Hello lovelies! Sleepy me has struck again and brought you this story! It's centered on Burt/Blaine friendship and Kurt/Blaine relationship.

Title: Sweet Music Man
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Everything up to 2x18
Pairings: Klaine, but mostly Blaine/Burt centric
Summary: A series of unexpected circumstances cause Burt and Blaine to form an unlikely friendship based on the one thing they have in common: unconditional love for Kurt.

April 29, 2011

9:35 PM

There are two types of phone calls a parent never wants to receive. The first being of the "anonymous" kind, and the second informing them that something has happened to their child.

Burt Hummel was accustomed to answering the phone and listening as someone gave him the "anonymous" kind of call. Sure, it made his heart ache a little every time someone spat some derogatory term about Kurt through the phone and then hung up, but Burt was getting used to them. Kurt had been right. With time, he became hardened to the harsh words.

What Burt didn't ever expect to get was the second kind of phone call late one Friday night. Carole was in the kitchen, cleaning up the dinner dishes and humming softly. Finn was out with Quinn and Kurt was out with Blaine. Burt was a little weary about letting Kurt spend the night at Blaine's house, but the two seemed to get along well and they were both teenage boys. Teenage boys needed someplace to be inappropriate and as long as it wasn't in Burt's house and they were safe, more power to them.

The house was empty save for him and his wife, and he sipped his beer. There were no sports on tonight, so he was just waiting for Carole to finish up in the kitchen before he invited her to join him on the couch. He sipped his beer again right as the phone rang and Carole asked him to answer it.

Annoyed at who could be calling, Burt pulled himself up off the couch and went to the phone on the table beside the entrance into the kitchen. He plucked the phone up and pressed it to his ear.

"This is Burt," he said gruffly.

"Burt Hummel? My name is Officer James Levon from the Westerville Police Department. Your son's been in an accident," a man with a solemn voice said.

Burt's brow furrowed and he set his beer on the table. At first he thought Finn, but then he realized it was the Westerville Police Department. Westerville. Where Kurt was going tonight.

"What happened?" Burt asked. "Is he all right? Is he hurt?"

The sink turned off in the kitchen and Carole appeared, looking worried as she wiped her hands on a towel. Burt looked at her and he could tell she was thinking Finn as well. Finn was always the one getting into trouble. Kurt was so good. He never got into trouble. That's why Burt trusted him to drive all the way to Westerville and to spend the night with Blaine.

"He was rushed into surgery at the Westerville Hospital half an hour ago. If you would like, we can send a car to pick you up," the officer said. Burt shook his head, but realized the man couldn't see him.

"N-No, I'll just come," Burt said.

He hung up and looked over at Carole, whose eyes welled up with tears as she held one hand in front of her mouth. She knew something was wrong.

"Kurt's been in an accident," Burt said. "He's in the hospital."

"Oh Burt," Carole let out a quiet sob and stepped forward, pulling him into her arms. Burt's eyes brimmed with tears, but he refused to cry until he saw his son.

"He's in Westerville. We have to go," Burt said. Carole nodded and rushed to get car keys. She trembled with fear, unable to hold back as well as Burt could.

"I'll drive," Carole said.

"No," Burt said. "I-I'll drive. He's my son. And he's hurt. I'll drive."

Carole didn't argue, seeing as he was more sound of mind than she was. She handed over the keys and grabbed her purse as they hurried out to the garage to Burt's truck. Trembling, Carole watched as Burt gripped the steering wheel with two white-knuckled fists. His foot was like lead on the gas as he drove quickly to the highway.

Westerville was a little over an hour away.

. ~ . ~ .

Earlier that night

7:45 PM

"That was the most amazing dinner anyone has ever taken me to," Kurt announced as he slid into the passenger seat of his own Lincoln Navigator. He'd been tired after a long week – the transfer back to McKinley had been so emotional that he was even physically exhausted – and Blaine offered to drive back to their house. Kurt wanted to preserve his strength for the long-anticipated night of making out ahead of them.

"I'm glad you liked it," Blaine said sincerely. He'd dug around a little and found out Kurt's love for Italian food, then found the most expensive Italian restaurant in Westerville to take Kurt to before they headed back to his house, on the far side of town and nearly forty minutes away from Dalton.

"The shrimp scampi there was delicious. I need to know what their recipe is for that sauce because oh my god I think my taste buds had multiple orgasms," Kurt announced. He buckled his seatbelt and slouched down in the seat, patting his stomach happily. Blaine laughed out loud and snuck a loving glance over at his boyfriend.


The concept of it was still new to Blaine, especially when applied to Kurt.

But there was no doubt in Blaine's mind that this was real. What he had with Kurt was nothing short of amazing and while they were still in the honeymoon phase, there was no doubt in his mind that Kurt and he would be forever.

"You're thinking too hard," Kurt said softly. Blaine smiled softly, his eyes scrunching up a bit in the corners. Kurt reached up to touch his cheek, then his slender fingers reached up and toyed with a single curl that had broken loose from Blaine's usually perfectly gelled helmet of hair.

"Kurt," Blaine said softly. "I am so in love with you."

The younger boy's blue eyes lit up, his lips drawn in a wide smile. He slowly dropped his hand, and sat up a little. In the light from the street lamps outside, Blaine could see his perfect pale skin and the sparkle in his eyes that showed how emotionally vulnerable he was. Blaine was so, so happy that he had swooped in and snatched Kurt into his arms before anyone else was. Kurt was the definition of perfect and he didn't even have to try.

"I'm in love with you too," Kurt whispered, his high, melodic voice making Blaine's heart beat a little faster. Kurt's voice was one of the most beautiful, unique things about him. It was the first thing Blaine noticed about him that day on the staircase when they first met, and it had captured Blaine's attention.

"Can I kiss you?" Blaine asked. Then Navigator hummed around them, the engine sending slow, even pulses through the body of the car. The radio was down so low it might as well have not even been on.

"Of course," Kurt said. Blaine's eyes darted down to look at Kurt's perfect pink lips. Every time he saw them he thought back to that first nervous kiss shared between them. He'd been so worried what Kurt would say when he learned of Blaine's feelings, but to that kiss he'd responded amazingly.

Blaine switched off the car and dropped the keys in an empty cup holder. He leaned over the center console and Kurt met him halfway in a tender, love filled kiss. The first contact sent a jolt through Blaine's body, making him tremble as he felt Kurt's lips part tentatively, welcoming Blaine to take the kiss a little farther.

Instead of taking advantage of this opportunity, he pulled back and watched confusion flash across Kurt's face before the younger boy settled back in his seat.

"Kurt, I…I have something to say," Blaine said, his eyebrows drawing close together. Kurt almost looked afraid until his eyes followed Blaine's right hand, which was fumbling around in his jacket pocket. He pulled his hand out after a second, keeping it closed in a tight fist so as to not drop the treasure inside.

"What?" Kurt asked hesitantly.

"I'm so in love with you that it hurts," Blaine told him. Kurt visibly relaxed and his lips parted to let out a relieved sigh. Blaine wanted to kiss those lips again, but he resisted. "I know we've only been dating for a month, but it seems like so much longer to me. I don't know how I didn't see you before, how perfect you are, how brilliant, talented, amazing, sexy you are. I know it's way too early to ask you to marry me because we're only seventeen years old and we've still got another year of high school left and then college and who knows what will happen between this moment and then. I love you so much, Kurt Hummel, and I want to give you a ring."

Blaine extended his palm to show Kurt a beautiful gold band, slightly wider on the top to accentuate three tiny diamond stones. Kurt's eyes were wider than they'd ever been, even wider than after their first kiss, and his lips quivered as he fought tears that threatened to tumble from his eyes.

"I want you to know, Kurt, that I will never break up with you. Ever. We will be together as long as you want me, and you only have to wear the ring if you want. Just…just please take it," Blaine urged, looking at Kurt with bright, hopeful eyes.

Finally, Kurt raised his hand towards Blaine and spoke. "Well aren't you gonna put it on?"

Blaine let out a chuckle and took Kurt's soft hand in his, slipping the ring on his finger. It fit perfectly. He looked up to see Kurt smiling, teeth and all. That's how he knew Kurt was really happy.

"We should go to your house now," Kurt said, marveling at the ring on his finger. Blaine took a few more moments to admire Kurt in the low light, thinking about how utterly kissable he looked. But he wanted to maintain a little of Kurt's innocent look for a little while longer, so he started up the Navigator and put it in reverse to back out of their parking spot.

Kurt turned the music up and hummed along, tipping his head back and closing his eyes as Blaine pulled out of the restaurant parking lot and onto the main road. He twisted the ring around on his finger until he drifted off to sleep not ten minutes down the road. Blaine slowed to a stop at a red light and chanced a look over at Kurt, whose mouth was open slightly as he slept quietly. Blaine couldn't believe how adorable his boyfriend was.

His boyfriend.

He'd never heard two words that fit together more perfectly. The only thing that could've made them better were the words Kurt Hummel is directly before them.

The light turned green and Blaine stepped on the gas, not really in a hurry since no one was behind him.

He never saw the other car. It was a quiet night and the music was playing and Kurt was sleeping next to him. He had the green light and everything was perfect.

Until the music was gone and there was nothing but screeching metal and everything was spinning. Everything was a blur of strange colors and horrible noises and the only sound that came from his mouth was a strangled cry of Kurt's name as he squeezed his eyes shut and hoped to god that Kurt wasn't feeling this pain too.

Then everything jolted to a stop. The noise was gone all too quickly and all that was left was a steaming engine, a quickly deflating airbag, and a slow grind of settling metal car parts.

Blaine groaned as his chest ached with the effort to breathe. He didn't know where he was anymore and his head hurt. His arm was twisted oddly at his side and something metal was in front of him, keeping him in his seat. The more he let himself settle, the ache started to go away a little. It felt like his arm was the worst of the injuries.

"Blaine?" The whimper was so quiet Blaine almost didn't hear it. He turned his head to the side slowly, wincing. When he saw Kurt, he cried out, but not from his own pain.

Kurt's side of the car was completely crushed. Kurt wasn't even in his seat anymore. He was half up on the dash, the door crushed inward, making it so Blaine couldn't see Kurt's legs. Blaine hoped more than anything that they were still attached to Kurt.

Blaine struggled to undo his seatbelt with one hand. He shifted, dragging himself up and punching the glass of the windshield out and away from Kurt, who was already halfway through it. Kurt's face was covered in blood and Blaine could see the huge gash in which blood seeped into Kurt's hair. Kurt was crying out to him, sobbing as his whole body quivered in shock.

"Blaine? Blaine! Where are you, Blaine? I need you…please, Blaine, everything hurts!" Kurt cried. Blaine settled his good hand on Kurt's shoulder, rubbing softly as he got as close to Kurt's head as he could.

"I'm here, Kurt. I'm right here, baby, just hold on. I love you, Kurt, please just hold on," Blaine pleaded with Kurt. He heard other people's voices around now, and sirens were in the distance. Blaine's fist tightened in Kurt's shirt and Blaine inched closer, until something jabbed him hard in the side and he couldn't anymore. He pressed his head against Kurt's shirt, feeling that Kurt's warmth was gone. He was shivering cold. Then Blaine realized his hand was sticky. Sticky with blood. Kurt was bleeding all over.

"Blaine. I'm tired. Please, Blaine, I don't wanna sleep. I wanna stay with you," Kurt cried.

"Don't sleep, baby. Stay with me, please don't sleep." Blaine knew he was yelling. He shouted at Kurt, begging him not to succumb to the cold and leave him. "Don't leave me, Kurt. I love you."

The sirens were there now, right next to them. He heard other people yelling, now.

"Hello? Sir, are you ok?" Someone yelled into the car. Blaine looked over to see firefighters surrounding the car.

"Kurt's not ok," Blaine said. "He's hurt. Someone help him, please!"

Kurt stopped trembling and Blaine cried louder.

Then he was pulled away. And they were helping him. There were hands helping Kurt, but everything was suddenly so loud and fuzzy. All he wanted to do was hug Kurt and help him.

But then he was out of the car and pinned to a board and carried to an ambulance. He cried the whole time, wanting nothing more than to see if Kurt was ok.

He asked everyone if Kurt was ok. He begged anyone to tell him that Kurt was going to live.

No one told him anything.

. ~ . ~ .

Westerville Hospital

10:39 PM

"I'm sorry, Mr. Hummel, but your son is still in surgery. You're going to have to wait in the waiting room."

It took two doctors, four nurses, and an insistent Carole to usher Burt to the waiting room. He was told a police officer would be in shortly to explain the details of the accident. When they reached the waiting room, it was empty save for one person sitting in the corner, their head down and their body quivering.

The room did nothing to calm Burt down. The walls were white and unsettling, the maroon chairs contrasting greatly. Carole urged Burt to sit down in one of the chairs, but he was restless. He just wanted to see Kurt. To see if he was ok. To know if he was alive.

Carole sat down three chairs away from the other occupant of the waiting room and watched as Burt paced unrelenting circles around the room.

"Burt, honey, please sit," Carole said, unable to hide the shock and sadness from her face. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the other person stiffen and look up slightly at the mention of Burt's name. She looked over and did a double take to make sure it was who she thought it was.


The poor boy was almost as white as the walls and he looked to be in shock. His arm was wrapped in a white cast and his Dalton Academy uniform sweater was torn and bloodied. He must've been in the accident too.

"Blaine?" Carole asked softly. He looked up at her, golden eyes shining. She gasped, having never seen Kurt's boyfriend – she'd been the first to know they were dating thanks to her closeness to Kurt – in such a horrible state. He was pale and trembling, exuding fear and shock and pain. By his expression alone, she knew the outlook couldn't have been good.

"You!" Burt's clipped shout echoed in the waiting room. Blaine's head snapped to look at the older man, his eyes widening even more. Burt crossed the white tile floor in three great strides, hovering above Blaine. "You were there? You were there with my son, weren't you?"

"Y-Yes," Blaine cried, trying to hide from the older Hummel's anger.

"What happened?" Burt demanded.

"I don't know!" Blaine sobbed. He didn't. He had been too shocked for the police to tell him. "All I remember is that the light turned green and I started going and Kurt was sleeping and we were almost to my house!"

"You were driving?" Burt shouted. "Kurt let you drive him? Kurt trusted you and you did this to him?"

"I didn't!" Blaine cried.

"You were driving! You were driving and now Kurt is hurt and it certainly wasn't his fault now was it?" Burt continued to raise his voice at the sobbing teenager. Carole stood and grasped her husband's arm.

"Burt, honey, please. Your heart is already stressed enough." Her gentle insistence got him sitting down as his chest rose and fell rapidly. He glared over at Blaine.

"I'm sorry," Blaine whimpered. He cradled his broken arm and looked away from Kurt's parents.

Carole looked at the boy, worried. He looked so alone and afraid. His parents were here and he looked like he was just waiting for someone to tell him to do something. She hoped someone would help him soon, but her train of thought changed when a man in a pristine police uniform came up to them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hummel?" the officer inquired.

Carole and Burt both nodded in the affirmative, their attention drawn away from Blaine for the moment. Kurt was at the forefront of their minds. Innocent, vulnerable Kurt who was possibly dying on the operating table.

"My name is Officer Levon. I was the first responding officer at the scene of your son's accident. From what we know of now, the driver of the other car was drunk and traveling at seventy miles per hour when he ran a red light, running into the side of your son's vehicle. The driver was dead at the scene, but both your son and Mr. Anderson here were alive. From what I can tell you, it took half an hour to remove Kurt from the vehicle and once in the ambulance, he lost consciousness. That's all I know," the officer explained to them.

Burt looked overwhelmingly angry, his fists clenching and unclenching on the arms of the chair. Carole cried quietly beside him. Blaine was silent.

The officer began to explain to them next steps. Where they could find the totaled car. How soon to call the insurance company. Who to call if the worst happens and Kurt doesn't make it.

No one listened until a doctor fully clad in dark blue scrubs entered the waiting room, taking off his gloves with two loud snaps. He looked grim, and his face alone caused Carole to let out a choked sob.

"Are you the parents of Kurt Hummel?" the surgeon asked. Burt nodded and his jaw set as he attempted to stay strong through what he knew was going to be nothing but bad news. "There is massive swelling of the brain, and we will have to monitor it for a few days. He lost consciousness on the way here, so it's difficult to tell if he'll be able to wake up. All we can do is wait."

The surgeon paused, allowing them time to let it sink in. Mostly they were still in shock.

"Both his legs are broken and there was damage to a few of the discs in his lower spinal column. If he does wake up…"

"When," Blaine interrupted him, sending both Hummel's heads turning towards him. "When he wakes up.

"When he wakes up," the surgeon continued, "I don't know if he'll be able to walk."

"Can I see my son?" Burt asked. "Please, I need to see my son."

The surgeon looked uncertain, but then nodded in the affirmative. Burt and Carole both stood, but then Carole decided to stay behind. She wanted to allow her husband a moment alone with his son.

Burt and the doctor disappeared down the hallway, and Carole retreated back to the sobbing, shuddering boy that Blaine had been reduced to.

"I'm sorry," Blaine cried, shaking his head. "I'm so, so sorry."

"Hey, Blaine honey, it's ok," Carole whispered, pulling him into her arms. "Where are your parents, sweetie?"

"Home," Blaine answered, even though it was a lie. His parents were in New York for the weekend and that was why he invited Kurt over. He'd called his mom and dad and told them he was in trouble and needed them, not disclosing the details of the accident. They asked him if he could get home by himself, and he tried to tell them no, he couldn't. He needed his parents, but they wouldn't come back early. They promised they would be there for him on Sunday, when they got home.

"Are they coming to get you?" Carole asked. "They must be worried."

"I called them and my dad is sick so they can't come," Blaine lied. He hoped Carole would believe it through his haze of tears. He was so in pain and numb at the same time. Kurt was hurt. Kurt might not wake up. Kurt might not walk again. He felt so guilty. If he hadn't insisted on driving just so Kurt would have more energy to make out with him later, then Kurt would be the one with the broken arm and he would be the one on the brink of death.

He never wanted to trade places with anyone like he wanted to trade places with Kurt at that moment.

"I'll take you home," Carole said. She stood and grasped Blaine's hand. It wasn't the broken one, but it was still wrapped up in a bandage from when he punched the glass out of the windshield.

"Thank you," Blaine said. She helped him to his feet and they slowly headed to the parking lot, where Burt had haphazardly parked half in a handicap space. She helped Blaine into the truck, listening to him when he explained that he'd been seen in the emergency room and then discharged with signed forms his parents had faxed to the hospital just so Blaine and the doctors would stop calling them.

It was only ten minutes from the Westerville Hospital to the Anderson House. Blaine's house was bigger than the Hummel House, and there were cars outside giving the illusion that his parents were home. They pulled up in the driveway and Carole offered to walk him inside.

"N-No," Blaine said. "Just go back to Mr. Hummel and Kurt."

"Are you sure you're going to be ok?" Carole asked once more.

"Yes," Blaine promised. He was about to shut the truck door when he turned back to Carole and looked up at her, looking more broken and hurt than Carole had ever seen anyone look. "Mrs. Hummel?"

The broken crack of his voice made Carole's heart ache.

"Yes, dear?"

"Does Mr. Hummel hate me now?" Blaine asked. Burt had never really liked Blaine to begin with, but now surely he would hate him. Carole just stared at him, unable to answer the question. Blaine took that as a yes and asked one more question. "Do you think I might be able to see Kurt soon?"

"We'll see, Blaine. We'll see," Carole said. She watched Blaine trudge up to his house and left only when he was safe inside. On her way back to the hospital, she called Finn and explained the situation to him, but insisted that he just go home and try to rest and she would come home to get him in the morning.

Finn didn't like that idea, but he agreed anyway.

. ~ . ~ .

Room c312

11:02 PM

The heart monitor was steady as it beeped. The cord that ran to it was one of many cords, wires, and tubes that connected Kurt to various machines. Burt could barely see his son from behind the thick tube that was down his throat, forcing his chest to rise and fall. Another machine pumped oxygen through that tube, whirring steadily.

Kurt was purple with bruises all over and his legs were bound in casts. His head was wrapped in a bandage and all of his hair was gone. Burt knew his son would have a heart attack when he woke up and saw that. His arms were covered in nicks and cuts and he already looked dead.

"My son," Burt muttered. He pulled up a chair beside Kurt's bed and rested his larger hand over Kurt's. "My son."

There was no response, and in that silence Burt Hummel finally let himself go.

He gripped Kurt's small, purple-hued hand, and he sobbed.

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