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- O -

As a result of Allen's cancer he got weaker by the day, sicker by the hour, and lifeless by the minute. He tried to keep his pain to himself but Lavi could see everything perfectly almost as if Allen wasn't trying to hide it. Lavi and Allen had arrived in the mountains on Saturday night, it was now Thursday they still had two full days up in the mountains. As Allen knew and Lavi feared they both had to except that Allen would be leaving soon. Though Allen knew the day now, Lavi did not. He thought he would have at least a few more days with Allen. He was anything but right.

"Good morning Allen!" Lavi smiled brightly at his young lover trying to boost both his and Allen's spirits.

"Good morning Lavi." Allen smiled back sipping his tea while standing on the balcony looking at the mountains as the sun rouse.

"Feeling better?" Lavi hollered as he walked into the kitchen pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"Not really." Allen looked down saddened into his tea.

"I'm sorry." Lavi gave Allen a sympathetic look as he made his way over to the younger boy.

"I am to." Allen sighed still looking into his steaming tea cup.

"Why are you sorry, this isn't your fault." Lavi placed his coffee down on the small table which sat on the balcony with two chairs. Seconds later Allen felt warm arms wrapped around himself feeling Lavi's hard chest press against his back in a comforting hug.

"I know but I'll be leaving you." Allen fought back tears knowing how torn Lavi would feel seeing how he had already seen Allen die once before.

"Don't go worrying about me. It's you who you should be worrying about." Lavi tightened his grip on Allen.

"I know it's just that..." Allen let a few tears run down his face not bothering to finish what he was saying.

"Allen, it's alright." Lavi turned the younger boy around so he could see Allen's face.

"L-Lavi..." Allen looked at Lavi with tears running from his eyes and down his cheeks. He sloppily put his cup of tea down on the table where Lavi's cup was also sitting; before he wrapped his arms tightly around Lavi as if his life depended on it crying into Lavi's chest. "I-I'm gonna m-miss you so much...!" Allen let out broken cries tightening his grip on Lavi.

His crying slowly subsided as Lavi said comforting words and held him close.

"L-Lavi..." Allen slowly pulled his head away from Lavi's chest looking at the taller red head.

"Hmm?" Lavi looked somewhat confused at Allen.

"I want you to be happy after I leave. I know that you would be able to find someone that wouldn't leave you like this. So... For my second wish I want you to find someone after I leave to spend your life with..." Allen hated saying these words but he wanted Lavi to be happy.

"Impossible." Lavi spoke in a cold serious tone. "I couldn't ever do that. Even if you do leave me it would go against everything I stand for..."

"And what would that be, what do you stand for?" Allen looked at Lavi with curious eyes.

"If you truly love someone you won't ever leave or stop loving them, even if they have left you." Lavi still looked at Allen with serious eyes that matched his serious tone.

Allen let a small smile pass his lips. "You never cease to amaze me." Allen smiled reaching up to Lavi's face cupping his cheek. "Please just try for me." Allen smiled trying to convince Lavi.

Letting smiled letting out a small sigh. "Ok, I'll try. For you." Lavi brought his lips closer to Allen's until they met softly interlocking in a loving kiss.

"Thank you." Allen smiled as he pulled away from the kiss only to reconnect their lips once again.

They both stood kissing with no lust, no need, no want, just love.

- O -

"Wow it sure is nice out." Lavi swooned over the beautiful weather as he and Allen sat on the balcony sipping at their warm drinks.

"It sure is." Allen smiled trying to lighten his mood.

Silence fell between the two, until Lavi spoke up. "So, what do you want to do for the rest of our day?"

"Honestly I kind of want to go for a walk." Allen sighed looking out upon the mountains.

"Ok, you sure you'll be able t-" "Yes, and even if I get tired I'll push myself to go farther." Allen cut Lavi off mid-sentence. He spoke ambitiously wanting to show to Lavi that he could make it and he wasn't weak.

"Ok if you're sure. Where do you want to hike to?" Lavi plastered on a smile, it was a true smile just exaggerated a bit.

"That one tree we've gone up to everyday. The pink one that looks like a cherry blossom tree." Allen spoke as if Lavi forgot things easily for some reason.

"Oh, that's a really nice spot! When do you want to leave?" Lavi smiled excitedly as he set down his coffee cup.

"As soon as possible. I really want to stay there for as long as we can." Allen smiled happily with a hint of sadness in his eyes showing his true pain and suffering.

"Got it, lets get our stuff ready then we can head out for as long as you like." Lavi still smiled kindly as he stood up from the chair he was sitting in picking up his coffee. "You gonna come in?" Lavi looked a little confused at Allen seeing he got up and was at the doorway leading back to the house, and he still hadn't stirred to get up like what he would originally do.

"Hm...? Oh yeah, I'll be there in just a second." Allen slightly turned his head to give Lavi a reassuring smile.

Allen was dazing out into space far more recently for some reason. His reason for doing so was due to his final stage of cancer. Death...

- O -

Lavi and Allen had left shortly afterwards making their way to the tree. It took about twenty minutes to finally reach their destination due to Allen having to take a break every five minutes or so to catch his breath. He hated showing Lavi that he was in pain but at this point there was no hiding it.

"Come over here and sit down." Lavi smiled warmly towards Allen patting the space in front of himself.

Allen kindly obliged sitting in-between Lavi's legs leaning on the elders soft yet firm chest. "I'm going to miss your touch..." Allen sighed trying to hold back tears. He hated saying this making both himself and Lavi feel upset. But now it just seemed so right...

"Let's try not to focus on that right now." Lavi spoke somewhat coldly. He to hated to talk about this. It pained him to see, hear or feel Allen's suffering.

"Ok, how about we have some lunch?" Allen smiled trying to brighten the mood.

"Sounds good." Lavi smiled back at Allen reaching for the picnic basket they had brought with them. Lavi pulled the basket closer to them placing it to the side of himself. He began to dig through the big basket pulling out a blanket he thought they might have needed, handing Allen a sandwich and pulling one out for himself.

They began to say light hearted jokes and truly trying to have a good time. Hours passed the afternoon had come and the evening sky had just began to fade. During this time Allen began to feel faint and weak. He started coughing up small amounts of blood only to swallow them back down to keep Lavi from worrying. Those small amounts were becoming bigger and bigger as moments passed. By the time the evening had passed and the sun had buirdly started to set Allen was having a hard time just trying to keep his breathing even.

Allen started to laugh at one of Lavi's jokes. "Pftt, L-Lavi..!" Allen cackled letting out small howls of laughter. Not paying attention Allen laughed far to hard and long causing him to cough slightly choking.

"Hey Allen are you alright?" Lavi looked at Allen concerned. Right after Lavi had spoken Allen coughed up blood that splattered across the green grass clashing the colors making the blood stand out.

"Oh god..." Allen covered his mouth in disbelieve meant. This was far the most amount of blood Allen had coughed up so far.

"Do you need some water or something? Or do you just want to head back to the house?" Lavi still spoke very concerned.

"N-no I'm fine." Allen wiped off the corner of his mouth.

"You sure?" Lavi eyed the younger boy cautiously.

"Yeah, do you think I can have that blanket? It's getting a little cold." Allen spoke shivering slightly.

"Sure." Lavi looked at Allen somewhat confused reaching for the blanket. Once he had grabbed the warm blanket he slightly changed Allen's position so he was more so sitting on his lap facing him instead of on the ground with his back towards him. Putting the blanket over both their bodies he held his young lover close trying to warm his somehow cold body.

"I know my time is almost up." Allen though as he pressed himself closer into Lavi. "But I don't want it to be. I want to stay here forever. I want to stay here forever just like this." Allen tried to hold back tears but they came anyway.

As Allen and Lavi held their embrace Allen felt the tightest surge in his chest. He wanted to scream but when he opened his mouth nothing came out but a struggled cry. The feeling was like a constricting snake that was wrapping itself around Allen's chest.

"Allen, are you alright?" Lavi looked shocked at the younger boy who was obviously in deep pain.

This time when Allen opened his mouth to speak all that came out was blood. It was like a waterfall, never ending.

Lavi gasped shocked seeing so much blood everywhere. "Allen!" Lavi pulled the younger boy out of his grip placing him down in from of him kneeling in front of Allen trying to stop the blood somehow.

"L-Lavi..." Allen let out a struggled gasp as more blood came out of his mouth.

"Shh..." Lavi tried comforting the younger boy placing a finger to Allen's mouth motioning for him not to speak.

"L-Lavi, I-I figured out w-what I want... F-for my f-final wish..." Allen choked out letting more blood trickle out of his mouth and down the side of his chin joining the blood below himself.

"What would that be...?" Lavi lets tears run down his face as he gently tried to hold Allen so he could still see his face.

"I-I want to st-stay here w-with you... I-I don't w-want to d-di-" Allen didn't even get to finish his last word before he fell limp in Lavi's arms.

"A-Allen!" Lavi stuttered in shock at the emotionless boy, Lavi grabbed Allen's wrist trying to find a pulse. Nothing. "Come on wake up...!" Lavi gently shook Allen trying desperately to wake the limp lifeless body in front of him. "P-please wake up... Just o-one more time I w-want to see you... Please..." Lavi covered his eye with his bangs. "This can't be happening...!" Lavi screamed his voice ripping through the air.

"B-but I love him..." Lavi felt a slight glow reflect off his face and when he looked up all he saw was Allen being encased by crystals. He knelt in shock. "N-No! I won't let you take him away from me!" Lavi yelled reaching for the crystal only to have his hand go straight through it.

"No..." Lavi stared in disbelief.

Allen was gone...

- O -

- Ten Years Later -

It had been ten years since Allen Walker's death. Most people had forgotten about him by now. Not Lavi. He came to the grave he made Allen under that tree where he died. Even though his body did not lie there Lavi liked to think of it as his final resting place. He came to visit Allen every day. No matter what.

"Hey Allen, you know today is the same day you died." Lavi smiled sadly at the grave stone he had carved for Allen. "I'm happy I got to be with you during your final hours." Lavi was still surprisingly holding it together. "I'm glad I could make your first wish come true. I know I won't ever forget that one." Lavi smiled trying to hold back tears.

"I can proudly say for your second wish I tried to find someone but no one could ever replace your space in my heart. I'm sorry I truly did try..." Lavi was on the break of tears as he began to speak again.

"As for your final wish, I'm sorry I couldn't make it come true... I just feel terrible you had to die in such a horrible way..." Lavi was now freely letting tears run down his face. "I'm so sorry."

Lavi spent the next two and a half hours at Allen's grave. He walked away with a smile on his face as he always did.

- O -

As for what the grave said. It beautifully wrote:

Allen Walker


A Lover

A Boyfriend

An Angel