vampire can't just say a person's name and be able to control them. Although most would probably want to be able to…" He trailed off and smiled softly at her again. "It'd just be nice to have something to call you."

Buffy dabbed at her upper lip some more and turned her eyes from him. "Call me 'food' that's all a human is to a vampire, or maybe 'plaything' seeing as that's what you were so fond of calling me before."

Angel winced and went to apologise again, but hesitated. It wouldn't do much good. How did one apologise for belittling someone's existence, even if he'd only been saying those things to get Darla to hand her over to him. The words had felt like poison dripping off his tongue and yet they'd come uncomfortably easily to him, from apart of himself he wished he could forget existed. "How does leaving the country grab you?" He asked instead. Buffy turned her gaze back to him, her eyes still full of disbelief. "I know it's a lot to ask, but it's probably the quickest, safest way to get you out of here and on with your life."

"Enough!" Buffy said softly, but firmly, her voice cracking slightly from the dryness of her throat and mouth.

"What?" Angel murmured surprised.

"Enough alright! I wasn't born yesterday! You're a vampire you don't want to help me! Helping me is probably the last thing on your mind. So j-just do whatever it is your going to do to me and get it over with!"

Angel stiffened and looked over his shoulder towards the door to his room. Buffy followed his gaze her eyes sceptical and disbelieving. Not sensing anyone close enough to have heard her slightly hysterical shout or anyone rushing to the room to check out what was going on, he sighed in relief and relaxed as he turned back to face her. He sighed again this time in regret as she stared up at him with a mixture of fear and determined defiance, stirring a large modem of respect for her inside him. Angel straightened from his crouched position in front of her, his eyes filled with guilt. "I really am sorry about all this happening to you." He murmured sincerely. Buffy's gaze shot up to him surprised at the sincerity she could hear in his voice. She could see pain and guilt in his brown eyes as clear as day and it made her wonder if perhaps he was speaking the truth that he didn't mean to harm her.

Buffy turned her gaze away from him again, somewhat unnerved by the guilt in his eyes. He had to be acting, he had to be! But what could he possibly gain by tricking her into believing that he just wanted to keep her safe… Buffy mentally shook her head and forced her mind from it. A vampire didn't need a reason to do anything. "It's late the suns about to rise. You should try and get some sleep. You've had trying night." Angel said, before turning away from her and walking towards his bed, sliding off his jacket and pulling his cotton shirt over his head, he threw them over his desk chair, before sliding under the covers of his bed. Reaching over for his bedside lamp he switched it off, before getting comfortable and closing his eyes to sleep.

Buffy stiffened as soon as the light was switched off plunging her back into darkness. She held her breath for a long moment listening to the sounds of the monsters breathing. After a moment when the sounds of his breathing weren't coming any closer she let out her breath and leaned her head back against the wall she was leaning against as she waited for her eyes to adjust. She wrapped her arms about herself as she shivered slightly the room being cold. When her eyes were able t pick up shadows in the room she lifted her head away from the wall and focused her eyes once again on the door. She could see herself walking through it to her freedom and her feet itched to do it, to walk across the room and out the door, but her fear kept her firmly in her spot huddled up against the wall.


Buffy ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her feet pounding harshly over the pavement of the sidewalk, the sounds of her feet hitting the concrete hollowly around the dark empty street. Her breath rattled in her chest and burned at the back of her throat, her entire body aching and tired from all the running she was doing. But she couldn't stop, she couldn't stop or she'd be caught! And to be caught meant death, or worse at the hands of the blond haired monster that was chasing her.

Her heart hammered in her throat sounding loudly in her ears as she whipped her head around to look over her shoulder at the street behind her looking for her pursuer.


Angel stared up at his ceiling his arms folded behind his head, the now risen sun lightening the room through the tightly drawn curtains. He hadn't been at all tired when he'd slipped into bed hours ago now. In fact he'd only done it in the hopes that the girl would feel safe enough to sleep if she believed him to be asleep and to his relief it had worked, her breathing had evened out to the peaceful calm rhythm of sleep within half an hour. But a little while ago she'd started whimpering and her heart had picked up a scared rhythm. He should have known that she'd have nightmares after everything that had happened to her that night.

Angel glanced down at her sleeping form a small frown creasing his brow as he watched her frightened features as she jerked a little and whimpered again. the urge to go to her and wake her from her disturbing dream was strong inside him, but at the same time it was clashing with the knowledge that her fear would help keep Darla convinced that he was hurting the girl in some shape or form. Angel turned his gaze away from her and closed his eyes tightly his ears filled with the sounds of her fright as he hoped that she'd wake or slip from the clutches of her dream soon. Opening his eyes again he turned them towards the curtained window the sun making a valiant attempt to break through the thick curtains and shine brightly into the room. He sighed and turned his gaze away again as he shifted uncomfortably under the covers, he doubted he'd get any sleep today.

Angel returned his gaze to the girl and sat up, his desire to wake the girl rising inside him as a practically strong whimper escaped her. He paused however as he realized that her waking from whatever horror was plaguing her dreams to see him kneeling over her would probably only serve to scare her further, something that he didn't want to happen. Angel sighed and flopped back down on the bed his brown eyes staring up at his ceiling once again, silently repeating to himself that her fear would go a long way in helping their cause.


Buffy continued to run, whipping her head around to look over her shoulder once again, searching the night for the blond that was chasing her. Her eyes once again taking in an empty street, but she never felt safe enough to stop running. She ran around a corner and almost collided into the dark haired demon, but instead of feeling scared, she felt curiously safe and before she could think to stop herself she wrapped her arms around him tightly. A moment later she felt his arms curve around her, and she hugged him tighter. "It's alright, I've got you. I won't let her hurt you. I promise."

Buffy jerked awake her eyes wide as she took in the room. Immediately her gaze sought out the monster and she relaxed only a little to see that he was still in his bed. Buffy looked down at herself her hands rubbing up and down her arms a small frown creasing her brow, she could still feel the strength of his arms around her and the odd feeling of safety he had provided in the dream. It didn't make any sense! Vampires weren't safe they were cold blooded killers! So why had she felt safe the moment she'd almost run into him when she had been terrified mere seconds before. Buffy ran a hand over hair wincing as her finger moved over a tender spot on her skull where the blond bitch had yanked at her hair. Moving her hand away from her scalp Buffy glanced over at the bed again, before shaking her head and focusing her gaze on her feet. A dream was just a dream, they didn't mean anything. She thought firmly with a small firm nod to make the thought seem more concrete.

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