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Valmont moved quickly, gathering spell ingredients, books, anything he thought might be useful, moving as though he were possessed. Of course, he was, by the powerful demon known as Shendu. Hours earlier, Shendu had grabbed control of Valmont's body, the two forced to share. He was in a panic, either not willing or unable to tell neither Valmont or the Dark Hand Enforcers, Ratso, Finn, Chow, and Hak Fuu.

"Uhhh...boss..." Chow finally spoke up, Shendu flipping through a book rapidly. He scowled, burning the book right in his hands before turning towards the luckless employee, glowing red eyes staring right at the gray skinned man.

"Will you witless fools stop standing there and help me find the proper spell?" Shendu roared, literally breathing fire at the four, causing them to jump from the heat.

"But...uhhh, boss man, we don't know what you're looking for..." Finn answered, looking sheepish. "You just sorta panicked earlier..."

Shendu paused, frowning. As much as he hated to admit it, they had a point. They were useless without telling them what he needed, but in order to explain...It would simply be too difficult.

"Just...stay on guard!" Shendu ordered, turning as he leafed through a book. Bits of plaster and wood sprinkled down on the pages.

He looked up, the ceiling above him creaking, then suddenly breaking open, a figure descending downwards, a triumphant look on it's face.

The figure was tall and green, it's skin looking a little wrinkled. It had odd pink pads on it's arms, pointed ears, and antenna coming from it's forward. It wore a dark blue shirt with the Japanese symbol for 'Demon' on it, along with a billowing cape and loose dark blue pants, though the clothes seemed a little threadbare, as though they had seen better days.

"Ahhh...Shendu...my favorite pupil," the figure smirked, landing on the ground, paying no attention to the stunned and scared humans standing behind the possessed Valmont. Ratso, Finn, and Chow stood stock still, hoping they might be able to make it out alive. Hak Fu just frowned, narrowing his eyes at the intruder.

"Ahhhh...yes, Lord Piccolo, how nice of you to visit...It seems like only yesterday we last met..." Shendu said, trying to look as small as possible, "I've been...looking for a spell! To free you, yes. It's taken some time. My siblings were very thorough with their treachery..."

Lord Piccolo stared at Shendu, then suddenly burst into laughter, filling the room, the Dark Hand chuckling along nervously. Piccolo then stopped abruptly, staring at the humans, who went silent.

"Oh Shendu, you always were such a pathetic liar. You can't bluff even with all the cards," Piccolo grinned, revealing his fangs, "I know it was you who orchestrated my banishment. I have to say, congratulations though. I didn't think you'd manage to do it. I have to ask, why though? Was I not a good master?"

Shendu paused. He had not been immediately killed, which may not be a good thing. "Master...may I speak forthright?"

"Of course you may student," Lord Piccolo nodded, the grin still plastered to his face, "If I didn't want to hear what you had to say, I would have torn the throat out of this pathetic vessel you call a host."

Shendu gulped, then nodded, "Sir...you were killing all the humans..."

"And?" Piccolo laughed, "They are vermin to be slaughtered! Nothing but mindless beasts to be killed. Certainly one or two may be clever enough to be amusing, but nothing to cry about. Have you gone soft, Shendu? Perhaps too much time among these humans has affected you..."

"No, sir, it is not that!" Shendu answered, shaking his head, "But if the humans are dead, then who will serve us? Who will worship us? There is nothing to be gained by ruling an empty planet."

That grin still remained on Piccolo, and it seemed to widen even further. "Oh dear student of mine...did you expect me to stop on this pathetic rock of a world? There are others planets, other planes of existence even! Realities upon realities to conquer and crush. This world is nothing compared to the infinite number that awaits those worthy of the challenge."

Shendu and the others simply stared. This was above their heads, something they hadn't even considered about. The Dark Hand simply wanted enough money to retire somewhere, maybe buy a small island, have servants. Shendu had been content with a country to rule. But this...entire realities? Was it even possible?

Piccolo smiled, then glanced towards the humans, "Tell me Shendu, do these humans do anything particularly clever?"

"Unless you count failing every task, then no," Shendu growled, "But I still find them useful in other ways. They know this world. Much has changed in your absence, Lord Piccolo."

Piccolo sighed, then gave a small shrug, "Fine then. Right now I wish to seek vengeance on four other humans. Did you know I managed to escape my prison before this? I was sent back by four measly humans however...Even with their limited life span, they should still be alive...If not, I'll have to be content with just wiping out their lineage..."

"Of course, Lord Piccolo. My...servants, here, can help you locate them," Shendu said, smiling slightly, "Is there anything else I may do for you, oh lord?"

"Yes. You can tell me where your Talismans are. I won't have my second-in-command sharing a skin suit with a vermin," Piccolo answered, "I want to be focused on my revenge. You can focus on other things."

Shendu paused, then smiled slightly. Perhaps this would work out after all...

"Ai ahhhhh, what did Uncle say about being ghost in shop? Gives Uncle the willies!"

"Sorry! I was just trying to dust the plates up here..."

Dani Phantom landed on the ground, looking sheepish as a beam of light transformed her back into her human form, holding a duster in her hand.

The old Chinese man simply known as Uncle huffed slightly, nodding his head at the girl then went back to looking over a book.

"Why do I have to help clean this place anyways?" Ben Tennyson grumbled, pushing some small piles of dirt around, "I don't live here or anything..."

"You spend enough time here it seems!" Uncle snapped, "You are bad influence on Jade, I know it!"

Jade just grinned, sitting on a couch that was older even then Uncle, somehow not doing any cleaning and getting away with it.

"In all fairness, I spend about as much time here as Ben too..." Dani piped up, cleaning a shelf now. "But why are we cleaning this place so much?"

"That's because an old friend of ours' is coming to visit," Grampa Max said, emerging from the backroom. Something was cooking, and by the smell of it the three preteens all looked green, wondering if they would be able to sneak out to find something more edible.

"Roshi...We knew him back when we were younger, doing some training together," Max continued, oblivious to the faces of the children, "He's an old martial arts master. He has a pupil about your guy's age too. You four can get to know each other."

"I hope it's a guy. I'm definitely going to need a cootie shot if I have to hang around more girls," Ben grumbled a bit, still just pushing dirt around with his broom.

"You're just saying that because I kick your butt at...everything," Jade said, pausing for a moment to make sure she was correct.

"He's got better grades, actually..." Dani pointed out, usually the medium between the two.

"So? Who cares about that?" Jade asked, turning so she was sitting upside down on the couch, "I kick butt where it matters."

"Well you should care about grades, Jade!" Jackie said, coming from upstairs, shaking a finger at the girl, "You need good grades to get to college, then find a good job!"

"Psssshaw, I'm going to be a secret agent!" Jade grinned, flipping around so she was now on her feet, arms up, "I'll join Section 13, or S.H.I.E.L.D. maybe! They'll have to have a bidding war, I'm just that good. And the Justice League will want me to join as well, of course, but I'll have to say no."

"Hah, right," Ben said, shaking his head and laughing, "I'm a real hero. I've saved a lot of people! I'll be a super famous hero one day, definitely."

Max just sighed, shaking his head at his grandson. Making friends here in San Francisco had helped Ben. He was less destructive, less prone to jump into dangerous situations. His grades were even doing better, but he was still Ben.

A knock at the door, and Uncle straightened up, the door opening with the jingle of a bell. A bald man with a large white beard and mustache walked in, grinning. He had dark glasses covering his eyes, and was wearing an orange shirt and purple turtle shell on his back.

"Ahhh, Chan, Max, good to see you two!" the man laughed, stepping forward, "Nice shop, and is that your old RV parked outside Max?"

Behind the turtle shell wearing old man came a young kid. He had black hair that was wild and messy, wearing an orange gi and pants, a red pole strapped to his back. The young boy also had something brown coming from his pants. Brown and...furry.

"Is that a tail?" Jade asked suddenly, staring at the young boy, who paused and looked to Jade, then grinned.

"Yup! Don't any of you have a tail?" the boy asked, the adults going into the back room to talk. He peered at them a little, trying to see.

"Ummm, no..." Dani answered.

"Well I was a monkey once..." Jade said.

"Sometimes," Ben shrugged, indicating the Omnitrix.

Goku just paused for a moment, then laughed, putting his head back, "Hahahahahaha! Well my name's Goku! And ohhh, what's that smell? It smells delicious!"

The young monkey-tailed boy started drooling, the other three making a face at the smell. They weren't entirely sure what it was, but Max and Uncle seemed very excited about it, which meant it was probably something green and moving.

"My name's Dani," Dani then added, after a moment, "The other girl there is Jade, and the boy there is Ben."

Goku paused again, scratching his head, "Errr...which one of you is the girl?"

The ceiling exploded.

Alarms blared, agents running around in confusion, two figures dropping through the hole.

The Demon King Piccolo grinned devilishly, holding his hands up, energy collecting in his palms. Two luckless Section 13 agents were disintegrated in an instant. Next to Piccolo cowered Valmont, still possessed by Shendu.

"There is...good magic...here..." Shendu hissed, shaking his head.

"I know," Piccolo answered, "Oddly potent, but still not a match for me. Stay near for now."

Piccolo strode forward, Valmont hurrying along close to him. They turned a corner, Piccolo's arm stretching out, grabbing another agent and pulling him close.

"Human! Tell me where the Talismans are in this wretched place, and I may grant you a quick death," Piccolo sneered, eyes blazing.

"N...never..." the agent muttered.

"Suit yourself."

The agent screamed in pain, Piccolo dropping him to the floor, walking off. Valmont paused, then hissed in pain as the spell Uncle had placed around Section 13 affected him, and he hurried to the protective aura Piccolo was putting off...

After some initial embarrassment, introductions were sorted out, and Ben, Jade, Dani, and Goku found themselves upstairs at a table set up for them. Goku was still drooling slightly, the idea of food being his entire thought process at the moment.

"We really don't have to eat that stuff Uncle and Max made, do we?" Jade whined as Jackie appeared, walking up the stairs. "I saw it earlier. I swear it made noises at me!"

Jackie chuckled, shaking his head, "There's not enough for everyone, and Roshi says his pupil eats a lot. I ordered some pizza for all of you."

There was a relieved face on Ben, Jade, and Dani's face, while Goku just looked confused.

"What's pizza?" Goku wondered, rubbing his head, "Is it tasty?"

"It's the best thing ever," Ben said, nodding his knowingly. "And how have you never had pizza before? That's blasphemy!"

As the kids talked, the phone rang, Jackie hurrying to answer it.

"Uncle's Rare Finds, how may I help you?" Jackie asked.

"Jackie, it's me, Black!" Captain Black said, "It's...Something. A demon, with Valmont. It showed up, it's...it's...it's really bad Jackie..."

Jackie heard something explode over the phone.

"I'll get Uncle. We'll find a spell!" Jackie yelled, hurrying downstairs. Jade looked up, then grinned, elbowing Ben, who looked up as well. "Uncle, there's something very bad happening at Section 13!"

"Come on!" Jade grinned, and hurried downstairs. Ben hurried after her, and Dani turned to Goku, grinning.

"I guess you'll get to find out about what us kids do...Come on," Dani said, hurrying after them as well.

Goku frowned, his stomach grumbling, then hurried after them as well. Maybe there would be something to eat, wherever they'd go.

"Uh huh...Uncle, Black says the demon is green...two legs and arms...human sized...pink pads on his arms...and...antennas..." Jackie said, then turned to the three old men, who just stared, their food untouched.

"No...it can't be..." Roshi said, eyes wide behind his glasses.

"He was...sealed away..." Uncle muttered, "No one should have been able to break that spell..."

Max just hit the table hard, "This is very bad...Chan, do you have the right supplies?"

"No...but I know where I can get them. I will need time to gather the supplies," Uncle said, getting up, "I will need your help. Tohru, you too!"

"I'll head the Section 13, and stall," Jackie said, "Just hold on Captain Black!"

"No! Jackie, you must not go! This is much worse then anything else we have ever faced before..." Uncle said, shaking his head, "I am sorry, but if you go, you will certainly die."

Jackie's eyes widened, but he nodded, looking worried. But then a thought occurred, to both him and Max.



"They would both run off! Might already have!" Jackie yelled, then shot up the stairs. A moment later he called down, "They're gone! All four of them!"

Roshi got up, turning to Uncle, "I will go and get them. I'll need the keys to your old rust bucket. And...ummm...directions...heh."

"I'll go with you then," Jackie said, coming back down, "We better hurry..."

"Roshi...it still has all the tricks," Max said, handing Roshi the keys, who nodded, Roshi and Jackie hurrying off now.

The door to the Vault was blown aside with a mere force of presence, King Piccolo stepping forward, staring at the Talismans. He flexed his fingers, the glass shattering as the twelve magical artifacts floated towards him and Shendu.

"Now then..." Demon King Piccolo grinned, turning towards Valmont. He held up his hand and began to mutter a spell. Valmont shook, his eyes glowing red suddenly. Valmont's body shook, and Shendu's spiritual form came flying out of the man. Valmont gave a soft moan, then collapsed on the floor.

The twelve Talismans pulsed, and Piccolo began another spell, Shendu's spiritual form beginning to glow, the Talismans floating towards the dragon demon, circling was a brilliant flash of light, and Shendu roared.

He stomped forward, laughing and holding his arms up, his physical body restored. He was tall, dwarfing Piccolo, and grinned, looking around.

"Ahhhh...my body! I have returned to full strength!" Shendu declared, then turned towards Piccolo. "My Master..."

Piccolo smiled, then nodded, "Your body is restored...now we shall get my revenge..."

XLR8 stopped outside Section 13, Jade sliding off his back, looking upwards at the pillar of smoke. Their were sirens in the distance.

Dani landed next to them, in her ghost form. Goku jumped down as well, having been riding an odd yellow cloud which he called Nimbus.

"Come on, let's hurry," Jade said, and the four piled into the phone booth.

"Hey, watch your tail!" Dani muttered.

"Sorry," Ben as XLR8 said.

"I was talking to Goku!"

"Oh, sorry!" Goku chuckled, as Jade hit the proper code.

The telephone booth disappeared, shooting downwards beneath the city, depositing them out into Section 13. Red lights were shining, alarms blaring. No agents could be seen.

"We better get to the Talismans!" Jade said. XLR8 nodded, picking up Jade and hurrying off towards the Vault. Dani frowned, turning to Goku.

"They always rush off. Come on!" Dani yelled, floating into the air and flying after the other two. Goku nodded, grinning. He was still hungry, but it seemed like their might be a fight soon!

"Chan...Chan...You don't you think..."

"Maybe...But Tennyson? Roshi? Wilson? I don't recognize these names, and I can't find any in the phone book..."

"That green guy said we better find them before he and Shendu get back..."

The Enforcers glanced towards each other, all looking scared.

"Do we have to be here when we get back?" Ratso finally asked, looking to the others.

"I say we make a break for it. How about Mexico?" Finn suggested.

"Sounds like a plan to me!" Chow nodded, and the three hurried out of the warehouse, leaving Hak Fu by himself, who just frowned at them.

"I shall stay loyal..." Hak Fu muttered.

"Oh no..."

Jade and XLR8 stopped, staring at two figures in the Vault, who turned at the new presence.

Shendu grinned, glaring at Jade, his eyes glowing red. Piccolo simply looked mildly amused, looking at XLR8.

"Who are you guys?" Ben asked, taking a step forward, attempting to protect Jade.

"I am King Piccolo," Piccolo answered, "Master of the Eight Demon Sorcerers. This is Shendu, one of my students. Shendu, I shall allow you the honor of destroying these two."

"With pleasure, Lord Piccolo..." Shendu grinned, striding forward.

"Jade, run, I got this!" XLR8 yelled, dashing forward and tackling Shendu and hitting him with a series of super fast punches. Shendu scowled, stepping back, then breathed fire at the blue alien.

XLR8 dodged, moving to the side and zipping up the wall, using his tail and slamming into Shendu's face. Shendu roared, then reached up and grabbed XLR8's tail, swinging him around and slamming him into the ground.

"Bad day, bad day..." Jade muttered, stepping back and pulling out her cell phone. She needed to tell Uncle about Shendu. If he was back as well...

XLR8 freed himself with a series of kicks, jumping back and glaring at Shendu. Piccolo just stood off to the side, watching. The area they were in was much too confined to use XLR8's speed to the fullest.

Well he couldn't lure this thing out into the open in the city. He'd have to make do.

"Man, I've seen a lot of ugly things, but you really take the cake," XLR8 taunted, "And uuuugh, that smell. When did you last bath? Medieval times?"

"You insolent fool, I will destroy you!" Shendu growled, firing beams of energy from his eyes. Ben dodged, glancing behind him to make sure Jade was hiding somewhere. Even she knew that she couldn't handle Shendu. Not without some kind of back up.

"Laser eyes? Really? Very original," XLR8 laughed, shooting forward and slamming Shendu with a series of strikes, knocking him back again. No matter what he did he kept coming back. XLR8 just wasn't wearing Shendu down.

"And who does your tailoring?" Ben continued, "The Hulk? Put a shirt on!"

He laughed again as Shendu strode forward, then abruptly stopped as the Omnitrix symbol on his chest began to beep red. Shendu stopped, looking puzzled, then stepped back as there was a bright flash of red light, expecting another trick.

The Dragon Demon paused, then laughed, seeing Ben standing there and trying to look defiant.

"A child?" Shendu snorted, "I should have guessed. But this will make things so much easier..." Shendu held up his hand, fire billowing in it, Ben taking a step back, looking at the Omnitrix, trying to will it to recharge.

"Well try this!"

Ice shot from behind Ben, overtaking Shendu in a sudden glacial attack, freezing the demon. Ben looked around, seeing Dani fly by him, slamming into the froze form of Shendu. The ice cracked, but instead of Shendu cracking with it, Shendu roared as he freed himself, grabbing Dani and slamming her into the wall.

"Power pole extend!"

Shendu looked up, only to find a long red pole slamming into his chin, forcing him backwards as Goku jumped past Ben, slamming his fist into the dragon.

Piccolo's eyes widened, staring at the symbol on Goku's gi. No...it couldn't be...

Well, that made things so much simpler.

Piccolo laughed, jumping forward and grabbing Goku by the throat, spinning him around and slamming him into the wall. "You! Boy! Who is your master?"

Goku growled at Piccolo, struggling to get free, but didn't answer. Piccolo just scowled, increasing the pressure on Goku's throat.

"Is it the Turtle Hermit Roshi?" Piccolo asked, glaring into the boy's eyes. Something must have betrayed it, as Piccolo laughed, throwing Goku to the side, who landed by Ben's feet.

"Ugh...so hungry..." Goku muttered, struggling to get back up. Dani wobbled as well, shaking her head. Ben looked at the Omnitrix, still red.

"Come on, come on..." Ben said, poking at the device on his wrist, trying to get it to work, "I need a recharge, now!"

"Need...food..." Goku muttered, "Then...I could fight better..."

Ben paused, looking down at Goku. He glanced towards Dani, who just look scared.

"...Dani...get Goku to the break room," Ben ordered, "Find Jade. Get Goku something to eat. He hurt that Shendu guy earlier, maybe if he does eat he'll be able to help more."

"And what are you going to do?" Dani wondered, picking up Goku and supporting him.

"I'll distract these two..." Ben answered, picking up a piece of rubble, "Hurry up, go!"

Dani frowned, about to protest when she saw the look in Ben's eyes. She hurried off, Goku in tow. Ben turned back to Shendu and Piccolo, the two discussing something. Ben took a deep breath, then hurled the piece of rubble hard.

Idly, almost like an after thought, Piccolo grabbed the rubble as it neared him, then smashed it into pieces, letting the dust settle on the floor. He and Shendu turned eying the eleven year old boy.

"You are brave, for a human..." Piccolo said, striding forward. "Tell me boy...what is your name? I would like to know who I am about to kill..."

Ben glared up at the demon, standing as tall as he could, "My name is Ben! Ben Tennyson!"

Demon King Piccolo paused, then suddenly began to laugh, his entire body shaking. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA! This...this is too rich! First the pupil of Roshi, and now a Tennyson? Tell me boy, do you bare any relation to a Max Tennyson?"

"He's...he's my grandfather..." Ben answered, "I bet he kicked your butt in the past, didn't he! And I'll do the same!"

Piccolo's expression turned into a scowl. He held up his hand, energy collecting in it.

"I won't give you a chance..."


An orange and blue blur hit Piccolo, knocking him back as Jade seemed to come out of nowhere, hitting the green being with a flying kick, the girl landing next to Ben.

"You were suppose to get to safety!" Ben yelled, "Where's Dani and Goku?"

"In the break room. Goku was tearing through the fridge," Jade answered, "I came back to save you!"

"Well I stayed behind to save you!" Ben yelled back. The two prepared to argue further, when a coughing noise interrupted them. They turned to see Piccolo, staring down at the two of them.

"Shendu, do you know this other brat?" Piccolo asked.

"That is Jade Chan, niece of Jackie Chan, a human who has gotten in my way numerous times..." Shendu answered, glaring at the girl, "It would be a pleasure to destroy her."

"Chan? Perhaps...Hah...fate is certainly an interesting thing," Piccolo chuckled. Ben glanced to his wrist again. Still red. This wasn't good. He needed to transform, and really soon, or neither he nor Jade were going to be around much longer.

"Now then, if there aren't any further interruptions..." Piccolo said, stepping forward as energy glowed in his hands. Ben gulped, and found himself reaching to his side, grabbing Jade's hand. She didn't protest, just staring forward defiantly.

Something whizzed past them in the air, embedding itself into Piccolo's shoulder. The demon cried out, when it exploded. Purple goo ooze from the wound, his left arm having been blown off by the explosion.

"Now, now, Piccolo...Perhaps I've trodden down a dark path in life...but killing two preteen children? That's just a little too dark, even for me..."

Ben and Jade turned, seeing a tall figure in black stride forward. His helmet was half orange, half black, only a single eye showing. He produced a small metal cylinder, which expanded. He swung it around, then glanced to Ben and Jade.

"You two kiddies should run along now," the figure said softly, "This is for the adults..."

"And who...are you...?" Piccolo asked, glaring at the figure. Shendu had moved back some, staring at the wound on his master.

"Some know me as Deathstroke. Mercenary for hire. Recently I took a bit to starting my own thing, finding an apprentice. Didn't work out. Now I'm working for a new player in town," the figure answered. "You may know me by a different name...Wilson...Slade Wilson."

Slade then charged forward, Piccolo growling and holding up his free hand, focusing his energy.

Ben and Jade scrambled against the wall, and the fight had begun again...

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