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No one ever thought Shannon Moore would be a wrestler. He just didn't fit the type. He wasn't tall, he wasn't tan and he was the farthest thing from buff. He was five foot nothing and barely a hundred and ten pounds. Most people thought the twenty one year old southern was only here because of his connection with the Hardy's. But Shannon was going to prove everyone wrong, all the haters, naysayers and critics. He was going to make it. Now if only he knew which locker room he was in.

He knew he needed to hurry up. He tried finding Matt and Jeff but it was no use. It was really crowded noisy and no one was paying attention to Shannon. He was fucked if he was going to be late for his very first match.

" Second room on the right." He murmured as he looked around at all of the red doors to the locker room. " Fuckin' hell." He groaned as he walked into the nearest locker room. He didn't know whos it was but he was just going to change quickly and get out.

"This is nice." He said with a bright smile. The room had a large tv, plush couches and a fridge. He didn't realize only certain people got locker rooms like this. Shannon tossed his bag down and quickly started to get undressed. Shannon started to sing to himself as he pulled on his red tights. He didn't notice the door open.

"Who in the fuck are you?"

Shannon's eyes went wide as he spun around to look at whoever joined him. He was face to face with a very broad black tee-shirt clad chest. . Shannon's eyes went wider when he looked up. He ran right into an extremely tall and scary looking man in a mask.

"I...I...I...I'm Sh..Shannon Moore..." He stammered as he backed up.

" And why the fuck are you in our locker room?" The large man asked as he pulled off his tight red and black shirt.

"L...Lost." Shannon stammered again. He almost jumped out of his skin when he heard a deep chuckled behind him.

" Glen, why are ya scarein' the little kid. You know his parent's are probably looking for him." Shannon turned around to yell at the guy for basically calling him a kid. But when he saw who it was his jaw dropped.

"Mr. Undertaker." He said with wide doe eyes, everyone knew the Undertaker. He was a legend, a god and a hero.

" Who do you belong to kid?"


" who are your parents?"

"Why do you need to know?"

sighed and sat down on the couch with the other large man. He ran a hand thorough his hair and looked back at me. " We can't have kids running around backstage."

"Sir...I'm a wrestler..." Shannon said as he ran his hand through his hair. " I wrestled in WCW and I'm starting here tonight...I'm friends with the Hardy boys."

" How old are you..?"

" Twenty-one sir."

"Alright kid, I'll give ya the best advice anyone is ever gonna give ya here..."

" Stay the fuck out of my dressing room." The larger man on the couch cut off.

" Glen shut your dumbass mouth, I'm talking to the kid." Taker growled back at his younger "brother."

" Okay kid, there are people here that are gonna try to take advantage of you, cause you are pretty. You look like a girl."

Shannon turned red and frowned. Sure he did have long blonde hair and really big blue eyes but Shannon Brian Moore was no god damn girl. He was about to protest but Under taker gave him that look.

" Kid just promise me you'll do this yourself. Don't think the only way you can get ahead is hanging with the big boys okay. You're too young to get involved with that bullshit." The very tall man told him firmly. "Now go get ready for your match." Shannon nodded quickly and grabbed his bag before scrambling out of the locker room.

Mark watched the pretty blonde run with a slight smile on his face, the kid reminded him of the Hardy's before they got in way too deep. He closed the door and plopped down on to the couch next to Glenn who was grinning like a moron.

" What?" Mark growled as he cracked open a bottle of water.

" You have a hard on for that little baby." Glenn said with a loud chuckle. Mark glared and punshed him in the arm.

" Shut up, I just don't want him to get screwed over." Mark frowned over at his fake brother. He rubbed his eyes and sighed, he didn't know why but something in the back of his mind was telling him, he had to watch over that kid.