(Last chapter sadly :-( but while you all are reading this I am making a sequel but I need you guys for any ideas ok on with the story.)

(Gail's P.O.V)

As Dwayne and I stared at the burning inferno Dwayne I heard Stella's car door open and I turned around and saw Laddie running to us."You guys!" he said to us

"Laddie!" I said as he ran into my arms and I picked him up

"Its all over Little Man" I heard Dwayne tell him and then Stella walks up to me.

"So I guess this is good-bye Gail" she said with a hint of sadness in her voice

"I know but I hope you can come visit anytime"

"I'll try to" she then turns to Dwayne

"I want you to take good care of her got it" he nodded

"Stella I'll be fine don't worry" I said she then smiled at me

'Alright well I better be off Gail I'll see you around" she said as she went to her can.

"See you" I told her and with that she left. I put Laddie down and turned to Dwayne and the others

"So you all are Vampires" they nodded

"When I first came here I was not expecting any of this to happen I had a horrible past and thanks to you guys helped me over come it."

"How?" Paul asked

"When I was about as old as Laddie those things attacked the town I lived in after that I had feared this would happen but you guys helped me overcome it""No problem soul sister" Paul said I laughed lightly

"Now what do we do?" I asked

"Well do you want come with us?" David asked


"to our cave" Dwayne answered for David"Sure" I said then Dwayne led me to his bike and we got on as we sped off I saw that Laddie was on Paul's bike then after a few minutes we passed by the boardwalk parking lot at a deserted parking lot."get on my back" Dwayne said

"why?" "because we are going to fly" he said then I got on the next thing I knew I felt the ground disappear under me I closed my eyes then I felt the ground again.

Opening my eyes I found myself in cave "wow" I said "this where you live"

"yep" David saidI turned to him "does it hurt when you become a vampire" he shook his head "not at all why" he said

I turned to Dwayne "because I want to be one"

"Gail, are you sure?" Dwayne asked I nodded then I saw Marko walk over to David and David whispered something to him and then Marko left.

Then Marko came back with a jeweled bottle with something red in it and handed it to me."If you want to be one of us then drink it" David said Laddie walked beside me.

"Drink Gail" he said then I looked at Dwayne he gave me a nod and then I opened the bottle and started to drink it tasted a bit strange

I gave it to David when I was done trying to ignore Paul and Marko's Paul put an arm around my shoulders "now your one of us soul sister" he said.

"Can Gail stay with us" Laddie asked David

"She is more than welcomed to stay" I smiled

"I'd love to stay but I don't have anything to wear"

"Star left all her clothes here maybe you can wear then." laddie said I turned to him "who's Star?" I asked."i'll tell you later so are you staying with us?" Dwayne asked "Alright ill stay" Dwayne then pulled me into a hug and kissed me and soon the cave was filled with cheers and howls mostly from Paul.

I smiled I really never thought this would happen but I know that now I'm immortal and have many journeys but I will always be a survivor.