A/N: For my friend Emily, who is the real Katie of this story (though her boyfriend is no Scotsman).

Kiss Me?

Dear Angie,

Well, I had dinner with Oliver's family last night. It was wonderful! His little sister was adorable, even while she was trying to tell me a bunch of bad stuff about him. His parents were nice. From the get-go, his dad was really nice and pleasant, as was his mum (eventually). His mum sort of stared me down, but only for the first half-hour or so.

After a super-tasty dinner, Oliver and I sat by the fireplace. It was still kind of cold, so we wrapped ourselves up in blankets. We were all snuggled together, but then he pulled his arm out. Wand in hand, he spelled out, "Kiss me?" in the air with magic sparks. Well, how could I say no? Let's just say that there are many advantages to dating a Scotsman who is two years and eleven months (minus a day) older than you, and leave it at that. Our first kiss!

How are you and…who are you dating now? Oh, right, the one and only Fred Weasley! How's that working out for you? Is your body still intact? Although, I suppose Fred would want it as intact as possible...Anyways, write back soon!