A/N: I know this has been done to death, but please read it before you dis it. This story is special. It combines two ideas I have been having, I couldn't get them right or believable. Here they are. This is, also, my first time writing Moriarty. I apologize if he seems... off kilter. I mean, even more off kilter. ;D Enjoy! :D

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WARNING: Major character death!


"Probably my answer has crossed yours."

Sherlock lowered his aim to the bomb that was three feet from Moriarty, who looked at him condescendingly. That should have warned him. He should have listened to what that feeling was telling him, but he didn't.

Sherlock smirked and pulled the trigger. Time seemed to slow as the shot rang out and the bullet embedded itself into its target.

Nothing happened. There was no loud explosion. Nothing!

Sherlock and John looked at each other. The bomb had been a fake.

A harsh triumphant laugh rang out. "I would be very stupid if I were to place myself in the near vicinity of an actual bomb, wouldn't I?" Moriarty jeered. "Sorry, boys, but I have no patience for this." With that, Moriarty raised his head slightly and nodded once.

Multiple shots rang out.

The bodies of the Private Consulting Detective, Sherlock Holmes and of his friend, Dr. John Watson toppled to the ground.

Moriarty stalked to the bodies and crouched over Sherlock's, avoiding the pool of blood slowly oozing out of the wounds on his throat, chest, and forehead. "I guess the time for something special has arrived, Sherlock."

The door, through which Moriarty had come through the last time, opened and a woman stepped through. "We should leave. Now," she said.

Jim stood and faced her. She was beautiful. Her copper colored hair fell down her back, and her black eyes returned his gaze without emotion. She was deadly. "Irene, dear, the police have no idea where we are. And my men have successfully taken out their surveillance. No one knows." With that he walked toward her, slowly. He stopped right in front of her and kissed her cheek. "There is no need to worry," he whispered. "Not anymore, Sister."


A/N: So what'd ya think? as I said before, these two plots were hard to get right and I hope I'm not too far OOC with Jim. If I am, I'm sorry. I didn't exactly write it down, but I typed it out, without thinking that much about it. I hope you enjoyed! :D