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August 31, 2012

4:41 PM

"This apartment is so amazing," Kurt said, looking around as he adjusted picture frames on shelves and adjusted Blaine's guitar in its stand. The apartment was tiny, barely enough room for one person, but they made it work. They could afford it, it wasn't moldy, all the appliances worked, and it was within walking distance of the university.

Because Kurt insisted on walking.

Since they'd graduated, they'd done a lot of walking. Walking around the neighborhood, through the park, around a lake. They held hands while they walked, because for over a year it was a simple action they could not engage in.

"I love it," Blaine said. He walked up behind Kurt and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, pressing his cheek to the back of Kurt's shoulder. "I love you."

"You're a cheeseball," Kurt laughed, turning around in Blaine's arms and hugging him tightly. He pulled back slightly and pressed a kiss to the tip of Blaine's nose. "But it's ok because I really like cheese."

"Can you believe this?" Blaine asked, kissing Kurt softly on the lips and nuzzling his cheek softly. "We live here. Together."

"I'll never forget the look on the landlords face when he realized we were renting a one bedroom apartment for both of us," Kurt giggled softly and kissed Blaine's cheek.

"Then when Burt showed up with those boxes and the guy looked terrified," Blaine laughed, hugging Kurt even closer, loving the feel of him in his arms, even though he was slightly bigger.

"It feels so weird being alone," Kurt whispered, kissing a path down Blaine's jaw.

They'd been living in the apartment for two weeks now, but for the entirety of it, Burt had been staying with them. He stayed around long enough to make sure the tiny apartment would work for them, making sure their neighbors were nice people, ensuring that their cheap furniture was placed in the right spots and that they managed to unpack their things and settle in their new home.

Part of Burt staying with them was that he wasn't sure he wanted to leave Kurt, but the time came for him to go back to Lima, where his wife and stepson needed him. Burt had wished both boys good luck, gave them five hundred dollars in cash and told them to keep it in the safe in Kurt's closet and use it for emergencies only, ensured that their refrigerator was fully stocked with food, and make sure that they were ready for this.

They were.

So Burt left.

And there they were. Alone. Together. As adults.

"We should celebrate," Kurt suggested. "Let's go out. We can explore the city for a while and we can go out to dinner and maybe fit in a little shopping."

Blaine laughed out loud and kissed Kurt once more before pulling back. Kurt pouted a little, but followed Blaine as he practically collapsed onto the couch. Kurt kneeled beside him, leaning over and kissing him roughly and insistently, his tongue slipping into Blaine's mouth and both his hands cupping Blaine's jaw as he held is face, kissing him so aggressively that their teeth clashed together.

He slung one leg over Blaine's lap, sitting on his legs, keeping their hips a fair distance apart. Blaine's hands settled around his hips, rubbing lazy circles on his lower back. They kissed like that for fifteen minutes before Kurt pulled back, his arms settling around Blaine's neck as they fought to catch their breath.

"I want you so much right now," Blaine whispered, looking up at him with lust darkened eyes. Kurt's tongue darted out to moisten his lips and his fingers toyed with the loose hair at the base of Blaine's neck.

"Not now," Kurt whispered. His eyes drifted closed and he resisted the urge to press his hips forward, to feel completely connected to Blaine, their whole bodies pressed together.

"Kurt," Blaine whined, his hands squeezing Kurt's hips and trying to pull him closer.

"Later. After we come home," Kurt promised.

Blaine sighed and nodded, knowing Kurt was still uneasy about these things, and wanting to romance him before he carried out his plan.

"Alright," Blaine sighed. "Go get ready to go out. We'll go somewhere nice, so dress up."

Kurt grinned at the opportunity to wear his nicer clothes in public where people other than Blaine could appreciate them. He climbed off Blaine's lap, kissing him lightly one more time before dashing off to their shared bedroom. Blaine closed his eyes, wishing briefly that Kurt would have continued. But it was alright. Going out was conductive to Blaine's plan.

. ~ . ~ .

Three days earlier

August 28, 2012

10:14 AM

"Hey, Burt? Can I talk to you for a second?"

Kurt was in the shower, singing loudly, and Burt was in the living room. Blaine crept out of the tiny kitchen with his hands in his pockets and his shoulders slumped.

"What is it, kiddo?" Burt asked, sitting up and turning off the TV Kurt's aunt had given them as an apartment-warning present. Even though Blaine and Kurt were both technically adults now, Burt had a feeling he would always call Blaine 'kiddo'.

"I wanted to ask you something," Blaine said. He cautiously walked into the living room and sat beside Burt, smiling slightly at the look of concern on Burt's face.

"Sure. Anything you want," Burt said, studying Blaine's face.

"I know this is really, really old fashioned, but I wondered if you might be ok if…if you might let me…if it would be ok if I asked Kurt to marry me," Blaine finally found the words and looked up at Burt, gauging the older man's reaction. Burt seemed to contemplate it for a moment, considering how he felt about a boy asking him for permission to marry his son.

"I think that if I wanted anyone to marry my son, you would be the man," Burt finally said.

Blaine smiled and let out a sigh of relief. Burt chuckled and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Did you actually think I'd say no?" Burt asked, squeezing Blaine's shoulder tightly.

"Not for a second," replied Blaine, smiling at his soon to be father-in-law.

"So when do you plan to do it?" Burt asked. Blaine reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black box. Inside was a simple band with tiny diamonds set in the gold band. It wasn't much more than the promise ring Kurt currently wore, but there were a few more glistening stones. It was subtle, yet beautiful.

"The next few days. Probably after you go home," Blaine said, examining the ring he planned to give Kurt, the man he couldn't imagine living without.

"Well good luck, Blaine. He'll say yes, I know it." Burt scooted closer and pulled Blaine into a quick embrace. "You'll make a fine husband."

Blaine couldn't help but laugh at that as he slipped the ring back into his pocket.

"Thank you," Blaine said, offering Burt one last grateful smile.

. ~ . ~ .

August 31, 2012

5:18 PM

Their hands were clasped together and their necks were craned upwards as they looked up at all the amazing buildings around them. They kept close together, their whole arms touching and knowing that they were safer glued together than they were if they were even inches apart.

"I love being here," Kurt said, glancing over at Blaine. "It's so beautiful. And to think. We live here."

"I know," Blaine said. "I think next week I'm gonna start looking for a place to play. There's bound to be some place in this city that needs some entertainment."

"And I'm going to begin finding out the best places to audition for shows so I can get a leg up on Rachel," Kurt said, squeezing Blaine's hand. Blaine chuckled and turned to look at Kurt, at how beautiful, smiling at him and his eyes wide with wonder and excitement.

"Here's the restaurant I was telling you about," Blaine said softly. It was a small Italian place, reminiscent of the night Blaine had given Kurt the promise ring. It had also been the night of the accident, but that somehow did not curb Kurt's appetite for pasta as he tugged on Blaine's hand and hurried inside.

They sat in a secluded corner, eating by candlelight with their hands clasped over the table. It was nice to be in a place where they could openly show such simply displays of affection without a single disapproving look from the wait staff. They didn't worry about the world around them. It was just Kurt and Blaine.

"I never thought I would have this, you know," Kurt said midway through their meal.

"What do you mean?" Blaine asked, his eyebrows drawn together.

"You and me. Sitting here in New York, eating fancy pasta. An apartment with you. The ability to walk again. Hopes and dreams. Everything," Kurt said. He squeezed Blaine's hand and looked at him almost longingly.

"I've always wanted nothing more than for you to have every single one of those things, Kurt. You deserve them all," Blaine said sincerely.

"You asshole," Kurt muttered. He sniffed and brought his free hand up to wipe his eye. "You're gonna make me cry."

Blaine chuckled and somehow he knew this was going to work. Nothing could be better than what he had with Kurt. Nothing at all.

. ~ . ~ .

Later that evening

8:36 PM

They reached their apartment and stepped inside. Both of them nervous. Blaine was about to propose marriage, and Kurt was about to propose that they have sex for the first time. They busied themselves around the apartment for a few minutes, Blaine tidying the living room and surveying the best spot to get down on one knee, Kurt turning on the fans in the bedroom and making sure there was a bottle of lube and a condom within reach.

When Kurt finished, he wandered out into the living room to find Blaine standing there awkwardly. Kurt moved in to initiate first contact, but Blaine stepped back.

Concerned, Kurt asked, "What's wrong?"

"Kurt I…I have something to ask you," Blaine said. He looked into Kurt's eyes, confident that this was the most perfect moment ever. He reached into his pocket and slowly got down on one knee, holding the black box up.

"Oh my God," Kurt gasped. Then, before Blaine could even say anything, Kurt grabbed his arms. "No. Get up. Right now. Get up and stand up. Right now."

Blaine's heart sank. Kurt saw what was coming and he didn't want it. He didn't really want to marry Blaine because he didn't think they would make it. He wanted to wait and see for sure if they would really last. Blaine tried to fight of the sadness that washed through him, and his efforts were failing until Kurt covered Blaine's hand with his, taking the black box in his hand.

Slowly and stiffly – his muscles were still getting used to being worked all the time – Kurt lowered himself down onto one knee and looked up at Blaine.

"I don't want you to feel like you have to do everything," Kurt whispered softly. He laid his palm over Blaine's assessing that their fingers were roughly the same size, so this should work. "I wanted to do this. To pick out a ring and get ready for this, but you beat me to it."

"Sorry," Blaine whispered, almost too in awe of what Kurt was about to do.

"Don't be." Kurt brought Blaine's hand closer, gently kissing his fingertips. He opened the box and saw the ring, gasping slightly at how beautiful it was. He plucked the ring out of its velvet nest and held it up to Blaine. "Blaine Anderson, will you marry me?"

"Yes," Blaine said. "Of course I'll marry you."

Kurt grinned and pulled the promise ring off Blaine's finger, then slid the engagement ring into its spot. It was a little big for Blaine, but they would worry about that later. Standing, Kurt ran his hands up Blaine's arms and pulled him closer. Sliding his arms around Blaine's neck, he pressed his lips to Blaine's, finding them parted instantly and allowing him to continue his exploration from earlier.

Blaine's hands rested on Kurt's hips, squeezing gently as Kurt swept his tongue across Blaine's mouth, tasting all of him at once, their lips pressed so hard together they would be swollen and bruised for days.

Kurt moved his hands down Blaine's chest until he reached the hem of his red polo. He pushed the shirt up, his palms trailing over the warmth of Blaine's abs, and broke away from the kiss long enough to pull the shirt over Blaine's head. He ran his hands all over Blaine's skin, his fingers moving through the hairs on Blaine's chest, his fingertips teasing Blaine's sensitive nipples, and his lips moving down Blaine's jaw, suckling gently on the slightly salty skin where his neck and shoulder connected.

"I love you so much," Blaine whispered hoarsely. His grip on Kurt's hips tightened and he pulled their bodies together. Kurt slipped a leg between Blaine's, pressing upwards as he felt Blaine's hard arousal pressing against him. Blaine's hips pitched forward, searching for the delicious friction.

"You're wearing too many clothes," Blaine gasped, struggling to pull Kurt's shirt over his head while simultaneously never stilling his hips.

"We need to get to the bedroom," Kurt panted, his breath hot against Blaine's skin. Blaine nodded and pulled away, knowing he wouldn't be able to get his feet to move properly if Kurt was touching him in anyway. Kurt started for the bedroom, pulling off his shirt and unbuttoning his tight black jeans and shimmying them down his hips. Blaine stripped of his pants as well and they tumbled onto the bed, pulling each other close. Kurt rolled Blaine onto his back and settled their bodies together.

Kurt's lips resumed their earlier exploration of Blaine's neck and chest, making Blaine writhe beneath him. They'd been exploring each other the last couple of months, but Blaine never tired of Kurt's curiosity. Not knowing what to do with his hands, he rested them on Kurt's shoulders, rubbing lightly as Kurt licked a trail from his chest down to the waistband of his tented boxers. Blaine's eyes rolled back as Kurt's neck rubbed along the length of his erection.

He groaned as Kurt blew on the trail he'd just licked, his skin tingling in the most delightful way. His hips arched up, rubbing his boxer covered cock against Kurt's pale chest. Blaine looked down at Kurt, who grinned up at him mischievously. Kurt ran his fingertips up Blaine's thighs to his hips, hooking under the waistband of his boxers. Tugging them down swiftly, Kurt settled himself between Blaine's legs.

Blaine gasped when Kurt's hand circled around his cock, still not used to the feel of Kurt's soft hand wrapped around it, applying experimental amounts of pressure as he pumped it slow, faster, then slower yet, driving Blaine absolutely crazy as his thumb swiped over the head.

"Kurt…Kurt…please, I-I want you in me," Blaine panted, his hand squeezing Kurt's arm, trying to pull him up. Kurt obliged, taking his hand from Blaine's erection and kissing him fiercely, swallowing the moan Blaine let out at the loss of contact.

Blaine suddenly flipped them over so he was kneeling between Kurt's legs. He curled his fingers around the waistband of Kurt's boxer briefs and tugged them over his hips. Kurt lifted his hips up and drew his legs up, making it easier for Blaine to remove them completely.

"Fuck, you're beautiful," Blaine said, kissing Kurt's knee before moving away, looking at their bedside table in search of the half empty bottle of lube. They'd experimented quite a bit just since they moved in, even with Burt in the living room down the hall.

Straddling Kurt's hips, Blaine reached down and wrapped his fingers around Kurt's cock, pumping it a few times with a tight grip, before rising up on his knees. He popped the cap on the bottle of lube and squirted some on his fingers.

"H-How are we…" Kurt panted and looked up at him with lust glazed eyes.

"Just l-let me," Blaine panted. During the months when Kurt was in the hospital and just recovering from the accident, Blaine had done a lot of…educating. He made sure his fingers were coated completely, then reached back and bit his bottom lip as he slid one finger slowly inside himself.

"Fuck," Blaine hissed, letting himself adjust to the intrusion. Kurt's hand was on his thigh, rubbing softly, patiently, encouraging him to keep going.

Kurt couldn't help but watched the beauty that was Blaine. His chest and arms glistened with a sheen of sweat and his eyebrows were knotted together as he inserted another finger, gritting his teeth against the initial discomfort, knowing it would be so worth it once Kurt was inside him.

"You're so hot like this," Kurt said, running his hand over Blaine's defined abs, careful to avoid any contact with Blaine's cock that might end it too soon.

Blaine opened his eyes and put one hand on Kurt's chest, bracing himself as he used his fingers to spread himself open, spreading them apart and crooking them until he found that spot inside.

"Ohmygod," Blaine whimpered.

That was it. He couldn't take waiting anymore. He needed Kurt inside of him. He leaned down and kissed Kurt, rough and sloppy and full of desire. Blaine reached for the condom and tore open the package, fumbling as he attempted to figure out the best way to roll it onto Kurt's waiting erection. Kurt gasped at the contact, waiting as Blaine coated his cock with more lube.

"Can you just…" Blaine held the base of Kurt's cock so that it pointed straight up. Kurt nodded and held it like Blaine had as Blaine used both hands to brace himself as he moved forward. He positioned Kurt's cock at his entrance, taking a deep breath as he slowly began to sink down.

It was painful at first, being stretched like that, but Blaine needed to be this close. After all they'd been through together, all of the wondering if they would ever get to be together like this, Blaine felt they deserved to be connected like this.

Blaine forced his eyes open, looking down at Kurt, whose eyes were nearly rolling back at the sensation of Blaine wrapped tightly around him, clenching so tight it was almost too tight for him. Blaine took a deep breath and relaxed, and Kurt slid in all the way. For a moment, Blaine stilled, breathing heavily and looking down at Kurt.

"If you don't move, I'm going to die," Kurt said breathlessly. Blaine smiled and braced himself against the headboard, moving up until Kurt was almost out of him, then moving down. Kurt gasped beneath him and he groaned. He began to move faster, quickly ignoring the pain that turned into pleasure as he angled his hips so Kurt hit that spot deep inside him every time.

It didn't take long for either of them. Blaine moved faster, panting heavily against the side of Kurt's neck as Kurt reached up and wrapped a fist around Blaine's neglected cock. He pumped his fist a few times until Blaine was spilling all over his chest and Kurt's stomach. He cried out Kurt's name and his expression was twisted as pleasure washed through him, his muscles clenching around Kurt as he continued to move through his orgasm.

It was too much for Kurt, the feel of Blaine's come on sticky on his stomach, the beautiful look on Blaine's face as he rode the last waves of pleasure, the smell of sweat and sex between them as the two lovers moved. Kurt whined as he moved his hips up to meet Blaine's in choppy, erratic thrusts and soon he was coming with a strangled cry of, "Blaine!"

The next thing Kurt realized, he was cleaned off and Blaine was curled up beside him, his sweat dampened curly hair against Kurt's chest as he held out his hand and examined the engagement ring.

"That was amazing," Kurt whispered, his hand resting on Blaine's back, which quivered under the touch.

"And beautiful," Blaine said. He used what little energy he had left to move up and press a gentle kiss to Kurt's lips before nuzzle his nose against Kurt's neck.

"We're going to get married." Kurt hugged Blaine close, feeling the naked length of their bodies pressed together under the cool sheets.

"I couldn't think of anyone I'd ever want to marry more than I want to marry you," Blaine said.

Kurt smiled and looked down at Blaine, whose long eyelashes had fluttered closed as he drifted off into a blissful sleep. Kurt continued to stroke Blaine's hair softly, knowing there wasn't a single thing life couldn't throw at them that they couldn't handle.

As long as they handled it together.

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