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Chell had never cried before. Well, not since she was very little. She had always been strong. She had always told herself to fight through the pain. When she was a child, if she scraped her knee, she would bite her lip and choke back tears before limping off to get a bandage. As a teenager, she would find something to keep her mind occupied if she was dumped by yet another ex-boyfriend. Not that she had many boyfriends in the past, just the handful she did have never really worked out.

And, as an adult, she had a determined never-give-up attitude. It was the only thing that helped her survive in this day and age. It was what allowed her to pick up and start a normal life after so many years in Aperture Science. Sure, it took some effort, and she stumbled a bit along the way. But, she managed to, surprisingly,intergrade herself quite well into society.

But, now, all those bottled-up emotions were flooding out. All over a traitorous robot that...No, not a robot. Not a traitor. He was human now, or, at least a cyborg. A former machine now in a human body. One that had tried to atone for his past sins and sacrificed himself to save her.

Wheatley actually had risked life and limb to save her. To save Chell. The woman he had admitted to loving. He had pushed aside his cowardice and tried to stop Glados. Though, in hindsight, Chell couldn't help but wonder sadly if this was yet another one of his stupid ideas gone horribly wrong.

Chell cradled Wheatley's body in her arms and sobbed. He couldn't be gone. He just couldn't be. After all that they've been through together, it couldn't end like this.

"Wheatley...W-Wake up..." she cried, "P-Please...Wake up. Y-You said you loved me...right? I-I...I love you too. B-But, it can't end like this! Please...GET UP! D-DON'T DIE ON ME, YOU MORON!"

She continued to hold Wheatley's body close to her, tears staining his burnt flesh. Then, a barely audible whisper was heard.


Author's Notes: He's alive! (Dances). Well, folks, the story is almost over. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, if anyone has a DeviantArt or Photobucket account (or something similiar), I'd really appreciate it if someone could make illustrations to this story. Anywho, stay tuned for the epilouge.