Hey there hi there ho there. Guess what! A new story! The title's pretty self explanatory. Vlad= Dracula, Danny= Johnathan Harker only a doctor not a lawyer. Still deciding whether or not to include a Van Helsing... But anyway it's based on the original by Bram Stoker with some tweaks here and there. Enjoy the corny suspense?

The coach trembled along over the road as it's passenger watched countryside pass. Green pasture after green pasture. Farm house after farm house. Rolling hills of rich land. A boy drug a stick through the dirt while a dog encouraged sheep to keep up. It was these images that made the doctor content with the coming age.

A thin wheel hit a rock, bouncing the carriage. The glass vials in his bag clinked together. In fear of broken medicine he picked up the leather bag and put it on his lap before leaning back against the plush, red velvet seat.

It was a long ride to where he was going.

"Dear Daniel,

I received a letter not long ago. It was a cry for help. A cry for a doctor, newly graduate, ill experienced, it is of no relevance. I thought of the conversation we shared in class about the world's need for medicine and no one willing to travel. If anyone I thought you would be. I've already replied word you're on your way.

Sincerely, Professor Lancer"

"Prick…" the brunette mumbled to himself while refolding the letter and sliding it back into his jacket pocket.

The carriage rode on through city and town. The skies getting darker and darker. The weather getting colder the higher into the hills the horses went. The air seemed to drop to an ominous degree as the carriage turned onto a muddy road framed by bare, angry trees.

He sat up a little taller, hugging his bag a little tighter.

The cry of a wolf sounded in the distance.

The doctor jumped and turned to the fogged glass window in the door. The carriage bounced roughly, forcing him back again. The brunette closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

A light was outside, the carriage stopped, his door opened, "We're spending the night here."

His hands shook as he climbed down from the carriage, still hugging his bag he looked up at the daunting inn. They were in the middle of the country, stuck here. Danny sighed and lowered his case taking the steps and crossing into the building.

"Where is it to which you travel?" The woman asked as she led him down a dark hallway.

"The castle Masters," he answered without a second thought.

The woman stopped, suddenly she just stopped, there in the middle of the hallway. She turned toward him, "you carry the fate of a marked man. Do not travel further." She opened a door and walked back towards the stairs.

Danny walked into the room, set his bag on the dresser. The carriage driver came in with his suit cases, set them down and walked back out, closing the door behind him.

With a huge sigh the brunette laid down on the bed, kicking off his shoes.

Dark visions took over. Wolves crying, bats swarming, crows blocking out the sun, shrouded skies, eerie figures in cloaks, shadows on the walls, nightmares that were not enough to wake him.

When he did wake in the damp morning, in a cold sweat. For a second, a brief second he thought he saw a flash of a shadow beside the window. The fear was fleeting and easily forgotten.

Danny got out of bed as there was a knock on the door, "We leave within the hour."

Danny dressed within his time limit and carried his things downstairs, with difficulties. The coach driver took them from there.

The mud roads reflected the storm that ravaged the night. Today they traveled under clear skies, the moon even dared to shine their way in the night. Snow drifted past Danny's window. He watched the flakes, knowing now how high in the hills they had come.

The carriage stopped. Panic flared in the doctor. Why were they stopping in the night in some unknown place, no light around, no inns.

A wolf cried.

Another answered.

There was a knock on the side of the coach. "The bridge is out, I will go see if the other passage is clear."

And leave him to the wolves? Danny opened his door, about to suggest going with the driver, only to wish he hadn't. Fangs were barred, the creatures ducked low on their haunches, hair standing.

Fear strangled him. The pack surged closer, creating a could of gray, one animal blending into its brother beside it.

A lantern light cut through the fog. Danny look towards its direction with a wave of relief, another was near. The driver returned and took his post, "The other path is clear."

The doctor looked to the fog rolling back into the trees as though the beasts were running off in its mist. As if they were the cloud itself.

He decided his mind needed to rest.

He woke to the wheels slowly splashing through the mud, the carriage dipping in and out of puddles. He looked out the window to see a village in bleak conditions. The people moved slowly, sickly, shrouded in mud themselves.

Again the journey stopped, "This is as far as I take you." He offered no directions.

Danny collected his things and stepped into the mud. His driver now smoking a pipe. "Can you please tell me where to go from here?"

He pointed.

Danny looked. A long curving path led up a hill to the count's castle. Danny sighed and began. People watched as he passed. A woman, one eye a different color than the other out stretched a hand, "Do not continue."

He stepped to avoid her reach.

A small boy followed him, jumping in the puddles his feet created. Danny smiled. The boy was snatched by what Danny assumed to be was his father and carried away from him.

None followed after he passed the foot of the path to the castle.

Setting down a suit case he was able to knock on the intimidating door. It was solid and echoed with the presence of a hallow inside. Hard click after hard click the door squeaked on its iron hinges.

With a deep breath he crossed the threshold into the lavished entry way. The doors closing behind him. "You must be Dr. Fenton!" A voice greeted cheerfully, feet coming down the stone steps. "Welcome!"

A man with silver hair donned in an expensive looking suit smiled widely and shook his hand. Danny was truly relieved. A face of greeting, a warm home, the ominous journey would have suggested a murderer awaited him.

"Come in, come in," the man put a hand on his shoulder, leading him into the castle further. "Pricilla, take his bags to his room." A woman nodded and took Danny's things. "Suppose it's late enough for a night cap?" The man released his hold and took the lead.

"Lord yes," Danny breathed.

"Hope the journey wasn't too difficult," the man held his hands behind his back and turned into a study.

"I suppose it could have been worse," he laughed lightly.

The count poured their drinks. "My name is Vlad Masters," he held out a glass, "I'm the one that sent the letter."

"Daniel Fenton," the brunette smiled.

"May I call you Daniel?" Vlad leaned against the desk.

"Certainly," he answered.

"Well, Daniel," he let the word roll off his tongue, "as you can see we are a impoverished village." He walked to the window, "I'll pay you for your services, of course, whatever else are taxes for after all."

Danny looked around the study, sipping from his glass. "What happened to your last doctor?"

"Hung," Vlad said matter of factly, "suspected of witchcraft." He turned back around.

"O-oh…" Danny swallowed his liquor.

"No worries," Vlad assured, "unless you're a witch."

"No!" Danny defended.

"Relax, doctor," Vlad grinned at him, "I know the difference between witchery and medicine. You seem jostled from your trip, perhaps you should retire early?"

Danny nodded slowly, "Y-yes…" He started to get a headache.

"Camilla will show you to your room," he gestured towards the door.

A young woman bowed her head, turned and started down the hallway, Danny following.