Prolodge (Gail's POV)

Its been at least eight years sense the gruesome one that clamed the lives of my parents and friends.

I still remember the horrible day as if it was just yesterday.


I was with my mom and dad,Eben,the town sheriff was warning everyone to stay indoors and hide.

After Eben left Mom,Dad,and I headed back home then I ran upstairs to my room and drifted off to sleep.

Then a sound of glass shattering woke me up and I ran down stairs when I heard a blood-curdling scream.

But what I saw scared me the most I saw my parents motion less with blood pooling around them,then looking up I saw a man he look about in his early thirty's but how he looked scared me.

He was pale white just like the snow,he had talon like fingernails,shark-like teeth,his eyes were just pools of it was screeching I took off running to the nearby diner where Lucy,a friend of my mom,works at.

The other thing I can remember is Stella,Eben's wife rescuing me from the vampire that murdered my parents after the attack I never saw Eben or Stella again.