Harry Potter and the Shadow Clones

Since Harry Potter was a baby he lived with his Aunt Petunia, his Uncle Vernon, and his cousin Dudley at Number Four Private Drive. At the age of four Harry lived in the cupboard under the stairs and does the chores that the rest of the Dursley's don't wish to do themselves (which is of all of the chores). Now at the age of eight years old Harry has been given the chores of mow the lawn, weed the garden, and clean the floors before he made dinner for the rest of the family for the day.

'Man this would be so much easier if I could do two things at once' thought young Harry while pushing the mower across the yard.

He stopped to take a break and really think about what he could do if there were two of him instead of one. After careful consideration Harry closed his eyes focused as hard as he could of creating a double of himself and tried to will it to happen. Expecting nothing to happen, surprisingly after a short while he heard a small poof sound and saw a small cloud of smoke. Once the smoke had cleared he saw an exact copy of himself.

"What, who, how?" stuttered young Harry as he looked at a clone of himself.

"Well you wanted another you to help you with your work so I guess you created me" the double said. "I'm not entirely sure how exactly you did it but it shouldn't be too hard to do it again or even make more doubles of yourself. Now what do you need me to do?"

"Oh well uh . . . you could get started on weeding the garden over there while I finish up mowing the lawn" Harry said still a little confused on the whole matter of another him standing in front of him. 'Maybe this is why they call me a freak' Harry thought to himself.

Unfortunately he would have to think about that later as Uncle Vernon's voice came bellowing out from the window for Harry to finish mowing the lawn. So with his double weeding the garden Harry went back to his own work. They both finished roughly around the same time and that's when Harry found himself in bit of a conundrum. He still needed to clean the floor in the kitchen and make dinner but if he walked inside with the double the Dursley's would probably throw a fit and beat him some more and he didn't know how to get rid of the double.

"Uh not that I don't appreciate you helping me but how do I get rid of you so that my relatives don't know about you?" Harry asked his clone.

"Well your thoughts created me maybe they can do the opposite.' the double replied calmly.

"So I will have to do is concentrate on making you disappearing instead of appearing. It sounds like it should work; I will give it a try." Harry said.

Harry closed his eyes and focused on the double disappearing. With another poof sound and a smoke cloud the double was gone but Harry received a rush of information about what the double had done while it was there, it was the doubles memories from when he appeared to when he disappeared.

'Well that was unpleasant but if I can make more of these to do the chores without the rest of my relatives finding out it should make my life a lot easier.'

For the next couple of weeks Harry would make clones to help him with his chores so long as they were never in the same place where they could be seen and he was able to get more work done with fewer beatings.


Uncle Vernon came storming into the house "Harry!" the plump man bellowed.

Harry's immediate thought was to get his doubles out of the house. He turned to look for them but they were gone. Harry walked out from kitchen and replied "Yes, Uncle"

Glaring at the young boy Vernon made his way to him "I have a whole list of things for you to get done before my guests from work arrive tomorrow."

As Harry looked at the list his uncle shoved at him he saw that he needed some things from the store and thought to himself "I will have to send a few of the doubles get supplies." A few seconds later he heard a cars screeching to halt and then what sounded like the same car hitting something.

All of sudden Harry had the memories of one of his doubles rush at him, although he had not made one disappear yet.

In the memories of this double it had heard Uncle Vernon call out Harry and then Harry's thought to hide his doubles. This double made his way to the backdoor and slipped out while no one noticed. Later he heard Harry's thoughts again when he wanted to send some of his doubles to the store. That's when this double started to make his way there and ran out into the street.

Harry heard and saw the screeching car hit and kill the double. In this moment of discovery he realized he could command his doubles through his thoughts. He also discovered that even if the doubles somehow died without Harry making them disappear he would still retain all of the doubles memories.

After the memories stopped he saw his Uncle Vernon standing at the window. Relieved his uncle had not seen what just happened Harry asked, "What's happening out there Uncle?"

The Pudgy man turned to his nephew and grunted, "None of your damn business get back to work or you will get a beating"

The next day Harry decided that it would be okay to send his doubles to the library so that they could learn all they can without worrying what would happen to them.


After a few weeks passed by the knowledge he was learning from the books he was having his doubles learn; he determined that these creations were more like clones. So that is what he started calling them.

One day one of his clones was sitting in the library and another clone walked in the front door. The clone sitting down saw the clone walking in and noticed people looking at the clone. Before they could turn and look at him he got up and hid deep in the library where nobody was. The clone kept thinking to himself how can I disappear and then poof he was gone.

When the clone's memory came rushing to Harry he had a moment of discovery that his clones seem to have the same abilities he did. After his moment of discovery Harry decided that it was time to find away to disguise his clone's appearance so that other people don't notice them. He came to the conclusion that if he can create things by concentrating why not changing things as well.

He and his clones started trying to change their appearance through concentrating on what they wanted to look like. Finally after two weeks Harry and his clones were able to change their appearance so that other people did not notice them.

Now that he and his clones can change his appearance he decided that it was time to leave his Uncle Vernon's house. But he would have to get jobs to pay for a place of his own. So the next day he sent his clones to do just as he planned, but left a clone behind to fool his relatives.

Harries clones found four different jobs to work for; one as a painter for house contractors, janitor at law firm, waitress for a diner, and a cashier at a store.

While working he made sure to keep to himself and stay away from the other workers. It was easiest for the waitress because they other girls were jealous of the "tips" she was getting. Within two weeks of getting his first paychecks he found an apartment he where he could live inside the city

As time went by everyone at each of Harries jobs learned that he was a very private person and never bothered him at work unless necessary. His clone at the Dursley's would create a new clone before it would dispel itself every night to give Harry an update of what was going on at the Dursley's.

Throughout the years Harry saved up his money from his four different jobs while keeping a clone at the Dursley's to do the chores and get beaten. When school started Harry new to keep his intelligence hidden from everyone or face the wrath of his Uncle Vernon for doing something better than his cousin Dudley. So Harry stayed quiet and made sure that his grades were just below his stupid oaf of a cousin.

Harry still frequented the library and with each month he was able to send more and more clones to read and learn everything he could. Harry found he like to read scientific books and fantasy novels (two very contradictory subjects). By the end of school before his eleventh birthday Harry had read every book in the library and knew enough to possibly make it into most colleges as he was.


It was the beginning of the summer before Harry's eleventh birthday his clone that was left at the Dursley's had just been sent to fetch the mail. Now while this is not anything new for the clone what was new was the owl that dropped a letter addressed to him. Harry had never received any mail while at the Dursley's he had also never seen an owl deliver a letter and so decided to keep the letter hidden from his relatives before he read it. He knew that if his relatives saw him with it they would take it away from him before he could even open it so he tucked it into his pants before heading into the house to give the rest of the mail to his Uncle.

As Harry walked in to the house his uncle Vernon bellowed, "What the devil took you so long? You didn't talk to any of the neighbors did you? I don't want them finding out I have a freak of a nephew living with me."

"No Uncle I didn't talk to anyone, I tripped over a passing cat on the way to the mail box." Harry quickly replied with a lie in hopes his uncle wouldn't beat him and find the letter.

"You stupid boy did anyone see you make such a spectacle of yourself?"

"No, absolutely no one saw me tripping over a cat." Harry replied very truthfully and with that Harries uncle let him pass on to his cupboard of a room.

That night after the clone made a new clone to replace himself, he set out to find the original Harry at his apartment complex to give him the letter before he dispelled himself. After Harry had read the letter he set out to find the people who sent the letter while thinking to himself that him being a wizard answered a lot of questions he had, such as how he can create his clones and change his appearance. But it also brought up more questions as well such as; why did no one tell Harry he is a wizard? Did his relatives know? How did he become a wizard? Last but not least, how do these people at Hogwarts know he was wizard?

After having no luck searching on the Internet he decided to send his clones out in search of any one know about magic and wizards. Finally a clone stumbled upon a place called the Leaky Cauldron were he overheard its patrons talking about peculiar things and doing things science could not explain he knew he had found just the place.

In disguise Harry himself made his way to the Leaky Cauldron he paid for a room for the night and decided to chat up the bartender. "I am not from around these parts and I need to know how to get some magic stores."

Suspiciously the bartender told Harry everything he needed to know about Diagon Alley and the shops there he even mentioned he might want to check out Gringotts Wizarding Bank. After it became night Harry decided to wait till the next day before he did anything, as it was very late in the evening and most places would be closed.