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Quinten looked down his nose at the two men he had summoned to his office, his face a mask of disapproval as he glanced from one to the other as they stood on the other side of his desk. Giles kept his gaze firmly focused on Quinten trying to seem unconcerned about being in this office with that disapproving stare directed at him, whilst the much younger man beside him, was simply doing all he could to keep from squirming under the disapproving gaze; not used to being on the receiving end of such an expression. And he found it quiet disquieting. After a moment longer Quinten sighed a little tiredly. "Thanks to the two of you and your bungling The Slayer has managed to disappear right under The Council's nose." He said sternly, making Wesley wilt further under his piercing gaze.

"Yes, sir." Wesley mumbled miserably.

"I have half a mind to suspend the both of you for misconduct." Quinten informed the both of them, causing Wesley shrink in on himself as he wondered just what would be install for him if he had to try and explain to his family… most especially his father that he'd been suspended from duty. It made his legs weak with fear at the mere thought of it. "But, it has been made aware to me that the two of you are the only ones in The Council who know The Slayer well enough to have a hope of finding her."

Wesley almost collapsed in relief, his legs shaking so badly he went to sit down, only for Giles who was standing up tall and unflinchingly beside him to put a hand discreetly against his back keeping him straight and standing. Wesley glanced over at Giles, before regaining himself and forcing his knees to lock together to keep himself standing upright with the impeccable posture his father and mother had taught him from his youth. "As such, I am sending the both of you out to find The Slayer and bring her back into the fold." Wesley's expression cleared immediately thrilled beyond belief that he was getting a second chance to make his family proud of him and avoid the scorn that would no doubt follow if he ended up suspended. "In no way does this make the situation you allowed to happen alright. You two are still responsible for allowing The Slayer to run off and disappear; something which is unacceptable." Quinten continued immediately quashing the relieved expression on Wesley's face.

"Yes, sir." Giles and Wesley said in unison.

Quinten gave them another stern look, before he took a seat behind his desk, resting his arms on his desk. "You do understand the seriousness of the mission you both have been intrusted with, I trust." Giles and Wesley both nodded obediently. "And the consequences if you fail will be far worse than a mere suspension." Quinten threatened severely. Giles and Wesley nodded their understanding once again. "Good," Quinten sighed. "You are both hereby relieved of the duties you were assigned to upon returning to headquarters and will commence your search for our missing Slayer immediately. Remember that we can't carry out our duties to protect the world from the darkness that threatens us."

"Of course, sir." Giles agreed immediately, reverting back to the formalities knowing that this was no time to be using his boss's first name.

Quinten looked at them for a moment, trying to impose upon them just how serious he was about this. The Council was nothing much at all without The Slayer to watch over. "You new assignments start tomorrow. Now get out of my office and tell Joy to bring me a cup of tea."

Giles and Wesley turned a filed out of Quinten's office, relieved that things had gone as they had. It could have been much worse considering the steepness of their mistake which had led to The Slayer running from them.


Buffy sat herself down on the couch in front of the TV a bowl of cupped in her hand. Flicking on the TV she scooped up her fork before spearing a leaf of lettuce. She focused her gaze on the TV trying to lose herself in the show to distract her from her worry and boredom. It was all well and good knowing what Angel was trying to achieve. And she respected him for it, it really was a great thing that he wanted to do, even if it was for something that he already had… but despite her understanding and wanting to be completely and utterly supportive, she wished that he didn't feel the need to go out every night… it got boring and a little lonely in the apartment all by herself with nothing but the TV and a few books that Angel had brought along; that she couldn't read, to keep her company.

Buffy gave her head a small shake as she stuffed some of the avocado salad into her mouth and began chewing. She was being selfish! It wasn't like Angel didn't spend time with her, in fact he made certain to spend time with her and he was always affection and kind towards her. And it was her own choice to remain cooped up in the apartment at night instead of going out to explore what the nightlife of L.A. had to offer. Looking around the apartment she shared with Angel, all their things now settled in the apartment and it was even beginning to get to look a little lived in… though that was mostly due to her, turning her gaze out the window, the TV going completely ignored by her as she looked out at what she could see of the Los Angeles night.

Before she sighed, her shoulders slumping slightly as she couldn't help but wonder if Angel was in the middle of some big battle with some ugly strong demon. Buffy gave her head a firm shake trying to dispel the image from her mind.


Angel stood awkwardly on the side walk outside a club, an uncomfortable expression on his face as he tried to gently disengage his arm from the drunken woman who had attached herself to it the moment after she had laid eyes on him as he had been walking calmly down the street… patrolling. This was the last situation he had expected to be in tonight when he had left Buffy in their apartment. Sure it wasn't the first time this had happened… but it was the first that he didn't appreciate it; it was the first time something like this had happened when he had someone he truly cared about and wasn't interested in seducing a woman into his bed.

"I'd let you take me home, baby." The woman slurred drunkenly as she pressed herself closer against him, pressing his arm against her propped up and displayed cleavage. The woman having obviously completely forgotten about the man she had come out with that night. A man who was glaring at Angel menacingly… looking about ready to start something with him… as if it was his fault that the woman had practically jumped on him waylaying him as he walked passed.

"Uh… sorry, but I have a girlfriend." Angel excused and tried to once again disentangle his arm from hers, only for her arms to tighten about it as she pouted up at him, before her lips curled up in a drunken version of a sultry smile.

"She wouldn't have to know." The woman promised in what was supposed to be a whisper, but was loud enough to be heard by everyone; especially her date who took an angry step forward in response.

Angel swallowed, not wanting to get into a drunken brawl with a guy he had no beef with, especially not when he had more important things to be doing than wailing on a jealous boyfriend… 'Who should really be able to keep better control over his drunk girlfriend.' Angel thought irritated as he once again tried to pull his arm free without accidentally hurting the girl. "What about your boyfriend?" He asked with a vague nod in the angry man's direction.

The woman pouted up at him as if not wanting to be reminded that she was supposed to be a taken woman whilst he was in her clutches. "Kiss me." She pleaded her mouth puckering up at him. Angel looked up at the man who was now advancing towards him quickly as he rolled up the sleeves of his jacket, evidentially meaning business now. Abandoning his desire to not hurt the drunken woman that was clinging to his arm, Angel ripped his arm up and out of her grasp and as gently as he possibly could, shoved her towards her angry boyfriend halting his advance. Not hanging around to see what would happen next Angel dashed off with a sudden quick burst of preternatural speed which carried him around a corner and out of sight in a matter of a mere second.


She knew that Angel was a strong vampire and that she was only a mere mortal with the strength of human… but she wished that Angel would let her help… at least in some way… even in just a small way. Buffy gave her head another shake; now she was being stupid! What could she possibly do to help, Angel with his quest. He was out fighting demons… there was nothing she could really do to help with that, except keep on doing what she was doing.

Buffy's shoulders slumped further, it didn't seem to matter what she knew logically; she still wished that she could do something more… do something that would help Angel more than just being his inspiration for setting out on this path. Buffy sighed again, before forcing herself to straighten up and turning her mind from her concerns, it wasn't at all constructive to dwell on the things that she couldn't change…

Buffy stared down at her food for a moment, struggling to find her appetite that she seemed to have lost during her small self-pitying session. Sticking her fork determinedly back into the bowl she scooped up a small cherry tomato and a smallish bit of avocado that glistened wetly with the salad dressing. She turned her gaze to the TV as determination set in, a determination that beginning tomorrow she would start doing things to situate herself in her Los Angeles… starting with working at finding a job… now that they were here in Los Angeles she couldn't keep mooching off Angel, what with the pitiful amount of savings she'd had when they'd left Rome, she was all but completely broke except for a few dollars!


Angel ran for a couple of blocks just to make sure that he wasn't being followed, before he came to a stop to gain his bearings as well as to make sure that the angry drunk wasn't attempting to follow him in order to pick a fight over an imagined slight, when really it should be his girlfriend he was angry at. Seeing that the man hadn't bothered to give chase, Angel relaxed. His gaze landed on a young pretty brunette woman who seemed to be around Buffy's age, quickly descending the stairs to the sidewalk an all too obvious irritation in her stride and her face clearly upset. Angel shrank back into the shadows on his side of the road, his gaze going back up the stairs to see if anyone; possibly the cause of the girls upset, was following her down the stairs. His sensitive ears picked up the woman's voice and his gaze dropped back to her to see that she was pressing a small phone to her ear as she wiped at one of her eyes, smearing some of the makeup she was wearing as she did so. "Yeah, I need a taxi to…"

Angel turned away deciding that there was nothing dangerous at work here, just an upset woman on her way home, nothing demonic about that… and none of his business.


Cordelia hung up her mobile with a sniff, still really rather high strung from what had happened up at the high rollers party she had been invited to. As she went to put her phone away, her gaze landed on the back of a retreating man; a man who looked a lot like the guy she had seen the last time she had had to call a taxi home… but it couldn't be, that would be to strange of a coincidence in a huge bustling city like Los Angeles. The man disappeared from view and Cordelia turned her mind from the guy, her focus returning instead to her misery as she returned her phone to the small classy clutch that matched the violet dress and a more purple thin wrap that she had chosen to wear.

Her hand went to a spot on her dress where a dark red stain now ruined her beautiful classy dress. She could kill that bitch Chastity for this! The bitch had had the nerve to look all innocent and shocked as if the action hadn't been deliberate; she'd even had the gall to apologise. Making it impossible for Cordelia to do anything but graciously accept the apology or else cause a scene and loss all the credit and attention she had managed to gain that night. Of course it was all for nothing now. She doubted very much that any of the people she had met tonight would remember her name in a couple of hours after all the night was still young, especially for a Los Angeles night… Cordelia bit back a sob, determined to keep her back straight… at least until she got into the cab. Not wanting to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her break down and believing that she was weak.

Never would she allow the pack of vultures that were her competition get away with believing that, she; Cordelia Chase was weak! She was strong all the women up there were little nothings compared to her! Every last one of them where just jealous! Why else would they want her out of the way tonight?! Cordelia's lower lip trembled against her will as she rubbed at the stain that had ruined her night… a night that was supposed to be her new beginning on the path to her ultimate dream… "Some new beginning," She muttered miserably to herself, wiping at her eyes again to remove the tears that were welling in her eyes, unknowingly smudging some more of her once impeccably applied makeup as she looked up and down the street for the hideous yellow colour of the cab she had just called.

She wanted to go back up the stairs and try and salvage the night and impress all the incredible people who may one day become her boss for a certain amount of time on a shoot, but as much as she desired to, she couldn't bring herself to go back up there, not looking as she did; her dress stained by an ugly red stain. 'What kind of person drank red wine at a part like that anyway?! You'd think they'd be courteous enough to drink white, at least then the stain could be lived with if spilled!' Cordelia thought. 'Convincing scheming bitches, that's who!' Cordelia answered herself. 'Just you wait, Chastity! I'll pay you back for this.' She swore silently, her gaze going up to the large building behind her, landing on the windows of the level she knew the party to be on… a party she should still be at getting noticed.

Cordelia scowled darkly as she turned her gaze back to the street before her, her foot that was strapped tightly in a gorgeous silver stiletto heel that with the dress took on a violet hint in a certain light, beginning to tap against the pavement as she grew more and more impatient for her taxi to arrive wanting to get home so that she could get to work on her battle plan… and if she needed to break down in private… 'God, I miss my car.' Cordelia thought in annoyance as there was still no sign of her taxi.


Angel walked through a quiet cemetery, using his senses as much as his eyes as he picked his way carefully through the cemetery. It had been ages… since he'd walked through a cemetery the last time had been when he'd turned Penn, a young Irish lad who'd been much like himself as a young man. It was for that reason he had turned the boy and had spent a good few years teaching the boy, attempting to see if he could mould an image of himself in the boy. Angel shook his head in an attempt to shake the memory, the vividness of it making him feel uneasy. Penn would have had a good life ahead of him if the boy hadn't been so unfortunate as to catch his eye.

His attempt to shake the memory backfired though as he walked past tombstone after tombstone in the still cemetery. The graveyard bringing back another unwelcome memory… a memory that he remembered all too well; a memory of him buried deep beneath the Earth's surface in the wooden box his father had paid for him to be buried in. The scent of the treated wood filling his nose along with the damp soil around him, the sound of the warm heartbeats somewhere up above him and he could feel the sorrow of the crowd gathered around, hear the priest saying his sermon on death… it had taken him ages to put all the pieces together… to even work up the energy to open his eyes… his body had felt weak and yet stronger than it had before… more alive despite the stillness in his chest. A curious burn in the back of his throat that made him want to rise up out of the dirt and rip the people gathered to blood shreds and feast on the blood that he knew pumped within their veins.

Angel placed a hand to his throat the power of the memory making his throat ache slightly, taking a deep unnecessary breath Angel let it out slowly as he closed his eyes, his eyes screwing shut tightly as he tried to chase the memory away, not wanting to remember… despite everything that he had done since being turned into a vampire, that one was still a very powerful memory that the demon revelled in and caused him to wake up panting… the memory of his first night as a vampire a horrifying nightmare for him. When he'd first been cursed with a soul, the memory of his first few nights as a vampire haunted him the most. The slaughter of his friends… all the patrons at the tavern, he had frequented the most; leaving the walls dripping with blood. The night he had revelled in murdering his family… leaving his father for last, letting the old man feel the pain of seeing his wife and beloved daughter fallen and bleeding, slumped over in death… taunting him…

After that he'd always woken up panting and shivering… not in could, but in horror… a queasy feeling churning in his stomach. Angel paused in his steps, his gaze going back the way that he had come. Perhaps it was time for him to call it a quits tonight… and go back to Buffy, who'd be able to chase away his dark memories with her loving warmth. Angel turned around to face in the direction of the entrance he had come through; he'd barely walked two steps though when he felt what he had been too distracted to feel before just a few tombstones ahead of where he had stopped in his patrol of the cemetery. A newly turned vampire under the soil, beginning to claw his way to the surface.

Angel turned back around and began slowly walking towards the grave were he could feel the disturbance, a slight sense of déjà vu hitting him with the memory of Penn so recently in the forefront of his mind. Coming up by the grave, he waited a couple of minutes, his eyes focused on the earth where he could feel the vampire working, fighting to reach the surface. As he waited he found himself wishing that he hadn't felt the fledge, after the memories this place had brought to the surface on a quiet night he didn't feel much like being here, but that wouldn't say much about his resolve to earn Buffy and clear his conscious. A hand thrust up out of the grass, a small spray of dirt scattering the broken earth the fledges hand had made, a hand that was soon followed by a second and the demons head; which the fledge shook vigorously spraying more dirt about before, the young male vampire pulled out its torso, before he it kicked its legs free and climbed completely out of its grave.

The fledging looked at Angel curiously as if he was trying to size him up, before finally meeting his eyes. "Are you my Sire?" He asked.

It was the only thing he would say at all as a vampire as whilst the vampire had been working at pulling itself out of its grave, he'd pulled out the stake he'd sharpened. With a quick practised motion that had been perfected with years of delivering death to all sorts being. The vampire looked up at him shocked, not having expected danger to come from a fellow vampire. "No." Angel replied just before he pulled back the stake out of the vampire's chest. An instant later the fledgling turned to dust. Angel looked around the cemetery one last time before he turned once again and began making his way out of the cemetery, this time managing to make it all the way out of the large ornate caste iron gates.


Buffy vaulted freely about the apartment, her body moving to the beat of the music coming from the radio she had switched on; having felt the need for some noise in the apartment and to do something that would burn some excess energy that had been surging around inside of her making it impossible for her to sit still and do all of nothing. Her hips twirled in time to the rhythm as she turned around in a circle her arms going out wide for a moment, before she raised them up above her head. Her hands fluttering above her head in time to the music; completely lost in the music and freedom of dance Buffy didn't notice the door to the apartment opening… or the audience she had gained… an audience who had frozen in the doorway at seeing her, his chocolate brown eyes drinking in the sight of her lithe young body as she twirled gracefully to the beat.

The moment ended far too soon for Angel as Buffy turned spun around, her gaze sweeping over him by chance, causing her body to falter in its rhythm, before stopping completely her hazel eyes wide as she stared up at him with both surprise and embarrassment at having been caught dancing so freely by her love. Stepping over to the radio she quickly flicked it off, her hands going to her hair brushing back the strands that had become unruly during her prancing around the apartment. "Uh, Angel…" Buffy fumbled, sure that her cheeks must look redder than a tomato's as she looked up at Angel who was still staring at her.

"I didn't know that you could dance." Angel commented.

Buffy was sure that her cheeks flushed darker if that was possible. "You're back early." She managed to get out after another moment, wishing that she had been paying more attention to her surroundings instead of getting lost in the music. "Did something happen?" She asked, not having expected him back for at least a few more hours, the night still being fairly young.

Angel shrugged as he finally remembered to close the door behind him. "Not really," He excused, not wanting to get into the reason behind his desire to come home early… not when the chill of his memories of past deeds was beginning to thaw and give way to the warmth that Buffy so effortlessly inspired inside his un-beating heart. "I just felt like seeing you." He murmured as he stepped towards her, his arms reaching for her. Buffy sensing his need instinctively, moved into his arms sliding her own around his back as his closed around her holding her gently against him. "You're pretty good," Buffy looked up at him curiously. "At dancing, you know." Buffy immediately groaned in embarrassment and ducked her head, pressing her forehead into Angel's chest, her cheeks heating up once again. "You've got more talent than I do at the type of dancing that is done today." Angel complemented her as he stroked his hands up and down her back trying to sooth her, as small smile of affectionate amusement as he tried to understand why she was so embarrassed at having been caught dancing.

Buffy shifted her feet slightly. "I normally just dance at clubs… amongst my friends in the town mom moved us to… that way I don't feel so embarrassed." Buffy mumbled as she slowly looked up at Angel, the flush in her cheeks slowly fading.

Angel dipped his head down and brushed his lips against hers. "How about I take you to that movie, I promised you?" He murmured as he slowly pulled back, changing the subject to ease Buffy's embarrassment. "Unless you're too tired." Angel tacked on, a little hurriedly not wanting to drag her out somewhere if she didn't feel up to it.

"Are you kidding?!" Buffy exclaimed excitedly, all traces of her embarrassment gone; just like Angel had hoped. "I'd love to." She agreed eagerly, her plans for getting up early tomorrow and sorting out her resume and start the hunt for a job that'd help pay the bills completely forgotten as Buffy swiftly moved about the small apartment, stuffing her feet into her runners and grabbing her handbag; preparing to head out to a late night movie.


Cordelia pouted as she gingerly held the ruined silk dress before her between her thumb and forefinger, the red stain standing out darkly against the soft violet of the silk. There really wasn't all that much that she could do for it… stains didn't like coming out of silk… at least not completely and if they did… the silk never looked as good as it did before. There would always be evidence of the stain soiling the beautiful silk! "Bloody Chastity!" She grumbled for what felt like the thousandth time that night, before she sighed and lowered her arms. She'd still try and get the stain out, but she wasn't so skilled at that kind of thing… the maid at her father's mansion was excellent at it like she'd been born to get stains out all kinds of clothes, but still she'd try. She liked the dress too much to not do anything about it.

Tossing the expensive dress aside for now Cordelia turned and walked over to the large window in her room, her soft comfy nightie billowing about her slightly in the soft breeze of the night. Her gaze focusing on the Los Angeles night; a night she should still be out in… should still be partying with the best of them… impressing everyone at the party and landing the role of her dreams! Cordelia only stood there for a moment, before she turned away from the window and strode through her room and out the door. Manoeuvring her way through her apartment she made her way into her kitchen heading immediately for the fridge and the bottle of chilled white wine that was waiting for her in there. She wasn't a huge fan of wine in general, but it was one of the only things they served at the elite parties she was working her way into and she wanted to practise drinking it… getting used to the taste and perfecting the way she held the stem of the glass.

Grabbing the stem of the wine glass Cordelia swiftly poured herself a drink, carelessly slopping some over the sides in her haste. Not bothering to clean up the small mess, Cordelia; with wine bottle and glass in tow returned to her room, where she promptly sat down on her bed. Curling herself up in the middle of it as she took a large, very unladylike gulp from the glass and making a face as she swallowed it down, having taken too much of the wine at once. She quickly finished her glass and topped it up again from the bottle still clutched in her opposite hand. "Just you wait Chastity, you traitorous bitch! I'll make you wish that you'd never even clamped eyes on Cordelia Chase!" Cordelia declared venomously, before gulping down another swallow; settling in to spend the rest of the night polishing off the bottle of wine.


Buffy stretched as she stepped out of the cinema and into the night that had grown a little chilled since they'd entered the warm building a couple of hours ago. "That was a good movie, don't you think?" Buffy remarked as she turned around to face Angel who had followed her out of the cinema.

"Uh, yeah, it was interesting." Angel tried, not really sure what else to say about the movie.

Buffy's face fell a little as she took in Angel's expression, his tone of voice saying something completely different to what he said. "Oh, I'm sorry, Angel." Buffy apologised sheepishly. "Next time we go we'll see something with a bit more action and adventure." She promised, feeling bad now for suggesting the romantic movie that had caught her eye the moment they had stepped into the building.

Angel shrugged and offered her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about it. It really was interesting…" Trailing off a moment at the raised eyebrow Buffy gave him. "To see the way the cinema experience had changed since the last time I went… but something with a little more action and thrill would be nice for next time." He added, realizing that she wasn't going to let him get away with pretending that he'd really enjoyed the movie… it wasn't that he thought it was bad… it just wasn't something that could keep him entertained for so long.

"Well, at least you enjoyed something about the movie." Buffy murmured as she wrapped her arms about herself as a sudden stronger gust of cool night air swept over her causing gooseflesh to rise up over her arms and she mentally scolded herself for not thinking to bring a jacket.

"Hey, there were also some funny bits." Angel added suddenly remembering the few times he'd had a small laugh at some of the scenes.

"That's good." Buffy replied, a little relieved that he'd at least enjoyed some parts of the movie they'd seen. Angel seeing her chill in the night air, he shrugged out of the jacket that he really didn't need and swung it about her shoulders. The jacket far too big for her almost seemed to swallow her whole as Buffy pushed her arms through the sleeves, struggling to get her hands all the way to the ends; having to roll up the cuffs of the jacket a couple of times on each arm to be able to manage it. "Thanks." Buffy murmured gratefully already beginning to feel warmer with the thick jacket covering her.

Watching from inside the movie theatre the short dark haired man that wasn't all that he appeared to be scratched at the back of his head as he watched his possible assignment walk away with the girl he'd spent the last 2 hours snuggled up with in the cinema. Watching them until they had walked out of sight, before he moved; stepping out of the building he walked down the small flight of steps. Walking after them he was quickly able to catch sight of them once again as they walked slowly up ahead of him, their hands intertwined…


"He seems to have potential." He told the two ethereal beings that stood before him as they stared at him at him patiently. "With some guidance he could be a good champion for The Powers That Be."

"And yet he gave up so easily tonight after only a couple of memories thrust up in his path." The male Oracles spoke as he took a couple of steps to the left of him away from his companion.

"He's a newbie." The short dark haired man said with a small shrug. "Still rough around the edges; it's no easy thing to turn your life around. And he still stuck around to kill that fledge, before he called the quits."

The two Oracles looked at each other, the male that had moved away, before moved back towards his companion. The woman raised her head slightly as she turned her gaze back to their guest. "Very well," She spoke softly, but her voice no less clear or powerful. "Doyle, continue to follow the en-souled vampire." The Oracle bid him, the three Oracles turned as one and together they walked back the way they had come; back towards the world they called home. Doyle only got to watch them go for a short moment, before the magic that allowed him to visit the ethereal beings that could help or hinder those that visited them as they chose depending on how happy they were with the gift they were given, sent him back through the portal.

Doyle looked around the underground stone hallway as he straightened his clothes. Looking up at the gateway he had used to enter the alternate dimension in which the All Knowing ones dwelt; the Greek words craved into the stone arch way catching his gaze for a moment as they always did. Doyle sighed as he turned away from the archway and began his journey back to the surface. "Of course more lurking and stalking. You think it'd be easier to be more upfront about it all." He muttered to himself, not looking forward to the prospect of continuing to spy on the troubled vampire that was trying to right his life for the love of a woman. The vampire was cunning despite all his mental turmoil. The vampire had almost discovered him twice already since he'd started following him; luckily for him other things had gotten in the vampires way of discovering him, causing the vampire to believe that disturbance was what he had been feeling.

Making it back up to the surface and re-joining the brightly lit Los Angeles night for now heading towards his own apartment imaging that the vampire wouldn't appreciate being spied on at this particular point in time. Not if he was doing what he believed the vampire would be doing; what any man in his right mind would be doing if they had a lovely girl like the one he'd seen the vampire with tonight…


Buffy moaned heatedly, their clothes scattered haphazardly about the mostly dark apartment; the only light that was coming in was from outside, the lights of the Los Angeles night and the moon doing something to bring a soft glow into the apartment. Her hands slid up from his sides to grasp Angel's broad shoulders as her knees grew weak beneath her weight as his lips caressed over her neck and his fingers brushed over the sensitive peak of her already hardening nipples; playing with the sensitive buds with gentle expert touches that had the heat of her arousal intensifying inside her as it sparked out over her nerves from all the places he was touching. "Angel." Buffy groaned, her neck arching back to allow Angel more access to her throat.

She pressed her thighs together in an attempt to ease the ach that was growing inside of her with every caress of his hands and touch of his lips. Buffy let out a little moan of discontent as one of Angel's hands left her breasts, leaving the abandoned nipple aching at the loss of his cool touch. It was replaced by a small jump and heated moan of desire as the hand that had abandoned her breast slid between her trembling thighs to touch her wet aching pussy. Angel groaned against her neck, as he felt the wetness that had already gathered between the slick folds of her pussy. He stroked her gently, his fingers searching out the most sensitive spots of the vulnerable flesh he was exploring with his fingertips.

Buffy's hands clenched around Angel's shoulders, her body pressing up against his needily, wanting… needing to feel him closer against her as one of his clever fingers slid inside of her hot wet sheath. A small cry escaped past her lips as Angel added a second finger to join the first and she clung to him all the harder, her legs feeling like they would give out on her at any moment with the sensations that his fingers and mouth were shooting through her body. "Angel, please… ah… it's not enough… not what I want." She managed to get out around her heavy breathes as with each pumping thrust of his talented fingers. Angel groaned at her words; the needy words sending a hot streaking bolt of lust through him that went straight to his hard cock, making it pulse with need.

Sliding his fingers from within the hot welcoming wet depths of her sheath and Buffy whimpered in denial as the growing heat inside her came to a standstill as his fingers stopped working her body up into the heights of passion, leaving her feeling bereft; much more so than when she'd had his inside her. "A-Angel… I didn't-didn't mean for you to-o stop." Buffy whined as she clung to him, one of her hands making its way down between their bodies to curl around the turgid length of his cock and give it a small squeeze; a squeeze that almost cause Angel's entire body to jump with the desire it inspired in him. Reaching down between them he gently pulled her hand from around his pulsing member, before Buffy could say anything or react in any way Angel lifted her up into his arms, his hands squeezing around her ass, finding the temptation to irresistible as he held her up against him.

Buffy successfully distracted by her desire once again rocked herself against him, feeling the mushroomed tip of his cock sliding against her wet pussy, causing a delicious friction to begin between them once again and Buffy's head lolled back as her eyes slowly slid closed as she revelled in the feel of him against her, wishing that she could press down impaling herself on him but his hands that were firmly cupping the globes of her ass prevented her from doing so. Angel groaned, feeling his own knees weakening beneath him tightening his hands around the firm rounded globes of her ass as much as he could without hurting her fragile human flesh; stilling her amorous movements, making Buffy pout at him in disappointment the delicious friction she had been making between them disappearing once again leaving her feeling bereft and aching with no real end to the wondrous torment Angel had begun and now seemed almost reluctant to finish.

Angel quickly walked them over to the bed finding himself growing impatient with the foreplay; needing to feel her welcoming heat surrounding his turgid cock. Angel fell forward onto the bed, using his arms to prop himself up to keep from squashing Buffy with his weight. As he looked down at her he took a small moment to brush some of her golden blond hair from her forehead as Buffy lifted her legs up off the mattress and wrapped them tightly around his hips. "I love you." He murmured softly.

"I love you too." Buffy returned sincerely, just before Angel's mouth took hers, taking possession of her mouth as his tongue slipped past her lips to massage hers. Buffy moaned in delight her hips lifting her up off the mattress rub against his hard straining length wantonly, encouraging the passion he was showing her, not wanting to be teased anymore.

Angel released a muffled moan, his hips jerking against her beyond his control. Buffy tore her mouth from his with a great deal of difficulty; her mouth immediately feeling the loss of his talented tongue. "Oh, please!" She begged hotly, her body straining up against his as she rubbed her breasts against the strong sculpted muscles of his chest, needing the friction against her breasts to help ease the ach that had been building there since he'd stopped teasing them with his talented fingers. Buffy's nails dug into Angel's back as she felt Angel's cock filling her, sending bolts of pleasure through her sheath that shot straight to her aching core as he stretched her sheath.

Angel groaned as he felt her tight wet pulsing heat all around him, squeezing him in that way that made him want to loss control as if he was an untried youth who'd never lain with a woman before. He still inside her as he took a deep breath in an attempt to steady himself and he felt Buffy's legs tighten around him in response; urging him on as her hips shifted against him changing the pressure around his cock. The breath he had taken came out in a woosh as he shifted his hips against her in reaction as he began a steady rhythm inside her. Buffy sighed shakily as she easily rocked her hips up against his, matching his easy pace. Her eyes meeting his as she luxuriated in the heat that was building between them, her muscles quivering in that delicious way as the tension built up inside them urging them onward as their bodies moved in tandem; taking and giving from each other.

Buffy raked her nails down Angel's back, before she clutched desperately at his sides as he shifted above her, changing the angle of his penetration slightly, causing a whole new slew of sharp hot sparks of desire spiralling threw her. "Oh, Angel!" She cried out as her body arched beneath him her nails digging into his sides as she thrust her hips up sharply against his searching for the next surge of hot pleasure, her climax building up inside her making her abdomen feel hot and tight in a way that felt almost painful in its intensity at that moment. Angel stared down at her as he continued to thrust inside of her, mesmerized by the sight of her impassioned face that spoke so freely of the pleasure he was giving her. As if sensing his intense gaze Buffy opened her eyes that had fluttered shut as she focused entirely on the pleasure heating her body, her hazel gaze that had darkened to a deep jade in her desire for him, met his dark gaze; staring up at him unblinkingly as they moved together and as their eyes met Angel swore that he felt his desire grow with a sudden sharp bolt that had his balls tightening…

Angel gritted his teeth trying to regain his precious control, but the intensity that he saw in her gaze, the complete and utter freeness of it as she un-bashfully showed him everything she was feeling. With a groan like growl, Angel hurriedly worked a hand between them as his hips continued to keep pumping in and out of her, his pace a little less steady now. His fingers found her clit after a short moment and he began to gently massage the small sensitive bud and almost immediately he felt Buffy orgasm around him, her sheath spasming about him tightly as her body arched up underneath him a silent cry forming on her lips. Angel didn't get to watch her writhe in her orgasm for long as his own over took him, his back bowing as he pressed up as close to her as he could as he continued to thrust for a few more moments as he rode out the crashing waves, extending both of their orgasms for as long as he could.

Buffy whimpered out a moan as Angel slipped free of her, her nerves still thrumming from the intensity of her orgasm. Angel let out his own soft groan as he rolled to the side, his unnecessary breaths coming raggedly, his eyes closing for a moment as he tried to commit the all giving look that had been in her eyes to his memory, wanting to make sure that out of all the experiences that he was condemned to remember that he never let that one slip through the cracks. Buffy shivered slightly as her body began to cool, the thin sheen of sweat covering her body making the cool air in the apartment feel colder than it actually was; and she could feel Angel's cool seed slipping down her thighs along with her own juices as she continued to take deep breaths as she tried to calm her breathing and heart rate, that she could still hear pounding in her ears. "I'm sorry." Angel apologised to Buffy's surprise drawing her gaze to him as she wondered why he was apologising. "Next time I'll do better." Angel promised her. It was Buffy's turn to surprise him as she laughed breathlessly.

"I'm sorry." She apologised for laughing. "It's just that I can't possibly imagine how that could have been better." She complemented, making Angel's slightly affronted expression disappear completely to be replaced with a satisfied look.

"Give me a few minutes and I'll show you just how I can make it better." Angel promised her. Buffy felt her core clench with something stronger than an aftershock of her orgasm and she bit her lip to hold back the moan that rose up in the back of her throat as she tried to imagine just how it'd feel to have a better sexual experience just after that one…


Cordelia snorted loudly in her sleep, her arm hanging limply over the side of the bed, her hand clutched around a now empty wine bottle. She snorted again and shifted irritably in her sleep as her alarm suddenly penetrated the room loudly an unwelcome noise that made her already sore head pound harder… hard enough to wake her from her restless sleep. Cordelia groaned one of her hands going to her forehead as her face screwed up in agony as her head pounded. "Ooh… I think I need an aspirin." She bemoaned, wincing as her own voice made the pounding in her head increase. Reaching over blindly to her nightstand where her alarm sat beeping away; an irritating shrill sound that grew louder with each passing moment.

She whimpered slightly as her hand missed the button that shut down the alarm and hit uselessly against the alarm clock. Cracking her eyes open another groan escaping her as the midday sunlight that was streaming unchecked through the room hit her eyes making her sore head pound all the harder. Immediately she screwed her eyes shut again as she turned onto her side, reluctantly cracking her eyes open once again she wacked at the alarm clock again, this time her fingers landing on the desired button and pressing it she sighed in relief as the irritating noise finally stopped bathing the room in an almost silence. The noises coming in from outside still penetrating the room.

Cordelia settled back down against her mattress not quite ready to attempt getting up just yet, but she'd only just started to feel comfortable; the ach in her head receding to something that could be ignored if one tried hard enough when a bird that seemed deliberately noisy as it hoped about on the roof above her bedroom and began singing a merry song as it did so. Cordelia let out a frustrated whimper. "Oh, why?!" She groaned as she rolled back onto her side, fisting her hand in her pillow she stuffed it over her head in an attempt to block out the noise, but all it did was seem to make her head pound all the harder. "Alright, alright!" She groaned irritated, nowhere near ready to be getting up yet, but seeing no other choice as everything from her head to the noisy little bird outside was conspiring to get her up.

Slowly sitting up Cordelia placed a hand against her mouth as her head spun at the sudden movement. The spinning in her head making her stomach churn sickeningly. Quickly getting to her feet, Cordelia raced for the bathroom as she felt bile rise up in the back of her throat. Something telling her that today was going to be a long one.


Buffy stepped out of the shower, wrapping her towel around her slim frame. There was still a delicious dull ach that was a constant reminder of the pleasure she had shared with Angel much earlier that day; pleasures that had kept her in bed resting afterwards for far longer than she had intended. It was already well past midday… it was heading on towards late afternoon… she'd wanted to be at least half way through handing out her resumes by now… not still at the apartment not having even started on her resume.

But she wouldn't trade last night for anything; especially not something as boring as her resume. She still had plenty of time to get it done, and now she had those extraordinary memories to keep her warm. Buffy turned her thoughts from it as she felt the beginnings of a tell-tale heat beginning pool in her lower abdomen. 'Bad, Buffy,' She thought. 'Gotta get on with the job hunt… not jumping Angel's bones… whilst he's lying sleeping in bed…' Buffy bit her lip and gave her head a shake to clear the tempting thought from her mind.

Quickly drying off and getting dressed; making sure that she looked presentable… employee worthy, Buffy stepped out of the bathroom and into the main apartment. Her gaze immediately went to Angel who was still lying asleep on the bed. Not wanting to wake him, Buffy found a piece of paper and a pen and scribbled him down a quick note for him. Walking over to the bed she placed the note on her pillow, so that he wouldn't be able to miss it when he woke up… if he woke up whilst she was gone. Buffy couldn't help staring down at his peaceful sleeping face, she didn't get to see that expression on his face very often and seeing it always made her wish that Angel would look that peaceful more often; instead of broody or serious…

After a long moment of just drinking in his relaxed face, Buffy forced herself to stand up and make her way out of the apartment, making sure to grab her handbag on the way out, knowing that she'd need it before she came back to the apartment.


Cordelia exited a boutique a bag clutched in her hand; a bag that contained a new pair of shoes… the shoes hadn't been what she was shopping for, but they had looked so good on the display stand and ten times better on her feet that she couldn't even contemplate the idea of leaving them behind! Cordelia adjusted her sunglasses as the sun hit her eyes through them making her head feel worse and her stomach to do a sickening kind of somersault inside of her; her makeup was also somewhat heavier than she would usually apply it, but it was necessary to hide the effects of her drinking had had over her… her skin looking far to pale and sickly beneath the golden glow of her tanned skin.

She crossed the street and headed up the paved path on the way to the next boutique that was on her list of places that she could be caught dead in. She looked down at her bag of newly acquired shoes, unable to help but wanting to take another look at the gorgeous shoes. She continued walking however, believing that everyone would be smart to keep out of her way. She let out a startled and annoyed cry as not even two moments later she collided with something that sent her sprawling to the ground in an undignified heap, her bag flying from her grasp along with her handbag. "Oh, I'm so…" The person who had crashed into her began, but Cordelia who was having a bad enough day as it was with her hangover wasn't in the mood for a clumsy idiot!

"Why don't you watch were you're going?!" Cordelia snarled as she began picking herself up off the ground, one of her hands going to her sunglasses that had been knocked from her face in the collision. Quickly replacing them to cover her eyes that definitely didn't appreciate the brightness of the Californian sun.

"Me?!" Buffy exclaimed shocked as she too scrambled back to her feet, her hands hurriedly picking up the fallen copies of her resume. "You're the one that couldn't be bothered looking were you going!" She grumbled as she finally managed to straighten herself up, her slightly crumpled resumes clutched to her chest.

Cordelia snatched up her shoe bag, peering inside of it to check on her shoes. "Well, you better hope that my shoes aren't damaged or you will be paying for a new pair." She threatened hauntily as she looked down her nose at the petite blond who was looking up at her with barely any makeup on and still managing to look a little too pretty for her comfort; especially with how long it took her to get ready in the morning and look as good as she did.

Buffy rolled her eyes at the beautiful tall brunette that was looking down her nose at her like she was something nasty that had had the gall to get stuck to the bottom of her expensive shoe. "I'm sure your shoes will be just fine… My behind on the other hand…" She muttered as one of her hands went to her sore ass that had caught the brunt of her fall to the pavement.

Cordelia huffed and rolled her own eyes, not used to being talked to like that. "Oh please, I'm sure that your ass is big enough to have cushioned your fall." Buffy gasped in outrage, absolutely sure that she had never met anyone as rude as the tall brunette before in her life! "And just what in the world are you wearing?" Cordelia asked, her nose crinkling in distaste, the petite blonds wardrobe choices more than sufficient to distract the very fashion conscious woman. Buffy looked down at her clothes, not really sure what the brunette saw that was so wrong with them. They were trendy and looked good on her. "They have to be from last summer at the least." She muttered as she looked the petite blond up and down with a critical eye unable to help herself from analysing the girl. "Not to mention your hair…"

Buffy's hand went to her hair, suddenly feeling very small under the tall brunette's criticizing gaze. Cordelia trailed off however as something horrible occurred to her as she stood in front of the fashioned challenged blond. "Oh God… I hope no one's seen me standing here in front of you for so long… as if we could be friends or something…" Cordelia shuddered dramatically at the idea of the word leaking out; she was having enough trouble getting her feet on the ground as it was! "Get out of my way." Cordelia demanded as she brushed aside the petite blond as she hurried on her way, quickly entering the shop she had been heading for before the blond had bumped into her.

Buffy watched the brunette walk into the shop that she had just finished handing a resume into a frown on her face. "Bitch." She muttered under her breath as she looked down at her clothes once again, the brunette's hurtful words still ringing about her ears. Shaking it off, determined not to be effected by such a bitchy persons opinion of her. Buffy continued on her way heading for the next shop that she thought would be a nice place to work in.

Inside the boutique Cordelia's mind was still on the blond… a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that the blond had looked strangely familiar even though she was sure that she had never met the blond before in her life. Cordelia soon forgot all about her confusion over the familiarity of the blond as she started perusing the racks filled with clothes. She took a beautiful dress off a rack; a dress that she was sure would look divine on her. The dress shooing the blond completely from her mind as she pondered just how good the red dress would look against her tanned skin and how it would accentuate her curves.


"She didn't even apologise for knocking me over." Buffy grumbled as she sat on the bed, looking up at Angel as he got ready to go out on a patrol.

"She sounds like a horror." Angel commented, slightly distracted as he looked over his meagre arsenal. "I think I need better weapons." He muttered.

"It just goes to show that beauty is definitely skin deep." Buffy muttered, a soft sigh escaping her, as much as she had tried to forget about the rude brunette who'd had the gall to blame her for bumping into her when it had been the brunette who'd been too busy gazing dreamily at her shoe box to be interested in watching where she'd been going.

Angel smiled down at her as he moved to sit down beside her. "I at least know one woman who is beautiful inside and out." He murmured as he leaned in towards her for a kiss.

Buffy smiled, Angel's compliment making her feel better after the way the mean brunette had treated her, and she leaned in towards him as well meeting his lips eagerly for an affectionate, tender kiss. "Hmm, thanks. I needed a little pick me up." She murmured happily, the brunette driven from her mind.

"I'm sorry that she ruined your day." Angel murmured as he slowly pulled back from her.

Buffy gave a small shrug. "Well, I'd hardly call it ruined. She isn't important enough to me to be able to ruin my day. After all I still managed to hand out all the resumes I printed off at the library today. So it's more that she put a damper on it."

"Well, I'm glad that you didn't let that woman get ya down. It doesn't really sound like she's worth the effort it'd take for you to trouble yourself over her."

"Definitely not." Buffy agreed readily, glad that Angel was in full agreement with her; it made it so much easier to swallow the brunette's words. "Besides, a few of the bosses I talked to in the boutiques seemed to really like me." She told Angel excitedly, the prospect of actually beginning the process of settling into the town exciting her.


Cordelia stepped out of the elite club she had been spending her night at, a wide happy smile on her face as she stepped out for some much needed fresh air, the smell of smoke having been getting to her head which had already been abused enough the previous night. But she wasn't willing to go home just yet her night was doing too well for that. In fact her night was going perfectly, she'd talked with a few guys that could give her a leg up if they felt so inclined and had gotten her sweet, sweet revenge on Chastity. It had felt so good to see Chastity leave the party early, fighting back tears. Cordelia let out a happy sound as she looked about the Los Angeles night taking in her fill of fresh air as she wondered what her next move should be once she made her way back into the club… she'd made a good start… a great start, but she wanted to make it an excellent night. Tonight she wanted that jump she needed to get her hooked into the world of superstardom.

She wasn't really the patient type and all the work she was putting in needed to start paying off soon before she got so frustrated that she blew her stack and did something that would hinder her progress more than help her… like insult one of the elite that she was trying to impress. Thinking that she had spent enough time outside and that she should be getting back in there before plans were made without her and she was left out of the loop… not something she wanted to happen. Turning around to go back inside, she found herself brought up short by a spindly little man that looked more the creep than anything else and she couldn't help but wonder at how he'd managed to get into the elite club; he really didn't seem to be the type that they usually allowed in. "Uh, excuse me." She muttered with her usual attitude towards those that didn't meet her standards. She moved to brush by him in her usual highhanded fashion, only to be brought to a shocked stop as he dared to touch her arm.

Cordelia angled herself towards him her mouth opening to give him scathing piece of her mind only to be brought up short as she got another look at his face… a face that had changed drastically since she'd seen it just moments ago. The smooth planes of his not so handsome human face having distorted into hard ugly ridges that made his bushy eyebrows disappearing beneath the prominent brow ridge that had jutted out in the change and the eyes that hadn't been anything extraordinary before had turned into a fearful amber colour that seemed to seethe with hatred… hatred of her… but why did he hate her? She'd never met him before?! Cordelia jerked back, his hand falling from her arm as she did so and she took a quick step back from him and immediately lost her balance as her foot slipped on the uneven ground, having forgotten about the few small steps that led up and from the club.

Falling down them, she looked up at the demon as it continued to stand on the step it had been on when she had first seen him. "What is it about me that women like you, hate about me so much?" He murmured just loud enough for her to hear, his head tilting to the side slightly as he observed her fallen form. "All I want is a chance." He continued.

Cordelia whimpered as she stared up at him for a moment longer, her instincts telling her that she was in grave danger. Scrambling up to her feet, she ignored the ach in her ass and one of her ankles as she turned and did her best to flee down the street as fast as she could, a slight limp to her gait due to the pain in her right ankle.

The vampire smirked and swiftly followed her down the stairs, his pace leisurely feeling no need to hurry the experience along. He loved making sport of the woman that fit the features and personality of the women he had liked and had always been rebuffed by as a human man. Now he took his pleasure in their pain and their deaths… and hers would bring him much pleasure he was sure.

Cordelia ran for as long as she could until the pain in her ankle got to be too much and she had to come to a stop, turning around she got out a gasp as she saw her pursuer far closure behind her than she had expected him to be. With one hand he pushed her in the shoulder sending her toppling down onto her ass for the third time that day. Cordelia scrambled backwards on her palms unwittingly being herded into an alley as the demon followed after her with deliberate slow predatory steps; clearly enjoying her terror as he advanced upon her. Cordelia swallowed thickly as her head brushed up against something that made a whimper escape her throat, looking back over her shoulder she realized that her way had been blocked by bins.

She let out a shrill scream as a cold cruel hand closed about her neck and pulled her up off the ground and she looked down at the demon that had so effortlessly lifted her off her feet with just a single arm. She let out another shrill terrified cry as he slammed her back against the brick wall of the alley. Cordelia raised her hands to grip against his one hand that was constricting against her neck, slowly cutting off her air supply. She let out a small strangled sound as her hand beat against his fingers as she tried to pry him off her, her eyes widening as he came closer a disgusted sound escaping her throat as his lips parted revealing the sharp yellowed fangs just before his mouth closed over hers. It was only for a moment, but the moment seemed to last a life time as she had to endure the feel of his cold heartless lips against hers, the sharpness of his fangs digging into her soft lips; but it was only for a moment as in the next he was gone and she was freefalling through the air for a short moment before she her ass hit the ground once again and she looked up to see the tall, dark haired handsome man she had seen a few nights ago now outside of a supermarket standing above her, his gaze not focused on her however but to the right of her; further down the alleyway.

She watched him sudden awe at his arrival, her heart still pounding in her chest as her gaze followed him as he went to move past, his gaze flicking to her for a short moment and she saw his mouth move as he said something, but with the blood rushing in her ears she couldn't make out just what it was that he'd said. All that she could do was watch as he moved towards her attacker who was scrambling back up to his feet, his ridge face distorted in a mask of fury at having been so untimely interrupted in his fun. Cordelia watched with wide eyes as the two exchanged blows as she huddled up against the wall, her brown eyes still terrified, but a small amount of hope bloomed in her chest as her unexpected saviour fought for her life against the hideous beast that had chased her down like some kind of animal!

Cordelia let out a whimper as her handsome saviour was knocked back to land by her feet, face down in the dirty ground of the alley. A terrified scream built up in her chest as he pulled himself up with his hands and looked up at her and she saw that her saviours face had changed much like her attackers had, but the scream refused to make it past her throat as her eyes widened further, her hope of being saved completely vanishing as she stared into the scary amber eyes of the second demon she had met that night. Angel looked at the woman he'd seen running down the street from the vampire who he'd thrown off her. "I thought I told you to get out of here." Angel snarled, his voice rumbling more than usual in his annoyance at having been so easily thrown away from the vampire who was almost half his size in height.

Without sparing the terrified woman a second glance Angel jumped completely back up to his feet and slammed his fist into the face of the vampire who'd been stalking towards him, knocking him to the ground this time. Angel advanced on him seizing the vampire by one of his legs, he lifted him up and slammed him against the opposite wall the woman was huddled against in terror. The vampire crumpled to the ground with a wounded growl that vibrated low in his throat. He wasn't down as long as Angel thought he would be as in the next instant the vampire sprang up and charged at him, throwing them both up against the wall. Angel's growl of annoyance turned into a higher pitched rumbled of pain as the vampire sunk his teeth into his shoulder.

"Get your stinking fangs out of me!" Angel growled. "What kind of weak assed vampire bites another in the middle of a fight?" He grumbled annoyed at the fact that a weaker vampire would dare bite him… uninvited. Fisting his hand in the hair in the back of the vampire's head he yanked it away, tearing some of the flesh away with the vampires head as the stubborn bugger refused to open his mouth. Angel threw the vampire away from him and jumped back up to his feet, his hand reaching behind him to pull the stake he'd hidden under his jacket free, springing forward before as the vampire regained his feet and thrust the stake solidly in his chest effortlessly piercing his heart. Bringing the fight to a close, not wanting to have to deal with such a cowardly vampire any longer, the place where he'd had the gall to bite him still stinging painfully.

As the vampire turned to dust Angel looked down at the ragged wound. "Buffy's gonna flip." He murmured with a small wince as he fingered the wound around the edges experimentally, trying to assess the damage. When he heard a small whimper he looked up from his wound his eyes landing on the woman he had saved. His face shifted back into the smooth handsome features of the human man he had once been as he took slow cautious steps towards her; feeling rather surprised that she was still here, having expected her to run after seeing his own true visage appear during the fight. "Hey," He said softly as he stopped a few steps away from the woman, not wanting to scare her any further than she already was. Cordelia looked up at the man… demon that had undoubtedly saved her life and swallowed thickly, only feeling a little reassured by the fact that he once again looked like the handsome man that she had wanted to date when she'd first seen him outside that supermarket. "I'm not gonna hurt you." Angel tried to assure her. "But I think that you should get on your way home." He suggested.

Cordelia stared at him for a moment longer, before deciding that he probably wasn't going to hurt her… if he'd wanted to do that he could have done so after dispatching the first demon that had attacked her. "I-I think I'll call a taxi." She muttered shakily as she plunged a hand into her clutch, fumbling around for a moment as her shaky fingers fought to close about her phone.

Angel watched silently as he watched the tall brunette in the ruined beautiful dress and tear stained face; tears that had streaked her makeup down her cheeks as she made the call, her trembling voice regaining its confidence the longer she spoke. "So, uh…" Angel said hesitantly after the woman had hung up her phone and placed it back in her bag. "Did you want me to wait with you until the taxi comes?" He asked, not wanting to leave her alone if she didn't want to be, but then after what she had just seen… she may prefer to be alone than wait with him…

His question was met with silence, so after a moment he took the hint and began to leave. "Uh, yes please." Her voice stopped him in his tracks. "I don't think I'd like to wait alone right now." Cordelia sniffed, her perfect night in tatters around her feet… just like her new shoes which she'd just now noticed had lost one of their heels, making her sob in desolation. Everything was ruined! And it had started off so well! Angel waited with her just outside the alley, feeling uncomfortable as he stood beside her whilst she cried to herself… not feeling like he should reach out to her, when she was no doubt as scared of him as she had been of the vampire that had attacked her… and even if she didn't, he very much doubted that she'd want his touch right now…

Still he stood there though seeing as she'd asked him to wait with her for the taxi… a taxi that seemed to take forever as he stood beside the girl who had thankfully stopped crying as she stood there, taking what she thought was furtive glances at him. But finally the taxi came and he waited until the brunette was safely inside before he began walking away his hand going to his wound as he headed once again towards the apartment where Buffy was waiting for him; like he had been when he'd been distracted by the brunette. Wincing at the idea of Buffy's reaction to his wound rather than the pain that was still tingling from it as it slowly tried to heal.

Cordelia watched him for a moment considering as she sat in all her ruined finery in the back of the cab, a decision coming to her. "Follow that guy." She ordered the cab driver who looked back at her with surprise and suspicion.

"You better have the money to pay for that, that guy could wander around all night for all you know." The cab driver muttered as he looked Cordelia over suspiciously, wondering if he should trust that she'd have enough money on her.

Cordelia glowered at the driver. "Just follow him!" She demanded waspishly, after the night she'd had she was in no mood to have a lowly taxi driver talk back to her!

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