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"It's definitely weird," was Ichigo's first thought. Breaking up with his boyfriend, then stumbling onto some other guy who was certainly hot as hell and had promptly called him a strawberry, then kissing the wits out of him. Now they were having dinner and Ichigo's head was reeling from it all.

"We're here." Grimmjow's slightly husky voice became even huskier as he gazed at his delectable Strawberry. Ichigo looked damn cute with that adorable slightly confused look on his face, chocolate brown eyes shimmering slightly in the evening light with the last bit of tears that had not yet dried up.

"Cute…" was all Grimmjow managed before he swooped in to give Ichigo a chaste kiss. Ichigo's entire face went red, making him even cuter.

Inside his mind, Ichigo was going a little crazy. "Gah! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! "*brain short-circuits*

Still dazed, Ichigo didn't realise that he was being led into the small diner and seated at a small table at the back of the diner in a cozy corner, a table obviously meant for couples. When his brain slowly restarted, it went haywire again at the amused look Grimmjow had given him.

Dinner was quiet and uneventful. Ichigo had taken to eating quietly and staring at his plate. Grimmjow had eaten, but his eyes remained on Ichigo, not moving at all, just watching his berry even more closely. After Ichigo had paid for his own food (he argued too much), Grimmjow got ready to bring Ichigo back home.

Grimmjow walked Ichigo home, celebrating inwardly that Nel had taken his car today and that he had chosen to sleep beneath those trees. He had stumbled across one beautiful berry and could now stare at him as they walked home. Watching Ichigo's face, Grimmjow could see the play of emotions that flashed across his face. Sadness, hurt, confusion, anger. Grimmjow wanted to wipe those emotions off his face and place a smile on it.

"Oi, Strawberry! I got an idea! Wanna hear it?" Grimmjow purred out, arms going around a slim waist and his nose nuzzled into a soft, graceful neck that smelled of strawberries (how apt!) and cream. "Yum…" He melted inwardly, wanting to let his tongue come out and taste that soft skin. He enjoyed the big eyes and blush he was rewarded with and almost lost himself when a soft gasp/moan let itself out from that mouth.

Mentally telling himself to focus on the task at hand, Grimmjow explained his little scheme. Payback for my little strawberry, smirked Grimmjow as he thought of all the ways he could take revenge for his Ichigo.

"Wait. Where'd that come from?" Grimmjow almost panicked. But looking at his strawberry, who, he guessed, was thinking about that little scheme, as well as gleeful at the ways he could take revenge, judging by the alternating smirks and thoughtful looks. "Well… it's ok. He's cute anyway!" (TheEvilBlob: No worries. You'll find out later what that plan is… if you haven't already guessed! Oharu chicken: … you are having fun doing this aren't cha!) And on that line of thought, Grimmjow and Ichigo headed home.

After dropping Ichigo off, both were pleasantly surprised to find that Grimmjow only lived 2 streets away.

"Hm. Wonder what we can do with this one…" Grimmjow smirked as he continued planning revenge for his little strawberry. Ichigo attends a local college… what was it again? Oh yeah, Las Noches College. "If I remember correctly… Isn't Uncle Aizen the Headmaster there? Hm. The blind guy is a teacher there too. That bloody fox and that bastard who dumped my berry. *insert gruesome images* oh yeah, Nel, Nnoitra, Ulquiorra, pinky, Starrk and Lilynette… Yeah, I'm going!" thought Grimmjow to himself as he walked home, thinking all sorts of little ways to worm his way into Ichigo's life and get that ex-boyfriend out of it. Yep, he was addicted.

Stumbling a bit at the thought, he reconsidered. But nah. Orange hair, expressive chocolate eyes, a soft mouth tasting an odd yet 'just right' combination of strawberry and cinnamon. A built and lithe body, graceful movements and such soft skin. How could he resist? With that, he took out his cell-phone and scrolled down his contact list, and pressed call on a familiar name.

"Hey, Uncle Aizen, how's it going?"
"Grimmjow? Of course it's going good. Now spit it out, you hardly ever call me for a casual chat."
"You know me too well. You're the headmaster of Las Noches College, ain't ya?"
"It's 'aren't you?' Yes, I'm the headmaster. What do you want?"
" Well, I kinda want to enroll…."
"Why? Suddenly felt the urge to study? Give me the real reason or I won't grant you this request."

Knowing his uncle, he would stick to his threat, so Grimmjow decided to give the entire story. Who knew? His uncle might even help. So taking a risk, Grimmjow opened his mouth and gave the entire story to his uncle.

"Ichigo's boyfriend Shirosaki dumped him on his birthday for another guy, told him that he was only being used, made Ichi cry. I kinda like Ichi, so… yeah, you know."
"Hmm. A good reason. Are we talking about Kurosaki Ichigo? He's a good catch; he'll make you see some sense. No worries, I'll get you enrolled. Same timetable as Ichigo, you start school tomorrow. Is that fine?"
"Yeah. Thanks Uncle Aizen. Bye."
"Hm. Make sure Shirosaki Ogichi gets what he deserves. Goodbye."

And with that, Aizen hung up. Smirking with evil thoughts through his head, Grimmjow started towards home. As he settled into bed, the only thing he thought about was strawberries. He shook his head in resignation and mortification, he was addicted. So not cool.

The Next Day:

Ichigo groaned and rolled over in bed. It was time for school, but he didn't want to go. Snuggling back under the warm covers, he tuned out the alarm clock and tried to go back to sleep. No such luck.

"Ichi-nii! Wake up! Your friend's already waiting for you!" "Huh? Friend? …." Getting up groggily, he saw Grimmjow standing outside his house at the gate, who had already seen him and was shouting at him to get down.

"Strawberry! Hurry up and get the fuck down! I won't care if I'm late, but you would." Glancing at his alarm clock, Ichigo's eyes widened and with a curse, he got into his bathroom, brushed his teeth, and changed his clothes, all done in less than 5 minutes. Running down the steps at top speed, he gathered the bento Yuzu had prepared and shoved a piece of bread in his mouth.

Ignoring Grimmjow, he ran past Grimmjow towards the school and wondered what on earth made Grimmjow turn up at his door and carrying a bag, too. Wait a minute… Turning back, he was almost face to face with Grimmjow and he was so surprised that he squeaked.


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