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Shannon surprisingly woke up later then he thought he would. He groaned and rubbed his face as Shannon pulled himself into the seated position. The smell of chemicals and the faint sounds of Pearl Jam filled the room. Shannon rolled out of bed and went over to the bathroom. Jeff was sitting on the floor his eyes showed that he was crying and his hair covered in dye. Shannon looked at the floor and gasped softly, he saw a lot of hair and a shiny pair of scissors.

"Jeff your hair." Shannon said softly as he hopped up on the counter.

"I needed a change Shanny." Jeff shrugged as he picked up a hunk of the blue locks that littered the floor. He looked at it and sighed before letting it drop. " You know me I have to change things up."

Shannon knew one thing for sure about Jeff Hardy, he was not going to bring last night up and Shannon would bet a million dollars that if he brought it up Jeff would just change the subject. Shannon knew it wasn't the right thing to do but he was going to leave it alone for now.

" I love you Jeff...and you know you can always talk to me." Shannon told him with a weak smile. Jeff looked up at him and nodded with a big smile that didn't reach his eyes.

" I know Shannon, your my best friend." He looked down again. " But get out I gotta wash out my dye out.

Shannon nodded and got up. He watched Jeff turn on the shower before he bent down to grab a lock of that hair. Shannon wrapped a hair band around it and put it in his bag before he sat on the bed his head in his hands. He didn't know how to fix this. Pot was the worst thing he has ever been around and that was only one time with Shane. Coke is a whole different problem. He didn't know what to do.

He got off of his bed and went over to Jeff's bright purple suit case, he had to have some in there. Shannon dug through every pocket until he got to Jeff's favourite pair of wrestling pants. He pulled every pocket out until he found it. A small bag full of white powder and a small jar of pills. Shannon grabbed both of them and shoved them in his pocket when he heard the shower stop. He was back on his bed when the door opened and Jeff came out in a towel, his hair now light blonde

"How do I look?" He asked doing a little spin. Shannon smiled as best he could as he shoved the bag in his pocket.

" You look great Jeffy, you look like the old Jeff." He decided with a slight smile. " My Jeff." He added before hopping up to hug him. Shannon really didn't want to let go, if he didn't let go Jeff couldn't hurt himself anymore.

Shannon did let go though, he had to he didn't want to upset Jeff by getting upset himself. So he let go and pulled his hair back into a low pony. " I'm gonna go for a walk and grab some food. I'll bring you coffee cause I know you hate breakfast."

" You know me way to well." Jeff laughed as he sat on the bed and started brushing out his wet hair. " Two cream four sugar."

"Ofcourse." Shannon laughed as he pulled on a hoodie and went out the door. Breathing heavily he started to walk down the hallway. He needed someone to talk to but he knew no one other then Jeff and Matt who was on Smackdown. But he couldn't call the eldest Hardy anyways, the last time he visted the brother they got in a fight that ended with Matt having a bust lip and Jeff storming away. He didn't come out of his art studio/trailer for a week.

"I am fuck." Shannon said softly as he went down to the little hotel area serving breakfast. Quite a few wrestlers were sitting at the tables, Shannon felt like he was in high school again, it was lunch and he had nowhere to sit. Thank god he saw the divas, Torrie waved him over after he grabbed a bowl of fruit loops.

" Mornin' cutie pie." She said giving him a kiss on the cheek. Torrie had been worrying about that tiny little pixie all night long. He reminded her of a little doll and she loved dolls so she loved Shannon.

" Good morning Torrie." He said with a shy smile as he started eating his cereal.

"What are you three?" A snide little snort came from across the table. It was that girl from last night. The one with long legs and no boobs, she was giving Shannon and icy stare as she nibble on a dry looking piece of toast. " You wouldn't catch any real wrestler eating shit like that for breakfast. Breakfest of Jobbers."

Shannon's eyes went wide as his cheeks turned red. It was his second day with this company and he has already, gotten lost, found out his friend is snorting coke, almost got raped and now he has to deal with some uppity bitch who has about three inches' on him. This was hell.

" Calm your tits and leave him alone. I know you're just pissy since Randy dumped you and you're not getting fucked regularly anymore. So leave my baby alone." Torrie said as she pulled Shannon against her side.

" Your baby is a fucking faggot, I heard Randy and Dave saying he was hitting on them." Stacy said a matter of factly.

"Stacy shut the fuck up." Torrie hissed as the other girls gasped softly.

" Make me Whorrie." Stacy hissed back. Shannon grabbed Torrie's wrist gently and sighed softly.

" Stacy, I may like men but that doesn't mean I can't keep peoples asses and I wouldn't hit on that ugly steroid ridden monkey and your drunken most likely little dicked sloppy seconds. I have higher class then that darling." Shannon said in a soft yet angry voice as he kept his eyes on his bowl. " And Randy must be a fag too if he would sleep with you. You look like a little boy."

With a loud huff she stood up knocking her chair over. " Fuck you!" She screeched. " You ugly little bitch." She said before turning on her spike heels and storming out of the room. Once she left Shannon started breathing again, the table stayed quiet until Lita started laughing and soon the whole table was roaring. Shannon just turned redder. Once the laughing quieted down he looked up with wide eyes. Lita, he could talk to Lita about Jeff.

" Can we go and talk?" He asked as the red head finished her breakfast. She smiled at Shannon and tossed he trash in the garbage.

" Okay kid lets go." She said as Shannon hopped up. The two of them went to the empty pool and sat. " What do you need to talk about?"

"Jeff." He said simply as he looked over at her. Lita just sighed softly and ran her hands through her long red hair.

" You found out then I'm guessing."

" How long has he been doing that?" Shannon asked as he felt the bag in his pocket.

" A month or two, I don't really know..He stopped talking to me when I sided with Matt that he should go to rehab." Lita said as she looked up and frowned. " They got in a huge fight and neither of them will talk to each other and Jeff wont talk to me. The only people he talks to are you, RVD and fucking evolution."

" Mark...What about Mark? He was the one that cleaned Jeff up last night." Shannon asked, he smiled slightly at the thought of the tall older man.

" He found Jeff once in the locker room throwing up and basically in convulsions because I think he was trying to stop using and he was going through withdrawals. He stayed with him all night and he told Jeff he would help him get clean and get better. The next day Jeff was high as a kite, so I think he things he can fix Jeff. He treats Jeff like his kid." She smiled sadly. " He always looks so sad when Jeff looks like shit."

Shannon rubbed his face with his hand and nodded. " And what does Evolution have to do with all of this."

" They got Jeff hooked. He got invited out by Hunter as he talked Jeff into snorting coke, I know Jeff didn't want to..But you know he gets talked into shit so easy when people say they'll be his friend. So they got him high and Hunter, Randy and Dave took turns with him." Lita said wiping at her eyes. " When they were done..They brought Jeff back to the hotel and left him outside me and Matt's room."

Shannon reached over and pulled her into a tight hug as Lita buried her face in his shoulder. Shannon rubbed her back as he tried to get her to stop crying. It felt like hours but it probably was only minutes until the red head let go of him. She rubbed her face and smiled weakly.

" I just don't wanna bury him. Jeff is like my baby brother and he's sick but he's way to fucking stubborn to get help. I better go and get my bag packed for the next show. Be careful Shannon, I don't want them to hurt you." Lita rubbed her eyes again and kissed his forehead. " Please be careful." She said again before she started to walk back to the hotel.

Shannon stayed out there for a while longer just watching people go in and out of the hotel. It was almost calming. Everything seemed so normal when he was on the outside looking in. Sadly the whole mess he was in was far from normal. Shannon stayed outside for alittle while longer before getting up and heading back in the hotel. He was sure to get Jeff some coffee before heading back to room 180.

" Jeff I got your coffe.." He said walking into the room. He was alone. Jeff's clothes were all over the floor and his coat and wallet were gone. "God damnit Jeff." Shannon swore loudly as he dropped the cup of coffee. He turned on his heel and left the room. He needed to find Jeff before he did something he was going to regret. He didn't want his friend to get in trouble, Jeff was all Shannon had.