Note: I do not own The Jungle Books, The Jungle Book, The Jungle Book II, Jungle Cubs or any of its characters. Based off Episode The Coming of the Wolves. Quotes in italics.

"You know even though they didn't do anything wrong, that was really nice of you, Shere Khan." Hathi commented.

"Well, I don't like people trespassing on my territory." The Tiger growled.

"No, I mean standing up for us!" Hathi pointed out.

"Yeah," Baloo said, "if they had attacked, we would have been goners!"

"Meh, I was just defending the Cubhouse. You just happened to be here too." Shere Khan shrugged, picking at his claws.

A slow grin spread across Louie's face and he turned slightly so that he was looking at Khan. "But if that's true then why did you say," Here he lowered his voice into a growl to imitate the tiger, " 'If you touch one hair on them… you'll answer to me!'?"

"Yeah." Kaa hissed, slithering in front of Shere Khan so that the cubs formed a complete circle around the tiger. "That made it sssound like you were protecting ussss!"

"Which would mean," Bagheera added with a grin, his paw descending on Khan's shoulder. "that you do care about us!"

The tiger snarled and shoved the panther's paw off of him and was about to bite off an angry retort when he glanced around and noticed all his friends smiling down at him. Snorting, he flicked Kaa out of his way and headed towards the exit. "Well, a king can never have too many subjects. See you kiddies later… unless you still need my protection." Without waiting for an answer, he bounded out into the jungle.