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Penny nervously watched the clock room. Soon he was coming, and she still had not decided how to tell him. She could always call one of the guys and getting someone to delay it ... but that would be complicated and it should tell the other person first. She wanted that he was the first person to know, besides herself. But she also wanted to tell him in a special way. And besides, she was also scared. It was not unexpected. Both had discussed and decided together. But, at least she hoped it was not so fast.
Penny took a deep breath. Being so nervous it would not be good for her or for ... Penny could not finish the sentence. She was still surprised. She put her hand under her belly button. She could feel her heart racing, but in her womb was nothing different. She was startled to hear the sound of a car parking. Had he come earlier? That did not give her many options. And then, suddenly, she had an idea ...
When Leonard opened the door he was surprised to see Penny writing on his board.
"Hey, Love"
"Hi, Honey" - Leonard was surprised that Penny greeted him without even looking him. She seemed very busy with whatever she was writing. He came from behind and hugged her.
"What are you doing? Penny, you know you can't touch my board "- Leonard insisted, imitating the voice of Sheldon.
Penny raised an eyebrow and looked at him funny.
"Well, do not respond to this provocation. Just because I need help with the outcome of this equation "- said Penny.
Now, Leonard raised an eyebrow. He was surprised, but when he saw the board, his face changed completely.
"So?" - Penny said, staring at Leonard.
"Whoaw!" - said Leonard.
"Whoaw?" - Penny asked.
"Penny, we will be parents!"
"Yes, I know!" - And they embraced, still smiling. Simply, it was the happiest moment of their lives.