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[. . .]

Rome, the capitol of Italy, home of the Vatican, and the center of the ancient Roman Empire.

It was here that the seventh portal was located, where the Dark Hand was bringing the Panku Box, to free the Demon Sorceress Bai Tza.

"Bad day, bad day, bad day!"

A motorcycle tore through the quiet of the early morning, two Chinese men riding it, one old, sitting in a side chair, the other younger, driving the motorcycle and hurrying, chasing after the Dark Hand.

"Hurry, you fools!" the Shendu possessed Valmont declared, shaking his hand, "Chan is gaining!"

"We're trying!" Finn yelled, driving the stolen car, glancing back to Ratso, who was fiddling with the Panku Box, attempting to solve it.

"We can not let Chan stop us this time!" Shendu bellowed again, "Go faster!"

Suddenly the Panku Box began to glow in Ratso's hands, staring down at it.

"Got it!" he yelled, as it shot out the window, appearing over a fountain.

With an unearthly glow, a portal appeared, red and yellow energy swirling from within. Out of it emerged a webbed blue hand, as if testing the air. Soon, an entire being emerged, a blue creature of vaguely mermaid-like form, it's dark eyes searching about, the fins on it's head slowly moving.

"I am Bai Tza, and you will bow before me, mortals!" the demon declared, the portal closing behind her.

"What about us ghosts?"

Bai Tza spun, a green blast of energy knocking her backwards, into the fountain.

"Ai ahhhhh, what is the ghost girl doing here?" Uncle yelled, Jackie bringing the motorcycle to a stop, sighing as Dani flew forward, stopping at the fountain.

"She's with me," a voice said by Jackie and Uncle, the two turning to the side, staring at Jade, who was grinning.

"And what are you doing here?" Jackie yelled.

"She's with me!"

An alien figure with red, large scale-like skin and orange between them, radiating with heat, appeared now in a flash of green light.

"I'll show this demon not to mess with Heatblast!" Ben yelled, charging forward.

"And what is he doing here?" Jackie yelled, frustrated. These kids were not suppose to have come along.

Fire sprung in Heatblast's hands, throwing it at the fountain, creating a column of steam. "Take that!"

"You fool!" Bai Tza roared, pillars of water shooting from the ground, two of them twisting around, one hitting Heatblast, the other hitting Dani, sending them flying backwards.

"Uncle, we need the Banishing Spell!" Jackie said, turning to the side car, where Uncle was struggling to get out.

"Then help Uncle get out of contraption!" Uncle yelled bitterly.

Dani was back up, flying at Bai Tza, green energy glowing in her hands again, going in for a close range hit.

"Fool!" the water demon yelled, swinging her tail at the ghost girl, hitting her hard and sending her flying into a small cafe by the side.

"Come on! They're distracting the demon so you can send her back!" Jade yelled to Uncle, once he finally got out of the sidecar, shaking his head.

"Ai ahhhh...Uncle does not like that contraption!" Uncle yelled, then pulled out a gourd, "I need time to prepare the spell..."

"Then we'll give you time!" Heatblast yelled, throwing another blast of fire forward Bai Tza, the water demon hissing in pain, backing up.

"Stop them!" Shendu roared to the Enforcers, turning to them, who looked nervous.

"But there's a fire alien!" Ratso protested.

"My sister Bai Tza will handle him. Stop the Chans!" Shendu yelled, "Now!"

Ratso, Finn, and Chow shared a glance, then sighed, running towards Jackie and Uncle.

There was a loud honking noise, as an RV came down the road suddenly, charging at the Enforcers.

It slammed to a stop, the door opening as a very large figure pulled himself out of it.

"Tohru!" Chow yelled, "Uhhhh, how's it going old buddy?"

"I think you should give up," Tohru growled, "Now..."

Meanwhile, Dani and Heatblast glared at Bai Tza, who was backing up from the alien and the ghost girl.

"Yah, didn't think you'd have to face against us, did you?" Heatblast grinned, pointing to himself.

The Omnitrix symbol on his chest suddenly began to blink red, and in a flash of red light he changed back to normal.

"...Great..." Ben muttered, as Bai Tza growled, holding up her hands.

"A mere human boy?" Bai Tza shouted, "Bah! You will be destroyed!"

Dani flew forward, firing a beam of green energy at the demon, keeping her back.

"I got this!" Dani yelled, charging her ecto energy again, glaring at the water demon, "My cousin handles ghosts all the time, I should be able to handle some demon!"

"Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao, Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao..."

Bai Tza froze, turning as Uncle began to chant, holding a gourd up, the object beginning to glow green.

"No!" Bai Tza yelled, whipping her tail around, taking Dani by surprise and sending her flying, the girl changing back to normal.

"I got her!" Ben yelled, jumping forward and catching the girl, landing safely.

Uncle pointed the gourd at Bai Tza, the demon beginning to be sucked into a portal that reappeared.

"No! I will not go back!" she yelled, scrambling at the ground, trying to fight being pulled in.

"Looks like someone needs a little push..." Jade muttered, then ran forward.

"Jade, no!" Jackie yelled, as Jade jumped and kicked, hitting Bai Tza in the face, sending her flying into the portal.

The water demon's tail came upwards, wrapping around Jade's legs as she fell through the portal, Jade giving out a single yell as she and Bai Tza fell through it, the door closing for the final time behind them...

[. . .]

Piles of books were gathered around Uncle's antique shop, the sign saying they were closed.

"There's got to be some way to get her back!" Ben yelled, growing frustrated as he stared at a book, slamming it downwards, "This is hopeless!"

Everyone else was quiet, looking worried and ragged. They hadn't been able to find anything...

"Can't we just...make a portal?" Dani wondered, "I mean...my cousin's parents made a portal in the Ghost Zone..."

"Ai ahhhhh, it is not so simple!" Uncle frowned, shaking his head, "Ghost Zone is pocket realm, attached to the living realm. Demon Realm is a different one entirely, attached by spiritual bridges. Only certain way points exist. You can not simply make a portal."

Ben growled, kicking the book he had been holding, the tome hitting a wall and flopping to the ground, opening up to a page.

"Do not kick Uncle's books! They are antiques!" Uncle yelled.

"Ben...pick up the book..." Max said softly, "We'll figure this out..."

Ben frowned, then walked over to the book, pausing as he saw a picture on the page.

"Huh...there's the Null Void in this book!" Ben said, picking it up, then walking over to his grandfather, showing him a picture of several large rocks seemingly floating in space.

"That is not 'Null Void' that is Demon Realm!" Uncle yelled, taking a peek.

"No way, that's definitely the Null Void," Ben said, frowning, an idea beginning to form, "Believe me, I've been there..."

"Nonsense!" Uncle yelled, taking the book roughly from Ben and scanning over it, "This is just a description of the Demon Realm. Will not help!"

Ben frowned, then turned to his grandfather.

"I uhhh...need to use the restroom," Ben said, "I'll be back."

He hurried off, going up the stairs. He looked around, then climbed out a window, scrambling down a drainage pipe. Looking down the street, he hurried to Max's RV, opening the door with a spare key he had.

Once inside he pressed a button, a small slot coming down, showing a device that looked like an unusual flashlight with a trigger attached. Ben grabbed it, heading outside.

Back in the shop, Max paused, a buzzing noise coming from a device on his pocket. He frowned, pulling it out, then froze, eyes widening.

"Ben!" Max yelled, jumping up and running outside, the others looking alarmed, following as Max threw the door open.

"Give me one hour!" Ben said, holding the Null Void Projector up, "Then turn this thing back on!"

Ben pulled the trigger, Max yelling as a swirling portal appeared. Ben placed the projector down, then ran forward, diving through the portal. As he leaped through, the portal closed before him..

[. . .]

Jade shook her head, waking up and finding herself laying on a hard rock, staring up at an unknown red sky.

She heard voices...

"So I see you're back, Bai Tza..."

"Unlike Hsi Wu...where is that bothersome brother of ours?"

Jade's eyes widened, suddenly remembering what had happened. Bai Tza had dragged Jade into the Demon Realm with her. Obviously, the Water Demon had not been aware of her actions, or she would have been dead without ever waking up.

She moved slowly, crawling to the edge of the rock she was one, suppressing a gasp as she saw six demons gathered beneath her. Six of what should have been seven. Where was Hsi Wu?

"Shendu has failed us again," Tso Lan said, frowning deeply, folding his arms into his robe, "We will have to punish him...after we learn the whereabouts of our other brother."

Jade frowned, shifting on the rock slightly, trying to get a better view.

Something moved above her suddenly, a rock falling from above Jade, hitting next to her with a loud thud.

"Ahhh!" Jade yelled, jumping upwards, eyes widening suddenly, realizing her position was compromised.

"Ohhh...it seems like a human is here..." Po Kong said, licking her lips hungrily, turning her massive form to look upwards, the six Demon Sorcerers following her gaze, seeing Jade.

"...Bad day, bad day, bad day!" Jade yelled, making a break for it, running for it, jumping from rock to rock, as the demons came at her.

Something suddenly grabbed her, spinning her around and slamming her against the rock, a taller figure then her, looking like the rock itself held her tightly.

"Quiet," the figure hissed, "Don't move..."

Jade nodded, eyes wide as the figure shielded her from view, the demons coming to a stop.

"Where did the human go?" Xiao Fung frowned, looking around, "She was just here..."

"Darn, I was hoping for a snack!" Po Kong frowned, "Those flying Guardians are so bland in taste..."

Jade the unknown figure stayed perfectly still, as the Demon Sorcerers finally left.

Jade took a deep breath, as the figure moved away from her now, scanning what passed for an horizon in this strange dimension.

"Who are you?" the figure then asked. His body began to change, the rock fading away from his form, revealing a boy a couple years older then Jade. He had black hair that went to his shoulder and dark brown eyes. He wore a shirt with the sleeves torn off, and a ratty pair of jeans.

"My...my name is Jade..." the girl answered, "I got pulled into the Demon Realm here by accident, with the blue fish demon..."

"Demon Realm?" the boy said, raising an eyebrow, "What are you talking about? This is the Null Void. Those were aliens, not demons."

Jade frowned, shaking her head, "No way, they're demons! My uncle and I have been fighting them for a few months now!"

"Shhhh, keep it down," the boy said, "Look, we can argue later...Right now, come with me, I have a safe place...well...relatively safe."

Jade nodded, frowning, as the two headed off through the floating rocks.

"What's your name anyways? What are you doing here?" she wondered, looking to the boy.

"...My name is Kevin," he answered, "I'm here because I'm a criminal..."

Jade's eyes widened, coming to a sudden stop, not sure if she should continue with him. He had saved her, though...

"I did bad things...But someone stopped me, back on Earth," Kevin answered, "A kid named Ben Tennyson...I got trapped in the Null Void trying to get 'revenge' on him...But it was for the best...I met someone here...they helped me. Taught me how to control my powers. I know it wasn't Ben's fault..."

Kevin sighed, turning to Jade, "You probably don't even know who I'm talking about...or even what..."

"You're that Kevin?" Jade said suddenly, eyes widening even more, "Ben told me about you!"

Kevin froze, turning to Jade, "Wait...you know who Ben is?"

"Y-yah...he's...my friend..." Jade answered, "He told me about his adventures last summer...And he told me about you...not all the details, but..."

She trailed off, now looking to the side.

"Huh...Well then, I guess you know more or less what I did," Kevin smirked, shrugging, "Look...I saved you, and I didn't even know you knew Ben. Do you still want my help?"

Jade paused, considering. She was trapped in the Demon Realm, she didn't have any Talismans, and she didn't know how to get out.

"...Alright..." Jade nodded, "Let's go. I'll trust you..."

[. . .]

Stinkfly flew through the Null Void, coming to a stop on a rock, frowning.

"Man, I should have thought this through..." he muttered, looking around, "I'm not even sure where to start..."

The Omnitrix began to flash red, changing Stinkfly back into Ben.

"Great...Now I'm on foot..." Ben sighed, sitting down and frowning. He had to figure out how to find Jade.

"Maybe Wildmutt could sniff her out..." Ben considered, looking at the timed out Omnitrix, "Or XLR8 could just search everywhere...uuuugh, I don't even know how big this place is!"

The Omnitrix flashed purple for a second as Ben hanged his arm to the side, missing the flash.

"Maybe you just need a map!"

Ben jumped suddenly, turning around at the voice, pausing as he saw a young boy, a year or two younger then him, wearing a green outfit with a long scarf. He had blond hair and bright blue eyes.

"Would you like to see my sheep?" the boy asked next, smiling.

Ben paused, wondering what was up with this boy, when a tall man appeared from behind a rock.

"Hello, Ben Tennyson," the man said. He wore a long brown coat with a blue suit beneath it. He had spikey brown hair and brown eyes.

"...Hey...I know you..." Ben said, staring at the man, "You're...that Smith guy, from the museum..."

"Call me Doctor," the man grinned, "The Doctor."

"And I'm The Little Prince!" the blond boy smiled, "This is my sheep!"

The boy showed Ben a picture of a box.

"...That's a box..." Ben said, staring at the piece of paper.

"The sheep is inside the box!" Prince said smiling, "Isn't it lovely?"

"...Sure..." Ben said, then shook his head, getting back to the topic at hand, "Why are you here? How are you here?"

The Doctor grinned, turning, "Allonz-y!"

"...What?" Ben asked, tilting his head to the side, not comprehending.

"It means follow him!" Prince said, running after The Doctor. Ben sighed, following after the two, coming to a stop outside a large blue police box.

"...And what is this thing suppose to do?" Ben wondered, as The Doctor unlocked the doors.

"Help you find Jade," The Doctor answered, opening it up.

Ben gasped, seeing something impossible. Inside was bigger then the outside, and as he stepped in he looked around, amazed.

"See, you can't always trust what you see!" The Little Prince said, "The Doctor's box is like mine here." he tapped the picture of his 'sheep.' "You can't always tell what's inside something just with your eyes."

"Now then...I'm a little rusty with moving this thing in a pocket dimension..." The Doctor muttered, coming to the consoles, "Little Prince...would you care to help?"

"Alright!" the blond boy said, running up to the console, staring at a few buttons he could reach.

"Hold on to something Ben..." The Doctor grinned, "Allonz-y!"

The Doctor pulled a switch.

[. . .]

"This is where you're staying?" Jade asked, as they came to what looked like a run down shack, hidden beneath an overpass of rock, keeping it out of sight.

"Yah...it's not much, but it's not like I was expecting house guests..." Kevin said, opening the door, stepping inside, "We'll need some stuff here..."

Jade waited outside, looking around and kicking a rock idly. She hoped this guy could actually help her.

"It seems as though I was correct..."

Jade froze, turning slowly, seeing one of the Demon Sorcerers appear, floating upwards.

Tso Lan, Demon of Gravity. He wore a red robe, his tongue flicking through the air, as if smelling it.

"Ahhh...you are one of the Chans, who stopped my brothers and sisters..." Tso Lan said, "Perhaps I can use you then, to return to the human realm..."

He held his hand up, beginning to focus, then froze as he heard a strange noise. Both he and Jade turned, seeing something begin to appear, out of focus at first, before revealing itself. A large blue police box...

The door opened up, and out stepped Ben, who frowned at Tso Lan, holding up his Omnitrix.

"Stay away from her!" Ben yelled, activating his device as he jumped forward, slamming it down, changing in a flash of green light.

Cannonbolt hit the ground, spinning forward and leaping into the air, tackling Tso Lan and sending him flying backwards, before the demon could right himself.

"Insolent child!" Tso Lan roared, "I shall remove your organs and feast upon them!"

"No...I don't think you'll be doing that..."

Everyone paused, the spikey haired pilot of the blue box stepping outside now, staring at Tso Lan.

"And who are you, that dares to face me as well?" Tso Lan asked, turning to the man.

"The Doctor," the man answered, "Heard of me?"

The silence was palpable, Tso Lan almost looking like he was shaking, the name having an effect on the elder demon.

"You look...different...but it is you, isn't it?" Tso Lan finally asked.

The Doctor smirked, then nodded his head, "I'll give you one chance." he held up a single finger, to emphasize the point, "Leave, now...Or else."

Silent again, and Tso Lan straightened up, making a decision.

"Next time then..." Tso Lan said, then flew off, leaving Jade, Ben, and The Doctor alone.

"You alright?" Ben asked, still Cannonbolt, lumbering over to Jade.

"Psh, yah, I could handle that guy!" Jade said, "You didn't need to be a big damn hero."

"It's what I do," Ben answered, smirking as he shrugged.

"Oh!" Jade said suddenly, turning to the door where Kevin had disappeared into, "There's someone you should meet..."

Jade hurried to the door, opening it up...and finding it empty. There was an old mattress, a few odds and ends, but no one was in there.

"...Where did he go?" Jade frowned, searching the room, "Huh...he ran out on me..."

"We should get going..." The Doctor mentioned, "T.A.R.D.I.S. doesn't like being here."

He walked over to Ben, then pressed the Omnitrix symbol, changing Ben back to normal, "So you can fit through the door."

"How did you do that?" Ben asked, looking at himself.

"I'm very smart," The Doctor grinned, leading Ben and Jade into the T.A.R.D.I.S. Jade gasped, looking at the inside.

"Yes, yes, bigger on the inside," The Doctor said, waving his hand idly, "Now let's bring you two home."

The Doctor got to work piloting the T.A.R.D.I.S., the Little Prince smiling and introducing himself to Jade.

As the T.A.R.D.I.S. disappeared, Kevin Levin sighed, watching it go.

"Sorry kid...but I don't think Ben was going to believe me going good," Kevin frowned, "Besides...I have more to do here..."

[. . .]

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