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6: Attraction

Hibari is shocked to the point where he cannot move for the next two minutes or so, which gives Mukuro plenty of time to vanish, and the second Hibari regains the ability to think in full sentences and actually move from where he's frozen on the sidewalk, he is immediately very angry with himself. If he'd said something, Mukuro wouldn't have run off. Come to think of it, why the hell did he run off? Did he take Hibari's silence as a rejection? Even so, running away from a problem wasn't generally a Mukuro sort of a thing to do, so maybe he thought he was about to get beaten up or something.

When I find him, Hibari thinks… and he doesn't really know what to think after that, because the problem of finding Mukuro to begin with comes first, and this is a task far easier said than done, because Mukuro's an illusionist, and he can use his illusions to hide if he so pleases.

Hibari curses under his breath. Why why why did he have to freeze up like that? Yes, it was a shocking revelation, to find out that Mukuro… well, had a thing for him. Yes, it startled him. But… but…

Running through the streets of Namimori, looking for Mukuro, Hibari suddenly feels very, very alone.


Hibari skids to a stop and turns toward the voice that's called his name. It's Sawada, walking home from school with Chrome Dokuro and Sasagawa and his little sister. Hibari growls at them, because he's very angry, and starts to leave, but Chrome is perceptive and fast and as such, catches him by the sleeve of his shirt before he can go.

"You've got a strange look on your face," she points out, and Sasagawa's sister hands her a pocket mirror, which she holds up to Hibari.

Of course, as is expected, he looks absolutely furious. But underneath that fury (and not very far underneath it either) is… something Hibari previously was unable to name. Something that didn't make sense to him. Something he's never felt before, because he's never been able to tolerate the presence of any other human beings for very long before getting angry and hurting them.

Hibari wants someone. He wants someone to be with him, to stay and… to just be with him. That's just that. Hibari watches his reflection in the mirror as he slowly turns redder and redder with anger and embarrassment and even a touch of shyness at the concept of wanting someone's company, and he turns to Sawada (partially to avoid the reflection and partially because he's got a question) and says, "Where's Mukuro?"

"I thought he was living with you," Sawada reminds him. As if he could forget.

"Yeah, well, he's gone… somewhere. Did you see him?"

"No," they all reply. Hibari grits his teeth and tries not to growl or threaten them.

"If you see that utterly moronic excuse for a human being, tell him I-" Hibari pauses and debates whether he's actually about to say what he thinks he's about to say. "Tell him… I want to see him."

Sawada and Sasagawa and Chrome share a look that says they believe they're about to be short one Guardian, but Sasagawa Kyoko smiles, because she always does, but Hibari can see something in it that he wishes he couldn't, and what he sees is understanding. This normal, uninvolved girl… can tell that he doesn't want to see Mukuro to kill him. Yes, what he wants to do to Mukuro is in fact a four –letter-word beginning with K-I and ending with a double consonant, but the double consonant is a pair of S's.

Technically speaking, there's another four-letter-word that Hibari might at some point like to do to Mukuro, but he really hopes Sasagawa Kyoko hasn't noticed that one yet.

"Sure, Hibari-san," Sawada says finally. "If I see him, I'll tell him you said that."

And then Hibari does something that surprises all of them, himself included: he puts a hand on top of Sawada's head, frizzes his hair slightly (as if it's not messy enough already), and says "Thank you."

And he runs off, leaving a very shocked group of Vongola Guardians behind him.

The first place Hibari looks is back at the school, but the disciplinary committee is still lingering around there in pieces, looking for anyone staying late and breaking rules, and they haven't seen Mukuro, so Hibari leaves and goes to look around downtown for a while before realizing that Mukuro doesn't know yet how to get downtown. He looks at the park, but the park is full of screaming little children playing around after school, and Mukuro is nowhere in sight anyway. He eventually ends up wandering through the streets of Namimori, and it's very, very late when he wonders to himself if maybe Mukuro went home after all, and he starts heading back rather dejectedly and rather angrily.

As he's crossing a bridge on the way home, he notices someone sitting at the edge of the artificial riverbank below. At first he thinks nothing of them and continues along his way, but then he does a double-take as he realizes that it's Mukuro.

Hibari stops on the bridge for a moment so he can calm down and quit contemplating pushing Mukuro into the river for being such a moron.

Once he's calmed himself down a bit, he makes his way down to where Mukuro's sitting, staring out at the sunset's reflection on the water with a melancholy look in his eyes.

Hibari pulls out a tonfa and whacks Mukuro soundly on the back of the head as a means of greeting, and then drops down onto the grass next to Mukuro and grabs him by the front of his school uniform.

"What the hell was that?" Mukuro complains. He's about to say more, but Hibari cuts him off.

"That's my line. What the hell was with you running off like that?"

Mukuro blinks slowly and Hibari lets go of his shirt in favor of whacking him with his tonfa again. Mukuro scowls at him and then wipes at his eyes as if he's been crying or something. Maybe he has.

"I left because… well… because… I thought you were mad," he explains. Hibari moves to hit him with the tonfa again, but Mukuro rather literally beats him to the punch and lands a hit right on Hibari's jaw, knocking him to the side. "You're being a jerk now, Kyouya-kun."

"You really want to turn this into a fight?" Hibari sighs. "Because remarkably enough, that isn't why I spent my entire afternoon searching for you."

Mukuro turns to stare at Hibari. "You did?"

"Yes," Hibari growls. "And I'm exhausted and angry and goddamnit, I can't believe you wouldn't have the patience to deal with me being startled!" Hibari drops his tonfa and punches Mukuro in the stomach, but it wasn't meant to hurt him. Hibari twists his hand around and grabs onto Mukuro's shirt, and he pulls Mukuro forward with a quick tug, dragging him towards himself. Mukuro immediately assumes the prefect is going to do something violent to him and tries to pull away, but Hibari grabs him by the arms and yanks just hard enough to pull the illusionist into his lap, and allows himself to topple over backwards, pulling Mukuro down on top of him. To make sure Mukuro can't get away, Hibari wraps one arm around Mukuro's waist and places a hand on the back of his head, pulling him in as close as he can.

"K-Kyouya-kun…" Mukuro whispers.

"You just don't get it," Hibari growls, twisting his fingers into Mukuro's hair. "You just don't get it at all, do you?"

"I don't get what?" Mukuro asks, and Hibari takes a moment to feel Mukuro's heart beating rapidly against his own before he flips them over easily so he's balanced above Mukuro, the illusionist sprawled out on the grass beneath him with a sad, half-confused look on his face.

Hibari says nothing. He simply grabs Mukuro by the front of his shirt and pulls him up so their faces are hardly centimeters apart, and then he closes the distance quickly, lets his eyes slip shut, and-

"Ow, Kyouya-kun! Don't bite!"

Hibari ignores this command and instead bites down harder on Mukuro's lower lip with the intent of drawing blood. When he manages to finally break the skin, Mukuro whines in pain and his hands come up to clutch at Hibari's jacket. Hibari laps up the blood, letting his teeth drag along the cuts he's made in Mukuro's lip. Mukuro does his best to choke back a moan (whether it's a moan of pain or pleasure, Hibari isn't sure. He also isn't sure he cares). When he's done with this, he lets go of Mukuro and sits up straight, straddling the illusionist. Mukuro pushes himself up off the ground and half-glares at Hibari, who's sitting on his lap.

"Kyouya-kun…" Mukuro starts, but Hibari holds up a finger to stop him.

"Don't speak," he commands, and then he leans forward and closes the gap between them again, and this time it's not to hurt Mukuro but to kiss him, kiss him in an unbelievably gentle way for Hibari. At first it's just the slightest brush of lips, breath mingling between them and Mukuro's eyes wide, his expression somewhere between shock and wonder. And then Hibari presses a little harder, just barely, gently moving his mouth on Mukuro's, and it's soft and almost comforting, if it weren't for the fact that the bitemarks on Mukuro's lip are still stinging as they kiss slowly, unsurely-

Mukuro pulls away first, with a whispered "Why…?"

Hibari crosses his arms and looks away with an embarrassed pout and says, almost inaudibly, "I was lonely."

Mukuro closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before leaning forward and wrapping his arms around Hibari's waist.

Hibari sighs and pushes Mukuro off him, lifts himself off the illusionist's lap and starts to walk away.

"If you don't come home with me, I'm going to drag you by your hair," Hibari threatens. He isn't sure if he'd actually go through with it or not.

Mukuro is up off the grass in seconds and at Hibari's side with his usual smirk returned to his face. He slips his hand into Hibari's as they start home, and Hibari figures he can let it slide this time because it's dark and the sun's just set, and as long as they don't walk under the streetlights, nobody will know.

But of course someone's invariably gonna find out anyway, because karma is a bitch, and over the years of beating up innocents, Hibari's earned a lot of bad points in that direction.

"Hibari-san! You found Mukuro!"

Sawada freakin' Tsunayoshi.

"We were out looking for him for you," Sawada explains. It's him and Chrome and Gokudera Hayato (who looks like he'd rather be elsewhere, but Sawada probably asked nicely enough that he came anyway) and they approach Hibari and Mukuro from down the street.

"You employed the help of other people to find me?" Mukuro asks gleefully, halfway between teasing Hibari and complete amazement at the fact.

"Shut up," Hibari hisses.

"I guess you found each other then," Chrome says, smiling. And then her eyes –thankfully only hers – happen to glance down and notice Mukuro and Hibari are holding hands, and her eyebrows raise. Because Chrome wears an eyepatch, Hibari can't tell if she's winking at them or not.

"Sawada, go home already," Hibari sighs. "Or I'll have to bite you to death."

Sawada blanches and runs off in the other direction. Chrome skips merrily off down some street. Gokudera follows Sawada away, giving Hibari the Finger as he leaves.

"Did you really have to threaten them?" Mukuro asks as they continue home. "They were going out of their way for you, after all."

"If I didn't, they'd have never let us be," Hibari says, shrugging.

It's getting rather late by the time they make it home, and they manage to do their homework during dinner without getting distracted (it isn't an easy task). Mukuro slams his textbook shut loudly on purpose when he's done, startling Hibari.

"Okay. That's it," he says, standing up and walking around to the other side of the kitchen table. Hibari raises an eyebrow as Mukuro drags him out of his chair and pushes him up against the wall behind them. There's a glint in Mukuro's mismatched eyes and a teasing smirk on his lips and then he's kissing Hibari, kissing him forcefully and hungrily and oh my god, Hibari thinks dizzily to himself, If I hadn't frozen up earlier, my afternoon would've been this instead-

And then Mukuro's forcing his tongue into Hibari's mouth and his train of thought not only grinds to a halt, it tips over sideways and falls off the tracks and all he can think about is Mukuro, Mukuro's lips and good god, that's unfair what he's doing with his tongue…

It isn't long before Hibari's fighting back, his own tongue pushing back against Mukuro's and invading the illusionist's mouth, and Mukuro whines, startled, as Hibari starts unbuttoning his school uniform shirt. He lets his hands slide in between the folds of fabric, running them up and down Mukuro's skin as they kiss heatedly, near-violently. Mukuro pulls back for a moment to catch his breath, and Hibari takes that chance to latch onto the illusionist's neck, sucking and kissing and biting –biting hard, too – and taking immense pleasure in the sudden rush of adrenaline when he tastes Mukuro's blood, hears him moaning (Definitely in pleasure, Hibari decides), and somehow they're no longer standing and Mukuro's on the kitchen floor beneath him as Hibari leaves bitemarks along his neck and chest. Mukuro's hand is tangled in his hair, and the other is up his shirt and doesn't that feel nice-

"Ah, K-Kyouya-kun… we should c-close the window …o-or your neighbors will hear us," Mukuro gasps. Hibari ignores this completely and decides to shut Mukuro up, capturing his lips in a burning, bloody kiss.

They break apart again, both of them gasping for breath and blushing madly. Mukuro lifts a hand up to his neck, covered in bitemarks, and winces slightly. Hibari feels like he should apologize, but he knows Mukuro liked it, so he doesn't.

"Can we take this somewhere a little more comfortable than the kitchen floor?" Mukuro asks. "Like, say, your bed," he suggests.

"Worst pickup line ever," Hibari drawls, lifting himself reluctantly up off of Mukuro and then dragging the illusionist up with him.

"But it worked." Mukuro grins and takes the lead, pulling Hibari up the stairs and down the hall and pretty much tackling him onto the bed in Hibari's room, and then he yanks Hibari's wrists up above his head and unbuttons his shirt and starts kissing his way down the prefect's body.

"Muku- ahh…" Hibari has been trying very hard not to moan, but Mukuro's not making it easy on him as he kisses further and further down and oh, hell, there's no stopping now, he thinks.

But then, does he even want to stop?

Mukuro reaches down with one hand to unbutton Hibari's pants and then the stupid telephone just has to go and ring right then, doesn't it? Hibari glances over at the phone on his bedside table to check the caller ID. It's Sawada, so he'd better answer it sooner rather than later, otherwise the pathetic little herbivore is going to keep redialing and redialing all night long until Hibari picks up the phone and indulges him.

Hibari reluctantly shoves Mukuro off of him ("Aww, we were just getting to the good part, Kyouya-kun~") and picks up the phone. "What do you want, Sawada?" he growls angrily into the receiver, doing his best to convey exactly how furious he is with the little brat.

"Um." Sawada doesn't sound nearly as terrified as Hibari thinks he should. "Um, there's, um, a problem. Um. Reborn says there's someone trying to assassinate all the Vongola Guardians. So, um, you and Mukuro should be careful, okay? And, um, lock the doors. Close the windows. Make sure you're safe and everything- Reborn, why do I need to tell all this to Hibari-san?" he says, directing that final complaint to the baby. In the background, Hibari can hear Reborn replying to Sawada with something along the lines of "you're the boss and it's your job".

"I can take care of myself, Sawada," Hibari grinds out. "I'm hanging up on you now."

"Just thought you should know, in case someone tries to kill you. Um, you have permission to fight back. And to kill them if the need be. Because then they can't come after the rest of us," Sawada adds.

If you don't hang up the phone right now, Sawada, I'm going to come kill you instead, Hibari thinks.

"See you tomorrow, Hibari-san," Sawada finishes, and Hibari growls intimidatingly at him and hangs up the phone, slamming it down onto the bedside table.

"Kyouya-kun?" Mukuro asks, gesturing at the phone.

"Some stupid mafia assassin is coming after Sawada's guardians and he felt the need to tell us to be careful," Hibari scoffs. And then he says, "Well, what're you waiting for? Finish what you started, herbivore, or I'll bite you to death."

Mukuro smirks. "You know I'd enjoy it if you did."



"So are you."

"True," Mukuro says, and pulls Hibari back down.


The next morning Mukuro shows up confidently (if not occasionally wincing in pain) to school with bandages around his neck to hide the bitemarks (there isn't a ton he can do about the ones on his lips, so he doesn't try). He's immediately accosted by the entire female population of his class, and they freeze in the action of asking him who he likes in favor of asking why he's covered in bandages.

"Who did this to you?" one of them squeals.

Mukuro laughs his signature laugh as he realizes he could have a lot of fun with this conversation. "Oh, it was Kyouya-kun," he explains.

"Eeeeeh," all the girls squeal. "You got in a fight with the head prefect and lived? You must be amazing!"

"It wasn't quite fighting…" Mukuro admits. At that point, Hibari walks into the classroom and sits down at his desk. Similar to Mukuro, he looks like he's just had a bad run-in with a cheese grater.

"Wow, look at that," says one of the girls.

"It must've been some fight," says another.

"It wasn't a fight," Mukuro mumbles under his breath.

"What happened to your lip?" asks one of the girls, gesturing to the bitemark. "It looks like you got bitten.

"I did," Mukuro smirks. "That was Kyouya-kun's doing too."

Several of the girls start chattering about how mean that is, and how Hibari would really do anything in a fight to defeat his opponents, and all sorts of other things. The few who aren't saying this are off to the sides, blushing crimson and trying not to make eye contact with Mukuro. He has to laugh at this.

"I did fight back, though, you understand," Mukuro adds, almost as an afterthought. "But in the end, I think Kyouya-kun may have won…"

The girls who were chattering start congratulating Mukuro on surviving. The ones who are blushing stifle squeals and blush even more brilliantly.

Mukuro sits back in his chair and laughs.

At lunch break, Hibari gets up with a glare on his face and proceeds to drag Mukuro from the room with not a single indication to anyone else as to why.

Mukuro, taking every opportunity to tease the hell out of the girls, says, "Oh, looks like it's time for round two!"

"Shut up," Hibari growls. As they leave the room and the squealing within it, Hibari lets go of Mukuro's shirt in favor of letting the illusionist walk on his own, and Mukuro drapes his arm around Hibari's shoulder cordially.

"Kyouya-kun didn't want to eat lunch by himself, huh?" Mukuro teases.

"I thought I said shut up," Hibari mutters, glaring off to the side, but despite this he loops his arm around Mukuro's waist anyway and they walk in tandem up to the school roof, content, together, and most likely going to end up trying to kill each other in ten minutes, but they're both fine with that just so long as they're both strong enough that they'll never actually succeed in doing so.


OMAKE : Attitude

"So if I'm up here at the top of my little world," Hibari says over lunch, "Then I'm the king of my world, yes?"

"Sure, why not," Mukuro agrees.

"So by that reasoning," he continues, pointing a chopstick at Mukuro, "Doesn't that make you the queen?"

Mukuro blushes and whacks Hibari over the head with a water bottle. "Hell no."

"Alright, princess then," Hibari suggests.

"At least say prince," Mukuro complains. "I'm a boy."

"I'm well aware of that, Mukuro." Hibari smirks and spears a meatball with his chopsticks (Mukuro has yet to make anything other than Italian foods yet, mostly because he doesn't know how).

"I think I'm the king," Mukuro says. "You're the princess and you were married off to me by your kingdom for political purposes, and now I'm in control of your country." Hibari gives him a Look. "Don't worry, Kyouya-kun. I'll protect you from foreign invasions… kufufufu…"

"Pervert," Hibari says bluntly.

Mukuro smiles and kisses Hibari on the cheek, earning himself a tonfa to the head.

"Not at school, herbivore."

"Aww, you don't mean that."

"I do."

"Like hell." Mukuro leans over and presses their lips together lightly.

Standing in the doorway that opens up to the school rooftop, Kusakabe Tetsuya decides that he's interrupting something private and he ought to turn around and go. Hibari can wait to hear about the kendo team getting beaten up again.

It's just nice for him to know that Kyo-san finally has someone he doesn't mind keeping him company.

Hahaha Kusakabe Tetsuya is actually one of my favorite non-mafia characters.

I feel like Hibari and Mukuro kept fluctuating between being in-character and being just OOC enough that you can tell they're OOC, and that sorta pissed me off, but when I tried to fix it it interrupted the flow of the story and the OOC turned into OCD and it all went downhill from there so I left it as it was to begin with.

This is the last chapter, by the way, unless I decide to grace you with another Omake (Chapter 6.5, which would contain the rest of the scene that's supposed to go before it switches to Mukuro's narrative toward the end. The only reason it'd be an omake and not an actual part of the chapter is because I can't write smut, and so half of it would be futile attempts to get past the making-out stage in the scene and half of it would be author's notes cutting in every few sentences with stuff like [What the helllll I can't do it I'm laughing too hard...].)So yeah. I fail. But I fail in a way that entertains my readers (or at least I like to think it does).

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