I have wanted to write this for a while, and it keeps popping up when I watch Beauty and the Beast, during the first song. Finally got it down, hope you like it:)

He walked up to the small building, his head high as always. As he paused to look at it, his nose wrinkled with the slightest sign of disgust. It was such a small building, in such a small town. It had nothing on Paris, where he had grown up.

He had not wanted to leave the city; why would he? All of his friends were in the city. His future was in the city. But, now, he wasn't in the city.

Instead he was in this tiny, little, country town. All because his mother wanted to get away from the city for their 'health'. Pssh, he was a fit as a fiddle, as strong as an ox. He did not need any 'country air' for his health.

He pushed the door open to the school house. His disgust deepened when he noticed that there was only one room, and it was packed with children of all ages. A short woman stood in front of the desks. She told him to take a seat, an annoyed look on her face.

Gaston ignored her look. He knew he was late, he did not care. He had never gone to school in the city; he did not see the point of school. He was only there because his mother had made him.

He took the only seat open in the room. It was in the middle of the room, next to a short boy who introduced himself as Lefou. The boy seemed to be in total awe of Gaston. Not that the boy could blame him. Who wasn't in awe of Gaston?

He noticed most of the students staring at him, and turned around in his seat to see the rest of the class. Yes, they were all watching him.

Except... one. It was a girl in the very back of the class. She held a book in her hands, and was to engrossed in it to noticed the newcomer. He would have never looked her way again, if the book had not been on her desk.

Instead, he had a clear view of her face. Fair, smooth skin. Deep, brown eyes. Dark, wavy hair. She was perfect, just like him. He had to have her.