Chapter 27

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Why had she cancelled on me for this week? I pull up to my condo after having driven in complete frustration, my cock hard as steel at the thought of being at the Tigress' feet only to have that fantasy shot down. This week had really been a crap shoot and I was glad it was fucking over. I get out, handing the keys to the valet as I enter the building, passing the bellman's desk without so much as a word, only to hear his fading 'Good evening Mr. Cullen' far in the distance. As I enter the elevator, the next thought I have is of Bella crushing me earlier in the week. I guess I deserved it. For me to think that I could so easily walk back into her life as though I belonged there was foolish. I exit on the Penthouse floor, entering my condo. I scrub my hand down the scruff of my face as all the built up tension flows through my veins. I throw my suit jacket across the leather sofa and go to the mini bar fixing myself a glass of bourbon as I loosen my tie. I'm realizing that this thing with Bella is going to be harder than I thought. I stare out over the city skyline, the expansive windows that encompass my living space clue me in on how lonely I am.

Several hours pass along with the decanter of bourbon and I find myself stumbling into my shower. I turn on the hot spray, my vision blurry as I tilt my head up, allowing the water to cascade over me soaking my skin and hair. My hands glide down my slickened body as my fuzzy thoughts envision not the Tigress, but Bella standing before me in the Lair. Her red violet hair glows like a halo around her under the dim lighting. Her lips full and red, begging to be kissed, her perfume intoxicating to my senses pulls me in. One of my hands press to the tiled wall as the other finds its way to my painful erection and I begin to pump slowly, my breath hitching in my throat as my fantasy of her plays out.

"Are you ready, Edward?"

Her question lingered in the air and I couldn't help but be excited. This woman's appetite for punishment was insatiable. Fuck me. Those shoes are so sexy; she's fucking sexy. I swallow hard as different scenarios for the night plays through my head. I couldn't describe it but being here makes me feel free—free to lose myself in something so forbidden. She makes her way over to the wall and turns to look at me with a wicked gleam in her eye "I do hope you did your proper exercises this week, because this is going to be quite a workout both mentally and physically." If it was going to be anything remotely like last week, then I knew that I was going to be spent once it's over and I was so looking forward to it. I notice that she's standing next to something that reminds me of a pommel horse from gymnastics. It's all blue leather with mahogany wood legs. It has chains hanging across it with cuffs attached for wrists and ankles. My eyes grow wide and I could only hope that I have what it takes to get through this session. "Come", she said in a stern voice and I rise slowly and stand before her next to the horse. She moves behind me and whispers in my ear "Touch it". I couldn't help but think about the double meaning as I reach my hand out and gently touch the horse feeling the soft and smooth leather beneath my fingertips. The horse feels harmless in this state but I have to admit I would much rather be touching the skin tight patent leather that clings to her body. A surge of electricity runs through me as I instantly know what would be in store. She was going to spank me and I knew that I was going to like it. How could I not? She makes the world of punishment so appealing. Like the devil in a blue dress, I couldn't resist her. Truthfully, I didn't want to resist her, this is what I needed—she was what I needed especially after the fucked up week I've had. I just needed something to take me away from my controlled reality for a while, and she was just the person to do it. She is my ferryman carrying me over to the dark side and I am all too willing to sacrifice my soul for this carnal pleasure. She teaches me to tether on the edge of pleasure and pain and make me realize that one couldn't exist without the other and I didn't think that I would ever want them to.

My skin flushes with heat as I squeeze tighter around my shaft, my eyes closed shut, the hot water beading on my skin as I bite my lower lip, the fantasy becoming more real as I go deeper into my mind.

"That's enough. Stand directly in front of it and don't move. Keep your eyes on the leather and think about what I'm going to do to you." I do as I am told and she walks out of my sight and I can hear her hum in pleasure as she deliberates her assault on my body. She comes back and smacks a long stick across the leather before placing it to rest. "Place your hands on the leather at least two feet apart. Don't press your body against the horse; I want your body two feet away from it. Pretend you are under arrest and I am the arresting officer." I can hear the melodic laughter that comes from her as she assesses my position. I take a deep breath and do as I was told. She brings the cuffs up and closes them around my wrists and presses a button on the side of the horse and the chains tighten, securing my hands and wrists to the top of the horse.

What the fuck? Where does she get this shit from? Bondage R Us? She takes the cuffs and places them around my ankles hitting a button again so they can tighten and secure my legs in a tight and firm grip. I can feel the muscles in my thighs and calves flex and I know this is going to be a physical test. I knew that I was going to get whipped but I didn't know with what, for how long and how hard. I steel myself as I feel her eyes on me, no doubt assessing whether or not I would let my mind get the better of me and break me down. The stick she has across the horse doesn't look so bad. It couldn't be as bad as a paddle now could it? I begin to wonder if it was solid or if it was hallowed out. Seeing as though it was used for punishment, my common sense kicks in and I knew it had to be solid. She walks over to the wall of toys and picks up another item and comes to a stop in front of the horse and leans over its body facing me with our noses almost touching. "Look at me", she breathes and the scent of lavender caresses my face. Fuck she smells so good. I just want to bury myself in her smell. I did as she wished and I could see a smile play across her lips. She turns and hits a button on the wall behind her and a mirror comes down right behind her, showing me the image of my body bound to the horse. Tons of questions and thoughts flash through my head at once. She's going to make me watch. She's going to make me watch her whip my ass. That's so fucking hot. Wait, where the fuck did this mirror come from? I didn't see it here last time. Did she just get this installed?

I have always been a fan mirrors, and have thought it was erotic having sex in front of one. Something about that sense of voyeurism turns me on even more. She licks her lips and picks up the stick and makes her way to stand behind me. She stands there with her right leg between mine and watches both of our eyes stare back at each other. She leans down and skims her nose across my left shoulder inhaling my scent before taking a nip at my left earlobe. I love the feel of her skin on me and I take delight in the slightest touch from her but don't make any indication of it knowing that it would get me in trouble to react without permission. As she makes the same maneuver on my right shoulder, she slides her nails down the sides of my hips and yanks my boxer briefs down to my ankles letting my semi-erection go free. Yes Isabella, I think to myself as she eyes me in the mirror.

My breathing intensifies, the muscles of my back flexing as my head tips back then forward slowly as I feel the buildup of what is soon to be an intense orgasm creep under my skin, sending tingles up my spine. The fantasy plays strong, my mind placing my body within the scene as I pump faster, a small hiss escaping my lips.

"I want you to keep your eyes open and on the mirror at all times, and I want to hear you this time. So I expect you to be very vocal. When I ask you a question, you answer. Understood?" "Yes Isabella." I almost don't recognize my own voice. It's so full of lust and excitement at what's about to happen. This is definitely going to be an experience. She slides her fingers back up the inner part of my thighs and it sends a thrill through me."Mmm", she coos and it sounds like a purr, how fitting. "I've been thinking about our session all week, wondering what I was going to do to your body to get the response I'm always awarded with when I do something unexpected to you." I watch as her tongue darts out and grazes my cheek. She really is a fucking tiger, literally. She grabs a hold to my hair and tugs on it hard giving her access to my neck. She skims her teeth along my jaw line, all the while watching my reaction. A gasp escapes my throat and goes straight to the tip of my dick. She shoves my head forward and I feel a hard smack across my ass beckoning my eyes to open. I can feel the aftermath spread through my left cheek and she repeats the same with my right one. Before I know it, her body is easing its way between mine and the horse as she breathes her warm breath against my inner thighs making her way up to my chest.

"Just the thought of the color your body takes when I get your dick hard makes my pussy wet." I love when she talks dirty to me. That shit makes me harder than a rock and I fight the urge to struggle against my restraints. I can't believe she is tangling me in this sweet torture. "You like when I talk dirty to you, don't you Edward? Answer me." Her breath on my neck spikes my pulse. She knows I do, just hearing her say the word pussy makes my dick wet and I know she can sense it. She is an animal, a total hunter and I am her prey. My breath is erratic as I answer "Yes miss." "Yes miss…what?" "Yes miss, I like when you talk dirty to me." Of course she can see the evidence, but it's different to vocalize it. I feel her nails skim my abs and head toward my navel. She makes small circles around my navel and I can feel her fingers crawling closer to my erection. My chest is going up and down in a rapid pace and I can feel my mouth get dry as she grazes the tip and takes the base of my dick and squeezes it firmly in her small hand. She takes her arm that is holding the stick and lays it across my other shoulder and before I know it, she slides it down the slit of my backside and then smacks me across the ass. My breath catches in my throat and she bites down on my shoulder. This close proximity is driving me insane. I realize she still is holding tightly to my dick and I can feel the heat of her body against mine as my dick grazes the slick patent leather pressing up against her abdomen. She lets go of my dick and presses her body harder to mine crushing it in between both of us. Our lips are so close and I want to take my tongue and glide it across her lips. She tilts her head to the side and breathes into my ear "Who has the control Edward? Answer me." I almost don't hear what she said because it's so seductively low and I can only think about her body pressed up against mine in the small space. I watch the small of her back press against the horse thinking she has such beautiful skin. Her back is graceful yet toned and I can't help but want to lick every inch of it. I wonder if her skin tastes of milk like I remember. It seems like an eternity and I finally answer "You do miss. You have the control." As much of a control freak I am at times, I love that I can finally drop the weight and let someone else decide for me. She disappears from between me and the horse and she is behind me massaging my ass no doubt to warm me up and then I feel the sharp sting of the stick and it knocks the wind out of me. It feels like thousands of tingling sensations all over my body like when your leg falls asleep after being in a position too long. My breathing intensifies and my assumption is confirmed that this stick is solid and not hallow. My eyes close for a minute and she bids me to keep them open or I will receive more than what she plans on giving. I stare back at the mirror and focus on keeping my eyes open. How do you keep from closing your eyes when you know something is going to hurt? I guess this is what she meant by mentally being ready. "Look at the marvelous red color that you turn from the impact. It's a joy to see from the paler complexion you had when we were younger." She's enjoying this and a light sheen of sweat comes over my entire body. She takes her hand and begins to stroke me slowly and a moan comes from deep within my chest.

My hand is replaced by hers in my mind and the feeling of her hand coaxing me to full erection and the left over sensation of the stick is heady. She glides her nails across my back and looks into the mirror with a wicked gleam in her eye. "You're dick is so wet that I can smell the need coming off of your skin." She takes her other hand and rubs my abdomen and my muscles jerk in response. I can see my erection grow firmer in her hands and I can't help but groan in appreciation for her hand skills.

My groans echo through the shower, as I feel myself get closer to the edge. My hips buck as I thrust forcefully in my hand, my legs trembling for release.

She strokes slowly going up and down my shaft and circling the head. If she keeps this up, I'm going to explode. I can feel my muscles tighten and she takes her right leg and hitches it around my hip and I can feel her breasts pressing against my back. My hips begin to move with the motion of her hands on me and it feels great. Better than great, it feels fucking fantastic. If she were in the front of me doing that move, I wouldn't be able to keep myself from ripping a hole in that sexy costume and fucking her hard until we both came. The slick boot rubs up and down my thigh and I begin to imagine both of us up against the wall with me thrusting into her up to the hilt. This woman brings out the animal in me and I enjoy it immensely. I never thought I would feel so turned on at being so out of control. She stops her assault on me abruptly and I suddenly feel the smack of the stick across my ass and I cry out in a pleasurable pain. I'm snatched out of my foggy haze as I feel my body paralyze and I come hard and deeply intense. A roar echoes through the bathroom. My head falls back as I pump hard and fast, my body possessed as my climax works its way through me my fantasy coming to a long drawn conclusion as I fall to my knees against the shower wall.

My muscles in my stomach jerk uncontrollably and I can feel my knees get weak but I'm trussed up so I'm unable to fall. All the while this is happening, I am watching myself and it is intense. To watch my body as it convulses is a turn on within itself and I can feel myself coming again. I hear the pleasurable sounds escape my lips as the second wave hits me. I am almost blind with orgasmic bliss and I lean forward trying to rest myself. As I look up, she is watching me in the mirror with a pleased look on her face. She hits the buttons on each side of the horse and I fall to my knees. My breath is ragged and I can see that her eyes are wild. She unties my wrists, leans down and skims her nose across my jaw inhaling my post orgasmic scent with what seems almost like a low growl coming from her chest. She smiles and walks out of the room leaving me sated and in fucking awe. Fuck me.

My mind still fuzzy, I finally get out of the shower as the water runs cold. I dry myself off as best I can before falling into my bed, my head swimming with alcohol and thoughts of Bella as I drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Looks like Bella has definitely got underneath Edward's skin. Not to mention in his head. Until next time…