Guys? 1

"Emily! Emily. EMILY!"

Wesley's voice woke Emily up from her deep slumber. She moaned at the sunlight and pulled the covers over her head.

"Go away, Goldie," she protested, "I'm trying to sleep."

"Not anymore, Sleeping Beauty," Wesley said, pulling the covers away, "it's noon and you are still in bed."

"Great," Emily muttered, closing her eyes.

Wesley muttered in her ear, "Don't make me get the water hose."

Her eyes snapping open, Emily said, "You wouldn't."

Suddenly, Jayden appeared in the doorway, along with the rest of the team. All of them had water soaking them and their clothes.

Pushing her dripping black hair out of her face, Mia said, "Oh, yes he would."

Emily was soon on her feet. She looked at Wesley, who was trying hard not to laugh. She stuck out her tongue playfully before heading for breakfast. As they all ate, Emily couldn't help but giggle at the soaked others.

"Oh, you think this is funny?" Jayden said, "well, you know what else is funny?"

He embraced her tightly, thus stirring a squeal.

"How much I like my teammate," he said.

Both of them were laughing when he let her go.

"Jayden, you creep," she said, though her smile said otherwise.

"Behave you two," Kevin said.

"Watch it, Kev," Mike muttered, "Emily is a fighter."

"Shut up," Emily laughed.

Suddenly, the GAP sensor went off. The team leapt to their feet and raced outside. They transformed along the way, not caring they had been wearing their PJ's. When they arrived at the scene, they gasped.

People were fighting with each other like crazy. Police were even arguing, and everybody looked ready to punch anybody, if they weren't already. It was a mess.

"This is horrible," Emily gasped, "who could have done this?"

"Look behind you, punk," a gruff and low voice said.

A Niloch was standing behind them. He had two red eyes and buffed up repile green skin. His head had a cress in a single wave, and his outfit was black and scary looking. The rangers pulled their swords and narrowed their eyes behind their masks.

"What have you done to these people?" Mia demanded.

"Stirred up a little fighting, dummy," the monster said.

"You won't faze us," Jayden said, "but we'll sure fight you!"

The six began to fight him quickly. He looked into Mike's eyes soon and focused.

"You're treated wrong," he said, "you should teach those punks some respect!"

When his eyes glowed red, Mike was blasted backwards.

"Mike!" Emily cried, rushing to his side, "are you okay?"

"Uh..." Mike moaned, opening his eyes. When he saw Emily, he said, "Get out of my space, punk!"

He drew his sword and swung at Emily. She gasped and blocked the strike. The others gasped and rushed to them.

"Mike? What's going..." Jayden began, but Mike swung at him.

"Traitor! You're a glory hog," Mike said, swinging at his chest.

The green ranger put his Zord on his sword and spun it.

"Spin Sword: Forest Strike!" he yelled, slashing downward.

Leaves surrounded the others and blasted them backwards.

"He's under a spell," Jayden said, "we have to snap him out of it!"

"How?" Mia asked.

"Next," the monster said, looking into Kevin's eyes.

"You don't get any spotlight," he said, "you should share the glory."

Suddenly, it was four rangers against Kevin and Mike. The beast looked into Wesley's eyes next.

"You should have stuck to your guns," he said, "these lame crybabies don't deserve you!"

Three against three.

When the evil looked into Mia's eyes, he said, "Mike doesn't need that Zord. You deserve it, and the team takes advantage of you!"

Four against two.

The beast stared into Jayden's eyes and said, "That yellow ranger is too protective. She doesn't know anything, and doesn't deserve you. You must do this without that worrier, Emily, weighing you down."

"No, Jayden!" Emily cried, rushing to her blasted leader, "don't fall for his tricks!"

Slowly, Jayden opened his eyes. They were a golden yellow. He growled at Emily and battled her. With her friends all surrounding her, Emily was really scared.

"G...Guys?" she squeaked.

"Destroy Yellow Ranger," they all said, lunging for her.

Author Note: Oh, no. Not good! :(