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There was a crack of the bat, the baseball going flying through the air, the crowd roaring with delight.

"This is awesome Grandpa Max!" Ben said, munching on what was his fifth hot dog, cheering with the crowd.

"I figured you'd enjoy it," Ben's grandfather said, "Shame your cousin didn't want to come..."

"Eh," Ben said, waving his hand dismissively. "It's just us then! Besides, after last summer, I've had enough of my annoying cousin..."

Max just chuckled a little, nodding, "Alright then...How have things been at school?"

Ben sighed, making a face, "Ugh...I don't want to talk about school...At least it's Spring Break..."

The young boy paused, then made a face, "Ohhh...bathroom break!"

The eleven year old shot up from his seat, moving through the crowd, heading for the bathroom.

"What? That's your fifth soda today, Jade!" Jackie Chan sighed, shaking his head at his niece, he, Uncle, and Tohru investigating another possible demon gate.

"Well duh, I had to wash down those hot dogs with something," Jade said, "Besides, I'll need the energy when we find that new demon to beat down!"

"Jade, this is not a game," Jackie said, shaking his finger, "You should head back to your seat and let us handle this."

"Like I'm going to do that," Jade smirked, then paused, "Ohhhh, bathroom break!"

"What, now?" Jackie asked, "You're just trying to not go back to your seat!"

"Jackie, I had five sodas!" Jade said, then ran off, heading towards the bathroom...

"Ahhh...I feel better," Ben sighed, as he walked out of the boy's bathroom, breathing in deeply.

"Errr, we can't go into the girl's restroom..."

Ben paused, turning to the left and seeing four odd men, one wearing what appeared to him to be a blue dress, with a long white ponytail, standing outside the door to the woman's restroom.

"Fool, the portal is here!" the man in the blue dress hissed, his voice somewhat gruff. His eyes seemed to be glowing red.

Ben grinned. These guys looked like trouble... Finally, he'd have something exciting to do!

One of the other men, a somewhat gray skinned man in a slightly untidy suit, held up a blue device, which glowed, pointing at the door. The symbol on the door changed, and Ben's eyes widened, as a gate seemed to appear, red and yellow swirls appearing.

"Alright!" Ben said, pumping his fist.

From the portal something stepped out. It was about man sized, with large bat-like wings coming from his back. He grinned, his clawed hands touching the edge of the gate, a loincloth covering between his legs.

People witnessing it began to scream, starting to attract attention. The men and demon ignored it for now though...

"Ahhh, Hsi Wu, the Sky Demon," the man in the white ponytail said, "My brother...how are you?"

"Better, now that I am free, Shendu," the demon said.

"Hey!" Ben yelled, pointing at the four people and demon, "You better stop, or you're going to have to answer to me!"

"Who's that?" one of the guys asked, raising an eyebrow. He had on a white suit and pink shirt, with a sort of disco feel to it.

"Just some meddlesome brat," the man in the blue dressed hissed, "Take care of him."

Ben grinned wider, "I hoped you'd say something like that..."

Ben held up his left arm, turning on his Omnitrix, selecting a silhouette, then slammed it down.

In a flash of green light, Fourarms stepped forward, the red skinned alien grinning just like Ben had been.

"Oh yah, now you're going to get it!" Ben declared, charging forward.

"Ai, aiiiii," an elderly voice cried out, Uncle, Jackie, and Tohru appearing, investigating the screams, "There are two demonssssss. Jackie, why are there two demons? I was told there would be only one!"

"What?" Ben said, coming to a sudden stop, "Hey, I'm not a demon! I'm an alien!"

"No such thing!" Uncle said, "Aliens are just urban myths!"

"Uncle, the Sky Demon!" Jackie said, holding up the flute, in which they could send Hsi Wu back through the portal with.

"Then stop him from getting away!" Uncle said, grabbing ingredients from Tohru and beginning to mix them.

Jackie sighed, then jumped forward.

"Stop him!" Shendu roared.

The Dark Enforcers jumped forward at Jackie, while Ben refocused on Hsi Wu, charging forward and throwing a punch!

Hsi Wu flew upwards, dodging the attack, but another of Ben's four arms reached up and grabbed his tail, pulling back.

"Let go of me, you fool!" Hsi Wu shouted, flapping harder, Ben grabbing with all four arms now.

"No way!" Ben shouted, "You're not going anywhere!"


Jackie paused, knocking away one of the Dark Enforcers, seeing Jade exit from the restroom, seeing the fighting happening, then looking at Fourarms fighting the Sky Demon.

"Demon vs Demon? Awesome!" Jade said, "Go red guy!"

"I'm not a demon!" Ben shouted, "I'm an alien!"

"That's even cooler!" Jade shouted.

Hsi Wu scowled, then felt a ripping sensation in his tail, it being ripped off by Fourarms, the Sky Demon flying forward.

"Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao, Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao," Uncle began to chant, preparing the banishment spell.

"Grrr...Shendu, retrieve my tail!" Hsi Wu shouted, then flew off quickly, before Uncle could finish the spell.

"Hey, get back here!" Ben yelled, shaking a fist, two others still holding unto the tail, which was squirming.



From one side appeared Max, looking concerned at the scene, and from the other came Captain Black, along with several other Section 13 soldiers.

"Woah nelly!" Black shouted, seeing Fourarms, "Who is he?"

"I'm a hero!" Ben scoffed, then paused, as the Omnitrix symbol began to blink red, "Uh oh...Errr...hold this!"

Ben tossed the tail at Jackie, who managed to catch it, keeping them distracted as Ben ran suddenly, hurrying through the corridors of the baseball stadium.

"Ai ahhhhhh, someone go after demon!" Uncle shouted. Several soldiers turned and gave chase.

Scooting down an alley, there was a flash of red light, and Ben changed from Fourarms back into his normal self breathing deeply and leaning against the wall.

The soldiers ran past, one stopping and seeing Ben, who pretended to look surprise.

"Errr...I was looking for the bathroom..." Ben lied.

The soldier paused, then just kept going, Ben letting out a sigh of relief.

"That's a pretty cool watch you have there..."

"Ahh!" Ben shouted, then paused, turning to the side, seeing Jade, who was grinning. "Where did you come from?"

"That thing lets you change into an alien?" Jade then asked, grabbing Ben's arm and inspecting the Omnitrix, "Cooooool. Can I try?"

"Errrr, it's just a watch...I won it at a carnival!" Ben lied, badly.

Jade raised an eyebrow, still not letting go of his arm, "Really? Well, if that's true, you wouldn't mind me trying it on!"

The girl then attempted to take off the Omnitrix, frowning, "There's no seams or anything..."

Ben sighed, then attempted to pull his arm away from Jade. The girl didn't give.

"Ugh, fine..." Ben said, "Yah, that was me earlier! But you can't tell anyone!"

Jade grinned, then nodded, "Alright! As long as you tell me more about it..."

Ben sighed, then nodded back. Jade let go of his arm, and Ben started to explain.

Shendu waved his hand, creating smoke that overtook him and the Dark Hand Enforcers, the four disappearing as it died down.

"Jackie, why did you let them escape?" Uncle asked, whacking Jackie with two fingers, almost causing the archeologist to drop Hsi Wu's tail.

"What? I didn't, I..." Jackie said, then stopped, sighing, knowing it was pointless to argue.

"...Chan, is that you, old friend?"

Uncle paused, turning to see Max, and then his face brightened, "Aiiii ahhhh, Max Tennyson! What are you doing here?"

"I was here seeing the game with my grandson," Max answered, "What was this all about?"

"Demon escaping," Uncle sighed.

"Ahhh, Uncle, we shouldn't be saying this!" Jackie protested. Uncle whacked him again.

"Nonsense! Max here is old friend! I knew him back when I was young. He kept claiming that demons were aliens. Nonsense!"

Max chuckled, shaking his head, "Well, despite that, it's good to see you again. And if you have a demon escaped, I might be able to lend a hand."

"Ummm, excuse me..." Tohru said, "But where is Jade?"

"And then I sent Vilgax flying out into space!" Ben said, swinging his arm around, having given Jade a very abridged version of last summer's exploits, "And, well, I've kept the Omnitrix, and I fight bad guys when I can...Unfortunately there's not much call for it up at Bellwood..."

"That is so cool!" Jade said, "But man, you should hear about my adventures! Now..."

"Jade, there you are!"

Jade paused, frowning and turning around, seeing Jackie, Tohru, Uncle, along with an large elderly man in a Hawaiian shirt.

"Grandpa!" Ben said, "Errr..."

"Jade, did you go chasing after that other demon?" Jackie asked, then looked towards Ben.

"Alien," both Jade and Ben corrected at the same time.

"Whatever," Jackie said, "And who are you?"

"This is Ben, my grandson," Max said, stepping forward, glancing from Ben to Jade, "I guess you two ran into each other. Small world."

"You must come to Uncle's shop," Uncle said to Max, "Buy an antique, have some tea."

"Ohhh, got any purple stuffed worms?" Max asked, "I haven't had those in ages..."

"Uncle knows where we can pick some up," Uncle said, grinning. Everyone else made a face. "But we first must do research, to use Hsi Wu's tail against him..."

"So you're on Spring Break?" Jade asked, "Lucky! I don't get that for a few more weeks..."

"Yup!" Ben grinned, "So I'm spending the week with my grandpa! You know, he use to fight aliens when he was younger too..."

"Pshshaw, Jackie fights demons and bad guys all the time!" Jade said, "And Uncle is an awesome Chi Wizard!"

The two were in the second floor of Uncle's Shop, talking, while the adults were downstairs, having sealed the tail into a box with a spell.

"My Grandpa's the only cool member of my family," Ben said, shrugging, "Though my dork cousin Gwen can use magic too, actually..."

"Hey, Ben," Max said, coming up the stairs, "Do you want to stay in town for a few more days? I already called your parents, and they said it was alright."

"Oh, yah!" Ben said, "That would be awesome! We can help hunt down that demon with them!"

Max sighed, then glanced to Jade. Ben told him on the ride over that Jade figured out that Ben had been Fourarms.

"I don't know if that's a good idea, Ben," Max said, "It's dangerous, and I'd rather not anymore people find out about the watch. Besides, they've done this thing before. I think it'll be best if you just stay with Jade...in fact..."

Max grinned, "You can go to school with her while we're here."

"Ahhh, Grandpa, I'm on Spring Break!" Ben said, frowning, "I don't want to spend my break away from school while I'm at school!"

"You'll just be a visitor," Max said, "You won't have any homework or anything."

"Hey, it won't be that bad," Jade said, "You can help me with my homework!"

Ben snorted, "Yah, like I'd do that."

Max smiled slightly, then started down the stairs, "And oh, don't be too long! The purple stuffed worms should be finished soon!"

Ben and Jade made a face, glancing towards each other.

"Hey..." Jade said suddenly, "I have an idea...Let's sneak out! I can show you Section 13 and the Talismans. And we can get pizza...instead of..."

"Worms..." Ben finished, then nodded, "Sounds great!"

The grate shifted, falling to the ground, Jade landing outside the safe to the Talismans. Once she moved out of the way, Ben followed, looking around.

"I guess this place is pretty cool," Ben said, "You should see the old Plumber's headquarters in Bellwood."

Jade ignored him, staring at the code pad, frowning.

"Hmmm...Black changed it recently..." Jade muttered, then grinned, typing in a number. With a hiss, the door opened, and Jade led Ben inside, showing the spire with the various Talismans.

"They're just rocks!" Ben said, staring at them, "With pictures on them...What's the big deal?"

Jade grinned, grabbing the Ox Talisman.

"The Ox," Jade said, demonstrating. It glowed, "Super strength!"

Jade moved forward, suddenly picking Ben up easily and hefting him upwards over her head, "See!"

"Woah!" Ben shouted, "That's awesome!"

Jade then tossed Ben down roughly, you muttered, getting up and rubbing his bottom. "Oww..."

"Horse," Jade said, taking the Horse Talisman, "Healing!"

She pointed it at Ben, a beam of energy shooting from it, making Ben feel better.

"We can't stay too long though," Jade said, "Now let's go! That pizza isn't going to get itself! You got money, right?"

Ben paused, then grinned, "Yah, I have some."

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