Shadow: I teared up a bit when writing this c': This is it, you guys. All your love and all your reminders have kept me going, and after over a year, it's finally finished- it's been more than two years since I've even started writing this fic, and it's finally being laid to rest. You've all given it, and me, more love than it could ever deserve. Thank you all, so much, you have no idea how much it means.

This is just the end of one story, where there are many more to come.

There was a unanimous sigh of relief as both Alfred and Ivan flopped onto the bed of their hotel room, still in their wedding garb. Goddamn were they tired. Between Belarus crashing the wedding, England showing up drunk, France tossing all his clothes off at the reception, it was good to finally be home. Oh god, but then they had the honeymoon...

"Marriage is stressful," Alfred muttered as he curled up beside his husband. "Let's get divorced." He was promptly smacked for his cheek. "Help, spousal abuse!"

"You've been waiting to crack these jokes all day, haven't you?" Ivan sighed as he turned onto his stomach and cuddling up against Alfred. "Come on, let's change. We have a big day tomorrow, too. We're going on a big honeymoon trip." All around the world. And Alfred was going to shut up and enjoy the ride. Even if they went anywhere 'commie' as he so elegantly put it. He could be so ridiculous sometimes.

Alfred whined, but did start to shed all his clothing. He didn't want to be in his dumb suit anymore. He had gotten married, he didn't need a suit anymore! He huffed and tossed his clothing all off, leaving himself in his underwear before he cuddled up against his pillow. "There. Done."

"Not even going to fold your rental suit? Tsk, tsk..." Ivan shook his head with a snort and jumped up to get his suit off. And fold Alfred's. "Well, tomorrow we'll be in France. Do you think we'll see him?"

"Dude are you kidding I'm figuring out where the hell he is and then going as far away as I can." Alfred rolled his eyes and stretched out on the large hotel room. "I don't want to have to deal with anyone on my honeymoon. I don't want to have to see any of the rest of the world while I'm supposed to be enjoying myself."

"Whatever you say." Ivan laughed as he folded up the suits and flopped down, in his underwear as all. "Mmm, you know... I'm up for some fun, if you are."

"No, fuck off, I'm hot and tired and I hate you." Alfred buried his face into his pillow and nuzzled against it. Ivan just snorted and flopped beside him. "And don't say anything corny, we're going to act just like we did before we got married and junk. The only difference is now I have a ring on my finger or whatever. And I get to call you hubby."

Ivan rolled his eyes, shook his head, curling up beside Alfred. "Alright, alright. Whatever you say. I don't want to rush anything. Everything is exactly the same. Wife."

"Whoa, whoa, shut up! I am the husband! You're the wife!" Alfred shot up, sitting up straight and giving Ivan a push. "You're my wife. I'm the husband. Go make me dinner."

"Alfred we had dinner. More than dinner. We had lunch and dinner and dessert."

"Shut up! You're the wife!" Alfred didn't want to be bested in something like this. He was very adamant about staying a strong force in their relationship. Not that he was a particularly strong one anyway. But they both were!

"We are both the husband." Ivan leaned in and pecked Alfred on the lips. "We're both the husband, neither of us is the wife. We are husbands and that is that." He squeezed Alfred to his chest and pulled himself under the covers. "Now, come on, we've had a long night, let's take a nice long nap and get to bed."

"Fine..." Alfred sighed and slid beneath the sheets, shyly cuddling up to Ivan with a purr. "Hey... Uh, whatever those words are. Ya tebya lyublyu. I think." He had studied those words for hours. He was so proud, he just wanted to see Ivan's reaction to how hard he had tried.

Ivan looked stunned. But he smiled and held Alfred to his chest. "Thank you, Alfred. It means so much to hear those words, in my native tongue." He had such a terrible accent, but he didn't care. It was the thought that counted. He took his lover- no, his husband. "Ya tebya lyublyu tozhe." He kissed Alfred's cheek and took several deep breaths. "Thank you."

Alfred blushed and nuzzled up against the Russian's neck. "Hey, uh... I want this. For as long as it lasts. Not 'til death do us part or anything. That wasn't in our vows, but... But come on, I really want this to work."

"And it will." Ivan smiled and kissed Alfred again, leaning back down and cuddling up close. "Let's just go to bed. And fresh start in the morning, like this is supposed to be. A new start and a new level of our relationship."

Ivan's words really touched Alfred. He cuddled close, snuggling in and nodding. "Yeah... Yeah, let's do it. It's a new life. Even though we said nothing changed."

"Just because nothing changes doesn't mean that we don't have to have a new life." They would be talking about where they would stay half the year, at Alfred's house, at Ivan's house... They would talk about everything that needed to be talked about. And dammit they were going to have their happily ever after. Because Ivan said so.

Alfred smiled and nodded. "Damn straight." He closed his eyes, knowing that with his husband, they were going to have the perfect life. And they were going to make it last for as long as they possibly could. Alfred was going to fight to the bitter end for them. Because he wanted his happily ever after to last for as much ever after as it could.