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It had been nearly three weeks since Glados had last been defeated. Wheatley had been taken to the hospital so that his wounds could be treated and he could get some rest. Now, he was sore. Everything ached. His arms ached, his legs ached, his stomach especially ached. His head ached too. The robotic parts of his mind had a burning sensation to them from when Glados had hooked him up to that horrid machine. He silently hoped he would be able to delete the memories from his mind. Erm...humans could just delete memories, right?

The damage was more severe than a few burns and some scrapes, however. Wheatley's left arm had been badly mangled from a combonation of punching Glados as well as the explosion breaking said arm in several places. While he was lucky that his arm didn't have to be amputated, it was still pretty evident he would never quite have full use of it ever again.

He had also received some serious damage to his right eye. To the point where said eye was nearly blind. The most he could see anymore out of said eye was little more than a bunch of blurry smudges and colors.

"Hello? You have a visitor." the nurse's cheerful voice snapped Wheatley back to reality after he had been staring at his mutilated arm for quite some time.

"Oh, um...come in." Wheatley replied shaking his head a couple of times and looking at the door to his hospital room.

He smiled a bit at he saw Chell peek her head into the doorway before entering the hospital room. She brought some flowers (Huh, so that's what flowers looked like in real life. Pretty. And they smelled good too), which were a mixed boquet of roses and tulips and a few daisies here and there.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing." Chell spoke as she set the boquet down on a nearby small wooden table, "Feel any better?"

"Well, my arm hurts like hell...and, I think they're trying to kill me with the food." Wheatley replied in his paranoid nature, "I tried eating it, and it was bloody awful! I think they're trying to make me eat cardboard. Poisoned cardboard!"

"That's because hospital food is made from ground-up kittens." Chell replied jokingly.

"WHAT!" Wheatley gasped in disgust falling for her lie, "I'm eating innocent baby cats!"

"No." Chell laughed in response, something she hadn't done in quite a while, "It's not really made of cats. I was just joking. It's just regular food. Hospitals just somehow manage to make it taste terrible. Besides, it'll do you some good. You'll be able to lose that spare tire."

She poked his gut a couple of times.

"There's a tire in there?" the robot-turned-human asked in confusion, "I thought I was just fat."

Chell rolled her eyes but smirked, "Wheatley, try to get some rest, ok?"

She then kissed him on the cheek and left. Wheatley felt his face turned red before he closed his eyes and was sound asleep.

The end.

Author's Notes: Well, folks. All good things must come to an end, and, so it is with this story. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.