Battle Royale-Skullene: Round 2 Season 1

Round Two has begun and the continent is being consumed by the ocean. Skullene must combat a new foe sent to delay her until she is overcome by the rising tides. With time short, she must fight and flee at the same time.


The water had already begun to seep into the outer parts of the city. Luckily, a certain ex-Invader was Johnny on the spot when it came to reacting to new dangers. The moment she had realized that she had been stepping into the liquid-ten minutes after being so rudely teleported, she had retreated ten feet and examined the extremely big puddle of water that stretched all the way back to the coast line. Standing on a dumpster, she examined her options, and saw one: call little sister.

She knelt and placed one hand on her Visor. "Skulls to Panic, come in. Repeat, Skulls to Panic, come in."

A blue holographic screen appeared over her left eye. At first it automatically scanned the water, projecting that it was indeed H2O, and also scanned some nearby objects before the screen went blank. Then, letters scrolled across the screen.

Connection established, please wait...

"Pan, if you're busy making more pop corn..." The Irken trailed off as the image of a young, blue eyed Irken female appeared.

"Sorry! Sorry!" She said quickly, just getting into her seat. "Just got back from the hospital and Lok was still reacting from the meds they gave him!"

In the background, a purple eyed Irken stumbled around, giggling. He crashed into something, and Skullene cringed as she heard what sounded like a particularly expensive object break.

"Lok you moron! That was my mother's!" Paneece shouted.

"Sorry!" Lok slurred.

"Pan? Can we focus for a second? I'm looking at a very big puddle in the middle of the city...and it doesn't stop." Skullene paused as she examined the edge of the puddle out on the street. "...and it's growing, kind of fast."

"I'm on it!" Paneece quickly typed in several commands into her computer. " looks like the ocean levels on Doom are rising, really fast, and I do mean really fast."

"Estimation to when my position is..." Skullene searched for the word. "Untenable?"

"Well factoring in your distance to the shore line and the rate at which the ocean is rising..." Paneece trailed off, mumbling. "And factoring in the acceleration of the sea level elevation...and the ratio of the land to sea level...and judging from the original outline of the continent...this has been going on for...six or seven minutes."

"Wow, I sure feel out of the loop now. Amazing what being tired and walking around in the complete dark can do to you." Skullene was already off of the trash can and walking through the growing amount of shallow water, further inland rather than along the coast line-which had been nice and dry when she started. "But again, can I please have an ETA to water world?"

"I'm on it...fourteen or fifteen hours, give or take thirty minutes or so." Paneece replied. "You might want to get to the center of the continent. If everybody else is aware of this then they will also be heading there."

"So there's a better chance of ending this so I can get off of this rock before there's no solid land left to walk on?" Skullene guessed, unfolding the assault rifle she had taken from Ray the Defective Soldier. "And why didn't my index pick this up? It's supposed to tell me about all new changes to the tournament."

"Uh...I think my planting our little 'Comm. Bug' in its programming may have interfered with its ability to receive data from the tournament, or at least alert you to it." Paneece shrugged. "Take a look at it."

Skullene opened her index. "Yep, here it is. Oceans rising-yaddi-yaddi-yadda...and yeah, started ten minutes ago or so according to the timer and my clock...and look at this..."

"According to a simulation I ran, your only safe bet is-"

"The inland lake at the center of the continent," Skullene finished for her. "I'm reading all the data I need right now Pan. Thanks for your help; I'll be home in maybe two or three days."

"Good luck Skully!" Pan exclaimed.

Shen Baron himself was suddenly in the picture. He looked more stressed and tired than usual. "Remember Skullene! After this, you're staying chained to me until I'm sure you won't go into one of these again!"

Skullene couldn't help but smile at the Vortian. "Don't worry Shen, I remember, and I'll enjoy every moment of it once I'm back at home with you."

Shen smiled softly. "Come back safely, Compia."

"I will Franeem." Here was one of those moments where Skullene showed some genuine affection-an event even rare for the Vortian Pirate King. "And stay away from the coffee this time."

"Too late," He held up a cup and took a deep, long gulp of the hot brown liquid. "Ah...liquid insanity," He set it aside. "Remember this. Chained, for a full month, to me or to bed, and you can't use excuses or try escaping from it."

"I'd never try that, franeem," Skullene assured the Vortian. "I'll be with you soon."

"You'd damn well better or I'll come there and drag you off that planet by force." Shen threatened.

"Uh oh, they're tracking our signal, gotta go! I can't be caught with three or four wanted criminals hiding in my house!" Paneece said quickly. "Skully, there's a transit station nto far from you, maybe you can use it to take some miles off your journey. A spare plasma cell from one of your guns might get it working."

"Thank you Paneece! Bye guys!" Skullene said quickly.

"Bye!" Everybody watching shouted at the same time, and then they were gone.

Before she could even go ten feet, something shimmered into existence in front of her...close enough for her to slam into it before she could react. She stumbled back, hands on her face and cursing in Veniran. She had her gun out and aimed in the drone's face. "Alright who's the bastard?"

"Aw...don't miss me yet?" The voice of Tallest Red asked.

"Red..." Skullene hissed. "IF you're calling you know when I find you I'll rip you a new-"

"Yes yes yes I heard the many various threats," Red said dismissively as an image of him was projected. "I particularly liked that one you made about hanging me naked outside the palace. Where'd you get that idea from?"

"I was stuck on Earth and looked up some history," Skullene smirked. "You'd be surprised how good humans are at making a point."

"Lovely," Red drawled. "I called just to see if you might be interested in...a Get Out of Tournament Free Card I am offering."

"'re offering your would be assassin a way out?" Skullene asked, suspicious. "I don't buy it."

"Just hear me out," Red requested. "You get to leave Planet Doom. I falsify a death for you. You get to stay on the Massive with me." He smirked. "If you accept my offer from a few years ago."

"...the one about being your mate?" Skullene knew she'd have to put up a big struggle not to throw up.

"The offer has always been open," He shrugged. "I said that before I let Admiral Riz make his routine visits."

Her gun came up again. "Will you miss this drone?"

"Well no but-"


The drone was protected by a sort of shield. Given a few more shots she may have pierced it, but Skullene merely lowered her pistol. "Well the effect was lost on that little stunt...Red, I'll be clear with you." She sighed, smiling a bit. "If you thought you had the idea that I would crawl back to a horn sucking, antennae choking,smeet brained, gluttonous, overgrown twig like you then I have this ultimatum." Her voice was overly sweet. "If you try to go back on the Battle Royale contract after the tournament is over, or deprive me of my prize in any way, I will personally rip your eyes out," Her voice became more bitter, and her smile vanished. "And shove them down your throat," She snarled. "So you can watch me from inside as I rip your carcass open!"

The threat was so effective that the drone backed up without command and Tallest Purple, who had been watching the conversation leaped into Red's arms, shaking. "Red, I want my cold unfeeling robot arm!"

"I'll take that as a maybe," Red chuckled. "Well the offer is always open Skully. Until then here's a show of good will."


Suddenly a slot had opened up in the drone and shot something into Skullene's face, knocking her on her butt. She opened one eyes and wiped the soot away from them. Her entire head and part of her neck was now pitch black.

She glared up at the drone.

Even Red seemed surprised. "Uh...too much gun powder that time! Adjust and fire again!"



This time confetti hit Skullene. She shut her eyes when it covered everything above her shoulders. She patently pulled the confetti off and wiped the soot off of her face. She stood up. "Red-"

"AH! She's gonna make another threat!" Purple wailed. "She's gonna do it and its gonna be scary and she'll find a way to follow up and it's gonna hurt and-!"

Red shoved Purple out of the image. "Uh...yeah, good luck."

His image vanished.

The drone didn't manage to cloak fast enough before Skullene whipped out both of her pistols and emptied seven or eight rounds from each into it ,piercing its shields and ripping it to pieces.

Satisfied, she moved on.


Skullene took Paneece's advice and searched for the Transit Station. When she found it...she was not too impressed at first. It was basically a single track at ground level that had a single transport car on it that could hold maybe thirty or forty people. It looked a little impractical...but then again she had never used one, so she didn't have much to say about it at all.

She entered the transit station the transport car was parked at and checked the controls. They had basic emergency power...

And Paneece pulled through again after Skullene took a spare cell for her pocket pistol and hooked it up to the car's controls using a converter from her PAK. The car hummed to life and hover a few inches off of the metal track, held in place by magnetic fields.

"Here we go," Skullene whispered, and hit a command in. The car moved forward, not exactly as fast as her at sprinting speed, but at this rate it might get her further inland a lot faster than walking would.


She chose to catch up on a little sleep, lying on one of the transport car's seats. She stuffed Ray's rifle and the ammo for it under the seat, hid one pistol by the controls, and kept her knives and pocket pistol on her. Skullene rolled over as the rising sun illuminated the city, reflecting off of windows and making the buildings glow.

It looked beautiful, and for several moments it made her forget just how utterly crappy her day was so far. She sat up on the seats of thee transport car, which had moved to a section of track above the streets. She sighed, leaning against one of the open windows on the sides of the transport, letting the breeze blow her antennae back. She shut her eyes, smiling at the cool sensation it caused.

Maybe her trip to the center of the island would be uneventful after all. She would get there, kill off anybody she saw, and then head home. Easy as any mission she had before today.

The car began to slow down. For a moment she feared the plasma cell was running on empty, but when she opened her eyes she saw that it was automatically slowing down because of the station it was closing in on. It was a 5 story tall public transit station with larger, faster transport trains.

Now it was just getting too convenient for her liking. Something like this never came for free, there was always a catch. A hidden assailant ready to strike, or a bomb or trip wire. Maybe one of the transports were wired to derail?

Skullene collected her gear and stuck her rifle out through the doors as they slid open. She moved into the empty transit station. With a light 'ding' the doors closed behind her. She approached one of the larger transport trains, and looked in through the canopies.


Skullene spun.


She blew a small hole into a wall in the general direction of where a small drop of water had fallen from the ceiling. It showed the circuitry within the wall.

"Domnia! Save the florping bullets!" Skullene exhaled.

Then there was a harsh crash, and a groan of metal bending. Skullene spun again, aiming up at the top of the train. On it was something she could not exactly place. It looked Irken, but it sure didn't seem like it was Irken. It was clad in the rather ragged remnants of a uniform, just barely conserving its decency. Its orange eyes narrowed as it stared down at Skullene, tilting its head as though curious about what sort of prey it had just found.

Its triangle tipped antennae twitched, and the tail extending from the base of its spine flicked off to the right. The creature stood to its full height-as tall as it could get on all fours, which was still scary, its nostrils flaring as it sniffed the air. Its mouth curled into a snarl, teeth clenched as a low growl escaped from its throat.

It leaped down and looked at the now nervous Skullene.

"What the florp are you...?" Skullene whispered.

It bared the massive fangs it possessed at her in some sort of savage grin, a green tongue slithering out. It licked its lips, and that was all Skullene needed to know. When they licked their lips and they looked at you with those kinds of hungry eyes there was one of two scenarios.

The first scenario was inspired by her experiences in Painomania. The eyes were inspired from Admiral Riz, her personal tormentor. And the licking of the lips came from the guard who was always stationed outside of her cell. Indications of lust, meaning they were looking to get at you, get what they wanted, then most likely let you limp off.

Now considering he didn't look like the type of man-er...mutant who was looking for a woman. So that was where the second scenario came in, compliments of her brother, Hellion.

Plain and simple hunger and the urge to satisfy that hunger whether it is for food or for blood. It had that same look Hellion always did before his feast. This thing, whatever it was, it was a killing machine down to its core.

Skullene took its first step towards her as her personal signal to open fire immediately. She had the rifle up and the creature in the center of its sights. She squeezed the trigger, releasing it briefly between bursts. Over half a clip's worth of bullets hit the creature...and seemed to bounce off, or just cracked its flesh. It growled as bullets clattered to the ground around it. It lunged forward.

"Yipe!" Skullene squeaked, momentarily losing her composure. She scrambled back and tripped on the smooth floor. She shut her eyes...

The beat flew right over her and slammed head first into a wall. It fell...and hit the edge of the bench below him against a certain sensitive area on his equator.


Defective flotilla

"Ooohhhh!" The gathered Defectives flinched.


Paneece's House

"Ouch," Lok muttered.



"Ow," Skullene blinked. "That had to hurt."

The creature growled as he got back to his feet. He glared furiously as Skullene. He moved so fast she barely had time to react.

"Kisgaree!" Skullene deployed her Spider legs and launched herself back. The creature landed where she had been moments ago, and chased after her as she used her spider legs to move down the transit station's length. She folded her assault rifle up and grabbed her pistols, both of them, ripping them out of their holsters while turning 180 degrees and launching herself off of the ground. She folded her spider legs and fired both pistols at the Irken-Mutant.

The skin seemingly absorbed the lasers, and the creature ploughed into her. She was knocked on her back, and the creature loomed over her. Its jaws opened, and its head came down...only to pull back as Skullene extended her wrist blades and swung the twin bladed gauntlet at it. She left a bit of a cut on its gums, but it leaped back before she could do serious damage.

Holstering her pistols, she looked around. "Ok, bullets and lasers don't do caragash against you...I need a new plan...I need to...stop...talking to myself first though!"

She spotted something on the creature's neck as it began to circle her. It was an I.D Tag that said 'LUCY' in big bold letters.

"Okay then Lucy...let's try and play nice," She said gently. "I don't really have to kill you-"

Lucy apparently disagreed, because he lunged right for her again. Skullene leaped at him, but aimed high and angled her entire body, twisting in mid leap so that Lucy's head went right under her. She rolled right over him, extending her wrist blades as she rolled down Lucy's back.


In a geyser of blood, half of Lucy's tail went flying off. He roared, rearing his head back and spinning, the outer part of his forearm connecting with Skullene's head and knocking her clean off of her feet. She slid across the floor and her shoulder clipped the side of the open train doors.

Lucy turned, his eyes filled with blood lust as he held up one clawed hand and scraped it along a pillar next to him...ripping into the stone. He held up the hand, and his meaning was clear: You're dead now.

Skullene scrambled backwards, unfolding one PAK leg and aiming it at the 'door close' button on the inside of the train as she got up, leaning on one seat. The doors slid shut.

"Now Departing Skevia District," A smooth, filtered female voice said in a whispery tone. "Please deposit 10 Imperial credits."

Apparently Skullene's version of Imperial Credits was smashing open the control panel at the front of the car and reaching down into the wiring. Lucy slammed into the side of the train as she tried to hotwire the vehicle to go.

"Warning, sensors indicate Level 10 Dangerous Creature in proximity. Initiating Emergency Ignition, all passengers please secure yourselves, as inertial dampener limits have been bypassed for purposes of escape." Skullene's antennae stuck up as she stared out the front window.

"Emergency ignition? Bypassed Inertial Dampener limits?" She spun as Lucy began to pry the doors apart. "Aw vrik na-"


Defective Flotilla

The pink eyed Irken female known as Jen looked intently at the live streaming. "What the hell did they do to that thing?"

The broad shoulder Irken that was Zed wondered aloud. "It's able to take on plasma and multiple gunshots that would have fried a normal Irken."

The Irken with the heavily scarred face that surpassed Ray's, let out a sigh, speaking in a haggard voice. "Ray, she may have bested you, but I doubt she'll be able to last much longer."

Lead couldn't help but agree with the heavy weapons expert. "No crap, she's good. But this thing is a monster."

Ray clutched the Vortian beer, tight in his hand, his eyes narrowed. A scowl adorning his marred face, ignoring his teammates, muttering. "You were an Invader for a reason, come on Skullene, beat his ass!"



The train shot to life, moving at over 500 miles an hour out of the train station, taking Lucy with it as he hung onto the side of the moving transport train. It was on a rail that went over five stories over the streets below. Skullene, after managing to get back on her feet glanced at the map displayed on one screen. The red dot near the edge of the City Region must have been her...and it was moving east! Oh happy day!

Or it would have been if Lucy fell off. Instead he climbed all the way to the front of the train and glared at Skullene through the canopy. He let out a roar that was silenced by both the wind and the fact that the canopy itself was air tight. He then began to beat on the canopy, making a dent that was slowly growing into a series of crack.

"Do you ever give up?" Skullene growled, backing away as she extended her titanium wrist blades-her most effective weapon so far.

'This isn't working, I need a better plan, and I need it fast!' She thought. 'If only bullets could hurt it! Wait...bullet...' She looked at Lucy, perched on the front of a train made of reinforced Imperanium (a common metal used for space ships least by Irkens, who were probably the only ones who could afford it) that was moving at 520 miles per hour (she checked the speedometer readings on the panels) and carried dozens of metric tons of weight.

If the train kept accelerating to try and lose Lucy, Skullene would reach the center faster...or she'd be squashed at the back of the train half way there. But if it accelerated enough, and if it hit something with Lucy on the front...

The Irken version of a light bulb went off in her head.

"Oh honey you are so smart," She turned away from Lucy, hugging herself. "And he is so dead."


Defective Flotilla

"Ray, what the florp is she doing?" Lead asked, sipping his latest glass of ale.

"Either she's gone nuts," Jen started.

"Or she's got a plan." Ray grinned.


Paneece's House

"She's trapped on that train now!" Loe said, panicking. "Aw man that thing's gonna get her!"

"Wait for it Loe," Envon replied calmly. "She's got this."

"Which is why I have 500 credits on her surviving," Lok, who had his personal computer on said as he placed his bet on the Galactic Net Site for Battle of Alluria. "She lives, and with 50000000-1 odds against her I win tons of cash because the rest of the galaxy is stupider than an IDIOT!"

"Aw shut up already everybody," Paneece said, eyes wide and close to melting as she stared point blank at the screen.



Skullene turned back to the panels, reconnected the main controls, and checked the rail map. About two minutes ahead was a tunnel that went through a large transit terminal. The train was made to perfectly fit with the tunnel's dimensions. But if it came off the rail at the right time and hit one of the would crush this monster so bad there'd be a big puddle of blood, bone dust, and shredded skin.

"Sorry Lucy," Skullene whispered. "But you won't get off as painlessly as Ray did if you manage to survive this."

She accessed the magnetic controls. The magnetic power required to keep the train on a specific path above the magnetic rail was enough to power a human village, but the system was easy to disable. She just needed a way to rig a timer.

'I might have to take a risk and try jumping.' Skullene swallowed. 'Will that work?'

Excellent question. Class, for today's lesson you must answer this: if a train is travelling a 520 mph through a city over fifty feet in the air, and one Irken leaps off of it in the opposite direction, how painfully will they splatter on the road?

Let us see what Skullene has to think...



Skullene swallowed as she looked at the monster that was about to crack the canopy open. She tapped a command into the controls.

Deactivate Magnetic Stabilizers?

Warning, Train is in motion at high speed, deactivation of stabilizers may result in injury or death.

Do you wish to continue?


Sucking up her courage, Skullene hit 'yes' and then immediately spun on the spot as the magnetic stabilizers under the control car deactivated. Flying at over 500 miles per hour, the train was now an out of control, two hundred meter long bullet. Skullene stumbled as she reached the door to the next car, but managed to force the door open and rushed through to the second passenger car. She repeated this, moving faster than she thought she ever could under such pressure.

She cleared the last car; saw the emergency exit at the back. She raised her pistol and blew the hatch off completely. Her foot found the edge, and she used her momentum to launch herself into open air...

And one of the following happened.

Either A: she splattered on the ground below.

B: She collided with the rail and her face was reduced to pulp before she fell off and then hit the road below.

C: Lucy had followed her to the back and grabbed her as she leaped. She had enough time to feel her skull being split open by his hands before the train entirely derailed and broke a hole through the road below. So instead of hitting the road, the already dead Skullene and Lucy went under the road and were crushed.

On the bright side, Option C meant Lucy would die-wait, no, he'd be teleported up to a ship before he could die. Yippee.

Or Option D...well for all of the readers out there, that is a surprise.

Oh, and Option E: she hits a building, splatters on it, her corpse falls to the road below.

All scenarios involved the poor road getting a makeover.


"...Better than nothing." Skullene swallowed, and slammed her hand down on the deactivation key.

"WARNING: Magnetic Lock disengaging in ten seconds." The computer informed her.

"It has a timer on it?" Skullene was already running out of the control car. "Just lovely!"


Defective Flotilla

"She's either nuttier than we are," Zed grunted. "Or she's about to set the record for the galaxy's biggest improvised bullet."

"Is there even a record for that?" Jen asked.


Skullene shot the doors that got in her way entirely out of their frames, her pistols blazing in each hand. As she passed through the last car, she holstered her full sized blaster and shot the last door four times with her Vortian pocket pistol. The hatch flew off entirely just as the counter hit Zero.

The train lurched, the thrusters now out of control without the train being magnetically held in place over the long pole that stretched through the city. Skullene let out a shout as she leaped out into the open air, her scream echoing through the whole city.


Paneece's house

"SKULLENE! OH MY GODS!" Shen shouted.

"NO!" Paneece screamed, hands over her mouth a second later.

Lok, Envon, and Hellion were the only ones not panicking at the moment. Lok looked up at the two taller Irkens from his computer. "Hey, did you guys know the record for Biggest Improvised Bullet in the galaxy is an elephant being shot out of a Magnetic Accelerator on Earth and hitting a Planet Jacker ship?" He chuckled. "Thank the gods for that or this planet would have been gone by now."

In fact Redella Prime was still floating around in a giant metal sphere...people just got used to it after they cut a few thousand air locks through the protective shell. The ship attached to the shell however was a wreckage...with an elephant shaped hole in it.



Skullene's PAK legs shot out, and the lasers fired on full output, letting out a stream of green energy that carved a hole into the ground below her. A second later her PAK's Zero Gravity Thrusters, which came out of slots next to each of her PAK legs fired up. They were more applicable in outer space, but here in an atmospheric environment they could at least help slow her down.

The train flew entirely off the track as they approached a big building in the shape of a rectangular prism, with the track going in one end and coming out the other. Its velocity allowed it to stay in the air long enough that it would hit the wall 4.3 seconds after it went off the tracks.

Lucy, who had started climbing along the back of the train by now after seeing his prey had left the control car, looked over his shoulder, and his eyes widened as he saw the end approaching...

But then a pink aura surrounded him, and he vanished as he was teleported out of danger. The train hit the transit station and blew up, leaving a giant hole in it. The structural damage was too much for the fragile building, which collapsed in on itself. This effect caused most of the rail transit lanes to snap out of place, crashing unused transports.

The train, in the time it had been running had carried Skullene near the border of the ice region.

She hit the ground hard. She cried out as pain shot through her, two of her Spider legs shattering, along with one of her thrusters. She lay there face down, unmoving and silent.

For several moments two camera drones hovered around her. They had to move at full speed to catch every moment of her actions, even hacking the security camera in the train.

A rat stuck its head out of a nearby sewer grate and moved over to her. It had been forced to feed off of living or freshly dead creatures much bigger than it for years, so when it tried to nibble through Skullene's armour, it was quite surprised when she suddenly snatched it up. She leaped to her feet, letting out a cry that was heard for miles. She tossed the rat away, watching as it hit a wall and flopped down, back through its sewer grate.

She glared up at the sky, shaking wit hanger as she stood in the wrecked street. "Is that all you've florping got?"


Defective Flotilla

"Well florp me," Duke muttered as the squad stared at the image. "She survived."

"I told you so!" Ray smirked. "Anybody who beats me isn't going to die in a train wreck!"

"Sh! She's reaching for something!" Jen said.


Paneece's House

"She's alive!" Paneece cheered, embracing Loe and Kay in a tight hug while Shen was jumping for joy.

"Hehe...remind me to split part of this with Skullene." Lok grinned as he stared at the steadily increasing amount of monies he was winning. He lost count after the first few million.

"Hey, what's that she's reaching for?" Kay asked out loud.



Skullene limped over to the side walk and sat down against a wall. She looked at her right leg and groaned in pain. She ran a medical scan and found she had a few fractures and torn muscles. She reached into her PAK. She produced a syringe, quickly forcing any bubbles out of t with a light press of the plunger.

It was a standard medical injection, filled with added regenerative nanites that sped up the regeneration process, and pain killers. She set it on the side walk and unclipped her armoured components. She slid out of the outer layers of clothing over her battle suit. After reducing herself to her shorts and tank top, she jammed the syringe into her thigh after finding a vein and clenched her teeth until the liquid was all gone.

"Gods, I'm going to be an addict by the time this tournament is over," She sighed.

Pulling on her clothes and armour again, she slowly stood up, favouring her left leg. She limped down the sidewalk away from the wreckage, heading south through an alley.

She activated her communicator. "Skulls to Panic, come in."

Paneece answered immediately. "That was so amazing! I can't believe you're alright!"

"My leg is a little busted up, but nothing too bad. But I lost my pocket gun." Skullene whispered. "Can you calculate my position?"

"Uh-huh! Let me just see..." Paneece muttered. "You're a four hour walk north from the center of the continent! You just have to avoid any more encounters with giant mutant monsters."

"Oh trust me; I don't plan on another fight unless it's necessary." Skullene grinned weakly, trying to look like she wasn't in pain. Then as the pain killers kicked in, her smile became genuine. "I'll call you back soon, okay?"

"Good luck sis!"

Skullene deactivated her communicator as Paneece's face vanished. She was still on guard, one hand holding onto her blaster pistol.

She was right to be, because two others were watching her. One was a young human girl with tangerine eyes that watched the Irken's progress. She looked down at the small portable computer she had taken from a shop and managed to patch up until it worked. It had pirated the broadcast signal, a strategy that allowed her to see the progress of other competitors. But she was interested in Skullene for two reasons.

One: She had just displayed an unparallel amount of 'badassery' by managing to use the train as a weapon to fend off that monster Lucy-who had chased the human girl around earlier before she ditched him by going into a perfume shop and overloaded his senses.

And Two: She was as close to the center as she herself was.

Nyx Synne Daemon knew that there was another alien out there, one who was particularly annoying her by turning into other competitors and making her life miserable. Then again it didn't afflict her too much after the crap she put up with back home.

Considering this Skullene was an Invader-or Ex Invader anyways and specialized n conquering and enforcing a little 'extinction', Nyx might bother considering a truce until the third round. She didn't have to kill somebody in this round, and Skullene was an Irken she might have befriended under different circumstances. With that and the journey most likely taking the Ex-Invader's life, Nyx felt comfortable with following Skullene.

But it also left her feeling fine with keeping the little Vortian energy gun she had picked up off of the road. It rested in the waist line of her pants now. She had watched recordings of Skullene venting the excess heat from it, so she could put the advanced alien gun to use for now.

She hopped off of the two story building she had been perched on, landing on her titanium legs. She brushed some raven hair out of her eyes. "Let's see where this carries us...Invader."

She took off after the injured Irken, unaware of-but suspicious that that she herself had also been followed and watched.

Cal slowly formed out of a puddle of water and stood up in the form of Shawn Ryder. Except Ryder wouldn't have been planning to do what Cal was. He went over to a trash can and opened it. Pulling the radio he had stored there out, he sighed. "Lucy messed up."

"He is fine and in our hands, we shall deploy him elsewhere," A voice replied. "Proceed with your assignment."

"I've got half the competitors already close by," Cal nodded. "I'll give them a few...challenges for you."

"Excellent, continue!"

Cal hang the radio in his 'belt' and followed after Skullene and Nyx.


End of Part One! This is not the end of my entry, trust me!

Big thanks to Spartan Alpha and Ryuu-Yamiyo for letting me involve their characters!