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The Potter Family and You-know-who killed and the Potter's baby missing?

After a horrific attack by You-know-who on the Potter family, Dumbledore and several friends of the family found Lily and James Potter killed and also You-Know-Who himself. Yet the young infant of the parents is missing! Albus Dumbledore believes that it was the baby that killed You-know-who but where had the baby been taken? Was it a follower of the dark side, or someone who wanted to save the baby? We can only hope that the baby is safe, wherever he is.

Several Years Later:

A young boy, about eight, was sitting by a stream in the quiet forest. It was indeed a lovely day and the boy looked happy to out and about. He ran as fast as a wolf around the trees and climbed them as fast as any squirrel could. He was indeed a special child.

Eventually he reached a cave; it was huge and would make even a giant seem small.

Yet the cave was his home. Inside was his dear mother, a large dragon named Catherine, she was the most powerful dragon in the region. Yet this beast was a caring and devoted mother. Her dragon children have long since grown up but when she saw Harry as a small, helpless infant he decided to raise him herself.

She found him after hearing the sound of crying. The baby was held by some stranger, who looked badly injured. He was slumped to the ground, gasping for breath. When the dragon walked closer, she saw that the man was close to death.


The man died after that. Catherine looked at the small baby and smiled. She gently picked up the child with her claws and brought him back to her cave. There she raised the baby into a child of the forest. He was a wild boy but also polite and caring.

He was taught the language of the dragon and was respected by Catherine's clan who lived far off to the north. Catherine was a loner at heart so she spent more of her time away from the clan. Still remained close to them, in her own way and would seek their advise and help if needed and she would do the same for them.

Yet, the boy didn't learn the language of man, he only knew of the forest and more importantly the magic nature possessed. He was a nature at druidism and how to use nature to his own needs. He would hunt, gather and survive in the harshest conditions.

In the cave, his mother was resting after a long hunt a few days earlier which paid off. They had gotten a lot of meat to last for a week.

"Hello Mother." He said as he climbed up her tail to sit on her back. She looked at the child and smiled.

"Hello to you too my child. You seem energetic this afternoon."

The boy smiled and laughed, "It is glorious out today, summer is close and the animals are restless."

Catherine laughed, she truly loved her son.

Yet she didn't know that soon, her child's life would change forever.