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Ichigo walked dejectedly across Karakura Town. Tears were dripping from his face and he felt torn apart. Torned to little shreds with nothing left. Especially his heart.

How could his boyfriend of 3 years just dump him like that! For 3 years they were together and he left him for some other guy? How could Shiro do this to him?

Oh wait… he probably doesn't have the rights to call him Shiro anymore. From now on, it's Shirosaki. Shirosaki Ogichi.

The ass just dumped Ichigo and of all days, it just had to be on Ichigo's birthday! He was so looking forward to spending his birthday with his boyfriend when he walked in on him and the damned fox kissing passionately. At first, they were so engrossed that they didn't even see the shell-shocked Ichigo standing there, and when they did, Shirosaki walked with no sense of shame whatsoever and said that they were over and that he was with Gin.

That had got to be the worst break up anyone could experience. And the cheek of Shirosaki! Only an ass would do something like that and to Ichigo, of all people. He is like the coolest and most wanted guy in town! Shirosaki should feel honored for even knowing him, let alone date him. But I digress.

Ichigo walked and walked, trying to stop his tears from flowing and to forget about Shirosaki. He didn't want to let anyone see him in this state. Especially his family and friends. They will bound to worry and perhaps do something reckless. He didn't want that so here he was, still wandering around.

Unknowingly, he walked to the place where Shirosaki and he went on for their first date. It was a nice place where it was up in the hills, towering over the town. It was the place to go if one wanted to see the sunrise and sunset.

Ichigo accidentally tripped over someone who was sleeping against the sakura tree, causing him to look up and realise that he was at the place where they went for their first date. He started to sob again, curling into a ball and shaking like no tomorrow, much to the person he tripped over's surprise.

The guy was originally going to shout at whoever that tripped over him, and thus waking him when Ichigo started sobbing. Said guy's name is Grimmjow Jaegerjacques. He has electric blue hair, and matching blue eyes, with a firm, and well toned body.

Grimmjow didn't know what to do about the situation, so he awkwardly gave Ichigo a tight hug, giving Ichigo a shock, making him look up. Those teary eyes combined with the hot sexy tear-stained face of one Kurosaki Ichigo made Grimmjow's heart stop for a moment. The sight was sooo breathtaking and hot that he fell in love with Ichigo straight away.

At the same time, when Ichigo looked straight into those clear blue eyes, he felt that his heart was about to leap out. All of his sadness evaporated and all he could think of is the man before him.

The duo stared into each other's eyes for the longest of time and unknowingly started to get closer to each other, till they were nose to nose. Suddenly, as if an electric current passed between them, they both sprang apart and both wore a face so red, it disgraced even the sunset.

'Sorry!' Both of them blurted at the same time. Ichigo, remembering that he had just cried in front of the man, turned even redder than before.

'Heh. You are so cute. Blushing like that. The name's Grimmjow. Grimmjow Jaegerjacques. So, wanna tell me what caused such a cute guy like you to break down in front of me, a complete stranger like that?' Grimmjow said after the initial embarrassment wore off.

Ichigo didn't know whether to be horrified or embarrassed at being called 'cute' but nevertheless recounted the events to Grimmjow, albeit dejectedly.

'….. The freaking ass dumped me on my freaking birthday for a freaking fox!" Ichigo ended angrily.

Grimmjow stared at Ichigo in amazement. Never before had he seen someone so upset for one moment and so flared up the next. And never before had he heard 'freaking' so many times in one sentence. He was getting more intrigued by Ichigo overtime and felt a strong attraction towards Ichigo, like a moth to a light.

'Heh. Dumping such a cute guy? His loss. But it's my gain. So how 'bout we go for dinner together? My treat since it's your birthday. But you still haven't told me your name yet ya know.'

Ichigo started mentally scolding himself for forgetting to tell Grimmjow his name when he realized that Grimmjow was asking him out for dinner. 'Wait… he's asking me out? Is that a date? But he doesn't even know me! And what did he mean by his gain?' Ichigo's mind whirled at all his internal conflicts.

'I'm waiting….'

'Ah! My name is Ichigo. Kurosaki Ichigo. Nice to meet you. Sorry for tripping over you just now. I should be the one treating you for a meal…'

'S'alright. Can't let a cute birthday boy treat me eh. Heh. Your name's strawberry? I like strawberries.'

Ichigo flushed. 'Don't call me strawberry! It means one who protects!' Following one of his other thoughts, he asked, 'and what did you mean by it's your gain just now anyway?'

'Kekekeke… So feisty. I like. I'm implying that since strawberry is single, I can get him all to myself.' At the same time, he flashed his sharper-than-normal canines, making Ichigo feel like a prey being hunted down.

'w-what?' Ichigo couldn't believe his ears.

'So cute and innocent. Let me show you' Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo and started kissing him. At first, Ichigo was rather shocked and hesitant but he slowly melted into the kiss.

Slowly and steadily, the innocent kiss morphed into a passionate kiss, with tongues entwining and both males wanting to taste more of each other.

When they finally broke for air, both of them were panting so heavily that one would think that they just finished running a marathon.

'Seems you got what I mean, my cute berry. Now, let's go for that dinner I promised. I'm starving. And afterwards, I'll continue tasting my newly acquired strawberry.'

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