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The next couple of weeks progressed as normally as they could at Hogwarts. Harry's shadow clone along with Hermione went to class and as far as they could tell so did Fred and George. That was until they noticed Draco seemed to be continually crashing head first into invisible walls. The next day Draco was seen running from two paintball guns firing crimson red and gold paintballs. A few days after that Draco was seen with scales for skin and silver hair. Once the scales and silver faded the next day Draco was seen with pink skin that sparkled in the sunlight and green gooey hair.

It had been a few days since any one had seen Draco in a week given his new paranoia of everything. One day the shadow clone and Hermione saw a rather peculiar sight (even taking into account recent events). Sitting out side they witnessed Draco Malfoy being chased out of a stairwell and down a corridor by what seemed like all of the seven year Slytherin girls all with wands drawn and yelling and screaming profanities that involved them catching Draco first.

Both the shadow clone and Hermione looked at each other very perplexed at the recent events. Then they saw Fred and George exiting out of the same stairwell they saw Draco and the rabble of girls chasing after them. The pair slowly walked in the same direction as Draco and the girls as if they didn't care about the chase but what happen after.

Both Hermione and the shadow clone rushed to the door the twins were heading for to ambush them for answers. Hermione immediately blurted out "What is going on?"

"We are just heading down" George started

"To the great hall of course" Fred ended

"So you are not following the group of girls chasing Malfoy down the same corridor you are heading to." The shadow clone asked rather sarcastically as if he did already know the real answer and the answer the twins would give.

"I am sorry but we know nothing" George started

"About the group of angry seventh" Fred mediated

"Year Slytherin girls chasing Malfoy" George ended

"Who said they were seventh year Slytherin girls. Harry only said they were a bunch of girls chasing Malfoy." Hermione butted in with her obvious accusation.

"Well we heard that a bunch of" Fred said as he started to save the situation.

"Seventh year Slytherin girls were" George continued

"Received some tainted treats from" Fred picked up

"None other than Draco Malfoy himself." George said finishing the save.

"So you just natural assumed what I was talking about knowing nothing about the spectacle me and Hermione just witnessed?" the shadow clone asked trying to give the twins an out without letting Hermione know what was really going on.

"Of course" the twins both exclaimed simultaneously as they tried to make a sly wink at the Shadow clone.

"Odds are Draco wants to make more trouble for us but he must have forgot his name was all over the sweets that were sent I imagine." Harry said trying even further to keep Hermione suspicions down.

"What makes you think Draco's name was all over the sweets." Hermione asked questioning the shadow clones answer.

"How else would all those girls" Fred started

"Know it was Draco without that?" George finished.

Hermione suspicious unconvinced glare bounced from the Shadow clone, to Fred, and finally to George. Although the she did not push the matter whether it was because she wanted to see what happened to Malfoy or she didn't want to continue the twins double talk any further she went down the corridor to the great hall.

"So I am guessing that is your big prank against Malfoy to go up against my yet to come prank against Malfoy." The shadow clone asked.

"Will you might as well forfeit" Fred stated

"Because there is no way you" George added in.

"Are going to top that prank" Fred ended. Both stood with a bog grin waiting for a response from the shadow clone.

" We shall see my friends, we shall see" the shadow clone said as he walked away towards the same corridor to see what was going to happen to Draco the twin followed for the same curiosity.

When all three boys started to approach the bottom of the stairs they saw Hermione standing and waiting right at the base of the stairwell.

The shadow clone walked right up behind Hermione just before she said to all of them "All of the Slytherin girls we saw earlier are there coming down the hall and I think they have Draco."

All four students stood and watched as the mob of Slytherin girls passed by and at the rear was Draco being dragged and stuffed with chocolates to keep his muffled pleas for help inaudible to anyone that could get close to him.

"Where are they going?" the shadow clone asked as he looked down the hall that lead to the dungeon where all of the Slytherin they just saw head down.

"My guess is that they are heading to their own dorm." Hermione answered

"Too bad we will never see what happens to him." the shadow clone said eyeing both of twins.

"Hermione what book are looking for I can more than likely tell you where it is." The shadow clone said as he followed Hermione in her search for some mysterious book she must have.

"You never know what you might find on a discovery of your own." She said as she slowly stopped and reached out for a book on the shelf. She read the title out loud "Muggle Clothing Torture. Why would any library have such a book?"

Hermione solely out of curiosity opened the and began to thumb through the pages "this book is solely about wedgey-ing people. Why would anyone want to read this." Hermione said as she hastily put the book back on the shelf were she found it.

The shadow clone reached right back up where Hermione had place the book and brought it back down. "Well Hermione you can never be to prepared to defend against such things." Or suggest some good ideas the Shadow clone thought to him trying to seem unsuspicious.


A few weeks later when Draco had started to be seen outside of the Slytherin dorm; the Shadow clone, Hermione and the twins watched as Draco lead Crab and Goyle to a tree trying to show them a book Draco was holding. Moments later another Draco came out side in the courtyard and approached the trio in a big huff.

"Just what do you idiots think you are doing. I have been waiting for you outside of dungeon for over an hour." The other Draco said standing waiting for them to reply without noticing the Draco that was already with Crab and Goyle.

Crab and Goyle turned out to face the other Draco and to show that they were with the real Draco.

"Who, who are you?" the other Draco stammered as he pointed at the real Draco.

"I am Draco, the one you are pretending to be. The real question is who you are?" the real Draco said.

"I am the real Draco, you are an imposter." The other Draco exclaimed as a crowd began together around the commotion cause by the two Draco's.

"Well then fake Draco I say there is one way to solve this, a wizards duel." Said the real Draco so everyone near by could hear him.

"Fine, but you will regret those words when I am through with you." said the other Draco, as he pulled out his wand ready to cast.

"At your ready." said the real Draco as he took his stance and raised his wand up waiting for the other Draco to do the same. When the two Draco's became mirrors image of each other they bowed, as is the formality of the duel. When they rose the other Draco slashed his wand furiously at the real Draco. But before the other Draco could utter one syllable of the spell he was going to caste the real Draco twitched his wrist and exclaimed "expelliarmus".

The other Draco's wand flew from his hands and into the heavy crowd gathered round. The other Draco watched his wand fly and disappear into the crowd then looked at the real Draco with a twist of fear on his face. The real Draco pointed his wand low and cast another spell "Wingardium Leviosa". The other Draco's feet flew out from under him and rose above him leaving the other Draco dangling upside down. For a few minute the real Draco continued to let the other Draco dangle as bobbed him up and down and forced in to a few columns and a tree until he finally let the other Draco drop.

The real Draco pulled a sharpie out of his and held out to Crab and Goyle and said "One of you write 'loser imposter' on his forehead first. The other wait and put him in a jocklock after." Crab grabbed the sharpie and sat on the other Draco as he wrote Loser Imposter on the other Draco's forehead. When Crab got up Goyle flipped the other Draco over on his belly and then put him in a jocklock and left him. The other Draco squirmed and tried to get out of the jocklock but was unable real Draco stood in the center a took a bow and with and then vanished with a poof a smoke leaving only one Draco squirming in the jocklock with loser imposter written on his fore head.

Draco screamed furiously at Crab and Goyle "Get me out of this right now you simpletons." Crab and Goyle released Draco from the jocklock as quickly as they could and helped him on his feet. "You will pay for this and when I find out who did this they will pay most of all." Is all Draco could muster to say as he fled Crab and Goyle following behind him. But neither of them could out run the massive laughter that followed from the courtyard. The crowd started to disperse tell only but Hermione, the shadow, and the twins remained standing in the courtyard. Hermione still had her hand over her mouth trying to hide her buckteeth as she was still laughing at the spectacle she just saw.

The twins turned to face the shadow clone and looked at him as if to ask if he was responsible for the recent events they witnessed. The shadow clone simply nodded at the twins to show agreement. Both twins bowed graciously to shadow clone to signify they had been beaten. While Hermione continued to laugh unknowing of what had happened right beside her. Hermione found a place to sit while her seemingly uncontrollable laughter continued while the three boys stood together.

"I am sure you figured out" Fred started

"How we got one over on Draco." George said

"But you must tell us who was" Fred continued

"The other Draco that helped you." George ended

"What makes you think I had help? Why couldn't I have done this all on my own." The shadow clone asked partly offended.

"Because Harry magic that allows" Fred started

"To be in two places at once is" George continued

"As rare as finding a dragons egg." Fred finished.

Recalling the past events that lead to this prank war finally the shadow clone was a bit confused." Wait you both are saying that finding a dragons egg is rare and you both are being truthful?" Now the twins shared the shadow clones confused look but not for the same reasons.

"Of course the are Harry" George said

"Dragons are rare creatures" Fred continued

"Even in the Magical world." George stated

"They are very protective of" Fred started

"Their young, our brother Charlie" George said

"Who takes care of dragons has" Fred continued

"Never even seen their nest." George ended.

The shadow clone's face turned from confusion to great worry and immediately started to leave the grounds were his friends were.

"Hey, where are you going?" the twins exclaimed simultaneously

With out even stooping the shadow clone shouted back "to see Hagrid."

The twins looked at each other and again simultaneously asked "why?"

The shadow clone stopped and turned to look at all of his companions that were now looking at him very confused. "Because if dragon eggs are as rare as you say there are than how did Hagrid come across Norbert in the first place?" The shadow clone asked trying to jog their memory of only two months ago. Then continued on his hasted path to Hagrid's hut. The twins and Hermione could only exchange shocked glances at each other before they started to run and catch up to the shadow clone.