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Dinah Washington-What a Difference A Day Makes

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Woman On Top

Chapter 1

Mmm Tallis….

The music of Thomas Tallis by far is the most heavenly music one could ever hear. I glanced at the silver box in the corner of my office. It is cold and structured, like my heart. Looking out over Seattle's skyline at night always gives me an amazing sense of power. Today was a rough day. We had retraction after retraction, and everything has to be perfect now that my name is on it. I came into the job of Editor and Chief of The Seattle Sun by fluke of fate. I had been feverishly working as hard as I could over the past six years to become the best at what I do. After leaving New York University, I had exorcised my demons and wanted to make a fresh start in the place that I loved. Though Washington wasn't close by, I felt drawn back to the area of my younger years even though memories of him lingered on. I was granted an internship by way of an influential friend, Rosalie Hale. Rosalie's, father is a publishing mogul and he owns The Sun. I stayed on through hard work and vigor, made my way to the top and now here I am, standing on top of the world-my world.

"Chief, will there be anything else you need this evening before I leave?" Angela asks with a humorous tone. Clearly, she needs more things to keep her busy if she has time to mull over my personal activities.

"No Angela, thank you. Have a great weekend. See you on Monday."

"Enjoy yours as well, Chief. Don't forget you have an engagement tonight at ten."

I see the smirk cross her face and almost wonder if she enjoys the fact that I beat the shit out of men on the weekends. I wonder if it's the thought of a woman 'sticking it to the man' like they've been doing to us for years.

"I've left the file on your new conquest on my desk…enjoy." She silently closes the door. Angela sure has a way with words. If I didn't know any better, I would think that she wanted to get in on the action. Angela is my oldest and dearest friend and she was there for me when my world crumbled around the center that used to be Edward Cullen.

I can still remember the self-loathing bastard running me the line that he was no good for me and that I deserved something better. He was all I ever wanted. I gave up my friendship with Jake for him and I've never been able to salvage it since.

Jake and I always had a special bond because we grew up together. We were practically like brother and sister but all that changed once puberty was thrown in the mix. We saw each other differently and our relationship started to take on a more intimate tone. I loved Jake but not in the same way he wanted to love me. I'll be the first to admit he was fuck hot once he got over his gangly adolescence. Any other young hormonal teenage girl would've been thrilled with being able to delight in the amusement park that was Jacob Black, but I am not one for frolicking. We continued our friendship in spite the differences of our feelings because we didn't want to lose each other. Once I met Edward, things really took a turn for the worst. Jake didn't like the fact that he wasn't the only guy in my life outside of Chief Swan. Fancy that, two chiefs in the family now. I silently laugh to myself.

You're really laying it on thick tonight Swan…you need to blow off some steam.

The thought of a new submissive sends chills up my spine and heat to my senses. Thinking of someone begging for my touch intoxicates me instantly. This was going to be a great weekend. I check my watch and realize I've got two hours before my new sub makes it to the lair. Reaching for my Burberry Trench, I head out my office and grab the file off of Angela's desk. I glance again at my door to see 'Isabella M. Swan- Editor and Chief' and relish in the amazing high from my newest life achievement.

As I wait for the lift, I am itching with anticipation. I can't wait to get home and read over the file for my newest prospect. It's been a couple of months since my last sub, and my palms are twitching with expectancy. I enter the elevator and make my way down to the parking garage. Being the editor has great perks, including a great parking spot, expense account and not to mention, the six figure salary.

In the small town of Forks, I didn't grow up with a lot of money. Between being the daughter of the town's Police Chief and an art teacher for a mother, ends didn't always meet. Though this is a change of pace, I must say that I am enjoying the ride both, metaphorically and literally. My new Aston Martin Vanquish is the God of all cars and I'm the Goddess that's hitting the gas. Though I've only been Editor for a month, through another major fluke of fate called a class action lawsuit three years ago, I was able to make sound investments and multiply the money I received from the settlement to live beyond comfortably. Let's just say that oil is a girl's best friend, not diamonds. I peel off into the night and I press the state of the art docking station and let Debussy take me to happier times when I was his and he was mine.

Pull yourself together Bells that time is over. You've made your own way and a name for yourself. You didn't need his money and you sure as fuck don't need or want his love. Fuck him.

I pull into my driveway and enter the Architectural Digest feature that is my home. A three-story contemporary Art Deco style structure with a wall of glass on the second level overlooking Seattle. It has silver railing all around the second level with an outstretched balcony. I cut the engine, open the door and collect my Prada bag and my new sub's file. I find my keys and open the door. The sensor lights in the hallway pave my way to the living room. I set my Blackberry on its docking station and hit the pad on the wall and the soft voice of Dinah Washington plays as I head up the stairs. I always loved this staircase, its simple and sleek with glass panels and silver bars.

File in hand, the stairs light my way to the second level and I laugh because I always think of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean video when I step on each stair as it lights up from my footsteps. I walk through the hallway, where the walls are graced with modern pieces from all over the world. Pictures of places I've visited and of places I long to go welcome me home. I enter the spacious loft-style bedroom and immediately begin to strip.

I retrace my steps and head to the wet bar conveniently located adjacent to my bedroom. I pull out a bottle of Chardonnay and grab a wine glass. I always need a glass of wine to unwind while I think over the events of the week and look forward to the fun on the weekend. I roam back in my room, glass in hand and press the keypad so I can hear Etta James begin croon over the speaker. As I take a sip, I pick up the file and head to the bathroom. I turn the faucet in the Jacuzzi tub and pour in lavender bath oil. I grab my lavender shampoo and sit it on the side of the tub. I used to use strawberry but since Edward always liked it, I was turned off from anything that reminded me of him or me with him.

I grabbed the file and made my way into the bathroom and slid my La Perla cream and lace bra with matching lace panties off and cast them aside. Wine in hand, I eased myself into the tub and let the oil soften my flush skin. I reached for my glass to take a sip of wine when the phone began to ring, I hit the pad next to the tub and Laurent's voice came over the speaker.

"Hello, Laurent."

"Hello Ms. Swan, I trust your day went well." I could hear the humor in his voice.

"Yes it did, thank you. Are you calling to socialize?"

"My apologies Ms. Swan, I am calling to inform you that I have your newest conquest and he'll be arriving on time within the next thirty minutes."

"Excellent, Laurent. I trust you haven't disclosed any information about me and he will be blindfolded as agreed."

"Yes ma'am, everything is in order. He will be awaiting you in the Lair."

"Thank you Laurent. Have a good weekend and I'll see you Sunday when you may retrieve him."

"Yes ma'am, see you Sunday." I press the keypad and slide down in the tub.

He thought I couldn't but I could hear the smirk in his voice. Laurent has only been with me since my last sub, but I trust him, I have to. He is guarding one of my most delicate secrets. I ease out of the tub and realize that I haven't had a chance to skim over the file. I trust that Mr. Jenks has everything in order because that is what he is paid to do.

All information that I need, background checks, birth certificate, medical records, sexual health records, all things that are vital to my dom/sub arrangements are obtained through Mr. Jenks. I have a file on each one of my subs both for my protection and theirs.

I ease out of the tub and grab a towel to dry off. I slide into my blue satin robe that is draped across my vanity bench and I head with my wine into the bedroom. I walk over to the closet and hit the keypad, as the racks appear, the wall opens to reveal my 'other wardrobe' and I lick my lips as I glide my hands across my black patent leather bustier.

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