Oh look! Another Natsume Yujincho fic. I can't help it. I really like this series and I am so excited a third season is coming out. Who's with me? Anyway, most of the time, while writing these fics I like to focus on a part of a character's personality that a lot of people seem to over look and in this case it's the fact that Natori is an actor. And I thought that I should give him the spotlight when he gets the spotlight, you know? anyway this is going to turn into a romancey fic where Natsume and Natori get together just to warn you nay-sayers out there that say this can never happen. But it definitely will happen! It's the reality of the non-reality if you know what I mean.

Anyway enjoy the first chapter!

Natori had a problem… And it wasn't just a problem. It was a big big problem. Natori never really liked admitting defeat but that never stopped foresight and insight from telling him that it was absolutely doomed to failure.

Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be such a problem. But these circumstances that Natori has to face made a problem over something that was supposed to make him happy and skip through fields of flowers and stuff like that.

And what makes people happy and skip through fields of flowers and stuff like that? Why, love of course.

He would never ever admit this to anybody, but the feelings that he had for Natsume could never hope to be described in words. Because there would never be a semblance of syllables in this language or another that could possibly describe to a stranger of passion exactly how Natori felt, he could never express it to anyone else. Every time he saw the young boy all of his other senses dimmed and gave him fantastical illusions of clichés.

He would almost swear that he heard the angelic chimes of bells whenever Natsume looked at him, that he could fly and walk on clouds whenever Natsume gave him a shy smile, that he could smell the sweet fragrance of flowers whenever… Natori stopped. Was he really being this sentimental? He attributed this to the fact that he was reading too many Shakespeare romances lately and made himself a mental note to stop.

But no matter how Natori felt or even how cliché it was, Natori wouldn't be able to approach Natsume with the intent of making him his. Circumstances being what they are, Natori would be quite certain that he would never be able to do that.

But there were only three! Only three circumstances that reduced Natori to this hopeless state.

These three circumstances were as follows:

Circumstance 1. Natsume was not in the least bit attracted to him he was pretty sure (at least the same way Natori was attracted to Natsume). And he had observations that supported this thesis. Example: Natsume never swooned when Natori gave him his sexy-famous-actor smile. IT ALWAYS MADE THE LADIES SWOON BUT NOT NATSUME! And Example two: Natsume always made it clear how disgusted he was whenever Natori used youkai as "tools" to help him with his exorcisms.

Circumstance 2. That fat cat thing was always around Natsume and would never give Natori any time alone with Natsume for even a split second. Even that time he caught Natsume with his paper dolls, Nyanko-sensei had been there not too long after and had "saved" Natsume from him.

Circumstance 3. Probably the worst circumstance of them all because it was nothing that he could change immediately and that he would have to wait until it was no longer a problem… Natsume was still underage. If it was leaked out to the press that he was dating a minor, his career would be ruined, Touko would never let Natori inside the house ever again, and Natsume would probably hate him too. Not to mention all of the tabloids calling him a homosexual pedophile and having to face possible indictment because it's against the law for him to date someone under 18…

And for the first time in his life, he had no idea what to do. If he tried to pursue Natsume a number of things that are very unpleasant could possibly happen and he didn't know if he could deal with any of those things.

And as for not pursuing him…

Natori can affirm that he's an actor in every sense of the word; it's what he loves to do. And he'd be damned if he wasn't a helluva good one. But each actor has a breaking point. There is a part that they can only do so often before they just can't do it anymore. In Natori's case, it was the part of a big brother to Natsume.

For an actor, it's more difficult to under-play an emotion that they are feeling then over-play an emotion that they aren't feeling. Natori had such a desire to be with Natsume that he didn't know how long he could go pretending that there was nothing but platonic love for him.

He was afraid that one of these days he was just going to snap, pin the poor unsuspecting boy up to a wall and indulge himself in Natsume's oh-so kissable lips.

He felt like he needed a break. A break from exorcism, a break from youkai, even a break from Natsume.

There was an audition coming up for a romance type movie and since he already knew the casting director from previous commercials and shows he's worked on, he was pretty sure he was gaurenteed a part. If not just a part then the lead part.

Natori felt that this would be a great reprieve from life in general.

Natoir sighed. Right, gotta go audition…

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