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Buffy sat in her command chair as the clock ran down to zero, almost time she thought. All the planning and organising that had taken place in the year since they returned from their home dimension was over. All that was left was to implement their strategy.

The year had also started out well, first helping the SGC teams track down and capture the Goa'ulds who were still on Earth. Digging out the Ancient base in Antarctica and filling its magazines with drones before turning it over to a United Nations force. Then dispatching a force of Slayers to Atlantis with replacement ZPMs, keeping the city submerged until after the war with the Goa'uld is over and the Slayers could turn their attention to the Wraith. Then with the Asgard making contact and recognising the Slayers as the fifth race, and they even said humanity had potential to be the sixth race.

Still, the last year hadn't been all business, there had been a lot of good times, what with helping their friends adjust to their new lives.

Giles, Wesley and Daniel Jackson were working at the Rupert Giles University, Sunnydale, together with a small army of historians and archaeologists. They were in seventh heaven, all the original books the Council had collected during the visits to Earth, were being thoroughly examined, and enjoyed.

Samantha Carter was enrolled in as many hard science courses as she could, catching up on the new technology. Among the many Earth scientists joining her were Fred and a particularly obnoxious Canadian scientist.

Jack O'Neill was now commanding the United States taskforce. He'd finally managed to wear down the Pentagon, and led the fleet in his flagship, U.S.S Enterprise. There was probably no truth to the story that he was being worshiped at conventions around the U.S.

They'd managed to pick up the surviving families of the Slayers, most had not been harmed by the bringers. Once they'd mastered the new technologies they'd fitted in well on whichever world was their daughters base.

Angel, Spike and Harmony were also happier than ever before, it turned out that the sun on one of the Council worlds was of such a wavelength that Vampires could go out during the day without danger. And since it also didn't have a moon, Angels girlfriend, Nina, didn't have to worry about wolfing out.

Oz and his small pack of like minded werewolves were ecstatic that they wouldn't change again. The feral werewolves, were, like vampires, well on the way to extinction.

Most of the peaceful demons had also been given the option and chosen to be evacuated from Earth. So Spike had plenty of friends to play kitten poker with, Clem among them, naturally.

The three Vampires had a very successful career lecturing, by video, at universities all over Council territory. They were extremely popular.

Of course, in comparison with Lorne they were nothing. He'd fitted into the new reality like a duck taking to water, and had rapidly become one of the most popular singers around.

He was even successful on Earth, with more and more contact with aliens, both those from in Council space, such as the Unasus, and other races the various Earth explorer ships had encountered.

Lorne was also able to continue reading peoples auras, to give them a glimpse of their possible futures.

His introduction of Karaoke to Council space was not greeted with universal acceptance. There were some who were threatening to have him investigated for possible crimes against humanity.

Of course Cordy was the real surprise, who knew that the Powers would take Buffys threat so seriously. When threatened with death if Cordy died they decided to err on the side of caution. To make sure she didn't die they'd removed her seer power, and transformed her into a Slayer.

Later when she was examined it was discovered that they'd taken the DNA to do it from Buffy, so Buffy ended up with a new sister.

Of course she also ended up with Buffys link with Xander, so Xander got his ninth wife. As with the other sister/wives Cordy fitted in without any problems.

She'd be there, ready for action, except her fleet, which was made up of all brand new ships, was still in the process of working up, so it, together with Tanyas had been assigned the mission of defending the solar system.

In her spare time she'd slip back to the home dimension and go hunting. She developed such a reputation that some vampires had been known to stake themselves rather than confront her. Though with her increasing size she wouldn't be able to slay much longer

So it looked like she'd be out of this war. However with Xanders plan to continue using the Quantum Gate to explore other dimensions everyone was sure she'd get her chance.

After all there were obviously other dimensions close to this one where there were Goa'uld, and ones close to home where there were slayers and vampires.

They were in the early stages of planning their inter-dimensional voyages, if this world was the same as a T.V. show, then how many other worlds were based on other ones? They had a lot of DVDs to go through. Still that was something to look forward to. She was particularly interested in helping out the Charmed Ones.

And now it was almost time. The fleets were in position, all eighteen other Council fleets, the four main Earth fleets, which were now fully operational. The mixed fleets made up of ships provided to other countries, the Canadian ships leading a task force made up of Australian, New Zealand and South African ships. French ships leading those from Germany, Italy and Israel. And Brazilian ships leading Indian, Indonesian and Japanese ships. The remaining ships countries were still manning their vessels and working them up. The ships which had been given to the primta free Jaffa, commanded by Teal'c and his mentor Bra'tac, were being led by their Battleship 'Slayers gift'.

Everyone was ready to launch the attacks using the information supplied by the Tok'ra, and the secret scouting by various Slayer ships, eighteen Goa'uld system lords were about to be visited, it was time to begin the twilight of the Goa'uld.

As the timer reached zero Buffy addressed the fleets. "It's time to let slip the dogs of war, good hunting."

Portals appeared in front of the fleets and they advanced through them. It had begun.

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