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Warnings: bullying.


You Have More Friends Than You Know by Mervyn Warren (Glee version)



We feel, we hear, your pain, your fear

But we're here, to say, who you are, is okay


And you don't have to go through this on your own

You're not alone


You have more friends than you know

Some who surround you

Some you are destined to meet

You'll have more love in your life


Don't let go, give it time

Unique y Sam:

Take it slow

Those who love you the most, may need more time to grow


It's gonna be okay (Sam: It's gonna be okay)

You have more friends than you know

Be brave, be strong,

You are loved, you belong

Blaine (Unique):

Some day soon (Some day soon), you will see (You will see)

You're exactly

Blaine y Unique:

Who you're supposed to be


And you don't have to go through this on your own (Unique: Ooh!))

You're not (Unique: You're not!) alone (Unique: You're not alone, no, no)

Marley con Blaine, Sam, y Unique:

You have more friends than you know

Some who surround you

Some you are destined to meet

You'll have more love in your life

Marley (Con Unique, Sam y Blaine):

Don't let go, give it time (Blaine, Sam y Unique: Give it time)

Take it slow (Blaine, Sam y Unique: Take it slow)

Those who love you the most, (may need more time to grow)

It's gonna be okay (Blaine, Sam yUnique: Gonna be okay)

You have more friends than you know


Be who you are

Learn to forgive

Unique con Blaine

It's not about who you love, but how you live (Blaine: But how you live!)



Blaine (Con Unique):

(You have more friends than you know) (Unique: That you know!)

Some who surround you (Unique: Yeah!)

Some you are destined to meet

Marley y Blaine (Unique):

You'll have more (More!) love in your life

Unique y Sam (Blaine, Sam, Marley and Unique):

Don't let go, give it time (Give it time)


Take it slow (Unique: Take it slow)

Marley y Blaine (Con Unique)

Those who love you the most, (may need more time to grow)


It's gonna be okay (Marley: It's gonna be okay)

Marley, Blaine, Sam y Unique:

You have more friends than you know


It's gonna be okay


Cloud, eight years old

Nibelheim was a very quiet town, populous around five hundred people. Stranded and set aside from society, it was a very traditional town, backwater. It was home to most of the fair skinned and bright-eyed people on Gaia. The dense evergreen forest housed some of the Continents most ferocious monsters, including the Nibel Wolf and Nibel Dragons. The mako springs also made the area dangerous place to live, especially for curious children wandering around. The iridescent liquid was entrancing and many had come too close, and fell into a coma when splashed. They didn't recover.

Cloud Summer Strife has lived in Nibelheim his whole life, all eight years, and he couldn't think of a worse place to live. It was hell on Gaia to go about day-to-day life. The weather was shitty, says mama, all year around, the animals odd and the people static. Now, Cloud didn't quite know what "shitty" meant, but he knew that he didn't like the snow and he didn't like the wind, which meant he really didn't like living in Nibelheim.

If there was one thing little Cloud hated more then the weather, it would have to be the people. He loathed leaving the house and walking around town without his mother. Even when he was with her, Cloud still hid behind her. Walking alone was a terror. Seeing as today was one of the two generally sunny days that they got all year, his mother had kicked him out of the house.

"Cloud," she had said, "get you skinny, little butt outside and enjoy the weather. Gaia knows you need all the sun you can get with my complexion."


"Now." And that had been the end of that discussion, and here he was, creeping across the village square, trying not to drag any attention towards himself. Unfortunately, it wasn't really working.

"Hey! Straw head, what are you doin' away from your shack?" one boy walking across the square called, having spotted Cloud with his bright hair. It was Ian, a boy his age with a freckled face and red hair. He was also one of Cloud's frequent tormentors. Cloud flinched a little but didn't answer, choosing instead to keep walking, intent on getting to the only book store in town and staying with his mother's friend, Barb.

"Hey, faggot, listen when my brother talks to you, ya hear?" an angry older boy, Patrick shouted as he stomped over to Cloud, footprints leaving pits in the snow. Panicking, he tried to get away, turning to run, but Patrick yanked his arm around and Cloud went crashing, hard, to the ground. He couldn't help but whimper a little as he bit his tongue. Cloud spat some blood onto the snow, staining the perfection a startling crimson.

Looking up, dazed, Cloud received a kick to the face, and heard a crack and then felt a flash of pain, his nose breaking. He started crying. Stumbling to his feet, Cloud made a mad dash for sanctuary seeing Barb's store just twenty feet away, windows covered in thick blinds and the door closed against the cold, but it wasn't enough. His shirt ripped as Cloud was grabbed and flung once again to the ground from behind. The ice scraped at the exposed skin and Cloud could feel the new cuts sting on his back before the pain of cold snow overlapped, washing it away. He wheezed, lungs emptied of necessary air with the impact on the hard, compacted snow.

"I wasn't done talking to you bitch! So, don't – run – away!" each word was punctuated by a kick to the side, Cloud didn't beg them to stop, he just waited and silently prayed that they wouldn't start saying those things again.

"What? Not gonna cry for yer momma?" Patrick's accent deteriorated with rage. "Not gonna cry for that slut? How does it fell Cloudy, to be a bastard? To know that you mama will spread her legs for any outsider that comes around town, but couldn't find any of the decent men around here 'good enough' for her delicate tastes? Not that they would bed such a whore!" Patrick hurled the hateful words towards Cloud, intent on causing as much damage as his thirteen year old intellect could. The younger children standing behind him were a little uneasy, but they noticed the adults standing off to the side, laughing. So they thought, it must be okay.

"Hey!" an angry, heavy woman came charging out of "Barb's Book" wielding a broom. She started swatting at the children, Patrick in particular was whacked a couple of times across the head.

"Barbara! What are you doing hitting an innocent child like that? You should be ashamed of yourself!" An older gentleman, Sean, came forward and stood firmly between Patrick and Barb.

"Innocent? Innocent my ass! Look at poor little Cloud! Do you not see the example Patrick is setting for the younger children when you allow him to hurt people?" she scowled fiercely.

"See? I don't see anything besides a couple of children having some fun. There's nothing wrong with that." Sean's voice could make Nibelheim's arctic temperatures seem tropic, the tone so cold. Cloud looked at the ground, having not bothered to get up knowing it was futile, and was ashamed to feel tears in his eyes.

Whack! Hazel Strife's palm snapped Sean's head to the side, shopping bags falling to the ground, ingredients falling out. She had just been coming home from grocery shopping, excited with the cake ingredients she had bought. Her baby was turning nine tomorrow! But then she had seen her baby boy on the ground bleeding and crying. Dribbles of blood smeared the lower half of his face, having leaked from his broken nose. Cloud's eyes were swollen from crying and his whole face looked like a mess. His shirt pooled in his lap, the back shredded. Even from a couple feet away, Hazel could see the shivering and the purple bruising starting to appear. Thank Gaia I have that money. Soon baby, and we can leave here. I promise.

"Don't you dare touch my Cloud again or I'll castrate you and feed you balls to the dragons. Only cowards and criminals attack children." Hazel made a point of looking at Patrick on 'criminals' and was pleased when the boy paled and looked away.

"I don't know what you teach your boys Sean, but this is not okay." The entire village square was silent, only Cloud's soft crying disturbed the quiet.

"I think that's enough." Brian Lockhart, Mayor of Nibelheim separated the two adults. " Now, nothing terrible has happened, so Ms. Strife, why don't you just head on home?" Hazel glared at the Mayor, but didn't say anything else, hatred coloring her face for a brief moment. The Mayor's eye's hardened. She turned to Cloud and picked him up, ignoring his squeak of embarrassment and carried him into Barb's shop. Barb picked up the groceries and followed closely behind, wary and holding the broom tightly despite the obvious 'conclusion' of the fight. They closed and locked the doors.

Shelves lined the quaint interior, wall to wall. A rickety desk held an old cash register, creaking under the weight of the bulky machine. The musky smell of paperback books filled Cloud's nose and he buried his head in his mother's neck for a moment. Hazel carried him over to a lone piece of furniture in the corner, a beat and faded mauve loveseat. She gently set Cloud down, ignoring the blood. If need be, she would replace the couch. Cloud hissed when his injuries touched the rough fabric, a sharp sensation of pain. The cold was wearing off now, the previously numb skin burning.

"Barb, can you get him some extra clothes? He's freezing." Hazel started stripping Cloud of his ruined clothes, whipping them off, she threw them into a near by waste basket and covered him with a thick, wool blanket that had been on the back of the loveseat. Cloud flushed with embarrassment, but he was just happy to be out of those clothes. Barb went to the back of the store and up a set of stairs to her house set above the shop. Rummaging in her draws, she finally found a comfortable pair of sweats and a heavy sweatshirt.

"Bring him right upstairs Hazel. I'll run a bath." Barb called down. Hazel bent to carry Cloud again, but he interrupted.

"It's okay, Mama. I can do it myself." Cloud whispered, pleading up at Hazel with luminescent blue eyes. Swallowing, she nodded, letter her little man pick himself up off the couch. He visibly winced, arms trembling a bit, the shock of the encounter finally setting in. Tears blurred Hazel's vision. Cloud hauled himself off the loveseat, weaving when his legs threatened to crumple under him. Balancing on the arm of the furniture for a second, Cloud took a tentative step towards the stairs. Pain wormed its way across his torso, echoing down his arms and legs. He bit his lip, stifling it.

Teetering, his legs made it all the way to the bottom of the stairs, about twenty steps or so, before collapsing. Hazel caught him, already prepared if he wasn't strong enough to make it on his own. Cloud burst into tears, sobs wracking his slim frame, curling into his mother.

"Sh, sweetheart." Cradling her child, Hazel carefully walked up the stairs. The door at the top was already open, Barb waiting for them inside. Entering a bright yellow bedroom, Hazel strode past the cheery floral print bed and, of course, numerous bookshelves, ignoring them. The bathroom was miniscule, barely able to fit the cracked toilet and beat tub. Barb was sitting on the closed toilet, knees touching the edge of the bathtub, dipping her hand into the almost full tub. A light steam rose up off the water, clouding the air.

"It's ready," Barb said, "but you can check the water yourself. It might be too warm for him." She stood and carefully exited the bathroom. Hazel was forced to step back out of the room to let Barb pass. Hazel sat on the toilet, Cloud safe in her arms, while she tested the water temperature. Finding it acceptable, she unwrapped Cloud, dropping the blanket unceremoniously to the floor and set him in the water. Her heart broke as he cried out in pain as his wounds touched the water and Cloud's raw back settled against the rough surface of the tub. Tenderly, Hazel went about the process of cleaning Cloud's injuries as he cried, tears silently leaking out of the corners of his eyes, staring blankly at the white walls across from him.

"Mama?" Cloud whispered, "Why do they act like that? Why can't they be nicer?" his voice broke. Hazel froze in washing Cloud's left arm, fingers momentarily digging into his pale flesh. He winced a bit, and she immediately let go, ashamed. She couldn't take it anymore. She broke. Harsh sobs shook her shoulders, and Hazel bowed over the edge of the tub burying her face in Cloud's neck. She lifted him up and held him in her lap, uncaring about the water drenching her clothes.

"I'm sorry, Cloud. It's my fault. It's all my fault. Please forgive me." Hazel rocked back and forth, begging for forgiveness. Cloud, at eights years old, didn't understand yet. It would be a long time before he understood everything.


The fire crackled softly, Cloud gazing, unseeing into the dancing light. The owls hooted in the darkness, animals bustling about ready to start their day. His hands were clenched tightly around opposite wrist, elbows resting on his knees, shoulders hunched and bowed. Zack sat across from his, observing the beaten boy in front of him, pity welling.

"I didn't realize until I came to Midgar, how wrong they were to treat me like that."

"Cloud-" Zack began.

"I know, but it doesn't make it any better."


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