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Buffy walked slowly down the hall of the second level of her new home. The large old hotel had gone through a huge transformation in the past month since Angel had taken over owner ship of the abandoned building. It looked grand and majestic… fancier than anything she had lived in before. The smell of new paint still clung faintly to the air; barely noticeable to her nose now that she had been in the building for a few hours, Buffy reached the end of the hall and stepped out into the large open space of the reception area. Staring down at it from above as she slowly made her way towards the stairs as she took in the large area that was now filled with soft looking new chairs for imagined people that may one day sit there as they asked for help with the problems they were suffering with. The receptionist's desk… Cordelia's desk was also now fully stocked with a computer a telephone… it all looked very official and… not anything she was used to…

Buffy wrapped her arms around her waist as she took in the empty comfortable looking office chair; Cordelia having left hours ago before darkness had fallen and Angel had left a couple of hours ago for a patrol. She was alone in the huge mostly renovated hotel; the only place left that was still uninhabitable was the disaster that was the third floor… and Angel wasn't in any hurry to fix that… and neither was she. The place was big enough without the third floor; she could only imagine how small and alone she would feel if the third floor was also liveable. It was bad enough with having the basement that Angel was turning into a training room for himself; it needed a few more touches before he would be happy with it, the first floor and the second…

'Angel will be home soon and you won't feel so out of place.' Buffy assured herself as she slowly descended the stairs. Tonight was the first night that they were able to stay in their new home so he'd promised to make his patrol as quick as he could wanting to spend most of the night with her, but when it came to a patrol nothing was certain… anything could happen to delay him… anything and she was stuck here… helpless to do anything to help… just sitting around waiting for him to return… hoping that he didn't get injured… Buffy gave her head a shake trying to remove the unhelpful unnecessary dark thoughts that were once again beginning to cloud her mind. Walking over to one of the many padded chairs that Angel had purchased for this area and sat down; sinking into the cushion with a sigh.

Angel would be back soon and the vast emptiness of this place wouldn't be so bad anymore… wouldn't feel so cold and lonesome. Buffy sat on the chair for a moment longer, before she got up and walked towards the open break room door feeling the need for a coffee. The bitter brew would warm her and take her mind off the fact that she was very much alone in the place that was still so unfamiliar to her even after a month of cleaning up the place… so that they could move in. Buffy smiled with affection as she entered the break room and flicked on the light so that she could see; remembering how excited Angel had become as each day passed and they got closer and closer to making The Hyperion liveable; closer to having a place to work out of; a place that was so much closer to what he enjoyed living in… a place where he could successfully help more people than if he was just working out of a small apartment in a large complex.

And earlier that night he had been giddier than she had ever seen him… she'd fallen asleep in the couch by the TV whilst wiling away the last couple of hours of daylight by flipping idly through a magazine. Only to be woken after nightfall by Angel's lips pressing coolly against hers. His lips pressing cool affectionate soft kiss to her lips, his hands cradling her neck gently… her neck that had been rather sore from the awkward position it had been resting in for just a little too long without moving; the worst thing about being caught by the call of slumber whilst sitting in a chair. As soon as she had woken she'd seen the excitement in his brown eyes as he gazed at her… she'd never seen him so happy and in that moment she had been glad that Angel had bought the old hotel and had restored it. It was so rare to see him smile like that over anything; it had made her heart soar in her chest and as he'd lifted her and spun her around in a quick happy circle she had laughed.

Buffy chuckled softly at the memory and her smile widened; the loneliness she had been feeling in the emptiness of the large hotel she now cold home disappearing as she basked in the warmth of the memory. She loved Angel's smile; it made him look so much more handsome and lively than his broody face… a broody face she planned to see him rid of one day. He deserved to be as happy as anyone else. And she hoped that one day in the near future she could help him forget to brood about the past as he focused on a future… their future. She heard the kettle whistle loudly and she blinked as she came out of her thoughts and realized that may have switched the kettle on, but hadn't bothered getting down a mug; having been too busy thinking on Angel.


Buffy's head jerked up from its slumped over position as her body had grown tired as a way to combat the boredom she had been feeling as she heard the soft sound of the door of the bedroom creeping open followed by the soft squelching sound of wet shoes. Buffy stared at Angel with a blank face as she took in his bedraggled appearance, before she couldn't help, but laugh; her hands clutching at her stomach. "What the hell happened to you?" She asked as her laughter died down as the stench of the pale greenish and blackish goop that covered him from head to toe reached her; chocking the merry sound in her throat.

Angel grimaced as he stood in his stinking sodden clothes. "I was fighting a demon… and forgot that this particular kind tends to explode rather messily when struck with silver." He muttered.

Buffy lips quivered as she fought down the urge to laugh once again. "That's one nasty allergic reaction." She murmured, before she laughed again unable to keep the sound in as she pictured Angel's face just before the demon exploded all over him and after it had happened.

Angel narrowed his eyes on his love; his brown eyes sparking playfully as he observed her merriment at his misfortune. "How about a hug and kiss for a battle well fought?" Angel asked as he stretched out his arms and began walking towards her.

Buffy eyes widened and she still for a moment as she watched him advance across the room towards her. "Oh, Angel, no!" She squealed as he continued to advance on her. "You're filthy and you stink!" She darted away; laughter bubbling in her chest again despite not wanting to be covered in the goop that Angel was playfully threatening her with for laughing at him. "Have a shower first and then I'll smother you in kisses just… no!" Buffy cried out through her laughter as she ducked under his arms and quickly darted the other way. Buffy swerved to avoid the chair she had been seated on before Angel's return, only to find the goop covered vampire in front of her; her eyes widened and she squealed again as his arms wrapped around her and lifted her up against his chest, a shudder of revulsion running down her spine at the feel of the cold goop wetting her clothes and skin.

Angel dipped his head down towards her as Buffy wiggled against him; laughter making her chest shake as she shook her head at him. Buffy wiggled against him harder as he rubbed the side of his goop covered face against hers smearing the foul smelling goop across her warm skin. "Angel! Stop it! It's so gross!" She cried out in between fits of laughter.

After smearing her cheek and neck with the foul smelling goop Angel pulled back a smirk curling up his lips. "I guess you need a shower now too." Buffy attempted to frown at him, but failed miserably as she laughed again. "Come on, the shower awaits." Angel said, before hoisting her up higher so that she was lying over his shoulder.

"Men." Buffy muttered under her breath as she raised a hand to wipe of some of the goop that was on her cheek. Making a face as she looked down at the slick foul coloured stuff, she wiped it back on Angel earning herself a slight jostle, before he set her down on the tiled floor of the bathroom.

Immediately Buffy began stripping. "We are so burning these clothes now." She decided as she looked at the goop on her shirt; the stuff leaving a spreading stain that was as putrid as the goop its self, before dropping it to the bathroom floor. Stripping off the rest of her clothes with a small shudder as they stuck to her in spots where the goop had soaked into her clothes. "How do you forget that a demon explodes when cut with silver?" She teased.

Angel shot her a look. "Alright you." He growled playfully as he swooped her up into his arms earning another peal of laughter from her. "In the shower with you." He rumbled before stepping into the shower the water already running he placed her down under spray.

Buffy turned from him and raised her face up towards the spray slowly feeling the warm water lifting the goop Angel had smeared on her from her skin. The foul smell though still clung to the fine hairs in her nose though and she reached for her vanilla scented body wash; wanting to at least try and get the stench off her skin as she stepped away from the warm spray of the water to allow Angel who needed to wash far worse than she did access to the water the bottle of body wash clutched in her hand. Buffy squirted a generous amount into the palm of her hand and began lathering her body with the soft scented wash enjoying the way it felt on her skin and immediately feeling cleaner as the vanilla scent reached her nose.

Her eyes went to Angel as he lathered his hair with shampoo; a steady stream of green and black coloured water mixed with soap bubbles at his feet. Her eyes focused on the muscles on his back as they flexed with every movement of his arms as she watched soap suds from the shampoo wash over the muscles as Angel washed the shampoo from his hair. Buffy swallowed thickly her hands pausing on her skin as she watched the suds caress his body on their journey down the drain. Her eyes focused on one and followed its journey down his body from the back of his neck to the heels of his feet and as she watched she felt her body warm in a familiar way as liquid heat rushed through her veins and had her core clenching with need for him.

Angel scented her arousal the moment it perfumed the air; the scent made his nostrils flare as he sucked in the scent with a relish. The perfume of his loves desire a far more pleasant and appealing smell than that of the foul goop that had covered him only moments before. Turning around to face her, he stared at her, slowly drinking in the sight of her naked flesh that had the soap of her body wash slowly gliding down the curves of her body. Raising a hand he beckoned her to him with a flick of his fingers. Buffy smiled and quickly crossed the short distance between them eager to feel him against her and deep inside of her.

Reaching him she rose up onto the balls of her feet and threw her arms around his neck; pressing herself against him, before her lips touched his in a gentle affectionate kiss. A kiss that quickly turned passionate as their lips parted and their tongues met. Angel slid his arms around her and easily lifted her off her feet. Instinctively Buffy wrapped her legs about his narrow hips and rocked teasingly against his already hardening cock. They moaned into each-others mouths at the friction that rocking action caused. Buffy's hands slid up from his shoulders and buried themselves in his hair ignoring the water that rained down on her as Angel shifted putting her for a moment directly beneath the spray; the water washing the last of the body was from her, before she found her back pressed against the cool tile wall of the shower.

Buffy moaned into Angel's mouth again as she felt his hands roaming over her body. Rolling the nipple of her left breast between his thumb and forefinger; she arched into the touch Angel's mouth catching her whimper of need. Buffy sighed as Angel's mouth left hers to begin trailing over her body as her own hands needed over his flesh and her mouth sought out whatever flesh it could reach which soon became none as Angel's head dipped lower and lower so that he could capture her neglected breast between his lips. Buffy moaned loudly as her hands slid up his body; raking her fingernails up over his flesh gently, before her hands buried themselves in his wet brown hair. Her fingers massaging his scalp as his tongue curled around her pebbled nipple after his blunt human teeth had scraped over the sensitive bud; soothing the scrap. "Angel." Buffy murmured her voice hitching in her throat as Angel sucked strongly at her sensitive mound.

She felt a couple of his cool fingers caress over the outer folds of her pussy and she sucked in a shaky breath as her hips rocked forward gently at the touch. Angel lifted his head from her breast; releasing it with a wet pop leaving her breast aching from the loss of contact. Angel watched Buffy's face intently as he slowly slipped his fingers in between the delicate outer folds to touch the vulnerable soft moist flesh between her thighs. Buffy let out a low pleasure filled sound at the feel of Angel's fingers tracing gently over her hot flesh. His fingers expertly finding the places that had her writhing and moaning against the wall as her hips undulated against his fingers. She could feel the weight of his gaze on her face as she writhed; her eyes meeting his. Buffy's breath left her for an extended moment as she took in the amount of love and desire that was shining out of his desire darkened brown eyes.

Her ability to breathe came back to her in a rush as one of his talented digits thrust up inside her sheath and her head arched back; the back of her head slamming against the tiles. A moan escaped her as she released the air she had greedily sucked in when she had remembered to breathe. "Angel!" She moaned again, her sheath clenching about his finger as he thrust the digit in and out of her in a slow steady rhythm that had her panting and keening with need whilst wishing that she had something more satisfying then Angel's very talented finger… which was soon joined by a second finger. Buffy clutched at his shoulders, her hips rocking against his hand desperately. The heel of his hand brushing against the quivering swelling bud of her clit with every thrust forward of his fingers; something that had her need for him growing.

Grabbing his head she kissed him with a deep passionate need, her tongue duelling with Angel's as she rode his hand with growing desperation. Angel tore his mouth from hers as he growled lowly in his chest as his sensitive nose picked up her growing arousal as he worked her closer and closer to orgasmic bliss. "Buffy!" He rumbled lowly as his eyes took in her impassioned face once again.

Buffy forced her eyes open to meet Angel's a moan escaping her. "Angel, please!" She begged as she felt her body getting closer and closer to her peak.

Angel groaned deep in his throat as he continued to thrust his fingers deep inside her hot wet depths, his hand soaked in her juices as she slammed her hips down against his working hand with a growing desperation for release.

Buffy whined with desperation as she suddenly felt the loss of Angel's talented fingers from inside her; loss leaving her with a deep pulsing ach that almost hurt what with how close she had been to falling over the edge and into the sweet release of her orgasm. She bucked against him trying to urge him back inside her to finish the job another needy whine escaping her lips… a whine that turned into a heated appreciative moan as she felt the head of Angel's cock against her hot needy flesh. "Yes!" Buffy urged as she rocked herself against him desperately; needing to feel him deep inside of her to fill the aching void that his fingers had left deep inside of her. "Oh, yes… please!" Buffy pleaded, before sighing gratefully as she felt him slowly thrust up inside of her; stretching her with a delicious slowness that had her hungering for more.

Hungering so badly that she couldn't stop herself from thrusting herself down; impaling herself fully on his hard pulsing length earning a low groaning growl from Angel, whose hands slid down to her hips and squeezed as he slowly pulled back. Angel's hands preventing her from chasing after him; her body missing the complete fullness of his entire length stretching her. Buffy hugged him to her as they slowly began moving together in a steady rhythm; their hips effortlessly falling into sink together as the water beat down on them in a soft spray of warm water; the sounds of their moans and bodies slapping together filling the bathroom like a chorus to their mutual love.

Their lips met as Angel shifted his grip on Buffy, one of his hands sliding down from her hips to grasp her thigh; hooking her leg more securely against him as he thrust inside her. His eyes closed now as he focused everything he was on Buffy; thrilling in every pleasure filled sound that passed between her lips as she met him thrust for thrust. Giving as good as she got as her delicate hands ran through his hair massaging his scalp, before sliding down his neck and onto his shoulder before she clutched at his back a high keening sound leaving her as he shifted the angle of his thrust ever so slightly. It wasn't much of a change, but it was enough to drive Buffy wild as she clung to him and did her best to urge their pace faster.

Time fell away as they made love in the shower; their only focus each other as their hands and mouths worshipped each other until nothing else mattered but them and their mutual pleasure. Both giving and taking of each other until the entire world faded away and it was just the two of them moving in the passionate dance that was older than the concept of time itself.

Buffy let out a wordless keening cry as every single muscle in her body tensed and quivered as her sheath spasmed wildly as her orgasm crashed over her like a relentless tidal wave that shoved her under as she lost herself in the crushing rush of glorious sensation. Angel groaned feeling himself losing control; his face threatening to shift on him in the aftermath of Buffy's intense release. The scent of Buffy's climax strong in the air surrounding him with the sensation. Almost as vividly as he could feel the sensation of Buffy's sheath spasming about him in orgasmic bliss. And with a moan Angel spilled his seed deeply inside her as he lost his control over his own orgasm.

Buffy's body trembled as she clung to Angel as she fought to catch her breath; the bright glow of her orgasm slowly beginning to fade; leaving her feeling like a mass of jelly and she couldn't help but wonder how Angel was still managing to keep his feet whilst holding the both of them up as his own body shook with the aftermath of his own orgasm. For the longest time neither of them moved as they just basked in each other; their fingers caressing whatever skin they were touching in an idle caress of affection, before ever so slowly they found the will to move again. Angel slowly pulled back, sliding out her relaxed sheath and letting her slide down to her feet. His hand on her back to help steady her just in case she slipped or fell.

Buffy stepped under the spray of water, letting the water do most of the work of cleaning her skin of the sweat that had soaked her body. She smiled contently as Angel slid his hand from her lower back and wrapped both arms around her waist from behind his strong muscular chest pressing up against her back as he joined her under the spray. No words where needed between them as they washed themselves; a part of them always seemed to be touching neither willing to entirely relinquish complete contact after the intensity they had just shared together. The silence was comforting and understanding as they stood together their hands beginning to wander once again over each other's flesh.

And after a few long moments of the gentle teasing touches, Angel reached out and turned off the shower, before lifting Buffy up easily in his arms. Buffy immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him; their lips moving together as their tongues explored each other as their hands had explored their bodies. Breaking away from the kiss Angel rested his forehead against Buffy's as he took deep calming breathes marvelling once again at just how extraordinary his girl was. "Bed?" He asked his husky soft tone full of promise.

"Bed." Buffy agreed; eager to christen their new bed as they had their shower. Without another word Angel walked them out of the bathroom and into their bedroom where the sounds of their passion soon began all over again.

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