A Home for Slayers.

I do not own the rights to the characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Stargate SG1, at least in this dimension, maybe the next one over. This story is set after the final episode of Buffy, and during the first season of Stargate after Enigma.

Chapter One.

They were finally on their way. The hole in the ground that had used to be the small town called Sunnydale was slowly shrinking in the rear window of the bus. Not that anyone was watching it disappear behind them. No one really wanted to, they were all still trying to recover from the events that had happened to them over the last few weeks and months. Culminating in one explosive day.

There had been so much pain, so many losses, everyone was trying to block out the worst of what had happened. In a way they were trying to create their own version of 'Sunnydale syndrome', unfortunately they knew too much, had experienced too much. They were really only just delaying dealing with what they'd been through, and none of them was really looking forward to it.

Their main feelings of course were those of relief, and shame. Relief that they had survived, shame that they were relieved that they had survived when so many had fallen in the final battle. It was a prime example of survivors guilt, why me, not them?

They also couldn't believe that they had actually survived, that they had won.

For all the great, inspiring words when Buffy had explained her plan, deep down most had never expected to survive. Not against what they had been facing. Still, it'd been a chance to go down fighting. To be slayers, at least once, and to make the First pay as high a price as possible before they fell, so they had accepted the opportunity.

Indeed many had fallen, but against all odds they had won. And, ironically, a vampire, fighting besides vampire slayers, against prehistoric vampires, had given his unlife to gain them victory.

Spikes sacrifice had saved them all, and they'd always be thankful for it. Though more than one could almost hear him saying, "Gratitude? Money, blood and kittens, that's what I want, not sodding gratitude."

Because of their losses there was more room in the bus than they needed, though not as much room as they'd feared there'd be. So they had spread out, breaking up into small groups, handling their losses in their own way.

In the rear of the bus, Andrew, and most of the new slayers were sitting speaking softly. Remembering the friends they'd left behind. There was the occasional laugh as a particularly funny story was told. The laughter was even losing the slightly hysterical tinge it had started with.

Further up the bus, Kennedy was sitting talking to Rona and Vi, holding Willows hand, while Willow was just sitting there, smiling, just like she'd been in the principals office. Still overcome by the experience of the power she'd been the focal point of.

Xander was sitting opposite them, looking out the window, staring at nothing, his face expressionless, slowly coming down from the battle. When Anya laid her head on his shoulder he looked down at her, a small smile appearing as he took her hand in his. He hadn't expected either of them to survive, two ordinary people, if you could call Anya ordinary, he had his doubts, among all the extraordinary Slayers and of course the most powerful witch in the world. Anya was telling him, in great detail about her fight. And how, at the last moment she'd sensed an attack on her from behind, which she'd only just managed to avoid. Xander held her hand a little tighter, realising how close he'd come to losing her at the end.

Faith was sitting just ahead of them, her usual cocky expression missing, replaced by a slightly sad one. She hadn't really known Robin Wood that well, they'd slept together, but they'd both realised it was just sex. A case of eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. And they'd been merry, very merry.

Faith didn't know if anything would or could have developed between them, but any chance was ripped from them when she found him dying of his wound as she was making her way out of the school. She could see that there was no chance, and he knew it too. He joked that the principal should always go down with his school. He died with a small smile on his face.

Buffy and Dawn were sitting behind Giles, who was driving. He'd quickly gotten behind the wheel to stop any chance of Buffy driving. They'd survived the battle, no one wanted to become part of the road toll.

Buffy didn't care, in fact it's doubtful she'd even noticed. She still had the smile on her face that had appeared when she realised that it was over, she'd beaten the First, she'd beaten the Hellmouth. She'd won.

Later, despite knowing it wasn't her fault, Buffy was to wonder to herself if her thinking that was the same as saying it. If it was the same thing as saying "Nothing can go wrong now." or any of the many other ways of jinxing yourself by drawing the attention of Murphy.

All she, and everyone else on the bus knew, was that shortly after the hole formally known as Sunnydale had vanished behind them everything went black.

Authors note: I know Anya didn't survive the end of the series, but I always liked her. So she has lived. Unfortunately a balance demon appeared and told me if I saved her someone else must die. So bye bye Robin. At least he went out like he fooled Faith in the show.