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Lol, recently (tonight) fell back in love with Kiba from Naruto.


It wasn't every day that he was without his precious puppy. Akamaru had gone missing and now the his dear owner was a wreck, violent and gruff as he asked hopeless people if they'd seen his dog.

It had been almost a week and Akamaru had disappeared. He was huge, almost as tall as Kiba's abdomen if not already there. How hard could it be to find him? Guilt, worry, stress, and angst scraped against the brunette's heart.

He had flocked the village for days, peppering the people of the leaf with questions concerning his dog. Nothing.

At last, he broke down outside the village limits, his claws digging into his scalp as worry and terror of what could have happened to his dear friend weathered him down. Curse the tears pricking at his eyes. How unlike him; to cry. It made him sick.

Wiping furiously at his tears, he stomped back to his house, biting his tongue to stop the howls of sorrow. A familiar bark jolted his system, making his eyes widen towards the Hyuga household.

"Akamaru!" he whispered aloud, darting towards Hinata and Neji's residence. Knocking furiously on the door, just to get kicked back out, he took advanced precautions and jumped the fence, sniffing the air. He could definitely smell him now.

He pulled back the door to Hinata's room, almost tearing it off its hinges. "Akamaru!" he gasped.

The grown dog was sitting next to a smaller, female, licking her nose playfully. Hinata sat close to them, her lovely face softly glowing pink at his presence. Why was she blushing? He thought of this, realizing why when he looked down. He was soaked, having searched through the rain.

"What's Akamaru doing with that girl dog?" he asked. He already knew the answer. His dog was in love. Sadness washed over him. "He doesn't want to leave, does he?" asked Kiba, his brow furrowing in loath towards Hinata's dog.

Hinata herself murmured, "Kiba-kun . . . ! You'll be sick if you stay in those wet clothes . . ."

In a rather smart-aleck way, he retorted, "Would you rather I take them off?" when she yanked her face away, blushing, he felt bad. "I . . . I'm sorry. Look, Akamaru can't stay here-,"

Hinata gasped, "But he's in love . . . ! With Namine!" she whispered, her hands flitting to her mouth to cover her trembling lips.

Kiba sighed, walking over and sitting next to the girl. "This sucks." He sighed.

"Namine . . . is . . . is . . . pregnant . . ." murmured the black haired beauty. Kiba smirked. "That's meh boy."

Hinata blushed deeply.

"Y-you can stay here until the babies come . . ." she offered. Kiba wondered if she realized how long that would be. "I wish I could but- won't your folks . . . kill me?" he sweat-dropped.

She corrected herself. "You can stay some nights and visit him during the days, right? He can . . . still go on missions, I'm sure."

Kiba smiled. "Yea . . . I'm just glad he's safe. Why didn't you tell me? I've been worried sick."

She looked ashamed. "I was afraid you'd be mad at me."

Any longer, yea, he might have been. But he was just really relieved Akamaru was safe . . . that's all that mattered.

"Nah," He said, his hand finding hers on the floor, running his finger in circles on the top of her smooth-skinned hand, "Not really. Not at you."